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Stolen Britney Spears Family Pictures

Stolen Britney Spears Family Pictures

CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One disastrous Dateline interview and one naked Britney Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot later… pictures of Britney, Sean P. and Kevin on vacation, reportedly stolen and published by Us Weekly, have surfaced on the Internets.  Is this one big happy family for real?  Or one big front of a happy family Britney wants us to see?

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • kidi

    Oh, YEAH–they were "STOLEN"! Britney sees the adorable Angelina/Brad shower pictures. "Kevin! Let’s pose with big fake smiles–get that fucking cigarette out of your mouth–that show everyone what a great family we are. Then we’ll send them anonymously to a bunch of magazines and claim they’re stolen!! Whatddya think?"

  • Apple

    Publicity BS ****Seems like evryone wants to get on the Zen Masters positive PR TrainWhat are the chances of holidays snaps coincidentally showing a chirpy looking cutsie Federline family snaps, just a few days after the Brangelina snaps turn upPeople are not that gullible

  • spf is a cutie

    uhhhhh……I am a Brad and Angelina fan…..and I just know this going to turn into a bashing of Brangelina bashing because of the two previous post..Please be kind and only comment on these pics only. They do seem to be a PR stunt or probably Keven sold the pics to get some money. They do look cute together, Britney and SPF that is. K-fag=barf!!! SPF is a cutie and seems happy to be with his mom.

  • Jess

    Leave her alone for once. Don’t you people have anything better to do? It’s really pathetic. Get a life and stop criticizing others’.


    Oh, YEAH–they were "STOLEN"!Britney sees the adorable Angelina/Brad shower pictures. "Kevin! Let’s pose with big fake smiles–get that fucking cigarette out of your mouth–that show everyone what a great family we are. Then we’ll send them anonymously to a bunch of magazines and claim they’re stolen!! Whatddya think?" # 1 | kidi *********************OMG…I KNOW….THEY ARE soooooo BITING ON THE BRANGELINA….it’s true! Jeebus, can you believe it..I am almost pissed. Quit copying them Britney! LOL First the dark hair and sexy Angie-like pics, and now this….’stolen pics,’ SHYEAH…RIIIIIGHT.One important thing though – compare the MAMMOTH CALVES & ARMS of Brit in these photos, to the waif-like slender as a reed arms in the BAZARRE spread.hahahahahaha….BUSTED!!


    HA! your baby isnt THAT cute brit. haha. weeell im FOR brad and angelina. not britney and fakerline. you know i just cant believe these pictures are STOLEEEN. they look.. planned. hahaha. idiots. still plan to go to namibia brit? hahaha! wtvrrr. although i feel for you brit, however i dont for your golddigging husband. so let go of him and maybe those pictures will turn up somewhere. ANYWAY, for now brit, let it go, and dont let them tears think you can fool people. CAUSE no one is as stupid as fakerline. ALRIGHT? alright. good good.

  • Not cool

    I thought they couldn’t put stolen pics in their magazines? If these were really stolen I hope Britney sues them. If not I hope one of the mags bought some of the 450 brangie pics. I know it’s soo wrong but I would love to see some more pics of B & A. Sorry!

  • Lily

    Those are really cute pictures I guess it was from their trip to hawaii, and yeah they can be stolen, US weekly did the same thing with her honeymoon pictures.

  • joliepittme

    Look! If you cover up KFed, those picture look soooo good.

  • 1+1 = 2

    I don’t think the brangelina photos were stolen from BP/AJ.I don’t think these photos were stolen from BS/KF

  • mickey

    This girl is unreal. Sure, I’ll just bet they were "stolen." I have never seen anyone so desperate for attention. She wants the press to leave her alone? Then GO AWAY Brit. Quit putting yourself in the press naked or by alleged theft.

  • Bart Simpson

    Ay Caramba! Why will US Weekly print stolen pictures? So uncool man! Guess we can add them to the list of crap rag magazines. US weekly, what happened to you? You sed to be cool.

  • Cate

    Just too obvious. This girl is desperate to get people thinking about anything other than her baby mistakes. Thus the black hair, nude pictures and now this. wonder whats next?

  • malibumom

    I think they look great-they look so much better-Kevin Federline (regardless of his antics) is a handsome man-he looks like Ashton Kutcher-

  • Lilly

    You know this girl is all over the map. For someone who wants to be left alone she sure puts herself out in the public eye. I find it funny though that people are suprised they are smiling. Don’t you usually smile when someone is taking your pictures.

  • piper, with a low

    Sheesh… they are such copycats, in a low-rent kind of way. Next thing you’ll know K-Fed is going to have a layout in Parents mag showcasing his sandcastle-building ability, because we know the boy can’t afford to buy, renovate, or decorate a shoebox, much less a house. Too bad Brit didn’t watch AJ before giving her interview. She could’ve learned a thing or two.Although I still feel bad about enjoying them, BP/AJ’s pics were refreshing because they weren’t posed and BA didn’t come across as desperate to put their relationship over to the ‘dupes’. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

  • Sarah-Jean

    I bet they leaked the photos themselves. Who actually stood there and took the photos for them, huh?

  • Just Jared fan

    All I can say … well shes covered up some what and her fliebitten free loader is not holding up a beer they almost look normal….

  • tongt0ng

    still love her!

  • shutter

    Totally staged, and leaked.Look at them showing what "good" parents they are by the way the baby is strapped into the stroller.These photos are damage control for the baby almost falling head first onto NYC concrete, driving with him on her lap, not properly belted and seated in the convertible shot, etc.SP is going to need massive amounts of psychotherapy.

  • sarah

    i came to see her naked and all i got were cheesey vacation pictures!

  • ryan star


  • ew

    That poor kid. Really, he doesn’t deserve these two douchebags for parents. Oh, yeah, and they were "STOLEN" and "LEAKED" by her PR people. GMAFB.

  • sketel

    britney looks like a little girl pretending to play mommy … she has a lot of growing up to do

  • cecil

    Those pictures were probably stolen by K Fed.

  • Jess

    Why don’t you all shut the f*** up. They look adorable, and happy. Who are you to judge wether or not she’s a good parent or not. All first moms make mistakes. And who really knows wether they were leaked on purpose or not.

  • Leo

    I`m so tired of haters… why you hate her? admit it! you all LOVE her!!!! ;)

  • I am who I am

    How is it that people believe the Brangelina photos were stolen but the Britney ones weren’t? That’s ridiculous. Think about it people. They both were released. Nothing was stolen at all. It’s publicity, all o fit.


    What a publicity whore! Last week she was crying fake tears about how she wants the media to leave her alone… and this week, she’s professionally groomed / styled in US, very nude and professionally air-brushed in Harper’s Bazaar, and very happy in her "stolen" family pics!!! Ahh the miracle of digital enhancement… Compare her face, arms, and legs in these pictures to Harper’s (OOPS!!!) Too little too late!!! We all saw the real Britney (without a professional hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist) on the Matt Lauer Dateline interview. Without them, she’s a droopy-eyed, thick-necked ‘Plain Jane’ with short, thick calves and ankles.The nude pics are not even original… Demi’s pregnant nude cover was artistic and classy. Britney’s comes off as a cheap, desperate publicity stunt! I guess her poorly done cover of "My Prerogative" wasn’t enough!!!

  • Dea

    # 28You’re absolutely correct! Brangelina leaked those pics themselves! For all the dust they’ve kicked up, have they actually sued any blogs who posted (and continue posting) their pics? No! This was another publicity ploy! Britney should check herself into a mental institution!

  • Natalie

    When I looked at the bigger version of the picture of Sean and Britney on the hotel bed, I realized that Sean isn’t smiling…he has his tongue sticking out. That is too cute. My seven month old neice does the same thing.I don’t know whether the pictures are stolen or not, but I am sure we will hear a huge hoopla about it within a few days if they in fact were stolen. US Weekly can be pretty stupid, but I don’t think that they would be stupid enough to publish stolen photos in their magazine. Britney and Reese are two celebrities you don’t mess with because they will sue you as soon as you give them a reason.My only question is why is Sean rarely ever wearing pants. In the plane photos he has a sweater on and Britney has a blanket on her lap, so it is obviously cold on the plane, but Sean has no pants on. I realize that baby’s diapers leak, so you sometimes have to remove their pants, but most people bring extra outfits with them for that reason. And does the papparazi just always happen to take their picture right after his diaper has leaked??? And if his diapers leak that frequently, maybe she should look into trying a different brand of diapers, because the current ones are obviously not up for the job.

  • bluepaintred

    i dont want to get jumped on by spears lovers… SPF is a cute baby.. is it the light or the angle or what? he totally looks crosseyed. expecially the hotel bed photo!

  • kendra

    The PR campaign continues! Clean up trashy, bad-mom, dysfunctional family image. We’ll have more ‘revelations’ like this in the near future –Thanks to the crackpot publicity team.

  • mindy denton

    You people who leave these comments are stupid. Why do any of you even give a fuck about her parenting skills. I think everyone should concentrate on their own lives instead of everybody elses for a change. So what if she married a dirt ball.

  • Mediterranean

    I do NOT believe that these photos are stolen.She wants to be left alone, but she is at every corner we look. Enough is enough, Britney!Do us a favor? GET LOST PLEASE, at least for some (long) time!!! Disappear, for God’s sake. Her image is not getting better, PR is getting worst. Someone should explain this to her in a very simple way because she might be capable of understanding.And please do not tell me that we should leave her alone. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! Got it???As a parent, she can do mistakes like all of us but she is one on TV who did insist that what she does right and normal or put the blame on others. She is immature even for her own age!God bless her son and the one on the way! I really mean it.

  • Jess

    can anyone please tell me where i can see the interveiw of britney and matt lauer……or where i can download it cause i am in australia and it hasnt been shown here?????

  • sara

    sory about brangelin pics:Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have their baby shower pictures back. Law enforcement officials have arrested a suspect who allegedly swiped a bonanza of Brangelina family snaps taken in Namibia by the couple, Pitt’s spokeswoman, Cindy Guagenti, confirmed to us. Guagenti said yesterday she wasn’t at liberty to provide details of the arrest, which is believed to have taken place on Tuesday in California. Spokesmen for the LAPD, the Beverly Hills police and the Malibu police said they had no information on the arrest. Some speculate that federal authorities could be involved because prosecutors may allege that the perpetrator tried to sell images from the couple’s digital memory card in more than one state. An arrest would be another victory for the firm of Lavely & Singer, the powerhouse law firm that this week put media outlets on notice that Brad and Angelina would sue and prosecute anyone who published the shots. Attorneys at the firm, which has represented Cameron Diaz and other celebs in photo flaps, didn’t return our calls by deadline.

  • Stefanie

    I think its mean how you talk about her. Yes, she made a couple of mistakes in the past, but that doesnt give you the right to talk shit about her all the time. I am not a Britney Fan but I am also sick and tired of Brangelina. Britney doesnt have an album coming out so she doesnt need to do any PR stunt. To the person who asked about the pants. It isnt a big deal if a baby isnt wearing pants, as long as the upper part of the body is kept warm. I guess Britney put him under the blanket when she realized his legs were getting cold, or at least I would have done it. I dont think its really cold on a private plane, so its all good. Sean seems to be a baby who doesnt likewearing clothes, you see him all the time "half-naked". About the pics, dont tell me there arent any pics of you and your kids or you and your parents when you were younger. I know there are pics like that of me and my sisters with our parents. If you want to fake pics it looks different. Like for example the one of Britney sitting on the bed with Sean, it doesnt look lady like, if you want to put out pics you wouldnt take one like that.

  • ugh britney

    does anyone else fnd it odd that in spf’s short life there are only a few pics of his father holding him and really no one else. i don’t remember any photos of anyone else holding spf – her sister, mother, etc.i think britney is being abused by someone and she feels her only protection is to hold himit is super odd for any mother to be holding her kid so frickin’ much and no one else – and we all know she is not the over protective type


    You know. It’s one thing to bash Britney and Kevin. I must admit her Matt interview was just embarrassing to those that used to like her…but, don’t go bashing a 9 month old. Who are you to say that a baby isn’t cute? Talk trash on Britney all you want but don’t bring a child into it. No baby can be ugly so just stop that right there. As far as her holding him all the time. I’m a new mom of a 2 month old and I love holding my child. So, it’s not odd that she holds him in all the pictures taken of her. Give her a break and get over it. She may like holding him and she may very well be overprotective. You don’t know her on a daily basis. We all just know her by how the pictures and media perceive her.

  • Sylvie

    Why couldnt she look this cute when she was on dateline? She looked so trashy on that interview and she looks very pretty here.

  • anon

    #9- holding her baby too much? What you want her to be like every other trashy US mama and keep her baby in some sort of mother-replacement device all the time? Get a grip. We were meant to wear our babies and keep them ON us for comfort, safety, stability and help with them learning balance.What an idiot.

  • anon

    ^^^ meant #39 ugh britney.

  • Shelly

    Give the girl a break . . . jeez . . . whether they were leaked or not, they are really cute pictures, especially sean p.!!! Hopefully they’re really as happy as they look here.

  • oh come on!

    She’s just sad and pathetic. She keeps trying to do more upscale things–Go on Will & Grace, Dateline, appar on Harper’s–and it backfires because she is so clueless. She should STOP trying to sell her personal life for money, go away for a year or two, and try to distance herself from all this.

  • Nyxi

    I would like to say that you people are indeed …pathetic. Why are you wasting your time in the attempts of knowing the lives of other people are doing.. when you could be paying attention to your own lives and perhaps making it better. I grow tired of the way today’s society is more concerned with what Brittney Spear’s is doing to her baby.. than what their next door neighbor does to their children when they are supposedly "falling down the stairs". IF you have a brain cell left.. please say not to this sort of thing. I thank you and good day.

  • martha stewart

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  • Tim Jacobs

    Saw the nude pregnant photos at

  • disgusted

    Oh, yeah, what a coincidence that they’re removed. To further fake the whole "stolen" lie. Give me a break. Anyone with decent human intelligence can see through this millionaire retard’s antics.

  • Jess