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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's Honeymoon Kiss

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's Honeymoon Kiss

Keith Urban leaned in for an affectionate smooch from new wife Nicole Kidman while honeymooning in the South Pacific yesterday, two days after exchanging vows in Australia.  The newlyweds then kicked back and took in the sunset at their "private" beachside villa yesterday night. Upon returning home, the busy Aussie couple will most likely split their time between Keith‘s adopted hometown of Nashville and Sydney, where Nicole owns a few properties.  More and bigger pictures in the gallery!

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  • jjoy

    Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Urban!!

  • Hana

    Wow! Thankx for the photos. It’s so cool seeing them on their honeymoon.It’s true they are stars & celebrities, but it all comes down to this: they are ordinary people … humans.

  • sian

    Jesus, way to ruin their honeymoon! Are you working for Tom or something? They’ve played so nice by giving out those photos of their wedding but somehow I don’t think they invited any photographers to join them on their private balcony, do you? Have a heart and leave them alone now. And get on with the real misson: revealing baby Suri!

  • tr


  • luv keith

    I feel guilty that we are even seeing these, but also guiltily enjoying them. Dang that. I think Nic looks kinda bored, which totally baffles me -if I had Keith to myself in Tahiti, well — :) I hope things are more interesting for them than it appears here. I really hope their marrige works and lasts a long time!

  • jodie

    June if JJ dont post them someone will post them on other site it is just a shame they cant be left alone on their honey moon!


    TRUE. they should be all ALONE, its their honeymoon for goodness sakes. SHEESSH. weeell im happy for them =D

  • Apple

    Dang……So this is what love looks like huh………Just sayin’ . Don’t reckon Nicole is all that into this guy. Shame really ‘cos she deserves happiness in her personal life as much as she has in her career


    Man, where oh where, are the Chinnifer Maniston fans to say of the newlyweds, ‘Gee, they aren’t smiling in these pics, they must be so unhappy.’

  • Peaches

    For chrissake people, you don’t spend all your time in bed on a weeklong honeymoon. You do some outdoor activities too. And talking to your spouse is one of ‘em. Now, tell the photogs to piss off and leave them alone.

  • Alice

    They must be exhausted. A whole week of partying in Australia last week, I think they need to sleep for a week!Love the kiss pic, just a quick smooch, lol.Congratulations to them and good luck, they seem to have settled into their life together anyway! Nice to see and read about a couple with no drama.

  • Alice

    luv keith, I don’t think NK looks bored, they are talking. What is she supposed to do, keep smiling inanely? please. They are allowed to just be and look around, that is what real life is like.Apple, Nicole is very much into him, she shouldn’t be gaxing at him like he fell to earth, they’ve been together too long for that kind of shenanighan, lol. I think the wedding was simply to get the blessing of family and God, lol.To me, they simply look like people sitting there being with each other, that’s how we all are. That’s how you know you don’t need to do anything for the other person to know you are there.This is the first pic of them since Monday, they are allowed to keep their hands to themselves, lol.

  • Secret

    Awwww how sweet. Love that kiss. And Keith has one sexy bod! I love them both. Congrats again!

  • Janet

    I agree that they should be left alone on their honeymoon, but if paparazzi wants pics they are going to get it and I think that Keith and Nicole had no idea they were being photographed. I have to say though that they both look either bored or just plain unhappy. I am a huge huge Keith fan and a member of his fanclub and I am just praying to god this works out and he isn’t in way over his head. I mean come one if I was on honeymoon with Keith Urban and he leaned in for a kiss I would drop my shoes I was holding and wrap my arms around him and not let go..I just hope Nicole realizes how lucky she is to have Keith as her husband. She should cherish him forever. Keith has been through so much in his life and he deserves happiness. I hope he has found it for his sake.

  • Mire

    Nic and her Bicth how lovely !!!!! LOL



  • Just Jared fan

    Im happy for her we all deserve a little happyness I hope that she is pregnant

  • jannie

    what the heck is that? they looked bored. it looks like one of those bad first dates and you have nothing in common and your praying the night will hurry and end. no chemistry

  • Jamie

    God, 2 pictures and you say "no chemistry" "she looks bored". Give me a friggin break. Let them be. I too am a huge Keith fan and couldn’t be happier for these two. Keith isn’t the only one who has been through a lot. Nicole has had her fair share of misery. They both deserve happiness.

  • sara

    They look normal. Stars who have constant grins or are all over each other freak me out. cough…TomKat.

  • Chuck

    I am so sick of jelious Keith Urban fans judging their relationship because there isn’t enough ‘passion’ in their kiss. The’ve known each other for a long time, they’ve been engaged since November and you guys are acting as if they should acting like they are on their first date!Keith fans need to realize he is in love with his woman and his woman is in love with him. He is never going to date you. Deal with it and try to be happy for someone for once.

  • morons

    The irony. Saying they should be left alone – YOU were the one to click on the link to SEE the photos. If you really weren’t interested in photos of celebs you woudln’t be on this site in the first place. Hypocrites.

  • Amy

    What exactly do people expect them to be doing anyway? people are allowed to sit, enjoy the silence and talk once in a while. He is leaning in for a quick smooch, look at his feet off the floor, they are sitting side by side, easily relaxed and you say they look bored?Just because Keith has a nice body, you think she should be all over him, are you always all over your lover? because she is not pawing him left, right and centre, you think she doesn’t appreciate him, pleaae. It is one picture taken in a millisecond, do you know if they are talking? So what if he is Keith Urban, big deal, he is more than a poster boy. You think he doesn’t know what he has with her after how many months of being together. They are just relaxing, let them relax. They are both lucky to have each other since they chose each other, one is no better or worse than the other. This is real life people, not a movie.Her body is turned towards him, he is relaxed, they are comfortably sitting there, I don’t see any tension or either one of them pulling away, they are just being. They’ve been living together, inseparable for the past year, they have their comfort zone!And even if they are bored, they are entitled to be bored. If anyone expects them to be liplocking all the time then he or she needs to get out more, you know, into the real world, lol.

  • Duude

    Poor guys. Can’t even enjoy their honeymoon without the paprazzi stalking them.As for their absent gring, ITA with 12, 19, 20, 23. Celebs with huge grins and PDA’s gross me out. It’s nice to see them being normal and just sitting their enjoying each other’s company. Just because they’re not all over each other doesnt mean they’re not happy. They’re probably just exhausted after the huge wedding and ‘long nights’.

  • rachael

    what????? I love Keith Urban! He cant be Married…that ruins all of his songs…=(. Thats depressing! Curse you Nicloe…he deserves SOOOOOO much BETTER!!!!!But if she makes you happy Mr. Urban, Congrats i guess. I’m SOOO jealous of you Nicloe URBAN!!!!

  • Fritt

    Aww; that’s sweet! I agree; celebs who are over-the-top with their affection for one another scare me… 0.0 Congrats Nic and Keith!

  • Marisleysis

    INTERPRETATION OF PHOTO:They just had sex.Keith had an orgasm.Nicole didn’t.He tries to make it up with an "I’m sorry" peck on the cheek.She gives him the silent treatment.

  • Sleepy

    I agree with you #22. Well said.

  • l

    I like the last comment!!! Freakin hilarious! That doesn’t look like an arm around Nicole honeymoon kiss. Keith’s probably thinking, I married an albino!and she can’t go swimming with me! This is a guy who grew up going to the beach! At least he can find her in the dark. Nauseating… yawn… I give it mmm…a year, a little longer than Kenny Chesney. nicole said it herself at best, I have a body like a boy! Get a burger and a tan!

  • PudendaShenanigan

    I am sure Mr and Mrs Kidman will be very happy.

  • Pol

    You know I saw the se pics before they were possted here. somehow I knew that whenever they would be posted here, some people wouls have to come here and say this is all fake… you are so predictable! Geeez, you can´t see anyone happy, can you!Get a life! Long live to Nic and Keith!

  • jak

    I agree and disagree with most of you. First, he is one hot number, don’t think she is. Hope they are both in it for the right reasons, but that remains to be seen. Hope he doesn’t become Mr Kidman since he already has become her b*tch boy and she speaks to the press for the both of them. I’m glad there are pics, some body’s gotta take ‘em, right? When you are famous, the pics come with the territory, so get used to it? Why couldn’t we get a body shot of him instead of her?

  • sassyone

    I must say Keith looks amazing as usual…it seems though he is always getting the short end of the stick in pictures and publicity. Maybe it is because he looks way better than the wife ever could and she doesn’t like it! And I must say I agree with you JAK!

  • Miss Thang

    Someone that ghostly white can no way be happy in a tropical location..well out doors anyways. She needs to suck it up and get some sun on her anorexic body.

  • KK


  • judy

    WOW! you guys are harsh, why do you have to make up stories for every pic..why can’t it just be what it is, he bent over and gave her a kiss, and they are sitting there discussing life, and why do you think that Keith doesn’t know the woman he married, they have been living together in Nashville for a while, I think he knows her very well, and must love her, I don’t think she put a gun to his head, he looked really happy in the wedding photos..I wish them lots of luck.

  • gloria

    well the articles i’ve read on this honeymoon all say they’ve been spending most of their time holed up in their hut with private jacuzzi and pool, so i doubt both that there is a lack of passion happening or that we will see any of the best of it.

  • sad bc of nicole

    OMG i totally agree with # 24 hes such a hottie he cant be married that ruins in his concerts when he kisses some girl. It makes me very sad i love him with all of my heart :(

  • Tish

    Thanks JJ i enjoyed the pics. They are so real! She’s beautiful and Keith is a hunk.I see no need for them to be hanging all over each other. That doesn’t prove anything. Remember how sickening the pics of her ex and K.H. slobbering all over one another became.AUG!! I wish all the best to this happy couple.

  • Lauryn

    you guys really tie the knot nicole be true to your self

  • http://yahoo Native Amer. chick

    Congrats and make it work and show them that you can! Have a Pow-wow……