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Lindsay Lohan & Gisele are Twins

Lindsay Lohan & Gisele are Twins

Speaking of originalityHarper’s Bazaar and Vogue dressed Lindsay Lohan and Gisele Bundchen (respectively) in two of the same outfits for their July issues — the Yves Saint Laurent rose cape and the Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Um, was somebody sleeping at their job?  The magazine spies weren’t doing their jobs…  but when it all comes down to it, who does it better?  Lindsay or Gisele?

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  • drlady

    I totally prefer Gisele Bundchen!

  • Elisa Weissefould

    Lindsay are muchmore prettier!Gisele looks ridiculous on the second dress. It’s looks like she borrowed her little sister dress.Lindsay are adorable in the both outfits!


    HAHA. this is funnyyyy. weeell, ALTHOUGH, i favour GISELE. i’d have to say.. lindsay did a better job advertising the two outfits. she’s got model material.. (for the first time maybe?) but still… i dont really favour lindsay, but let’s admitt she hit it this time.

  • samanta

    cant stand Gisele. She always looks so arrogant, acts like she’s suprior and her face is not pretty, ver y masculine in her face and she’s got ugly nose. Lindsay is not someone I esp like either but she looks cute in these shos

  • joliepittme

    Lindsay is not a model. Period. I don’t care much for that other bitch either.

  • JC

    I have never understood the appeal of Gisele, especially as compared to her Victoria Secret "co-angels"; Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. I agree with whoever said she seems arogant and her nose is not right. In this case, I think Lindsay is the winner, she is naturally pretty in a "real" kind of way too, freckles and all.

  • Kikia

    Gisele Bundchen is a great super model and she is a very pretty brazilian girlshe is beatiful, has a hot body, as a nice face, she is the exemple of beauty is suppouse to beshe is perfect

  • Ann

    That has gor to be the funniest thing I have ever SEEN. I don’t know. Everyone looks good in these sort of pictures, but Gisele definitely pulls off the pink monstrosity better. Why? She has the legs, man. It’s the gorgeous, perfect legs I wish I had.

  • Andrea

    Lindsay Lohan is much more gorgeous than Gisele! Lindsay is exotic! Gisele is too common. GO LINDSAY!

  • Edwina

    I vote for Lindsay. Mush prettier and more emotional. Gisele is kinda boring…

  • Dana

    I have to go with Lindsay, especially in the first one.

  • Desert

    La Wintour is so going to kill someone for that. But I personally prefer Lindsay. I know a lot of people say she’ll sleep with anything that moves, but most college students are the same and no one criticies them for it.

  • the tempest

    Lindsay! She is adorable.

  • lahlah

    Go Lindsay! I love the pose in the first one – the camera loves her!

  • Christianne

    The first one Gisele. The second one Lindsay.Gisele is overrated.

  • Samantha Jones

    Lindsay! She’s so sexy! Gisele looks like a mannequin…

  • s

    It doesn’t matter which person is more or less ‘overrated’ than the other, the photographs are supposed to show the clothes – and in Gisele’s photos, you can really see the clothes, and how should be worn – Lindsays photos are about Lindsay, Giseles photos are about design.

  • Ippink

    Gisele! of course

  • p.

    as much as its undeniable that gisele has the hotter body, lindsay look much better. lindsay all the way! but i wish she was in vogue instead of bazaar. and i agree with #12, wintour is SO gonna kill someone.

  • chanelconspiracy

    Gisele! Lindsay’s pictures look as if she stumbled into the costume closet of her high school’s drama club. I am soooo sick of actresses being touted as models. I don’t see the clothes, I just see the stupid actress. Bring back the 6 foot, 120lbs 15 year old Ukrainians! #19, you are so right. Wintour is going to cut a bitch.

  • Rachel

    whoop! got a ‘fatal error’.

  • Erin

    I agree Kikia, GISELE IS PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL, enough said. Miss Lohan tries way too hard and I don’t understand why everyone seems to like her so much and constantly defend her. She’s just a big errogant drama queen cry baby who has slept with just about everyone, and she’s not even that attractive. Don’t get me wrong she could be cute if she had a better attitude. Sorry Lindsay fans but the truth hurts!

  • cissa

    Well, you can tell Lindsay needs to make an effort to pose, which comes naturally to Gisele. Gisele is a professional model, she looks way better and at ease in the outfits. THAT´S what´s suppose to sell outfits. Like it was said, you can easilly see that Lindsay tries too hard.

  • carla


  • Gwen

    Definitely Gisele. What a beauty. I can’t stand La Lohan. All of her movies are shit and I don’t know what the big fuss. Her 15mins are WAAAY over.

  • Vicki

    wow talk about a slip in editorial control…

  • janus

    you guys are fucking insane.lindsey lohan is a tool, not a model.gisele is a legend.

  • gina

    plss everybody should do their own jobs.each and every people knows that gisele is one of the best top model in the world!!!her body is awesome…lindsay is actress not a model she must do her own thing when ı wanna see outfits ı wanna see them in the best way and in the hot bodies like gisele.there is no comparison.gisele is the hottest and lindsay is a LOOSER:)

  • Pitina rivers

    Gisele,please.Linday is such a clueless no-body-made-by-media kinda girl, she is so over.Gisele in supermodeldom she is the number1.Forbes will tell u as well. Real professional unlike Linday that parties as much as she inhales cocaine, meaning a lotta.

  • lise

    The first Gisele picture is retarded, she looks like Big Bird’s long-lost cousin, I can’t even tell what it is she is wearing! But that’s not her fault, I suppose, the photog. So Lindsay wins #1Gisele wins #2. I feel like Lindsay is trying to channel Celine Dion’s My Heart Must Go On or something, it looks kind of cheesy next to the statuesque Gisele, who is clearly the superior in pic #2.

  • lise

    I agree, Lindsay’s star is fading, it’s been too long now since her good movie Mean Girls. Will Prairie Home redeem her?

  • Kate

    Lindsay? No way…Gisele is much better than her!

  • Jade

    Lindsay looks way better, Gisele just looks stupid in those clothes and looks like shes trying too hard to be different in the 1st pic.

  • Carlinha

    Fala sééééério galerinha, a "nossa " Gizele arrasa!!!!! Ela é linda !!!! I love u girl…

  • lisa

    GISELE,absolutely! lindsay is cool too but gisele is hotter

  • Carol

    I think Gisele’s brazilian way is her appeal…I mean the way she walks and smiles… She has a very feminine happy away of being, it’s beyond body and face… it’s’ some kind of energy she transmitsShe does look arrogant in some occasions, but never in the runway…

  • Michell

    GISELE OF COURSE..brazilian girls are hot..lfor the ones saying that gisele is arrogant shut up u guys never saw any interview and that she is very respectful…and adorable..linday looks amazing but GISELE IS GISELE …she doesnt need to try too hard cuz anything she does she is way better LOL

  • en0ra

    The oompa loompa vs the model….I don’t think that dress is meant to sweep floors…I say GISELE!

  • z

    ist one giselse, 2nd one lidnsey. but neither of them are anything special in these pics

  • Mony

    doesnt anyone else thinks gisele looks a lot like a man in drag??? I think shes beautiful dont get me wrong….but she looks masculine. Lindsay has a unique look to her and look at the brightside…..least shes gaining weight again!

  • Elisa Weissefould

    Are Brazillian girls hot? So I’m hot.Thank you.

  • Michele

    it’s like to compare an elephant with a butterfly. Gisele is the butterfly. Lindsay…

  • lala

    number 9 said that lindsay looked more exotic, that is soooo wroing. giselle is from brazil she is beautiful. lindsay is just a wannabee fashion model.

  • jade

    gisele looks for professional…lidsay is not a model…shes to trashy….gisele has been modeling most of her life and she knows wot she is doing…she looks great in all of her photos. lidsay should stay in her chick flick movies and stay out of dolce and gabanna…it doz not suit her image.

  • Sasha

    My goodness… The same outits in the two magazines on the same month!!Still, without hesitation, I stay with the Gisile Bundchen for Vogue pics… The supermodel is gorgeuos, and Lindsay is simply a little wannabe. Lindsay is a ****. Gisele will never fade. She is not masculine. Shes is hot, and EXOTIC (her nose is exotic).Better than KATE MOSS. These pictures don´t show the real sexier Gisele.

  • bobbi

    NOOOOOOOO contest. Gisele is perfection in both outfits. Lindsay cant pose and is too large to be modeling.

  • ayanami

    Gisele looks amazing in both those outfits. she’s doing a fantastic job showing off the clothes and accessories. the pictures prove that gisele is indeed one of the best in the world. gisele make the clothes come alive with her pose and movement in the pictures. for all the people out there who post negative comments about gisele, i think you shouldn’t make such nasty comments about a someone without knowing what they’re about, you guyz also need to learn about fashion, modeling and photography before you make comments about fashion editorial pics like these.

  • onya

    definitely lindsay