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Jessica Alba Backs Justin Timberlake's William Rast Clothing Line

Jessica Alba Backs Justin Timberlake's William Rast Clothing Line

The always picture perfect Jessica Alba was recently spotted wearing a William Rast (Justin Timberlake‘s clothing line) t-shirt out and about with her pet pooch.  Jessica Alba  also made an appear at LG & Jermaine Dupri‘s party for the BET Awards 2006 (pictured left).  More pictures in the gallery!

Does Jessica Alba‘s dog have sort of eye condition?
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jessica alba dog01
jessica alba dog02
jessica alba dog03
jessica alba dog04
jessica alba dog05
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  • jess

    um honey…that is NOT a pug..

  • lulu

    emaciated chest–she’s getting TOO skinny

  • lenora of philly


  • t

    looks like the same eye condition kate bosworth has.

  • M

    That is a pitbull, who will probably eat her pugs. Her boyfriend is an idiot to get her that dog when she’s got 2 small pugs.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, jess & M!

  • Tina

    Sorry, but that is not a pitbull.

  • CL

    That’s a Boxer not pitbull……and the eye is normal cause is albino…

  • Deborah

    That is an American Bulldog. I have one, and he is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. It WONT eat her pugs…you’re the idiot if you think it will. Just because its a big dog doesnt mean it EATS LITTLE ANIMALS….someone obviously isnt an animal person.

  • bfriend

    definite pit

  • Just Jared

    Can we all agree on a breed already?

  • Deborah

    Go to this link. Its an American Bulldog. She looks exactly like mine when he was a puppy. Trust me. Look at pictures of the american bulldogs before you say it isnt one.

  • lisa matlock

    It is an American Bulldog I have 4 and I breed them…… They are great dogs and awesome to other animals and children.. Havent you ever seen Homeward Bound.. Its the dog chance AMERICAN BULLDOG…….. NOT A PIT

  • lisa

    It is an American Bulldog I have 4 and I breed them…… They are great dogs and awesome to other animals and children.. Havent you ever seen Homeward Bound.. Its the dog chance AMERICAN BULLDOG…….. NOT A PIT

  • Deborah

    Thanks Lisa! Yes, they are great dogs. : )

  • Sabi

    Hey guys, that’s an Argentine Dogue (or Dogo Argentino). It’s very similar to the Pitbull or the white Boxer, but I know that’s a Dogo cause my parents used to be breeders. That eye thing is because their skin is quite pink. Here’s a link if you wanna check it out: dog is sooo cute!


    WEELL. if you ask me its jessica that has the eye condition — but, dont get it twisted.. i dont hate her, its just the face expressions thereee.. take it eassyy. oh and cash.. sheesh man how the heck do you eat. andddd the dog is cute. one blue eye thereeee that cuuuteeeee. its good that jessica’s a dog lover, you can really see it.


    oh yah yah. I WANT A TATTOO LIKE THAT. right on the crack. wooot. go jessica!

  • dee

    people need to realize that pitbulls are not bad dogs!! my friend has one and she always plays with my dog and has NEVER shown aggresion, so stop being sooo ignorant! …and she does look way to skiny

  • LISA

    Nobody here said anything bad about pit bull we just said the dog isnt one.. I think you need to get a grip………….

  • nunya

    It is the same as Kate Bosworth – it’s called heterochromia.

  • YO

    she is beautiful i love her! she has a great body the best body!

  • Bethy

    Totally off topic, but I adopted a pit bull mix, and she was super sweet. Everything went great for about 6 weeks, then she attacked and killed one of my dogs for no apparent reason, then bit me very badly when I tried to break them up. They may not all be like that, but now I’m scared of the breed.

  • Cin

    You guys are all f’en retarded!!!!!! Who f’en cares what kind of dog it is… Jess Looks great!

  • pink.kitty

    Cin, you’re retarded yourself! The dog resembles an American Bulldog most, but it could be either a Pitbull or a Dodo Argentino as well… or maybe he’s a mutt. The one blue eye could come from a Husky. (If he were an Albino, both eyes would be the same and he wouldn’t have brown spots on his ears, either).The puppy is very cute.

  • Danicka

    her dog suffers of Kate Bosworthism …

  • SausageMan

    Check out Courtney Cox’s Nip Slip. Bare boob.

  • Rachel

    the dog looks sweet!

  • M

    I only said it was a pittbull because another site said her boyfriend gave her a pitbull. Regardless, i have a pug who lives with a big 90lb labmix, and even though the lab will never be aggressive toward the pug, he still can mess up the pug because they can’t breathe properly and they have genetic knee weaknesses, which means i keep them separated if I’m not supervising. Hope she does too. I feel better about it if it was an american bulldog or something that doesn’t have jaws of steel. Obviously I am an animal person Deborah you dumbass!

  • M

    ps: If it aint a pug, its just a dog!

  • Elisa Weissefould

    All, it’s a cute dog! I love pitbulls. They can be sweet if their owners treat then right.

  • Cin

    Pink.kitty, kiss my ass, all im saying is who freakin cares, it’s a damn dog!! It can be a poodle for all I care, get over it!

  • Missatn

    I love those photos and I think the dog is a pit mix; go the the humane society and that’s all you see. She was also interviewed and claimed it’s a pit. It’s unlikely she’d claim to own a dog with such a bad rap if it werent the truth. In regards to pits, I’m an owner of a pit and I think it’s quite offensive how ignorant people can judge the breed w/o even knowing any true details about it. We are educated owners who have taken the time to properly train our dog and she is the sunshine of our lives. BAN STUPID PEOPLE NOT DOGS.

  • Xavier

    The Argentine Dogue History:

    The Dogo was created in the 1920’s by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and his brother Dr. Augustin Nores Martinez. The Dogo is based on the Cordoba Fighting Dog (a crossbred Mastiff, Bull Terrier and old style Bulldog). which Antonio, as a youth, saw fighting in the local pits. Antonio felt that a dog that showed such courage and tenacity; often fighting to the death, was being shamefully wasted. Thinking that these valiant gladiators would be the perfect adversary for the dangerous wild boar and puma, he tried hunting with them but found that they only wanted to fight each other and to hell with the boar.

    So using the Cordoba Fighting Dog as a base, Antonio set about creating the perfect boar and mountain lion hunter, but he also had a second goal. Antonio wanted his new breed to also function as a home and family guardian. Antonio felt that a guard dog was worthless if it abandoned a fight when subjected to pain – he wanted a dog that would fight to the death, if necessary, to defend its’ master. With these two goals in mind, he added Pointer to increase scenting ability, Boxer for intelligence and trainability, Great Dane for size, Bull Terrier for fearlessness, Bulldog for chest width and valor, Irish Wolfhound for hunting instinct and speed, Dogue de Bordeaux for jaw strength, Great Pyrenees for size and white coat and Spanish Mastiff for power. Antonio used several of the best specimens of each breed and developed several family lines which he named after the indigenous Indian tribes – the Aracauna, Guarani and Inca. He mixed these bloodlines carefully, often culling entire litters because they had undesirable traits. After Antonio was murdered by a thief, Augustin continued developing and refining the Dogo.

    The Dogo was recognized by the FCA (Argentine Kennel Club) in 1964 and by the FCI (Federation Cynologique International) in 1973.

    The Dogue is a big dog…

    see you

  • winston

    CL The dog is a pitbull, to be more precised it is a merle pitbull .These dogs usually have a blue or glass loking one or both .THE DOG AINT A BOXER /ALBINO BOXER If you wanna say anything else it would have to be a DOGO.

  • D

    Someone commented that dog is a pit bull, another one that it’s a bulldog, then another one said it’s a boxer but you’re all WRONG! That is a Dogo Argentino. Just look it up on YouTube. I have one and they’re the sweetest dogs you’ll ever wish you had. Her dog will get along great with the pugs.

  • Shade

    “M @ 06/29/2006 at 12:58 pm That is a pitbull, who will probably eat her pugs. Her boyfriend is an idiot to get her that dog when she’s got 2 small pugs.”

    ^^^ stupidest thing i ever read!

    I own 2 pit bulls! A Original Gray Line, And a Bully BluePit Line!

    They both are the most sweeted dog i have ever had!.. I had alot of breeds before. from German Shepher to a German Shephew Cross with A Wolf, To a Rott, To a cho chow!. N none of those dogs were as sweet with other people like my 2 pits i own at this moment!

  • demito

    IDIOTS !!!!!!!!! That is one of the best breeds ever made, is the Ultimate Hunting Machine, That is a DOGO ARGENTINO !!!!!! and is the best dog for a family and the best if someone that u dont want get in to your house, hw u dare to compare the Dogo with all those stupids dogs that u mention befor. DOGO ARGENTINO, FOR EVER !!!!!