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Ivan Koumaev: So You Think You Can Dance

Ivan Koumaev: So You Think You Can Dance

TEAM TRAVIS!  TEAM DONYELLE!  GIT IN MAH BELLY, I JUST WANT TO GOBBLE YOU BOTH UP.  CHOMP. CHOMP. CHOMP. And I most recently joined… TEAM DMITRY!  Did anyone else catch the "Dmitry’s Hips Don’t Lie" sign that flashed for a split second? Fantastic. So here are some thoughts: Benji and Donyelle, as usual, rocked the house with their Pop Jazz routine (pictured above, video below).  Ivan showed a lot of potential this week and did his thang with the Argentine Tango (inset). Ben‘s dancing… didn’t even resemble hip-hop.  Heidi surprised everybody and rocked the Cuban Rumba.  And Travis gave us our quote of the week: "People think I do hip-hop, but I do a fan kick."  I also added Travis and Martha‘s Hip Hop dance after the jump.  Check out all of the couples’ screencaps in the gallery!

WHO’S GOING HOME?  My money’s on Aleksandra and MusaBen?

When a supermodel meets a DJ! Benji Schwimmer and
Donyelle Jones performing ‘Pop Jazz’ to Dannii
‘s "Put The Needle On It."

Travis Wall and Martha Nicols‘ ‘Hip Hop’ dance
to Chris Brown‘s "Just Fine."

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ivan koumaev so you think you can dance01
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance02
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance03
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance04
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance05
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance06
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance07
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance08
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance09
ivan koumaev so you think you can dance10

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  • Rachel

    ooh! love that pop jazz thing going on there. really sizzling hot!

  • ginabobina

    Please post the tango routine and the Afro-Cuban dance. I loved those!

  • pstrgel

    yes please can you post the TANGO by IVAN and ALLISON and the HIP HOP by martha and travis. please!! =)

  • Just Jared

    I just added’s Martha and Travis’ HIP HOP. I don’t have Ivan’s tango just yet…

  • changa

    benji and donyelle totally ROCK the house!!

  • taco

    like travis, don’t like martha.

  • cb

    Alex and Jaymsz are the ones who should go home. Musa worked his tail off, and even Mary said that if he had had a couple more hourse he would have been much much better. It was clear he was at break through moment.And why is it that Travis gets a pass for crummy hip-hop but Ben doesn’t?

  • Adrian

    My favourites are Heidi and Dmitry. Heidi’s SASSAY and Dmitry’s just HOT, HOT, HOT! Have you guys noticed that they finally fixed Jaymz’s name? It was "Jamyz" for like the past 2 weeks.

  • Just Jared

    I don’t think Travis’ hip-hop was crummy. I actually enjoyed it a lot…. it just wasn’t the same style that Martha was dancing, so it didn’t flow. I’m sure it’s pretty easy for Travis to not hit everything and make his hip-hop smoother. Someone just should have pointed that out to him earlier.

  • cb

    Ok – crummy was a bit harsh. But, I just think that it annoyed me that Travis made his excuse "people think I do hip-hop" thing and so the audience is supposed to forgive the fact that he and Martha were not together. Yet, Ben, from the same background, didn’t offer up the same excuse and is now, perhaps, on the chopping block. I was actually all poised to vote for Martha and Travis last night until he made that comment, and as a result started voting for Ben and Ashley.(also voted for Musa, Benji, and Heidi – I figured Ivan wouldn’t need any help)

  • Mizz SUgz

    plz plz plz add ivan and allisons tango dance!!! PLEAZE!! I missed the show and i really want t see it.

  • jessie

    please post video of the cuban rumba!!

  • Ryan

    My favorites are still Benji, Donyelle, and Travis. Top 3 definitely. Yay!

  • crybabyAniston

    This was a very good week…the competition is getting tight, the public had the right couples in the dance off and I’m glad Aleksandra and Ben was booted off the show.I’d liked Ben but Aleksandra had no soul or heart…just technical dancing. The waltz was right up her alley and she did nothing with it. If she was on the stage dancing with another partner, it still would have been souless.

  • cheree

    PLEASE!! Post the Ivan & Martha Dance, Dancing to Cassies You & Me. I cannot find a SINGLE SITE with this clip!

  • Shakeria

    Can you post the hip hop from Ivan and I think it was Allison the one to Chris Brown’s Yo with the umbrella and the dance with Travis and one of them girls the one with the bench and the flower I think it was contemporary or lyrical. Pleeaassee

  • jensen

    ivan and natilie are thee best!!!!!!!!!! one of them should wim!!!!!!!!

  • jensen

    ivan and natilie are the best!!!!!!!!!! one of them should win!!!!!!!!