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High School Musical DVD Giveaway

High School Musical DVD Giveaway

If you’ve been following Just Jared, you’ll know that I am a big big big fan of High School Musical.  Don’t even ask how many times I’ve seen it!  But of course I want everyone else to "Bop to the Top" with me… so here’s a DVD giveaway!  Below is a 5-minute clip (not featured on the DVD) of the High School Musical Dance Along that I didn’t look stupid trying to imitate in front of my computer screen . . .  BTW, Zac Efron just signed on as Link Larkin in the film version of Hairspray.

HOW TO WIN A FREE COPY ::  To win the High School Musical DVD, leave a comment in this entry with your most memorable (fun, silly, embarrassing, etc) high school moment.  One entry per person.  Be sure to include a valid email address (not published).  Entries must be made before Thursday, June 29 @ 7PM EST.  Good luck!

UPDATE :: Congratulations, Dan!  Your DVD will go out in the mail soon!  Thanks to everyone else who entered.  I really enjoyed everybody’s stories.

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  • Dan

    Where do i start?>?i guess the one most profound was getting caught by my crush belting the shit out of britney’s oops album in the locker room and then having him join in with me on the chorus of oops….ahhh the good ol’ days and hazen…

  • creativegirl

    Hi Jared – I’m totally hooked on High School Musical as well. I guess you heard already that they have a script in place for the sequel & all the main characters have signed on again to reprise their roles. I’m just waiting for Verizon to get the HSM ringtones already! Anyway – my fav high school memory has to be of my Senior year chemistry class. The teacher we were supposed to have died three days before school started & we were all so upset because he was so old & everyone knew you could breeze through his class. We figured we’d have fun with this new guy since we weren’t going to have it so easy anymore. The amount of sheer toture we put him through was ridiculous. Some of our antics included the following: We always used to tease him that he had something on his back & the poor guy would freak out & literally pull of his sweater or vest looking for something. Of course there was never anything there, but one day he had a huge smudge of ink on his nose from his pen & we kept telling him that he had something on his face & of course at this point – he thought he had wised up to our antics & didn’t believe us! So he taught the whole class with ink on his face. One day someone posted a pornographic photo on the bulletin board & waited to see how long it would take for him to notice it. We were doing EVERYTHING we could to get him to go over to the board. We kept pretending someone was looking in the door window to get him to go over, someone even went so far as to ask him what was for lunch that day & he walked right over next to it & never saw the thing – it was totally hilarious. One guy would always bring snuff to school & would walk up to the table & blow a huge amount towards him when his back was turned & then he would turn around & start a sneezing fit and we would laugh our asses off at him. His favorite expression was that when doing experiments we should "waft" the smell rather than inhaling it. This was accompanied by a hand motion to demonstrate how one should waft the scent. Wafting was his favorite pastime. So one day at an assembly where he was on stage giving a speech, all of us in his class made up letter signs that spelled out "Warton-Warton-Waft Off" that we yelled out to him when he looked up. Then he smiled & slyly gave his "waft off" hand motion to us all. The guy took so much more abuse than I can list here but I’ll never forget that class.

  • Jess

    There’s so many! I started 9th grade in a new school and I was late my first day. I had just gotten back from vacation the day before so I didnt have time to go shopping and it was freezing so I had to wear my big brothers coat,which was HUGE! so you know how awkward it is to be late and walk in to class(everyone looks at you) I walk in and slam the door and didnt realize my huge coat got stuck and I kept walking and fell flat on my face and my backpack landed on my head messing up my hair. I had a panic attack and tried to pull my jacket out I fell again. Eventually I realized I had to actually open the door to get "unstuck". It was horrible. And to top it all off the only seat left was in the front.

  • Xochitl

    I had a lot of great memories even though my high school was a catholic school with a high reputation. during my senior year i was in sociology class with my good friends courtney and javieree. javieree had a tendency to hit and play jokes on courtney for no reason what so ever. that day he was running around the room chasing courtney. all of a sudden he stopped at the window and told courtney to come to the window. on the street her car was no longer parked. it was literally ON TOP of another car. as courtney was freaking out the entire class rushed over to the window in shock. it was like something out of a movie. what had happened was another car had tried to park and came too fast down the hill and courtney’s 2 door car was on top of her giant SUV. it was crazy!

  • Pcrew

    The craziest thing was getting into a fist fight in the hall with a skanky girl who thought I wanted her oily gross El Camino-driving guy. It was a brutal cat fight. Hair pulling, scratching, throwing her against the lockers, all ending with her hitting me in the eye with a whopping ring on her hand . My face looked horrendous for weeks. We had in-school suspension TOGETHER.

  • Yousef

    One of my most embarassing moments was when I "got my head in the game" (literally!). A bunch of us kids were playing soccer outside during one of our free hours. I am not very sports inclined, but because of my size the guys thought I would be best as goalie. In my mindset, I was ready! I was going to prove just how good I could be and maybe try to impress my peers and crush in the process. The game started, and before I knew I was sweating. I watched in horror as the ball got closer and closer. I prayed for a miracle and before I knew it the ball was zooming in my direction. "The star player" managed to kick the ball towards my goal, but not before my head blocked his shot. That’s right the ball hit me straight in the center of my big ass head/face. It was such a strong kick that I was knocked down to the ground and managed to roll down the hill into the ditch behind me. I was in complete shock — both because of the blow and because I had managed to actually block a shot. Maybe I was better at soccer than I thought I was. I lay there at the bottom of the hill secretly patting myself on the back. Any minute now, I expected to hear thunderous applause from my team. I waited…and waited… and nothing happened. In the distance, I could hear voices. Finally, they were coming to check on me — to praise me for one of the most awesome plays ever. Pretty soon the teams marched down the hill and a sea of faces stood over me in the grassy ditch. Were they praising me or patting me on the back? NO! They were debating whether or not my head had actually blocked the shot. Here I was lying in a ditch in what could have been a coma, and all my friends cared about was whether it was a goal or not. It was so high school, and I will never forget the time I got my head too far in the game!

  • Boone

    Thinking about high school, it reminds me of my old friends whom I don’t see anymore. I graduated from a High School in Cambodia and it’s been almost 5 years now. I still keep in touch with some of my friends, but for most of them, they have taken different path and we have never seen each other since graduation. So I guess, I don’t have one most memorable moments, but many moments those were the moments I met and got to know each friends of mine one at a time. And it’s funny when looking back. How could we become so close for a few years and went through different path of life. So yeah that was it…

  • vanessa Diaz

    My most fun high school moment was my prom night that lasted for 2 days straight!

  • Regardt Olivier

    Hey Jared! Im from South Africa, and grew up in a small town, where if you didnt play sports, and you were interested in acting, singing and dancing, u were simply an outcast! Yeah i know, it was terrible! BUT, there was a moment when it all turned around! Our school decided to do a musical, and everybody thaught it was gonna be lame, but still auditioned because everyone had to! So i went with high hopes of landing a leading role, but to my disapointment, they cast all the "cool" kids in the leads, because more people would come and watch! Can u handle it! Anyway, so i was cast as one of the T-Birds in the Grease medley number, and gave it my all. On the day of dress rehearsals, the lead guy(playing John travolta’s role) got sick, and they decided to try me for the lead, just until he got better! So i was sooo exited, and practiced the entire day. So on opening night i did my thang, and as we went in the "go grease lightning" part, i distinctly remember the lights blinding me, and hearing the audience applause during the number, and giving a standing ovation at the end of the number! That moment changed my life forever, and people actually started appreciating me, even though i was not a jock! Obviously, they decided to let me do the part for the entire run of the production! Will never forget it, and will always credit that day as when i really started living!

  • kae

    mine is pretty much the classic girl trips in front of the boy she’s crushing was during gym when my so-called friend just tripped me for no reason, landed pretty much on my face and i turned around to see my crush just looking at me. at least he wasn’t laughing.

  • Danielle

    Picture this: I’m a senior in high school, and it is my last day of school EVER. The rest of the kids have a few more days, but seniors were on their last day. I was in the cafeteria with my friends and we were all signing year books, when the bell rang. I stood up, friend’s year book in hand, and WHAM! I got hit in the face with a raw egg. Some jerk had thrown it, trying to hit a guy at the table next to me, and i stood up just in time to catch it right above my left eye. Egg yolk everywhere, all over me, all over my friend’s book. Whenever I see people (it’s been almost 10 years), they STILL talk about it…mainly because the administration called the POLICE, and I had to make a statement and decided about pressing charges. (i didn’t) Two days later, at graduation, the principal handed me my diploma and said, "no eggs today, huh?" right in the microphone. please note: i graduated in a class of 550…and our local arena was packed with friends and family. Most of the audience didn’t get it, but my classmates sure did!I haven’t seen Highschool Musical, but i was in them every year of high school…so I really REALLY think I would LOVE it!

  • Sarah

    I am a huge fan of this movie also and would love to win the DVD!! With that being said, one of my most memorable moments in high school was my boyfriend cheating on me at a basketball game. I was only a freshman and he was a junior and co-captain of the varsity football team. Boy did I think I was cool!! Anyway, we were at this basketball game and all of a sudden a few of my friends younger brothers run up to me and tell me that my boyfriend is outside making out with someone. My girlfriends and I walk out to find him behind the building smooching with this girl I had known since I was about 6 years old. That was the end of that boyfriend!!! LOL

  • Lohan Roberto

    Ummm, so little time. This one time i spend the night on the golf course with these two ‘people’ from a different click. Lets just say that they were higher up in the ‘social’ status of the school. They lived in my street so we used to hang out, and since it was Florida it was never cold out. We went to the golf course behind the old peoples home and drink up and smoke and all of a sudden, all of us drunk and high as kite (not dike) hehehe, one of them kissed me, then i could not not kiss him back so we ended up the entire night doing it and making out all night long.When the sun started coming up we fricked out since the school bus would come any time now, i ran home and barely had time to change and brush my teeth. When i got into the bus, everyone was staring at me, and also in the school, it was not till i go to my first period class that one of my friends asked me what the hell did i do last night, where had i gotten all those million hickies everywhere. Apparently my ‘friends’ went a lil overboard and literally sucked me up! As the day went by and we passed each other on the hallway, we totally gave each other the ‘stare’ for the rummer mill was at full speed and i was the talk of the day. Everyone wanted to know who the hot kid with the accent spent the night with that totally fucked him silly and gave him hickies up the wazzu!Ahhhh, to be 15 again!It was hot!

  • Karen

    This should probably be a lesson in not drinking, but I went to high school in Geneva, so drinking was allowed at 16 – though I digress. It was the summer before senior year and my friends and I decided to get some alcohol, specifically a bottle of malibu and blue curacao and this fizzy peach flavoured wine kind of drink. To complete the malibu and blue curacao drink we needed pineapple juice so whilst one friend entered inside the supermarket to the get the last ingredient I was standing outside with two friends, essentially double fisting bottles for no better reason. We’re chit-chatting when suddenly I hear, "Hallo Karin!" from behind and I slowly pivot to realize my german teacher is standing behind me. And I’m double fisting in the middle of the day. And my two friends have ducked behind cars – and my teacher is now staring at the bottles in my hand – and asks me what I’m doing. You know, other than acting as a one woman ticket to drunksville. Luckily he just suggests I don’t drink it all at once – alone – but I was rather mortified. Clearly, there are too many stories to really share, but that was an embarassing moment.

  • Ann

    High school was actually hell for me, and I could point out more bad memories than good, "friends" that I’ve thankfully left behind as well as rampant insecurities and the unnecessary drama. I hardly ever went to dances, but prom was just one of those things I thought I might regret missing out on. Senior year, we rented one of those buses that look like an old-fashioned trolley and I took a friend, and as it turns out, I had the best date there! One of our friends took her boyfriend that she didn’t like, found out he was dating another friend of ours at the same time, one girl’s "friend" date was actually still pining away for her, and there was a lot of crazy drama. Thankfully, I missed out on a lot of it, and EVERYONE loved my date best by the end of the night. It’s so cliched, but we were all dancing and having a blast. I realized that night that I didn’t need to be part of the drama, that I honestly didn’t care. I had a little grown-up moment, I guess. I’d love the High School Musical DVD for mainly one reason, though. I was part of every choir in school, and the school musical and we tried VERY hard to arrange a spontaneous song-and-dance nuber in the lunchroom, but it never happened. I’d like to see the dream realized in some form. ;)

  • Charlie

    MINE takes the cake!! As I was walking towards my next class in High School, I got SHAT on by a bird right as I reached the door of the class. Everyone saw, including the girl I had a crush on.

  • nani

    my most embarrasing moment in high school is when they made up a rumor about me it was that i was anorexic.

  • Allan

    My favorite high school moment is by far my grade 12 year, Art 30. I was the new kid in my school since I hated my old school and transfered and didn’t know ANYONE at the school.. but when I went to Art a group of girls totally accepted me and I started looking forward to just going to Art so we could gossip and laugh about the stupidest things. All three of the girls are now my best friends, and meeting them and having them in my life is the most memorable moment of my high school life by far :)

  • Katie

    My favourite high school memory would probably have to be my film class. That was the greatest class ever! First of all, i had the hots for my teacher, he was so funny and laid back, just a cool guy. Second of all it was such a slack class, you could sit around and just talk with friends most of the time. And third, we got to make movies! My favourite movie and experience would probably have to be when me and my friends made a Pirate Musical. That was the greatest, we took famous songs, mainly cheesy ballads and lots of Disney songs, and changed the words to go a long with a pirate story. We had singing and choreographed dancing and everything. That movie was crazy funny, I loved it. We even had a monster in it, for some stupid reason, I got to be the monster, thank you very much, and I had a blast. Damn it, I wish I still had the movie saved somewhere, I would kill to see it!!

  • Alli

    Here’s a corny beginning — "so once at band camp," just before my freshman year, I was a member of the colorguard and we had to run across the field with these giant, 7 feet tall flags as a part of the closing number. I, being only 5 feet tall, barely was able to hoist the flag and when the wind blew the satiny fabric into my face, I could no longer see. I ran smack into a french horn, doing damage to both the horn and the girl to was blowing into it. Even more embarassing was that at the party later that day to celebrate the end of band camp, I went to the bathroom and caused more damage! The party was at the band director’s house and she had a leaky tub on the second floor. Unbeknownst to everyone, the water had slowly leaked into the floorboards the ceiling of the first floor bathroom. I went into the bathroom and when I came out and closed the door, the force of the door closing caused half the ceiling to fall out in the first floor bathroom! And who better to discover me in this predicament than the girl I hit with the flag. Quite embarassing. I left soon after that and quit the marching band at the end of the season.

  • Liz

    Hi have many funny moments in high school. One being the first day of the term, I got to class very early ready to meet the teacher, excited for the new school year and the class, and etc. Half way through the class I realize I am in the wrong classroom since the teacher didn’t take attendance in the beginning. The class is for really advanced math students and embarssingly I get up and leave the class. Then, Im late for my real math class.

  • Heather

    My most embarrassing high school moment was walking down the stairs in between classes when I passed my lastest crush. He was walking up the stairs and as I smiled at him, I didn’t realize that the door to the stairwell had closed behind the person in front of me. I was so busy smiling and trying to look cute that I walked right into the door, causing a nosebleed. To make things worse, instead of walking 30 feet to the nearest bathroom, in my stupor I walked past the commons where lunch was being served to 150 students to get to the bathroom. I was teased for days and so embarrassed. By the way, my 2 sons LOVE HSM and would adore me forever if I won this DVD!

  • Clor

    My daughter loves HSM so here goes:Since my boyfriend and I lived pretty far from our school (at least a half-hour train ride), we held our makeout session inside the building, after classes ended. We were getting busy in a classroom closet when the door opened and the janitor walked in. We were pretty embarrassed but that didn’t stop us from continuing in one of the empy stairwells. Ah, the stupidity…

  • Lia

    So there isn’t much that went on in my highschool, but one of the most memorable things happened in my precalc class. It was a rather small class about 13 people so the one guy decided we need to have some fun, so he started to get word around that this one popular girl really liked the smartest person in the class…then to make things interesting he did things for both of them like send notes from the guy to the girl and from the girl to the guy, he got the girl to come to his house and they made snacks which he then gave to the boy from the girl, he cut the boys name out of different food items like cookies and gave them to him from the girl, he wrote poems to the girl from the boy and raps from the boy to the girl, he even went the extent of exchanging phone number for them… it was all rather interesting cuz everyone knew what he was doing, but it was too much to watch and stop…it all came to a close at the end of the semester when when the guy told the whole story about how they met and what they thought of each other, but he used the boys name for the girl and the girls name for the boy so he could protect their identity from the class, then he made up a rap/poem about what the boy did to the girl when he was around her….needless to say despite finding out that supposedly the both actually liked eachother as far as i no it never became anything more than a class memory, but it was still one of the best classes i have taken to date….

  • Ryan

    Oh darn. I think I just missed the deadline. But here it is anyways…My most embarrasing HS moment was one time at lunch I was eating with a few friends. I was eating rice and stuff. Midchew, my friend said something funny and next thing I knew my food was ALL OVER THE PLACE: the table, my friends, on me. To this day my friends refuse to let me live it down.

  • Aisha Moss

    When I was a sophomore in high school I sprained my ankle around finals and was on crutches. It was the second to last day of the year and lots of people were cleaning out lockers and throwing away old assignments. Now I have to explain something really quick before I tell the rest of the story. The way my school was set up the top floor overlooked an open almost quad like space on the bottom where people would sit and hangout. Well I was hopping along to the gym to take a final, and I was crossing thru this are on my crutches when I suddenly was hit in the head. I swayed a little and the people around me tried to catch me incase I fell. I steady myself and looked at what had hit me. It was an eyeball piñata that someone had made in a Spanish as an end of the year extra credit project. They decided it would be fun to throw it over the railing and let I break. I was the lucky person who got to break the piñata.

  • Lydia Natassha Zainudin

    HI JARED,I So Love High School Musical !!!!!!!!! One Day, If I Grew Up I Wanna Go To America And Find Them TO GET THEIR AUITOGRAPH!!!I’ll Bring My Cousins And Family !!! Bye, Lydia!

  • kassie

    I guess my funniest moment was the day I was supposed to get my undies from the dryer and forgot. I realized that I was going commando half way through the school day. Comfy but quite embarassing. Thank God I didn’t have gym that day. Thanks Jared, Kassie in Canada

  • Hannah

    I wish high was like that but it not girls there get into fights for siting at there table and guys are so much esery to make friends i wish not the girls are not so sopoled and get what they wont even the guy i wanted this girl and i though she was my friend and she asked him out and she said that she does not aske guys out they have to ask me out frist that bitch.

  • Emily

    I was watching hsm with my best friends at a sleep over and during bob to the top we say that ryan made a funny move right after he sang wipe away your intwishin and i was on a cot and after we watched thta part 1000 times over and i leaned back and my cot fell over on top of me and my friends fell out of their chairs laughigng so much. Now every time we all gte togeahter we watch that part for a good laugh

  • Emily

    I was watching hsm with my best friends at a sleep over and during bop to the top we say that ryan made a funny move right after he sang wipe away your intwishin and i was on a cot and after we watched thta part 1000 times over and i leaned back and my cot fell over on top of me and my friends fell out of their chairs laughigng so much. Now every time we all gte togeahter we watch that part for a good laugh

  • Tayla

    hello everyone! my most embarrasing moment was when I saw a weasel in the hallway.

  • beluu

    i love Zac Efron !!

  • Miley

    Baby V can not sing to save her life. Where is she mixing it up with her danco moves cause I dont see any. she looks like shes having a seizure. Her song does not have an r & b / hip hop feel. it has a crappy feel. soory baby v. loved in hsm but stick to status quo.

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  • Melissa

    this is good