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Ryan Phillippe Shirtless on the Beach

Ryan Phillippe Shirtless on the Beach

  Ryan Phillippe
Movie Salary
The I Inside (2003) $2,000,000
Igby Goes Down (2002) $500,000
Antitrust (2001) $2,500,000
The Way of the Gun (2000) $500,000
Cruel Intentions (1999) $500,000
54 (1998) $500,000
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) $250,000
Little Boy Blue (1997) $200,000
TOTAL $6,950,000
  Reese Witherspoon
Walk the Line (2005) > $15,000,000
Vanity Fair (2004) $15,000,000
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) $15,000,000
Sweet Home Alabama (2002) $12,500,000
Legally Blonde (2001) $5,000,000
Cruel Intentions (1999) $250,000
Fear (1996) $200,000
TOTAL > $62,950,000

A couple random sets of pictures of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon at their summer beach home with their kids –Ava, 6, and Deacon, 2.  Poor baby Deacon is crying!  Thanks to the forever fabulous ivymiller for the pictures!  And just because I thought it’d be interesting, above are Ryan and Reese’s pay-outs from  a bunch of their movies according to IMDB.  More pictures in the gallery!

PS :: I just want to reiterate…  REESE WITHERSPOON IS NOT PREGNANT. Thank-you.

The father-son duo played football at their beachfront summer home.

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ryan phillippe shirtless beach01
ryan phillippe shirtless beach02
ryan phillippe shirtless beach03
ryan phillippe shirtless beach04
ryan phillippe shirtless beach05
ryan phillippe shirtless beach06
ryan phillippe shirtless beach07
ryan phillippe shirtless beach08
ryan phillippe shirtless beach09
ryan phillippe shirtless beach10
ryan phillippe shirtless beach11
ryan phillippe shirtless beach12
ryan phillippe shirtless beach13
ryan phillippe shirtless beach14
ryan phillippe shirtless beach15
ryan phillippe shirtless beach16
ryan phillippe shirtless beach17
ryan phillippe shirtless beach18

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  • C

    ca-uuuute family!

  • emily

    yeah Reese earns a lot, lucky gal, but ryan earns more than most people do, those arnt small amounts of money at all. but Reese didnt earn 15 million for vanity fair, she said it was an art film and she basically did the movie for more or less nothing. i think those are probably estimates.gorgeous family.

  • me

    ryan – hubba hubbai love this family. so cute.

  • ninjasgirl

    Why was it important to mention that one made more $$ then the other? There are enough problems keeping a marraige together . It is "hard" on a man’s ego having somthing like that "pointed out" for the "world " to review. That is "their" personal finance & business . Why not point out that they are a loving couple working hard to raise two great kids and living their lives to the fullest! God bless them both and keep them secure and loving towards one another for many years to come !

  • emily

    ^ i dont think its an issue for the couple at all, they clearly have a great time together, and spend a lot of time together, reese has pointed out in the past, they arnt competative at all, and by anyone’s standards hes very sucsessful. at the oscars this year, he said he was proud that she made more than many men in the business do and that shes an exceptional woman. its a problem with the media and peoples expectations, not with them. the media dont go on like that about higher earning male stars going out with females earning less, thats not a big deal, normal even. which is sad, times have moved on. and its very common now.

  • finn

    Such a fun and beautiful family, what a wonderful summer they’re having with their kids!!!

  • tongt0ng

    yay!! love them. =) i wish there were more pics of the couple smiling at each other.

  • black

    what strikes me as odd is that they are on the beach with each other…..but not once are they looking at each other or doing something together.It´s just with the kids.

  • C

    black, that’s also just in the pictures… all 18 of them… i’m sure they looked at each other at some point in between, before or after! don’t think we can find a problem with this pair… they are adorable…

  • Tata

    I love this family!! Deacon is cute until when cries…

  • emma

    in these pics, they wernt together on the beach at the same time, the sets are all from different days, the kids are wearing different clothes as is reese, and ryan. there were some of the family on the beach at the same time posted here at the beginning of this week i think

  • C

    ooo detective emma… well spotted!!

  • joliepittme

    I can’t really believe someone would pay that much to Ryan, he’s a horrible actor.

  • Mediterranean

    I wish I earned almost US$ 7 million in 6 years like him.

  • jersey

    I wish he was my Daddy

  • lexy

    The salary chart is irrelevent and misleading. Reese’s salaries are grossly exaggerated on IMDB. She did not make more then 10 mill for anything except LB2 and SHA. Anyway it doesn’t matter they will see saw back and forth over the years. Ryan may never be the box office force that Reese is but I think he’s a really good actor and I would pay $10 to see him in just about anything and she won’t be making that kind of money forever.

  • amelie

    they make millions, they have a vacation house in malibu… can people stop saying that they are down to earth? they havnt been to earth in years. when was the last time either of them had a regular day, with a bus ride to work, a tough ass boss and a salary with 5 figures for the year! i say, go on, be beautiful, enjoy but everyone should remember that they are weird ass celebrities with nothing in common with any of us anymore…

  • taw

    An absolutely gorgeous family!! The ids are precious.

  • Dana

    Yay!! Thanks for posting these. They are my current celeb crush. All of them. Their family is adorable and precious and REAL.

  • Amy

    I know Reese still earns more, but that Chart leaves out a lot of movies, like Crash, etc.

  • Tony

    on the E! 100 top celeb earners of 2005 Reese was only listed as making 8.5 million so she did not make 15 for WTL

  • Mary

    I think thats true – he is a devoted father obviously — and devoted husband who doesn’t mind supporting his wife in her career….But pointing out money constantly isn’t a fair thing to do. It doesn’t matter who makes the money — as long as its there for the family when they need it. Its got to be hard enough to keep a family together in hollywood, so leave him alone….He is obviously a one of a kind guy supporting his wifes ambitions!!!