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Angelina Jolie Lips: Most Kissable In The World

Angelina Jolie Lips: Most Kissable In The World

Britain celebrates its National Kissing Day this Thursday and Angelina Jolie‘s pouty mouth has been labeled the "Most Kissable In The World," beating out fellow full-lipped film beauty Scarlett Johansson. Keira Knightley also made it into the top five.  The new poll was conducted by drinks manufacturer Cafe Kiss.  More pictures of Angelina Jolie‘s lips in the gallery!

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angelina jolie lips01
angelina jolie lips02
angelina jolie lips03
angelina jolie lips04
angelina jolie lips05
angelina jolie lips06
angelina jolie lips07
angelina jolie lips08
angelina jolie lips09
angelina jolie lips10
angelina jolie lips11
angelina jolie lips12
angelina jolie lips13
angelina jolie lips14
angelina jolie lips15
angelina jolie lips16
angelina jolie lips17
angelina jolie lips18
angelina jolie lips19
angelina jolie lips20
angelina jolie lips21
angelina jolie lips22
angelina jolie lips23
angelina jolie lips24

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    Brad sure thinks so!!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Hey Malibumom, You beat me to it. My thoughts exactly. Brad’s lips are OK too, so Yeah!

  • Brad and Angie

    Most kissable in the world!!! Oh yeah baby!!!

  • Tess

    First!I’d go gay only for Angelina!!!

  • Andrómeda

    Yes, she has the better lips…..Brad must love kiss those lips !!!

  • angelah

    same here Tess!! 5th??

  • stef

    those lips are fantastic! if its national kissing day on thursday, i had better do something for it!lol ill have to go see my fireman! oh brads lips are very tasty too!oh another point, if people where up for this, you just know that they knew they had no chance, this battle was won before it took place! lol

  • Somalian


  • African Girl

    1 | MALIBUMOM Lol…So this IS why she breaks necks huh?

  • angelah

    you just know that they knew they had no chance, this battle was won before it took place! lol# 7 | stef LOL!! oh yea your fireman too haha.

  • African Girl

    # 4 | Tess # 6 | angelah Rotflmao…only for AJ? Good Choice, Good Choice

  • Sunny

    I love those pictures you chose. I also like plump lips, thin lips are soo gross to me. Sorry to those who have thin lips.

  • Just Jared

    Yeah, sorry all you thin lippers. Y’all are ugly.JUST KIDDING. Hahaha.

  • Me

    Full lips are great, huge liver lips are disgusting. And she has them. Oh I know Jared is completely biased towards her too since she came in as the 10th most beautiful woman after Jennifer Anniston’s #9 for Britains’s most beatiful woman poll. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • jjoy

    Hey BAMZSers…..happy 4th of july….

  • jjoy

    # 14 | Me huh….jealous much aren’t you??? why don’t you untie your shoelace wrap it on your neck and hang yourself on the ceiling… miserable hag….you’re a waste of space….shooo….

  • bdj

    Yeah! That’s 1 out 10 polls for JA since AJ has beaten her in all other POlls. I guess JA can take comfort that she made ninth place when AJ has made #1 or top 5 in all other polls. (Just one ha! will do)

  • Sunny


  • Somalain

    HEY!!! i got a full lips anyone want to give me a KISS, French would be must

  • cookie

    the poll is only in britain not in the whole wide world.funny enough jennifer has been to numerous red carpets but still didnt make to be no.1 but angelina,she hid herself fromthe limelight but managed to be in the top 10.but i wanna ask where is scarlett and jessica alba?they should be in the list andnot aniston!anyway aj is still the hottest hollywood star.

  • African Girl

    # 14 | Me Lol…oh the British are such nice people. They do have kind hearts taking pity on the have nots. You gotta love ‘em. I know I do.

  • Me

    #20 She hid herself from the limelight? She does everything she possibly can to be in the limelight! She says oh leave me alone & then the next day she is doing an interview. U Is nuts.

  • Maniston

    Oh the fun Angie and Brad must have…

  • stef

    angelah…i havent seen him for a while, he had to have his appendix out! sigh! but im hoping he will be in the mood for some company thursday! ha ha! thats two guys ive put into hospital! after a few dates! the first one had blood poisoning, which was fairly dangerous. (note not my fault lol) now my sexy fireman is out of action (if you get my drift!!!) for at least 6 weeks! going to be tough! but i will enjoy the tease! ha ha!

  • cookie

    hey all BAMZS fans go to DLISTED,they pics of brad,aj,gwen and gavin at brad pitt’s house in santa barbara.i really feel sorry for aniston.she seems empty without kids unlike aj and gwen,they got so many things to talk about not only about themselves but their family,career and probably beauty secrets bec.they are both beautiful.

  • Light

    # 21 | African Girl – FLMAO!!

  • African Girl

    # 22 | Me Angelina Jolie not Britney Spears. We are talking about Angelina Jolie….An-Je-Li-na Jo-lie, okay?

  • *me*

    # 22 | Me——————-Hey…I think you want the Britney thread…that’s just a few scrolls down….you’re posting on the wrong thread!!!! LOL

  • jjoy

    # 22 | Me still here??? didn’t hang yourself yet to death??? sigh…i am waiting…..kill yourself and done with it…jealous beetyoch!!

  • somalian

    # 22 | Me WHO Cares what you think. I for one don’t give a flying F****

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    #14…I am curious. What poll are you referring to in England? When was it taken, and who was responding? Odd that Jennifer Aniston made their poll at all, since she is an American TV star, while Angelina is an international movie star. Where was this poll printed or published?

  • cookie

    yes my dear she hides from hollywood!have u seen her in any revealing outfits recently?nope!bec.she was pregnant with brad’s baby.brad’s baby my dear!u jealous aren’t u?well aniston,she was all over the planet,with a heavy make-up on and with those hideous outfits!VERY VERY GROSS!she is trying hard to be sexy and hot but she’s not!

  • stef

    MORE PICTURES on PHilton!check them out!

  • stef

    addictedto BAMZs…about #14 i think thats bullshit! im over in england and i havent read that anywhere,(although could be in the star!) which we all know is a bunch of bollocks! anyway, any polls over here Angie wins hands down!

  • Dr. Burke!

    Calling all plastic surgeons this side of Mars-"we need a CHIN replacement stat!" Dlist actress in Malibu tripped over dog-busted chin which caused small earthquake 3.9 on the richter scale-Needs transport immediately to Cedars Sinai for surgery-Available donors include Jay Leno, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies!

  • CCCC

    Yes indeed…Brad is a very lucky man to have this woman in his grasp!!!! She is indeed sexy beautiful, bar none!

  • cookie

    #14 check aniston’s pics without make-up and you’ll see what she really look like.with her beady eyes,droopy jaw and ugly nose even e!news said she is spitting image of barbara streisand!holy cow,she was compared to b.streisand not bad.he.he.but with angelina,they always compared her to audrey hepburn and sofia loren,that what u call beauty and HOTNESS!!i wonder as well why s.hayek ot in top 10,she should be there not aniston-fugly.salma is almost 40 but still very pretty and hot.

  • cookie

    actualy the poll is in the EVE MAGAZINE.

  • angelah

    # 37 | cookieagree Salma’s muy caliente!!

  • SSSS

    #14… you are kidding me! JA has nothing redeemingly sexy about her… she has fish lips and her voice is so irritating!!!! I am not sure how BP put with that… no wonder he smoked so much (wink, wink!!!). You need to be drunk to sleep with that one.

  • Light
  • Forget the Past

    Why is Aniston being mentioned on this thread?

  • cookie

    even elle mcpherson says that aj is the most beautiful woman in the world.she said that when she guested in the E!channel show # 14,get lost!

  • cookie

    why aniston being mentioned in this thread?bec. of that no.14 comment.u ask her instead ok?she was the one who brought up this silliness shit about aniston and i can’t stand people twisting the truth.i

  • Anniston’s Oscar

    I am writing a screenplay and here’s something that I’ve thought about for a very long time. JENNIFER ANNISTON was NEVER FUNNY. She was surronded by funny people (LISA KUDROW was HILARIOUS) so maybe comedies aren’t for her. I personally think she should play a serious bitch. I don’t think she is one, but she could play one with no problem. I’d like to see her in a corporate position role where she dominates the office staff. She would have a serious corporate warddrobe and a smoking hot car. I can just see it. -Malibumom

  • Ready and Willing to

    # 42 | Forget the PastHave a look see at who brought HER up.Full lips are great, huge liver lips are disgusting. And she has them. Oh I know Jared is completely biased towards her too since she came in as the 10th most beautiful woman after Jennifer Anniston’s #9 for Britains’s most beatiful woman poll. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA # 14 | Me

  • Trish Vankempt

    her top lip gets shots, it’s not natural.i think they’re too big, too ‘ethnic’…but they must be good for one thing ;)

  • Rose82

    Why even try to make the comparison?JOLIE hands down, in almost all category except probably the most visits by a celebrity to a hair ,nail and tanning salons which is of course Aniston holds the title. And even with that title,the likeness to Streisand is nicely said.Me thinks she looks more like Howard Stern.Take a look on thread with the Arquette familybanquet. That’s the likeness… No kidding.

  • dragonfly

    Her top lip gets shots? Oh really? Then she’s been getting shots since she was about 2, because if you check out Ms. Jolie’s baby pictures and childhood pictures, she has the SAME lip. Puh-leeze. She hasn’t had any alterations to her look, she’s all natural.

  • Passing Through

    Why is Aniston being mentioned on this thread?# 42 | Forget the Past++++++++++++++++++++++Because she’s the proverbial bad penny.