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Nicole Kidman Bares Bikini on Honeymoon

Nicole Kidman Bares Bikini on Honeymoon

Newlyweds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban enjoyed  a little motion in the ocean during their honeymoon at their French Polynesia resort that features 24-hour butler service and over-water villas.  The bikini-clad Nicole showed off her toned tummy while hubby Keith played with some snorkeling gear.  A new (and only?) official Nicole and Keith wedding portrait is featured in the inset, taken shortly after their wedding this past Sunday. Best wishes to the happy couple!

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    WELLL… they’re having fun. and im stttiill happy for them. YEP. good luck in the future and best wishes for the two.

  • Cookie

    Her forehead looks plastic.

  • anoushka

    i hate the way she has to pose like that on her wedding photo. why can’t she just smile?

  • Mango Pie

    Chill out anoushka, she’s probably got hundreds of pics where she’s smiling but not that one and that’s one they wanted to give to the public in addition to the first one they gave out just after the wedding. And I think it looks like Keith has a camera in his hand or is it a snorkel?

  • Corrine

    Her Forehead looks GORGEOUS and so does her smile! she is picture perfect.. as well as keith!

  • Lena

    stunning. I could not be more happy for her. Finally rid of the TomAss

  • tess

    That’s a People Exclusive photo and story, they love the publicity. All celebrities are phonies, and you shouldn’t believe a word they say or the persona their PR machines create.

  • Bridget

    Damn, Nicole has some abs!

  • Kasey

    I am so happy to see Kidman laughing and smiling again after being so publicly ‘jolied’ by cruz a few years back.

  • keith fan

    Nicole looks awesome in that bikini, wish we could see more of Keith tho! :) They both look great in the wedding photo. I hope they are happy for years!

  • tess

    Kidman "jolied" Mimi Rogers. Payback is a bitch.

  • j

    I think we can finally end the pregnancy rumors – she does NOT have a bump. These two are so cute together – I am not sure which of them is prettier :)

  • lila

    I really love them together! But, don’t you think it’s a little weird that we all like to see pictures of them on their honeymoon? I mean, we all know what goes on during a honeymoon. I really feel like it’s so invasive.

  • AJ

    If this island they are on is so private, where is the photog…on a boat right in front of them? Leave them all alone paparazzi !!! You’ll have enough time to takes pix once they return to Australia and Nashville. They deserve some privacy right now. Try searching for TomKat + their mystery baby.

  • Lynbral

    DO you have any of the pics of keith and nicole like ramsey site has of them eating on the beach there dresed just in the sun not invadeing thanks

  • Kacey

    If she is pregnant then it was conceived the night before this picture was taken.

  • Katie

    I think they make a terrific looking couple. I know keith has been looking for love for a very long time and he’s finally found it in nicole. Although I do not like her dress or the way she looks in this picture ( I think she looks evil ) she does have terrific skin and he looks incredible, then again he always does!

  • guest

    what ramsey site are you talking about that has pictures of them eating on the beach? do tell!

  • shmm5145


  • Lynbral

    its ramex is the site its too small for me to see can anyone get those bigger

  • alero

    Nicole allowed the paps into her wedding and the paps said this is how all celebs should act because we will leave them alone because everyone will get their pics. Well how long did that last. The paps are taking pics of their honeymoon. The paps say give us the pics and we will leave you alone. Not true.

  • Lynbral

    correction on the ramix site think thats just a addvertisement for the island useing there name showing the area .those people are not them i was mistaken sorry

  • Maz

    Did anyone else notice Nicole wore almost entirely black, when in Oz?(Australia) Was that an attempt to disguise tummy or was it a trick played out on us all! to make us think she was trying to hide something. Judging by beach shot’s the joke may be on us!!!

  • judy

    They look like they are having fun, and she sure doesn’t look pregnant in that picture,

  • Rachel

    she looks so classy next to her scruffy husband.

  • Elena

    I do love her with her curly hair… It softens the stiffness off her face. I for one hope she finds happiness and some normalcy.

  • Just Jared fan

    Nick looks great, wow I agree the curly hair is much better imagine if she went even futher and let her beautful red hair grow back in.

  • yep

    Well, if she insists on having that frozen forehead, I wish she would wear bangs. She is so naturally beautiful..why does she have to botox herself to that extent? I wish she would return to the red hair too. Best wishes to them!

  • anonymouis

    I’d just like to say that I think the whole ‘oooh her husband jolied her’ thing is really rude. Nobody knows what actually happened with that situation so don’t go and act like they were having an affair. Give these people a break, they’re happy. Let them be just as happy as Keith and Nicole.

  • Rockmelon

    Why refer to this couple as "boring?" They seem totally "normal" and "dignified." I’m glad they are not as "exciting" ad Brangelina or Tomkat!

  • gloria

    her body is a lot hotter than i would have imagined. maybe keith scored as highly as she did.

  • KK

    With alittle less botox she could of smiled more. But when it’s overdone she can’t really smile very big. But her fivehead looks good.

  • Ami

    So I’m thinking Nic’s wearing SPF 968 LOL !!!

  • anonymous2

    They look like they are very happy and I hope they beat the odds for show biz marriages and actually STAY happy for a long time to come. As for their "look" in the wedding photos… thank heaven Nicole doesn’t smile – she can be beautiful when she poses just right (and she always seems to be posing when a camera is around), but other times the pose goes wrong and she does have a evil, cold look and she has a horrible smile – it distorts her whole face – something she obviously knows since you rarely see posed pics with her smiling. As for Keith – he’s always gorgeous, but it would’ve been nice to see that jawline clean shaven again. The scruff is nice and very sexy but under it is a extremely handsome man! And unlike Nicole, he has a beautiful smile.

  • judy

    I love them together, I think they make a great couple, and I wish them the best….

  • Randi

    I had thought that she was too skinny but I must admit she looks good in the bikini….bitch.

  • jbonz

    C’mon, Nicolle. Julia Roberts did the "marrying a cuntry dumbass" thing years ago. BO-ring!

  • Marcheline

    He looks like David Spade’s equally greasy twin brother. She looks like Cruella DeVille. I’m sure they’ll be very happy together.Whatever.

  • Marcos

    Nic looks like she thinks her crap doesn’t stink. What an evil face maybe someone should slap that superior look right off her ugly mug and pull the rod out of her a**

  • mace


  • CB

    Let’s be happy for this couple, after all the stuff they’ve been through, both together and individually. I think these Aussie’s are a great pair! How cool of Keith not to do the typical celeb thing, and marrying some young trophy wife! Nicole epitomizes beauty, sophistication, talent, and humanity. Always adored her. You go, girl! Tom who!? Keith is so much more talented, handsome, and mature. I liked Keith Urban before, but I’m more in awe of him now. Marriage has made him even MORE sexy, if that’s possible……..I love this couple!

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