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Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair Music Video

Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair Music Video

Jessica Simpson will  release her first post-divorce album, "A Public Affair" on August 29.  Her single of the same name recently shots its music video over the weekend with director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) at the helm.  The "A Public Affair" music video will feature appearances by Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, Ryan Seacrest, Christina Milian, Andy Dick, and Maria Menounos. It will premiere July 19 on TRL.  Bigger pictures in the gallery!

WATCH :: Jessica Simpson – A Public Affair
DOWLOAD :: Jessica Simpson – A Public Affair [mp3]

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  • catwomen

    First Shit.

  • canme

    hate the song, hope to hate the video. ha ha ha

  • intelliwhat?

    Oh look, the bimbo squad.

  • neways

    yeah, I remember when this song was called holiday and madonna performed it

  • Tony


  • Lily

    Wasn’t Jessica Alba supposed to be in this one?

  • katalibria

    the other chicks on there…Christina Applegate and Christina Milian recently became single after a marriage and long term relationship….maybe they formed some kinda supportive group or something…..dunno why Eva would be there then =P

  • p.

    the song is such a wannabe and it sucks but the the video sees like its gonna be hot.

  • Sarah

    The song is not really good but the video seems to be great, thanks to everyone except Jessica Simpson :p

  • PA

    So not only did she steal a portion of Madonna’s music (Holiday) she’s also stealing her video concept (Sorry).

  • anon

    Longoria is also a Texas girl…I hope someone sends a copy of this to Madonna. I bet you someone is going to get her ass sued. I for one want this family to just go away so I will not buy or go see any anyone of them is in.

  • Charlie

    Whatever haters! The song is catchy and the video will rock. Jessica is gorgeous as usual.

  • igretg

    i love you jess

  • z

    she’s went all out to get attention for this video by getting all these stars in it thats for sure.

  • anon

    she is so ugly

  • kate

    Her video is good but she has done better. She is just going through a hard time with nick L and all the stuiped girls he has been dating probly just to get her upset or mad….

  • francisco


  • julian

    you guys are kind of right about her sort of stealing madonnas sorry video. but hey its worth a shot it is a catchy tune i think "public affair" will make a great hit. plus in my opinion its the best i have heard from jessica so far in her career.

  • Tay

    I’m confused about why Jessica Simpson would record a song that seems to belong in the 80′s. She needs to just stick to one style and not jump around so much! It confuses the consumer.

  • Ashlee

    Leave my sister alone. The song rocks, appreciate music and respect ones life.

  • Kaleigh roberts

    Ashley needs to give up with her weak lil’ comment nobody cares about her plastic body either……. she’s a jessica wanna be.

  • sara

    ummm obviously shes not gotta get sued… how dumb can u guys get??obviously her whole crew and agents hought about that….u dont think she just writes a song without anytone hearing about it…im sure they worked or asked for permission. if not, theres a good reason. Plusi heard shes working with the guy who wrote the original holiday song fro madonna. anyway who cares its catchy. She has a good voice. plus eva l rocks ;P cant wait for the video.

  • Stephanie H

    ummm….yeah it is Madonna’s "Holiday." Hmmm- I don’t think this is one of Jess’ best songs. She has a set of pipes– and this is so cheesy and watered down. If I were Madonna, I’d be ashamed she used my music! Jess, you can do so much better. Dig Deeper!!!

  • juanita

    Im not real big on pop music, but Jessica is a kind hearted, nice, person, So, if you dont like the music dont listen , but dont be a hater!!!!!

  • julian

    i will have to agree with that 100% juanita.

  • Delynie

    hey i am actually looking foward to the video. Jessica has done some great work in her years. I am a fan of hers. By the way, her "Public Affair" music video seems totally awesome. Also I love to rollerskate! U rock Jess!

  • Ashley

    Hey don’t bash Jessica! She’s very pretty and your just jealous because your not. Too bad whiney-asses!

  • kayla

    to all of u haters don’t hate on jessica simpson she’s beautiful talented and has a great voice! yalls are just mad cuz she’s beautiful and yalls wish yalls had her body! hahaha hatersssss

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