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Sienna Miller: SHOCKED!!!!

Sienna Miller:  SHOCKED!!!!

Reasons unknown as to why Sienna Miller‘s reacting the way she is, facing on-again boyfriend Jude Law and yapping away on her RAZR.  Just yesterday, sensational Sienna Miller was spotted wearing a backless swimsuit by designer Liza Bruce, a low-cut backless cossie with a tiny Pepe miniskirt, Prada sandals, and a trendy trilby hat.  Bigger picture in the gallery!

UPDATE 1 :: Added bigger and better quality pictures of Jude Law & Sienna Miller in NYC this past Tuesday.  Jude and Sienna were watching England’s soccer match against Sweden at Fiddlesticks Pub and Grill located at 56 Greenwich Avenue (btwn. 6th & 7th Ave). Um, is Jude wearing POINTED CLOGS?  They look like elf shoes!

UPDATE 2 :: Added pictures of Jude and Sienna out and about yesterday in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.  Both of them are wearing matching outfits: different shades of grey shirts, denim bottoms, and brown shoes.  Jude is wearing his elf shoes again, Sienna is wearing Uggs with her denim capri shorts.

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jude law sienna miller toronto canada01
jude law sienna miller toronto canada02
jude law sienna miller toronto canada03
jude law sienna miller toronto canada04
jude law sienna miller toronto canada05
jude law sienna miller toronto canada06
sienna miller shocked01
sienna miller shocked02
sienna miller shocked03
sienna miller shocked04
sienna miller shocked05
sienna miller shocked06
sienna miller shocked07
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  • sara

    God, this girl is a mess.

  • whatever

    THat is so not Sienna Miller,,,,whatever

  • bored

    Never found her attractive.

  • ErinMarie79

    I hate her new yellow/white hair. It looks awful.

  • gina

    she looks ugly enough…she’S so not sienna her hair is messy and her eyes looks weird

  • perla

    he diserves better than her, he is so sexy and she is so awful never found her attractive as you said bored

  • Agnieszka

    How ugly! She looks like Camilla Parker Bowles..LOL

  • Jeannified

    Man, she looks SOOOO BAD!!! What, is she trying out for a role in Hee Haw?! Jude is sportin’ a beard too! Ugh!!!

  • blah

    She just realized the babysitter called her phone looking for Jude the Prude.

  • poopa

    that’s definitely her – compare the ring on the left middle finger (and gold bangle on the wrist) from this pic to the pic from the other day. . . the nose. . .no question it’s her, but hey, maybe she’s just messing around, or tasted somethig gross. . .

  • gillian

    the phone is upside-down. i have that phone, and she’s totally got her ear to the mouthpeice side.

  • Catherine

    Maybe she just found out her coke dealer is out of town…

  • Jla

    Ooooh Sienne this is definitely not a good look!! She looks like Ellie Mae Clampett in that shirt!!

  • Lisa

    I have that phone aswell, it’s not upside down, the Motorola M is at the top AND bottom and as you hold it to your ear you will see the little line of the hole where the sim card goes in just beneath the bottom M, you can see that in the picture, her hand is just covering the top one :)

  • Charles

    I hope Jude didn’t dump her again.

  • ben

    actually I think she looks completely grief-stricken. poor girl. I hope she’s ok.

  • Susan

    Never found her attractive either.

  • Kivja

    MY GOD!!!! That doesn’t even look like her! Poor thing… she really needs to STOP smoking. And her hair, why the platinum look? Oh god, I hope she’s okay. Poor poor thing!

  • Randi

    I thought the bathing suit looked stupid, but then I saw this outfit. Better go fish the bathing suit out of the dirty laundry basket…

  • Rachel

    she looks so old.

  • Annie

    You’re all messed up.

  • joys

    looks she just received a very upsetting news and she is relaying it to Jude. I hope everything is ok coz I like them both.

  • chrise

    Granted, they caught her "making a face", but I have never, never, never found her attractive, not with makeup or without, not with short hair or long hair. I’ve never "gotten it".

  • joys

    I guess that there a still a lot of us out therethat finds her attractive.

  • whatevs

    um… are we ever going to see any of her "work"- she’s only famous bc she’s been dating jude

  • Locke

    I think it’s Ellen Burstyn, not Sienna Miller. Or maybe I’m wrong…?

  • blundht

    This is NOT her, no way. 2 days ago they BOTH looked very very different.

  • udjdgj

    Duh, its her.People look like different all the guys are too superficial to actually see features are enchanced/soften, depending on clothing, hair style and colour.Also a photo shown 2 days ago, could actually be photos taken 2 days after these particular photos. Some people are too simple for words.

  • caligirl1201

    God Sienna is aging badly, she’s like 24 or 25. Reese Witherspoon is older, but looks at least 10 years younger than Sienna does. I’ve never thought she was pretty or had any talent. Her facial features are definitely not strong enough to pull off short hair and platinum blonde doesn’t look good on anyone. Jude Law looks like a homeless person in a lot of photographs and I think he’s better off spending time with his kids than getting dragged down with Sienna. I’ll be glad when her 15 minutes are up so the media will stop feeding us pics of her like she’s a real "star".

  • anon

    What the hell? Why did she go platinum? It just makes her look older.

  • Ashley

    I met Jude Law and Sienna Miller Friday night at a resturant in Yorkville….They were both super nice and signed two sets of autographs for me and my sister for her birthday. Both are increadibly beautiful in person.

  • judeandsiennainto

    where did you see them ashley?at 606 or sassafraz?Do you know where they are staying?

  • Ashley

    I have no idea where they are staying or even if they are still in town…..Met them at Sotto Sotto

  • judeandsiennainto

    thanks ashley – thought it might be one of hte high celebrity traffic places you saw them atI was going to try the four seasons bar to see if i could catch them

  • Jen

    Ugh. Someone get her a stylist stat! Oh and perhaps some guidance in the men department as well.

  • Rachel

    wha’s up with the fur boots in the first photo?

  • Dolores

    jared, once again you’ve come thru with pictures of jude to keep us up to date. my appreciation knows no bounds. i’m a jude law junkie and you are definitely giving me my fix. that guy is sex on legs. sienna is one lucky dolly.

  • Dolores

    jared, any way you can enlarge the photos of jude in london june 27 with rudy and iris on east news…also some wonderful photos on ramey….they are just so smal. god i would sure appreciate it.

  • Marissa

    Is that sienna Miller and jude Law?

  • Marissa

    Sienna Miller and Jude Law are back Again?

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  • SueEllison

    She looks like Camilla Parker Bowles..LOL