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Heather Locklear & David Spade Together Again

Heather Locklear & David Spade Together Again

Can Heather Locklear and David Spade really deny they are still not an item?   Just weeks after their beach romp together, here is the "not official yet" couple on their way to catch a flight on a private plane to enjoy a romatic weekend together. Heather, 44, and  David, 41, were spotted leaving their hotel together, with David‘s hand on Heather‘s back (pictured after the jump).  Can their publicists just call it already? More pictures in the gallery!

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  • marumorocha

    I can’t believe how can she be going out with this guy!!!!!! She can do MUCH MUCH better!!!

  • TR


  • Jeannified

    Yeah, I admit that David is NOT the most handsome guy in the world. However, he CAN look good and somewhat handsome when his make-up artist puts him together before his show and important events, but on-the-fly, I think it’s more difficult for him. That being said, he IS funny as hell, down-to-Earth and seems totally loyal to Heather. I am glad she has someone to be good to her given the circumstances. Denise Richards is just a player! I can’t imagine that she and Richie will work out in the long run!


    I happen to like them together – and anyone who’s THAT funny, and witty immediately makes me jump up and take notice…I’d take Spade, Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart – over the Orlando Blooms of the world ANY DAY. There’s something about a big creative and hilarious as hell brain, that nothing can top.


    you knoowww. i dont know whats the deal with all the hating on this couple. im happy that she’s happy (locklear) with spade. she’s definitely not having a blast about the whole sambora and richards relationship.. sooo just let her have her fun with david spade. he is a funny guy.

  • John D

    I adore them both and think they make a great couple. Her ex was hardly Ken doll perfect and Spade seems like a great guy!

  • Just Jared fan

    he may be a nerd but he is her nerd I bet he tries very hard to please her… and he is funny so she get a good laugh evry now and than good for her

  • SantaFe

    He’s the capital D in DORK. And everyone’s been on Richie’s looks, look at Heather! She’s really gone downhill and super-aged. May they go on vacation to Island Oblivion. Or maybe she can take him to Paris where Richie & Denise were, revisit that wedding day back then.

  • Marie

    It’s become sooo hip as well as sooo BORING to question the genetic imbalance here. Christ! David Spade is a sweet guy who’s also damn entertaining. Really what’s wrong with that? Plus he’s sleeping with Heather and all ya haters are not. So recognize. I think this is so cool. Happy for them both.

  • Marie

    Sorry, I should’ve read the posts first here. Most of y’all are LOVERS not haters! :D Yea! Lets’ keep our gossipy fingers crossed for a true love match.

  • Rachel

    i don’t see what’s wrong with her dating someone like david spade. so what if he’s frumpy and has a spare tyre? i think it’s great that she’s able to see beyond skin-deep.

  • cheryl

    I think it’s cute. I can tell you from experience, pretty boys are too mcuh trouble. I learned my lesson the hard way. So what if he isn’t hot, he’s probably nice and in the scheme of things, that is what really counts. I bet he worships the ground she walks on.

  • heavenlydivine

    There’s nothing wrong with David S. sure he’s not the "most handsome" but he’s NOT ugly! I would date him it’s his personality that wins me over! I would date him but I would ask him to cut his hair and not style it I like simple hairstyles! Heather looks great for someone her age and I hope these 2 are happy

  • georgebush

    makes her laugh. period.

  • Dj Infam0us

    aparently she thinks he IS that something better. Maybe … just MAYBE she sees something no one else does. :-)

  • Jodie

    David Spade is hot. Smart, witty, funny and cool to hang with, is sexy. He’s not embarrass to act like a dork. I would be seen with him proudly.

  • mom carr

    Well I couldnt believe it when I was told of this rumor. I like david spade. He is funny. Its gotta be hard coming from ritchie going to david.Seems like a step back. This just proves that nerds always win.

  • cheryl jarman

    I think David Spade is hot…very cute, smart..he and Heather are a really cute couple…better than fat Sambora.

  • Italian guy

    he’s funny, wiity. cool heather is not shallowwww

  • Raff

    I personaly LOVE David Spade, he is hilarious and a GOOD GUY. Heather needs someone like him after Richie and they make a great couple. I’m happy for them both and hope they last! I don’t think he is the perfect-looking guy, but I’d more than happily go out with him. Nerd, dork, whatever you haters wanna call him, HE’S HOT.