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Brad Pitt's Hollywood Hills Home

Brad Pitt's Hollywood Hills Home

The rumors are true.  It seems that Brad Pitt is more than a great actor and a pretty face — he also knows quite a bit about architecture, as proved by his modernist masterpiece nestled high in the Hollywood Hills.  Beautifully simple and exuding a zen-like calm — it’s a compelling space even before you find out that it’s home to Hollywood star Brad Pitt.  The fact that he also had a hand in creating it merely adds to the appeal.  "The most important thing I learned with this house is you have to let go of a lot of great ideas for the sake of harmony… I love that architecture is this huge art piece you can be inside.  I believe it lifts your soul and affects your mindset," says Brad. Find out all about Brad‘s pad in the gallery, which contains scans of Brad Pitt’s Hollywood Home as featured in the cover story of the July 2006 issue of Elle Decoration Magazine!

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1,606 Responses to “Brad Pitt's Hollywood Hills Home”

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  1. 1
    African Girl Says:

    Nice. Anyone heard the new Shiloh Song? Go Here….Freaky but sweet.

  2. 2
    athena Says:

    shiloh song? hmm.. interesting.

  3. 3
    African Girl Says:

    Yikes! Didn’t mean to post that twice. Hey Jared if you read this, is it possiblt to have the song here?

  4. 4
    noni Says:

    he’s one smart and beautiful man.

  5. 5

    Morning All!I LOVE BAMZS, but I’m not digging on the house. It looks cold, inpersonal. The Malibu house seems a lot more homey. JMO. I hope this was BEFORE the renovations. He does have a lot of talent. YOU GO BRAD!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

  6. 6
    Ann Says:

    He’s a beautiful man. Smart? Huum… definitely not. He’s good at one thing alone: the art of repeating.

  7. 7
    Ann Says:

    "KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!"???? Wow. That’s probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. lol

  8. 8
    Maniston Says:

    AnnGo diddle with yourself.# 5 | COLD HARD MATH I like the house. Its not my style but I can definitely appreciate the clean lines.

  9. 9
    gitane Says:

    hurrah! hurrah! a fresh thread! thanks jared! alright! bring on the architecture discussion!

  10. 10
    Player Hatin' Says:

    # 7 | Ann And so it BEGINS…….Brace yourselves guys, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  11. 11
    ??????? Says:

    # 6 | Ann He’s a beautiful man. Smart? Huum… definitely not. He’s good at one thing alone: the art of repeating. Wow. That’s probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. lol

  12. 12
    s. Says:

    he’s really good at this! LMAO! the words of the song are hilarious! thanks for posting it African girl

  13. 13
    African Girl Says:

    hurrah! hurrah! a fresh thread! thanks jared! alright! bring on the architecture discussion! # 9 | gitane Lol…If that’s the case, I’m taking a back seat coz I know NOTHING about that.

  14. 14
    modern design Says:

    I know modern design is not for everyone, but I personally like it. And don’t worry about it being cold. It is the people in a house that make a house a home. Three children and parents who love each other will warm this place up really fast!

  15. 15
    Krissy Says:

    Hey Guys-~~~~~~Gotta go to Six Flags now! Bye!Also saw my name on the board, apparently i was with George Clooney! Ha Ha! BBL

  16. 16
    1699 Says:

    I like this house better than their Malibu Pad. Are these old pics or does the house still look like that? I would think that he would get more children safe fruniture. White chairs and white rugs?

  17. 17
    African Girl Says:

    Little Write up from the Singers of "The Shiloh Song" AwwwwWhen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a baby, they gave The Fresh an idea, this kid deserves a song. Shiloh, the pressure of living up to Mom and Dad might be tough, so we’re giving you some love to stand on. Perhaps a little melody to remind you of the good times and life without Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You’re mom has taken Pro Bono to a level and we want to show our love and give thanks…to you, Shiloh Nouvel.

  18. 18
    fiona Says:

    Those are the same pics featured in W mag, Oct 2001. I have the magazine. There are more pics in W, they even showed a lot of interior shots inc the bathroom/bathtub, living room and the bedroom. Definitely before the renovations, which I think are still going on.

  19. 19

    | #6/7 Ann |What does he keep on repeating? Thank you for reading my post.Did Brad and Jennifer ever live in this house?KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

  20. 20
    Ivy Says:

    Well, the house is still being renovated.. the kitchen isnt finished yet. And obviously it isnt fully furnished yet.. still.. I can appreciate the beauty and the aesthetics of the house. Whether it is anyone else’s particular taste is irrelevant. The house is clearly an architectural gem of design or wouldnt be featured in the magazine. Brad is certainly very talented in the art of design. I find the house as intrigueing as the man himself.

  21. 21
    Get Real Says:

    What a song! Thanx AG.

  22. 22
    Passing Through Says:

    Brad’s gonna **** a brick the first time Mad and Z use crayons to create new "artwork" on his pristine walls. Dude…this so NOT a kid-friendly house…

  23. 23
    Maniston Says:

    Sometime ago I read an old interview of Angie’s. She talked about how she didn’t have the knack or any real passion for decorating her home. How she liked antiques but didn’t know what should go with what. I think she and Brad are a perfect match. He’s passionate about interior design and she really couldn’t care less LOL. If you remember, some of the reports out of Paris said that the Jolie-Pitts had sotheby antiques delivered. It seems like Brad takes Angie’s love for antiques into consideration when furnishing their homes.

  24. 24
    gitane Says:

    # 13 | African Girli know jack about architecture too. so i’m waiting for my fellow bamzs fans to educate me! bring it on!

  25. 25

    | #14 modern design|Good point. The Jolie-Pitts will bring a lot of LOVE into this home. Especially the master bedroom!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

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