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Brad Pitt's Driver's License

Brad Pitt's Driver's License

A salesman faces trial for forging a labour card by pasting Hollywood actor Brad Pitt’s photo on it and an Arabic name.

The 29-year-old Jordanian, T.H., said he did not know whose photo it was he had downloaded from the internet. The Dubai Public Prosecution charged him with forgery, using a fake document and trying to embezzle Dh82,600 from a money exchange house in collaboration with his brother H.H., who works there as a teller.

An informant told police that T.H. was planning to collect the money in collaboration with his brother. Police arrested T.H. from a mall in Ghusais. In his statement to the police, he said his brother had informed him about the money which had not been collected. He confessed that he forged the card with Brad Pitt‘s picture from a website.

A website, eh?  Do you think T.H. took Brad Pitt‘s picture from  I betcha he did.  I betcha! I betcha! I betcha!  And yes, Brad Pitt’s Driver’s License is a total fake if the name "Usama Bin Mohammed Bin Laden" printed on the card didn’t give it away…  Thanks to Grace for the heads up!

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  • Mediterranean

    yee, yeee all we need is this news to believe!

  • lorie p

    bwahahahha!what an idiot!he looks cute though love the pitts!

  • Ippink

    very idiot!

  • april

    This guy gets the Dumb Criminal prize.I read this morning that an arrest has been made in the stolen jolie-pitt picture saga. The FBI was involved in the arrest.

  • ((chanel))

    i want to see new pics of angie!!!!!! i miss angie i didnt saw new pics of her a long time i want to see new pics of angelina!!

  • cycloneblondie

    hahahahahaI guess I can’t blame him for trying to steal Braddy Babes "good looks"!!! but what is with that freaking name??? He surely could have stolen a better one than that! WHAT THE???!!!geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzanyways….Nice to come here and have a good "chuckle".Cheers fellow BAMZSERS!!! ":)

  • Arkansa

    MZS Dad in a fake id! He looks perfectly sublime Dad!!!.ANGELAH & JJOY= Good Morning Miss San Diego & Miss Ilocus Sur !!! Salamat for the Welcome. I love this thread reading guys your notes. Angelah- Ginanga & Ginatan- famous in Quezon Province – went vacation last Feb . JJOY- my sister’s x hubby from Ilocus Sur- Do you know how to speak Ilocano? I only know our dialect-Tagalog. Limanput dalawa na taon na ako-me uban na but at work they think I’m only in the early 40′s – makes me smile.. pandak kasi ako. How about the two of you? young women!! You guys are good in responding to those hater posters. Young ladies remember "Nora Aunor & Vilma Santos" it’s like Angelina & Jennifer, right? OK young pinay girls keep posting for our love BAMZS.. time for me to go to work. see you tomorrow.. Both of you have a nice day!!! HI to all BAMZSERS FANS !!!!

  • piyutra


  • kaseladang

    you are fast jj.. i just sent you the mail, then i just went for a meeting then when i got back, you’ve posted it.hehe! only in dubai!

  • PITT


  • kaseladang

    hi cb! long time matey… i just got back from vacation that’s why ain’t got time to comment lately. work’s up to my neck since i got back.. how are the bamzers going?

  • lenora of philly

    agree with #5 and try i look for angelina pic…anyway there idiot!umm!!!!

  • kidi



    where the hell is angie????????? and shiloh too???

  • freidaflo

    While the media gave them all the unwanted coverage.The criminals are paying attention too.Identity and digital photos stolen…sickening.For the love of money???Now we know how JA/BP feel with all the paps around their home and Mad’s school.Mickey and his staff must be going nuts .LOrd keep them safe esp. the children.

  • cycloneblondie

    # 11 | kaseladang |Hey Matey!!! ":)Long time no see…Hope you have been really good. Missed seeing ya round here. (Not that I have been super duper regular either!anyways…just wanted to give ya a big "shout out"….hope ya had a fantastic holiday!!!I am absolutely buried in work here at this moment…but hope to catch up with you soon.Cheers Matey!!! ":)Take care…

  • kaseladang

    oh the vacation was fab, i fell in love with istanbul!i was reading the papers here this morning and the minute i saw this news, it was in the front page of most of the broadsheets and tabloids, i just knew i’ve got to share it to my fellow bamzers for a made my morning lol..

  • CCCC

    #4,April – Really, where did you read it and who is the person? I am so happy to hear that.

  • Lynn Campbell

    Here’s a link to an article about Brad and Angelina getting their baby shower pictures back.

  • CCCC

    #19… thank you. I am so happy to hear that.

  • Avenger

    OMG!!! you guys really need to get a life and i meant it … i am not trying to ruin your lil BAMZ parade but God its gone to farrrrr…. u miss AJ… hell get a life …. go out … exercise… get off ur A$$

  • Beth

    HaHA!!!! That is funny!

  • Original Curious

    I just read this before coming here – was still laughing about it in fact. Talk about dumb criminals! I mean, isn’t Brad about 3 shades lighter than the average Jordanian? And, OMG roflmao didn’t the guy wonder who this person was that he got off the internet – I mean, why the guy was there etc.Lynn – thanks for the link to the Daily News. Glad they got their photos back

  • think positive!

    Hahaha! Thank god it’s not his own license and it’s a fake one.I miss pics of them too but i think after the little "drama"with the razzi in Mad’s school maybe they found a smart way to take short walks without pap’s to follow them.And i think that they want to stay at home this time around cause Angelina have to breastfead for another couple of months at least so it’s not so easy for her to go out so often.Anyway.Have a nice day guys! c.u later aligator ;)P.S:# 19 |Lynn Campell|-Thanks for that.I’m glad that they got them back.Don’t mess with the Jolie-Pitts.

  • anon48

    Dumb thief ! of all the person he pick, but at least the thief is famous now. this news is written all around the world.

  • Press Man

    JOLIE AND PITT BABY SHOWER PICTURES RETURNED ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT’s baby shower pictures have been returned after police in California arrested a suspected culprit. Photos of the party the couple held in Namibia ahead of the birth of their daughter SHILOH NOUVEL last month (MAY06) were snatched. It is thought the thief tried to sell the digital memory card from the pair’s camera in the US, before cops swooped on Tuesday (27JUN06). Their spokeswoman CINDY GUAGENTI confirmed the pictures had been returned and a suspect arrested, but refused to reveal any more information, reports the New York Daily News. Jolie and Pitt had threatened to sue and prosecute any publication that published the pictures, rendering them worthless to magazines and newspapers.29/06/2006 12:37

  • emi

    Did that guy really think he could get away with that? I mean, there is only one Brad.. and he doesn’t have brown eyes either.

  • lol

    Hahahahaha. Thanks for the laughs Jared. What an idiot that guy is! Of all people, he had to choose Brad Pitt’s identity. Yeah I miss seeing BAMZS pics but atleast this means they are maybe getting some privacy since there haven’t been any new pictures.

  • kidi

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on the site? The last day or so it’s been loading very slowly.

  • emi

    # 29 | kidi | I’ve been having the same problems.. thought it was just my old computer…

  • Alexanderina

    You are right Anon48, what a dumb thief# 19 | Lynn Campbell | – Thanks for the link Lynn. I am glad that they got the pictures backThanks JJ for the new thread. # 28 | lol | – ITA

  • kidi

    #30 emi—No, I’m on a new iMac and it’s still slow.

  • CCCC

    I think after the incident with Madd, the papps are staying away, so the BAMZS family is free to stroll around their parts without being bombarded with flashbulbs.

  • lookwhaticando

    Good grief, this guy must be nuts, how could anyone get by with claiming to be Brad Pitt. The man is so popular these days he trys not to be him I would imagin at times. Life can just not be easy for the Pitt Jolies these day,, I love them though,

  • lookwhaticando

    This guy gets the Dumb Criminal prize.I read this morning that an arrest has been made in the stolen jolie-pitt picture saga. The FBI was involved in the arrest. # 4 | april =========================GREAT, they have their memories back. I am happy for them, and glad that they got the guy or gal. It is so unfair how they have to live their life, always being hounded. I wish this beautiful family the best.

  • ntt

    Charlie Rose’s shows are free to download again today. Here is a link to the Warren Buffett and Gates interview

  • African Girl

    Good Morning AllFinally, a new thread, easier to load. Yesterday was brutal! Took forever, had to give up. Usama Bin Mohammed from Dubai with BP’s picture? Is he for real…lmao, probably auditioning for World’s Dumbest Criminals…this is too much, everyone wants a piece of BP & AJ. Okay, so he didn’t know who BP was, probably saw a handsome guy on the web and thought "Oh, I wanna look like that" just his luck that the guy he chose is right in the middle of a Media storm….lol.Btw… Bin Laden? BIN LADEN?!!!Thanks Jared for the laughs.

  • ntt

    Link to AJ’s Taking Lives interview

  • bunch of loonies

    LOL!! That’s hilarious. Good news about the baby shower pics. Where are the haters crying foul to those pics???? HMM????? Where are ya??? What lame ass theory do you have now that the police was involved in arresting the culprit? HMM??? Do I hear a weak attempt of claiming they are fake???? Anyone? I would love to hear some idiot try to make a fool of himself and bring the JA fandom down even further than they already are, cuz you know the ONLY people claiming they were fake were JA fanatics.

  • Angie

    This is funny…I thought it was really Brad’s driver’s license..Then I read the name, Osama Bin Laden…buwahahhaha..

  • foul to pictures

    anybody know yet what that not-a-balloon thing was that Angie was holding in one of the pix JJ put up?

  • FOUL

    maybe you should wait for the rest of the story #39, assuming it ever gets out.

  • ntt

    Link to Alexander’s interview

  • bunch of loonies

    FOULI like to get started early and the arrest was confirmed by Cindy. If there is one thing I know, the JA fanatics would not believe anything good of bamzs even if GOD, the accused and Brad Pitt came down to tell them the pictures are real. That’s the level of their hatred. It’s wild.

  • to #41

    I believe the pillow thing is for her to sit on post-birth to make it more comfortable if she gave birth naturally instead of the C-section. That’s what it looks like to me at least.

  • kidi

    # 44 bunch of loonies–Every good or happy picture they (X fans) say is fake. I think it was Be Sane last night who said FF has a thread "What do we do now?" for X fans–because the P/J baby is born and healthy and there’s nothing much for them to chew on. That is beyond pathetic–it’s depressing. To think these people have nothing more worthwhile to do than trash BAMZS and worship a skinny tanned bad actress who stands for nothing and does nothing.

  • Frenchy

    I feel sorry for all those people on myspace and other websites that people LOOOOVE putting their pictures on. Brad is famous so this person was not able to get away with it, but the other average joe’s? This insatiable appetite for pictures of celebrities have to stop. All celebs have fansites, they have THOUSANDS of pictures. I really hate the fact that there are photos of Nic Kidman on her HONEYMOON! I hope that Angelina & Brad ARE married and didn’t bother with a wedding & traditional honeymoon because all you would be hearing & reading is "I wanna see pictures of their honeymoon", "Why aren’t they kissing?", etc……I hope they did do a quickie marriage just to avoid all that shyt.

  • African Girl

    #39 / Bunch of LooniesUh-Oh! Uh-Oh… gonna open the floodgates. This proves they were wrong, the pictures are REAL which means (GASP) BP & AJ are indeed HAPPY…..Oh Goodness, I sure hope everyone is is wearing their steel armour……coz you know they’ll be back with a vengence. Why, they might even claim this is another publicity stunt or that BP IS Bin Laden…hey, it’s not a far leap for them, they already carry on like he is a terrorist.

  • bunch of loonies

    kidi I cannot believe the level of insanity of some of these people. "What do we do now?"YOU MOVE THE FUCK ON IS WHAT YOU DO.

  • lol

    # 48 | African Girl | Lol. I’m surprised that no so far has made those comments. Oh well, the day is early. Haters will come out soon enough with their oh-so – not – funny comments.