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George Clooney's New Girlfriend

George Clooney's New Girlfriend

Laglio, Italy ::  Well, new meaning old.  She just might be… new again. George Clooney was recently spotting riding his motorcycle late last week with 35-year-old ex-girlfriend Krista Allen riding in the backseat. The helmet-wearing pair enjoyed their sun-filled day while riding through the small town of Laglio, which has a population of less than 1,000.  Since then, Clooney, 45, has been spotted back in the states this past weekend — in Las Vegas at the Bellagio and the Green Valley Ranch. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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# 1

It’s Krista Allen, his old girlfriend. Are they back together?

# 2
AddictedtoBAMZs @ 06/27/2006 at 9:48 am

Well, he’s no Brad Pitt, motorcycle or not. Sorry, African Girl!

# 3
Just Jared @ 06/27/2006 at 9:52 am

Seems like it!

# 4

He will never ever marry again. So get used to the different new/old girlfriends for years to come.

# 5

he’s too selfish, stuck on himself to be a man.. husband and father to anyone.

# 6
georgie boy @ 06/27/2006 at 10:25 am

so is he technically a "man *****". you know cause if you see any woman who declares she will never get married and have kids and just dates one man after the other, people jump to call her a ***** or whatnot.Just wondering. Or is this a gender -biased thing?

# 7
Hmmm... the 2nd @ 06/27/2006 at 11:22 am

I think George will meet that one woman who will knock him on his ass…literally stun him and He’ll be another one caught! It’ll probably be a black woman…Indian woman…Arab woman or a mixture. I forsee, Mr. Clooney falling for a woman of Arabic, Ethiopian, Italiana nd Australian decent. She will be gorgeous of course but her talent will lie in the medical and humanitarian field. He will meet her on another trip to the Sudan. mark my words and watch…..EEASfor entertainment purposes only.

# 8

doesn’t krista Allen have a son?

# 9

Clooney is waaaay hotter.

I don’t know…maybe I’m the only one on the planet…but I have always really disliked George. He tries to be self-deprecating but I can tell he believes all the hype about himself. I don’t care if a person is the most attractive person, which I don’t think he is even close to being, when a person is arrogant it is the ultimate turn-off. Give humble, yet smoking hot Wentworth Miller to me anyday. I do like Krista Allen though, she is beautiful.

Jeannified @ 06/27/2006 at 12:02 pm

I don’t even think she’s that pretty…non of his girlfriends have been!

Original jpf @ 06/27/2006 at 12:02 pm

George is Cary Grant reincarnated! I want him to remake HIS GIRL FRIDAY & PHILIDELPHIA STORY so bad. I’ve been trying to picture in my head the female lead in HGF but can’t, nor the other male lead & female in PS. George would be wonderful in both and I can’t watch either of the original flicks without thinking of Gorgeous G playing Cary’s parts……….Krista Allen just might end up being Mrs C. George seems to alwways come back to that well for a drink time after time after time…..jpfTHANKS Jared!jpf

I loathe Krista Allen. She is so trashy, and George can do soooo much better. He is such a classy guy.

Julie Levy @ 06/27/2006 at 12:27 pm

Looks like Evangeline Lilly to me!!

moonbeams @ 06/27/2006 at 1:06 pm

Bless your little heart, Jared!!!! If I can’t have mey Jakey, this is THE NEXT BEST THING. I love George. I like that his personal life is private and I believe in my heart that when Jakey grows up, he wants to BE George Clooney! Works for me!

Krista Allen @ 06/27/2006 at 3:43 pm

He’s a great ride in more ways than one.

Pink Champagne @ 06/27/2006 at 4:43 pm

Cloomey’s a self involved wind bag who loves to hear himself talk. Need we forget his Princess Diana speech? Then when the paps turned the table on him and wouldn’t take his picture he now says it’s just part of celebrity life. This guy is as phony as they come. He went to Darfur for the simple reason that he had NO credibility when discussing issues. This guy wants to be invited to the Clinton Summit and Davos. He wants to run with the big boys without doing any of the work.Krista Allen? That’s the same chick he keeps dumping and then getting back together with. He’s a player. He just wants to cheat so instead of doing that he breaks up with her and hooks up with someone else then dumps them and is back with Allen. She’s a soft core PORN actress. *GAH* Clooney makes me sick. He has got to be one of the biggest slimes out there but gets away with it because people think he’s funny. That’s why I love Gawker. They got him, but got him good.

i think geroge clooney is a well 4 hot guy even 4 his age but i think the fact is hes a player…more or less like he says he’ll never marry again but the reason 4 that we will never know then we juss might assume why …

george is still hot but krista looks like she’s at the end of the road..i mean,he can do so much better.he should try to catch a model like…um…Adriana Lima!I’m sure she would fall for him.

I’m sure Clooney has some sort of animal attraction (or connection, whatever) to Allen. He’s a player, but she doesn’t mind being played. They appear to have a fun, light relationship that they can leave and come back to anytime (probably more his doing than hers). I’m sure he could get a model, or someone prettier, but looks aren’t everything. When you’ve been around the block as many times as Clooney, sometimes you just want something familiar and someone trust-worthy. Who can blame him?

moonbeam–i swear you read my mind, i love george and jake more than all the other men in hollywood…but yeah, i agree with whoever said krista seems a bit trashy for george, but there must be something great about her that makes him come back for more. i would love to see him with someone more exotic, colorful, educated…etc etc.and whoever asked yes, krista has a son, but i never see him…nanny i guess?

fanofthepretty @ 06/28/2006 at 2:02 am

She must have a low self esteem to be getting dumped than asked out again. She is like a new jacket to him he’ll put it away than come back for it again when he feels like it. SO SAD. I don’t know her but reading that his dumped her more than ones is just too pathetic.

Is she the woman of his life? If it’s so, why don’t they date openly? If they are only "good friends" (as he told the Italian press), why doesn’t he help her giving much more important roles at his movies? She’s not a bad actress. I think he doesn’t behave fairly….

george is still hot but krista looks like she’s at the end of the road..i mean,he can do so much better.he should try to catch a model like…um…Adriana Lima!I’m sure she would fall for him.# 19 | nanata | June 27, 2006 06:22 PM | Report Abuseumm…thats because adriana lima is dating a prince

She’s the booty call to end all booty calls, she looks used and cheap, I find it difficult to believe people actually thinks she looks a knock out, her so called career is dead and buried and the only claim to fame she has is being George Clooney’s on/off f**k buddy and appearing in porn movies. He’s ashamed as hell of being seen with her most of the time so no public red carpet events, he mostly hides her in the cupboard at home to bring out when he’s feeling bored…..wind her up and let her go! No self respecting woman would allow herself to be treated the way he treats her, he could do so much better but he can’t be bothered to try seemingly – cheap and cheerful lays that’s our George. …Come on George grow up and start acting like a real man…you’re starting to look a tad sleazy and shallow.

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