Tom Welling's Boston Beard

Tom Welling's Boston Beard

A heavily bearded Tom Welling — with all his Superman strength — threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park last night in Boston, Mass.  (Admittedly, not one of his best looks.)  The 29-year-old actor got married on Martha’s Vineyard four summers ago and was in town with his best friend Derek Evans, who apparently is a big Red Sox fan.  Derek is the  Executive Vice President of Production for Spyglass Entertainment (The Sixth Sense, Shanghai Noon, Mission to Mars, Unbreakable).  Tom Welling returns with the sixth season of Smallville this coming fall.

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  • casey

    hmm..first. I agree i also don’t like his look

  • lexy

    Tom Welling vacations on Martha’s Vinyard every summer. I have friends who have played golf with him. He’s always described by those who are lucky enough to run into him (not me sadly) as being really nice, not full of himself etc. In the past he’s always with his wife. I wonder if they’re still together. I don’t like the beard but TW is the hotness. He should be the star of that Supes movie not the terribly bland Brandon Routh. Singer blew it casting him and the boring/plastic Kate Bosworth.

  • Tom fan

    Could not agree with you more, Jinx and lexy…TW is the hotness. Lord, let the man grow his hair out and a beard, he’s probably sick and tired of being short shorn and shaved for SV.So true about the Superman movies, Routh has the personality and sex appeal of a cardboard box.

  • marg

    jared: are you trying to insinuate something about tom by mentioning the word beard so many times?

  • lise

    what surprises me more than the beard and long-ass hair is actually how much bulked up he looks. The size of those forearms, chest, and whoa, his traps in the first pictures…they look huge compared to the way he looks on the show

  • Arelis

    Photoshopping a "I work for food sign" into the 3rd picture would be awesome.

  • Carol

    Tom always looks gorgeous! I prefer him without the beard but I understand he’s tired of having to shave every day when he’s working on SV.He looks happy and relaxed!

  • Vangie

    I love this guy. He’s on hiatus, he’s kicking back, he’s relaxing and looking like the common folk. I hear nothing but good things about him. Supposedly a very humble, down-to-earth, nice guy.

  • Angie

    I really love TW, but he looks awful. That is not the look for him

  • addict

    omg…wut did he do 2 himself…he wuz such a hottie…in cheaper by the dozen i fell in luv wid him…he shud really lose some weight n shave dat beard and get a better haircut…

  • Rebecca

    Tom Welling is an awesome actor, the man can grow his hair out any way that he wants, it will not make him a bad actor. He is still Tom Welling. he is still most girls’ Superman.

  • Rachel

    for a moment i thought he was jack black! but then again if he keeps the same hair and face, he would get boring. i must say though, that this is a little over the top.

  • Cris

    He is so fat! What happen with him?

  • Adrian

    At first, I didn’t really like the look but then I admire how he’s just himself whenever he’s out in public. Most celebrities feel there’s this public pressure for them to always look like they’re in a movie even if they’re at the market shopping for toilet paper. I’m glad that Tom doesn’t feel that way…at least I hope he doesn’t.

  • skyler

    Don’t like the beard too well but LOVE the weight gain. Can’t wait to see the beefed up bod on the show this season.

  • Jeremy H.

    THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who thought that Brandon Routh was bland and dull, I also would have preferred Tom Welling in the movie. I prefer TW clean-shaven but it makes for a great disguise.

  • Nancy

    tom welling couldnt act his way out of a paper bag,, but he would look so hot trying to do it, shirtless would be great too.

  • Dani

    I love baseball, and I love Tom Welling. He is just beautiful.

  • Fernando Augusto

    Looks beautiful ….

  • Anthony

    I like Tom Welling, and I think he’s a good guy regardless of how he looks. However, this is a bit overboard. Nothing wrong with taking a break for a while, but I think this might be slightly too much.

  • Luvin Tom

    Tom Welling’s still as handsome as ever!….the man’s on hiatus and is just kicking back and relaxing without all the Hollywood pressures of looking "picture perfect". He’s at a baseball game enjoying himself. Just being a normal person. Nothing wrong with that. We all know that under the beard and weight he’s still the gorgeous guy we all know and love. I think he looks good – given the fact that he’s not there to audition for a TV or movie role. When it’s time to get back to the celebrity spotlight, Tom will be looking his sexy best once again. He’s a beautiful man…no doubt about it.

  • Carol

    Where’s that new, great pic of him? He looks fit and beautiful, as always.

  • jbwbubba

    Actually the hair and beard, might be for Smallville, the season, ended last year with Young Clark being trapped in the Phantom Zone, possible that they don’t have razors in the zone.

  • scamps

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think he looks creepy or bum-like?

  • blabla

    can anyone get ahold of a naked pic of him? i’ve got one and it looks so much like him but i think its a fucken fake..

  • Turanga Leela

    Gorgeous man but about as much sex appeal as wallpaper. Well, at least he didn’t sleep with Bryan Singer.

  • Richard

    thats not tom welling, lol

  • elle

    omg he looks terrible with that the words of my dearest friend Leila, " he should be sued"but i love him anyway, he is waaaaay to sexy

  • t

    His beard has really filled in over the last few years. Since some said they know him and have been around him, does he smoke?Seems most actors do. I figure he is like most guys his age: drink, cuss, smoke, etc….

  • eeeeeew

    Drop the Twinkie and hit the treadmill you whale!

  • anexa

    He’s hot. Beard. No beard. Shirt. No shirt. I think he looks great. He just doesn’t look like a teenager. We see here that he’s a real MAN! You go, Mr. Welling.

  • MernZ

    the beard wuz 2 much and the hair needz 2 be seriouslY cuT. buT other than that the guY iz stiLL hoTTer than fiRe…..=]

  • http://Chile Catalina

    no imprta igual es lindo …. el mas lindo, a pesar que esta un poco con sobre peso.. es guapote igual..

    artos besos para el..


  • cory

    i hope he gains more weight and shaves the beard andcuts the hair

  • Coral

    Somebody shAVE ME….I don’t care how they do it…just shAVE ME!!!

  • Coral

    Somebody shAVE ME….I don’t care how they do it…just shAVE ME!!!

  • larssen dc

    es una person a muy bien y es un actoraso…

  • kay21

    he’s still hot and I love him

  • memyselfi

    damn that dont even look like tom with that heavy beard and moustache he looks totally like a different person the long hair does not become of him either needs to really cut it the way he had it when he started the role of clark kent he would look the same if he cleaned up his act and not look so grizzly at least he has filled out a little bit and not so tooth picky looking

  • Dowan

    He looks even hotter than he did in the show! Seriously, the weight gain and the beard just makes him even hotter. Don’t cut the beard and lose weight! He doesn’t look plastic anymore, he’s like a big, cuddly, happy bear. Awww… hotness!!!

  • KRIS


  • http://Iwanttobecomeasuperman maraphalla

    Hi tom welling,

    how are you doing today? I want to become a superman just like you and brandon routh and I want to become a master.

    Thank you


    Maraphalla Chan

  • Scott L.

    Haha I think he looks like a bulky Jesus in a ball cap and Boston shirt. Which totally rocks! I think he looks cool either way. Course I’m also a hairy face person and my girl is into those type guys. Therefore, rock on Tom but, don’t bring that look to the show dude!

  • KiTTyRoSa

    Ohhhh You’ve already changed a lot! I wish you happy and do not suffer if they have human right. XoXo KiTTyRoSa

  • KiTTyRoSa

    No more do I have to change your body, but nothing important is your health and healthy, I love you much to look much as I love Smallville TV movie are very nice and smile so cute! If you are superman, I’m going to scream HELP !!!!…. Yes I’m crazy to talk or have fun or not? hihihi …. My dream: if we are friends or friends …

  • Emily

    Well… I’m not saying I like it (I really do NOT)
    but… two of the pictures are pretty good, though.
    The other’s just make him look fat, though.

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  • superfan

    he looks good
    so simple and beautiful
    and he looks stranger even wearing a XXL t-shirt

  • http://facebook Sasha sulliven

    Tom welling used to be sooo hot in superman. wt happened 2 him. He’s gne sooo fat, soo needs 2 lose da extra weight, but he still hs a sweet smyl n a nyc personality. but reli he needs 2 go on a diet n lose dat extra bih of macho burger weight

  • doozer

    He still looks great no matter .He’s soooooooooo hotttttttttt. lol.