Nicole Kidman's Honeymoon in Tahiti

Nicole Kidman's Honeymoon in Tahiti

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban started their secret honeymoon yesterday in Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.  They were spotted arriving at a local airport via private Gulfstream jet, only to be whisked off in a chartered plane for a 45 minute journey to nearby Bora Bora.  According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the newlyweds are staying in the luxury $15,000 a night US Royal Estate at the new St Regis resort.  Nicole‘s personal security guard Sonja Zollman is also said to be accompanying the newlyweds.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Alice

    Thanks, I wish them all the happiness and offer my hearty congratulations :).

  • balzac

    actually she looks much prettier without make-up. much more natural. just beautiful. keep goin nicole. and save yr children from wicked cruise family

  • Just Jared fan

    Do you think she might get some sun? she looks alot better with her natural hair color I do not like the blonde it washes out her face , than she has to pack on the make-up to look half alive

  • Suzi

    Congratulations Nicole and Keith! We are so happy for you. Wishing to grow old with Keith and have beautiful kids as you are. You look happy now and that matteres the most in a marriage. Best regards Suzi

  • Truth

    They look SOOOO in love. And sooo happy! Almost like two robots!

  • Say what?

    How do you get SOOOOOO in love out of these pictures? They look pissy and like they may have been fighting. She is so obviously not smiling in the last picture. Not to mention she refuses her new husbands hand when getting off the plane. This whole farce of a relationship can’t end soon enough for me. Keith hasn’t shown true happiness since she entered the picture.

  • Dancer

    #6Say WhatAnd how do you get so pissy and fighting out of these pictures not to mention she is refusing her new husband’s hand? If you’ve ever flown on one of these prop jobs, then you should know that the steps and the area between the handle grips is very narrow. The only safe way he could give her a hand is to get to the bottom and hold one up. And if I may point out, he has a bottle of water in one hand and she has her hand in her pocket in one pic. I hardly think she is refusing his hand.And no, they don’t look radiant–Maybe they just woke up? OR maybe they are both pissed becuz the National Enquirer (who I think took the pics) found them when they were hoping to have a very private honeymoon.

  • CandyCane

    Well, they both look a little ticked off to me. I don’t think she knew the media was there because she’s usually right there smiling for the camera or holding her hand out so everyone can get a glimpse of the ring. It’s only when she doesn’t know they’re there is when she presents the real Nicole. She’s the media queen, don’t ya know???? She THRIVES on it. Can’t wait until they get back to their PRIVATE LIFE!! We’ll see how that goes.

  • Anon

    Dr. Phil gives them 6 months… that’s being generous!!!

  • Juno

    It’s hard to buy or believe that Dr. Phil said that. And if he did, I hope Nic and Keith prove him wrong.

  • Camila

    I think you guys expect they’d get out off the plane smiling and singing song of joy!!!???come on! they’re just getting off a plane and you’re analyzing their whole relantionship?? It’s a little over isn’t it? just try to see it as it is: a couple getting off a plane. that’s it!

  • Keith&Nic fan

    They don’t look thrilled here, but it’s been a pretty tiring week, being followed relentlessly by the media, a beautiful wedding, probably up late (ahem), then heading off for this special honeymoon, get off the plane only to be snapped the the National Enquirer. Check out photos in the hotel lobby the day after, they are definitely happy and in love. I’m sure a few days of R&R will help. I’m still thinking Nic might well be preggers though.

  • pandalover810

    Seriously, they probably got off a LONG flight, and are probably tired and even more annoyed at the paps that happen to see them. They are probably BEAT from last weeks events and just want some R and R without those pesky photohogs following their every move…

  • Lauren

    aw, they’re adorable. i love all these photos of them… i’m a HUGE keith fan! i hope i still get to see him on tour sometime… keep ‘em comin jared!… and dang keith looks good!

  • Keith&Nic

    Lauren — I am a HUGE Keith fan, too! I saw him perform live last year and have never been to such a great concert! He rocked the house with energy and his great songs.. hope you get to see him! :) And he is A HOTTIE!

  • Dawn

    Give them a break. Nic looks seriously sunburned (look at her legs). Maybe they don’t fell so well.

  • non-blonde

    why oh why does nicole kidman insist on being blonde?what happened to the redhead, or was that part of her tom cruise beardship? either way, i’m confused that a friend, lover, or stylist wouldn’t say, "hun, this whole blonde thing, um, well it makes you look, um, AWFUL!"

  • Justine

    # 6, you just prove the fact why some people HATE gossip, you are either a Keith fan(and most of you guys hate that Keith got married in the first place) or just a person who needs gossip to live. I pity people like you who estimate how long a relationship is going to last

  • Ashley

    "Say What", what the fuck are you talking about. I’m a HUGE Keith Urban fan, and I honestly haven’t seen him happier since they got married. You must be blind, or just a fucked up bitch. I’m guessing the second.

  • TR


  • noodles

    Too much botox. He face texture isn’t natural. You can’t put that shit into your face and expect to look normal. I cant believe she’s only 39. She looks like she’s hungover, he looks like her hairdresser.

  • Millie

    #21 your very funny!!! Nic looks older then Keith’s Mum!! Nic is just a user hag!!! Keith is her puppy how said is he.

  • KK

    #23 How sad is he very sad but Nic gave him a Bently for 300K so she’s in love even if she has to buy it. LOL What a hag is right!!!

  • SM

    Its pretty obvious from when they left Sydney to now, that they JUST woke up. Really, you people just need to stop being so vicious. They both seem very well suited and happy. So just stfu

  • L

    I love it when your comments are deleted because someone can’t handle the truth! geeezze!

  • L

    I love it when your comments are deleted because someone can’t handle the truth! geeezze!

  • KK


  • KK

    #25 L YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!

  • keithfan

    I’m a keith fan. I hope they are happy. They seem to be really in love. We should just give them a chance. I hope it lasts but if it doesn’t keith can find me any day (ha … ha… like that will happen). Seriously, I wish them a very blessed life.

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