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Pierce Brosnan's Kids

Pierce Brosnan's Kids

Los Angeles, CA :: Pierce Brosnan and his family were spotted arriving at LAX airport this past weekend on their way to Hawaii. He was accompanied by his wife Keely Shaye Smith and their two kids — 9-year-old son Dylan Thomas Brosnan (right) and 5-year-old Paris Beckett Brosnan (left). Pierce, 53, and Keely, 41, have been married for almost five years.  And in movie news, Pierce plays Colonel Gideon (he hunts down a man with whom he has a grudge at the end of a civil war) in the upcoming film Seraphim Falls, which is scheduled for a October 2006 release and co-stars Liam Neeson, Angie Harmon, and Anjelica Huston. More pictures in the gallery!

I know she’s only the wife of a celebrity but Mrs. Pierce Brosnan
really loves this green floral dress and coat outfit, wearing
 variations of them on three different occasions this month!
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  • tr


  • tr

    nice family..but she needs to lose some weight.

  • geniass

    Two words: Beached whale?For her sake and her double chin, I hope she’s preggers.

  • Mediterranean

    She was never skinny but after her first birth 9 years ago, she’s been becoming fatter and fatter.She has a beautiful face and hair but the rest is OMG!

  • hmmmmm

    Wow…she looks way different than she did during her days on Unsolved Mysteries.

  • Mediterranean

    Pierce is so arrogantly handsome. James Bond suited him the best. I like Sean Connery but I still prefer Pierce as James Bond.He is getting much more handsome as he is aging beautifully.I always believe that there are guys who are handsome and goodlooking and there are guys just beautiful who are always going to look beautiful, handsome at any age they are! For example, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Rock Hudson, eternally James Dean, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford

  • Beth

    Maybe that is the way he likes her. She is probably one of those people that are so beautiful on the inside that it doesn’t matter what she looks like on the outside. He must not be one of the superficial people that need a super skinny wife. I just hope it doesn’t effect her health.

  • skyla

    Pierce said he loves his wife no matter what her size. What a gentleman!

  • Jeannified

    I have heard her (and him) ay that he loves her no matter what, which is good. There’s so much superficiality in Hollywood! However, I think she should lose some weight for her health if nothing else.

  • baines

    she’s not THAT big! Geez!

  • jodie

    You lot are bullies and horrible why does she need to lose weight it is nice to see some kid of famous person not like 6 stone!

  • Lena

    People, are you crazy?????????????? She’s not as fat that it causes her any health problems!!!!!!!!!The problems people have because of all the starving and vomitting are really much bigger. It’s ridiculous that every person with a little more weight is said to have health problems, but people who do not eat anything are said to be "healthy and fit and glowing". I’m shocked.

  • Emily

    Give me a break … lose weight for her health?? Are you kidding me? This woman is not that overweight. We are so used to seeing people like Eva Longoria (size double zero) that we fool ourselves into believing that’s what normal people look like. I guarantee you the extra 20 – 30 pounds or so she is carrying is not affecting her health. I am so sickened and saddened by the comments about her weight! Oooh, let’s hope she loses weight and looks like Nicole Richie or Mischa Barton. I’m so sure that will be better for her. Ugh. The average size woman in the US is a size 14. I’m just guessing, but I’m betting that’s about what Keely is here. Remember when Renee Zellweger gained "all that weight" for Bridget Jones?? She was a size 10 at her heighest weight – below average… So, get a clue people.

  • Lena


  • TR

    Emily if you haven’t noticed Americans are OVERWEIGHT……size 14…..THAT JUST FAT!!!

  • jodie

    June you need to start to get out in the world and see that not everyone is like Eva Emily you are soooooooooo right we are so used to see thin people for me she is a breath of fresh air she looks lovely. June that isnt fat that is a right old bitchy thing to say that is fat!!!! No it isnt it just isnt thin it is average!:@:@:@:@:@


    SHE LIKES HER DRESS. its verrryy pretty i say, but dont wear it out. haha. but thats cool. JAMES BOND. hehe. and she isnt fat.. pssshhh.. OBESE is when you cant stand up and walk. YOU SEE her NOT doing that?? nooo she’s WALKING and she IS STANDING TOO. sooo she aint fat. leave her alone. ANDDDD if JAMES BOND loves her… let’s just leave it at that.

  • Kyah

    WHAT THE HELL???I’m sorry, I didn’t realize being plus-sized was so horrible and wrong…it’s not like she’s 300lbs with diabetes and heart disease. Why don’t you look at people like Mia Tyler and Queen Latifah and see the things they’ve accomplished in Hollywood, all while being in the double-digit sizes.You all need to not be so superficial and ignorant…AND RUDE!!!

  • Christy

    Actually, I read awhile back that Keely battles her weight as she has a thyroid problem.

  • wildviolette

    They are a beautiful family.

  • HeyBabyHeyBabyHey

    I don’t care for Pierce’s movies but he seems a good man. Saw an interview with him and he said something about Keely putting on weight and then he said he really likes her with the extra weight, thinks she damn sexy and would rather she be happy and healthy and heavy than skinny, because he loves her and she gorgeous to him. Ahhh! Good Irishman.


    OH God, I feel really bad. I mean, I came on here, about to rip into her a little (nothing harsh), and then when I read the posts, I just knew i had to calm down a little with the remarks. Um, well, I just don’t get her weight gain. She use to be so beautiful and thin. But somehow, it’s changed and she hasn’t gone back to being thin. She or her husband are rich enough to hire a trainer, nutritionist, cook or something, BUT no, nothing. I am one of those people who do NOT like to critisize women for GAINING weight because I think voluptuous women are MORE beautufl than skinny women (men may disagree). But Mrs. Brosnan (or whatever her name is) does not look that attractive. SORRY! I’m sorry… Oh, I really HATE critisizing women for their weight. Goodness… how do you be right and wrong at the same time… I dunno. Wait! Mrs. Brosnan, do NOT go anorexic! Please! Just a litle dieting maybe…. JUST cause I think you are so beautiful and I want to see the old Mrs. Brosnan back. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Do what you like. More power to you!

  • Michelleanne

    As a former overweight person and losing over 110 lbs and size 14….I will never ever be a size 0 or 2 but it seems as far as some comments here no matter how much one loses no one will ever be satified!!! And that pisses me off!!! get a grip !!!!a person that is a size 28 can be healthier then a person that is size 0 so get off your smug holier then thou size small is better horse and see a person can be healthy no matter the size,,LOOK that UP IN THE HEALTH BOOKS!!!!!

  • Monique

    you are all so shallow. i cant beleive the disucting comments you leave on here. everyone is their own person, so get the fuck over it!

  • Anonymous

    I think there is some confusion….just because a size 14 is the average for women in America, does NOT mean its healthy. A woman who is 5 foot 2 and weighs 165 pounds is not in good shape. It has nothing to do with apperance, it is common sense that being overweight puts you at risk for tons of health problems. This woman may not be obese, but she is heavy for her size.

  • Mediterranean

    Anonymous, thank you. Your comment really and truely made sense after reading all.When one said that he/she has to lose weight, this surely doesn’t mean that this person should go down size 0-2-4The weight has to be on the right level with the height of the person. She needs to lose weight but it is still up to her, she looks heavy from where I stand.

  • White Cleats

    O.K., are the PC police feeling better now that you’ve vented on us shallow bottom feeders? She’s fat. America’s fat. It isn’t healthy. It doesn’t look good. She’s got a ton of money to get help and she needs to make the most of her resources. That being said, it is good of him to stand by his woman.

  • White Cleats

    Oh, and by the way, to the woman up thread who lost 110 pounds but is still a size 14 — keep losing! A person who is a size 28 is never, EVER healthy. Not ever. Obese people love to make that argument but it’s as empty as Paris Hilton’s head.

  • Elena

    # 28 | White Cleats – How arrogant of you to be passing judgment on people you do not know specially since you do not have all the facts. One’s height is a factor that you need to include in you judgment. As well as two words, compassion and empathy. For the woman who lost all that weight, congratulations. As for Mrs. B. Wonder why why Nicole etc are anorexic? Read some of the comments above. Have you all ever thought that she ruined her metabolism by all the dieting she did in her youth? That she is also a very traditional type of mom and mother like cooking and baking etc. I have a news flash for you all she looks like the average woman in America whose life is focused on her family and not herself. Why should she need to conform to your expectation of how a woman who is married to a movie star should look? Her husband has no problem with it, he is not out there hitting on the anorexic starlets . I am sure she is the envy of all the skinny Hollywood wives!

  • Julia

    She is very fat

  • Mediterranean

    Nobody is saying that being skinny, bonny, thin, anorexic is good and healthy, then the rest is bad and unhealthy.There are traditional women who cook and bake and not overweight or simply fat for her height. Why do we talk about two extreme situation here?She is fat and needs to lose weight but it’s still up to her.

  • Rachel

    well, if anything, he’s got good-looking kids. the wife actually looks pregnant, only from the front. but she looks better in the older photos of her in the same dress.

  • dcc

    I’m a little older than Keely, and let me tell you it’s not always what you eat. If she has a thyroid issue, than that won’t help her be bone thin, even though she may not overeat and exercises. The older you get, your metabolism slows down. My issue is uterine fibroids. I am constantly feeling crummy by them and am about 40 pds overweight. I try to eat right and do gardening and stuff, but having a health issue that causes a weight issue is a pain.

  • Lena

    I don’t think she’s that fat at all.And White Cleats: I am DEFINITELY not fat at all, I am 180 cm tall and weighing 130 pounds. But that has NOTHING to do with my comment. Why can’t you thin people just be happy that you are so lucky to be thin and just leave the others alone. It’s hard enough for them, as I know from my mother and from the time after my pregnancy. I am really so upset and then think that those people who are so lucky and THEN talk bad about others – those shouldn’t have been so lucky to receive this goft of God to be thin. And believe me, it has to do a lot with luck – many, many "fat" people do not each much more or even more than others.

  • Mai-Brit

    Personally, I find it very refreshing to see a normal Hollywood wife. Maybe Pierce isn’t as shallow as most people in Hollywood and on this blog.

  • C_C


  • Fat Not Good

    okay I think all the politically incorrect bloggers here are funny. And the sensitive ones here need to chill out. okay, so she’s fat and it may be due to some health issue. but that’s what her husband’s money is for. to help her with her condition. and not everyone here who is critical of this woman is thin. i am a bit overweight and use to be even fatter for one year of my life when i was going through some tramutic events. but i agree that she is overweight and needs to lose weight. you can’t help what people think. if they think she looks fat and criticizes her for it, then they have every right to. if i were in her position, i’d accept the criticism because why isn’t she losing weight? she has the money… health condition or not… to help her. i’m shocked that pierce is staying with her. it’s good thing i suppose. but if i were her, i’d be like, honey you gotta help me lose this weight and not let me go on any longer like this. fighting obesity is hard but you have to accept the criticism. it’s simply unattractive to people. what can you do to change people’s persona of you. you can’t. i think that being a little thick is good, but not to the point WHERE YOU HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN! then you know you’re way overboard with your weight. seeing how she’s been wearing the same dress three times or what have you, i wonder of she has some mental problems. Most women who have money and maids to take care of their kids, they won’t wear the same dress like that, especially with paparazzi around and especially since you have to consider your husband’s reputation as a hot actor. anyways, i am supportive of the brosnan family and i do not think she HAS to lose weight nor do i think she’s ugly. but i do suggest that she do something about it.

  • riri

    First of all I want to say that I think Keely Shaye Smith is lovely. However , she is not merely 20-30 lbs. overweight. She wears flattering clothes and creates a waist for herself, but she carries the largest portion of her weight on her mid-section. I would venture a guess and say she is about 50lbs. over weight. Any doctor will tell you that carrying a lot of weight in the area where she carries it is a major risk factor for cardio-vascular disease. It is NOT healthy, especially for women over 40, so don’t fool yourself. Although, as far as I can tell she does a lot to help lessen some of those risks, like exercise, yoga, etc. If she is happy, and her husband is happy, who are we to judge? Yes, she would be healthier if she lost weight, but I say she is beautiful just the way she is and I applaud Pierce for not criticizing or cajoling her into weight loss. Being the supportive and loving husband he seems to be will only increase her chances for success if she ever decides to shed a few pounds for health reasons.

  • brass unicorn

    The idea that height/weight ratio is the end-all, be-all of health measurement is so absurd to me. If you study up enough on the human body and use some common sense, you realize that genetics play a huge part in how people are different. Not every person who is 5’2" should be 105 pounds. Some people naturally have more (or less) muscle mass than others, and everyone has a slightly different build. Saying a person who is this height should be this weight in all cases is just idiotic.Having said that, if Keely has a thyroid problem, people need to lay off. It’s foolish to say that they have the money to "fix" the problem. Money can’t fix everything and thyroid problems are notoriously difficult to figure out, sometimes taking years for doctors to understand the right regimen/medication/diet for everything to work. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. Keely is a person and I don’t want to pass some insane judgment on her weight without knowing her life or what’s going on with her health. I’m not saying it’s healthy to be overweight but I really get sick of people harping on someone who is bigger. My mother and grandmother have struggled with their weight their whole lives and I feel compassion and love for them, not judgment and disgust. I feel that way whenever I see someone overweight. Without knowing the situation, I don’t want to judge them in my heart. Being cruel won’t help someone get up and lose weight, but being kind will.

  • marnie

    Come off it, none of it has to do with concern about her health, people concerned about other’s health do not insult them. So if people are overweight they should deal with being publically insulted and criticized. Does this right to criticize apply to the homely, plain and ugly? Whatever weight Keely is she’s a beautiful woman. I wonder if she feels that gives her the right to go up to people and tell them they need to do something about their unsymetrical faces, too thin lips, too bulgy or crooked noses, crappy jawlines, receeding chins, low foreheads, and get some plastic surgery or put a paper bag over their head because they’re physically unappealing to society at large.Mental problems because she’s not wasteful and re-wears her clothes in casual outings? Do you see maids and handlers in those photos of them taking their kids to the airport? Some people have watched too much Dynasty.

  • Film_Girl

    All the blathering from the pro-fat camp is just as funny as the blathering from the anti-fat camp. I’m not trying to be rude, but when I saw the first picture, my first thought was "is that Cameron Manheim?" — the second set of pictures are more flattering, but anyone who saw the first picture and didn’t think, "wow, Pierce’s wife is kinda big" is either lying to themselves or delusional. And no, it may not be "right" to make fun of overweight people, but being on the opposite end of the spectrum (I’m 5’5/100 lbs, a size 0 and proud), people have no problem coming up to me on the street and accusing me of having an eating disorder (I don’t) or making shitty comments to me about my weight TO MY FACE, so why is it any different if strangers on the internet are making rude comments about a bigger person behind her back? Quite frankly, I’m sure Mrs. Brosnan could care less any stranger thinks of her, she’s rich and has a hot husband and two nice kids. My only concern is that if she is indeed hypothyroid, she needs to make sure she’s taking enough Synthroid or whatever.

  • peachyqueen

    I think Pierce’s wife is beautiful overweight or not. It must be all the ugly people who get off on calling her fat. A way to get revenge on beautiful people, an attempt to make themselves feel better about their own flaws. People are brainwashed into believing that skinny = beautiful. A woman should have curves, not be a stick figure – blech!

  • Thoin

    What I noticed first in these pics was that Paris was a wide-open, cheerful-looking kid, but, being an actor’s child, knew to look right in the camera. And that Dylan looked a slight tad hostile, as any 9-year-old with a raft of camera’s stuck in his young face might.I wonder what it must be like for this family to TRY to have any normal time outside the prison walls of their home with cameras and the public constantly in their faces. And yet, they stay cheerful, together and seem relatively well-adjusted (for what little we can actually see…and remembering that NOBODY knows everything, or even a whole lot, about ANYONE else’s life, much less a celebrity’s).Forget the weight, folks, look at the faces. Interesting study of two parents trying to herd their children on a narrow line between being in the public eye and being a "normal" family.How do they do it? It amazes me.

  • michelle anne

    ok yes i agree maybe a size 28 is not healthy but a size 0-2 or even a size 8 doesn’t mean your healthy either.I just get so fed up with everyone saying lose weight you need to be skinny for your health WELL how skinny does skinny have to be??? My Uncle is a doctor he says he has seen healthier size 20′s then size 2 they may not be a picture of perfect health but common who is? I can see I am not blind Canadians and americans are the heaviest they been in yrs.BUT lets be happy if they are up being active and at least trying to do someting about fixing it..and stop pressuring people to starve or acheive bodies and a"LOOK" that one will never achieve well thatis unless your married to a plastic surgeon or workout instructor..LOLAnd thanks white cleats!!! I am still workin at it. but for myself…hey and thats what counts right!!! lol*wink*

  • michelle anne

    Now in no way saying that skinny people are the enemy or not healthy cause heck we can be healthy at anysize.You have to work at it no matter what .I think when you and you alone are happy and satified and love your own body then what ever size you are are!

  • Jenny

    She is a FATTY BOOM-BA-LATTY. She needs to lose some weight.

  • Emma

    i think she looks great and there family is so happy and there sons are gorgeous. I think its fab to see someone as famous as pierce to not care if she is a little overweight i think he would have her over somebody like nicole richie or paris hilton who look like stick insects and are not pretty and carent even have a stable relationship.

  • cattycathy

    She is fat, fat, fat. No denying it. You can make all the excuses in the world — "her husband loves her like that", "she has a thyroid problem," etc. She eats too much, she drinks too much, and she won’t exercise. She’s fat. Ask anyone in Malibu or on Kauai who knows her and they’ll tell you she is fat.


    She is overwieght and should be ashamed of herself for letting herself go! There are no excuse, medical or other because there are ways to controlling the wieght even if there is a thyroid problem. I do. I was 115 @ 5’5" when I married in 1981. I ballooned up to 195 in the 90′s. I am down to 150 now looking at 125 as goal. With the proper medication, diet, and exercise routine you can do it, but only if you want to. Does Pierce love her as she is today? Of course. But would he had started seeing her in the first place if she looked as she did today? Doubtful. We women look our best before we marry our husbands, whether they accept the wieght gain or not, we should not let ourselves go. And that is in the ‘normal’ world. Keely is married to a celebrity which comes with certain labels. Even if Pierce is not embarssed by her looks, there are enough of onlookers who take up that embarrassment for him. She needs to loose wieght. Not only will she feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, but she will live up to the life she signed up for when she took Pierce as her husband. Hollywood is all about looks, so she knew what she was getting into when she married him. Keely seems not to care because she is gaining excessively each year. When is too much going to be enough?

  • jennyjen

    Interesting, I didn’t know that if you get married you singed up to stay forever the same person that you have been on your wedding day. I think it’s applaudable that he doesn’t urge her…and that she doesn’t hide…and I’m with Mai-Brit: ‘Personally, I find it very refreshing to see a normal Hollywood wife. Maybe Pierce isn’t as shallow as most people in Hollywood and on this blog.’The problem is not that America (among other contries) is not fat. The problem is that people are superficial, narrow-minded and illiterate!