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Jennifer Aniston's Best Friends

Jennifer Aniston's Best Friends

Los Angeles, CA :: Jennifer Aniston was spotted having brunch with her best friends earlier this weekend at cozy, boutique Italian restaurant Il Sole located at 8741 W Sunset Blvd.   Jen, 37, typically wears a five-band ring (one band for each of her five best friends) on her left middle finger (the hand on the driver’s wheel pictured above).  More pictures in the gallery!

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jennifer aniston best friends dinner01
jennifer aniston best friends dinner02
jennifer aniston best friends dinner03
jennifer aniston best friends dinner04
jennifer aniston best friends dinner05
jennifer aniston best friends dinner06
jennifer aniston best friends dinner07
jennifer aniston best friends dinner08
jennifer aniston best friends dinner09
jennifer aniston best friends dinner10
jennifer aniston best friends dinner11
jennifer aniston best friends dinner12

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  • pm

    first?? oh wrong thread..

  • Ray Ray

    Beautiful! Gorgeous tan too.

  • sarah

    it’s her right hand not her left

  • Boston Babe

    That middle picture in the last row is just *ugh*. Why is she doing this to her skin? I don’t understand it. She’s so sundamanged now. She’ll regret all this sunworshipping in a couple of years. It is not her friend



  • Laughing Lurker

    # 5 | TURBO CHIN ROTFLMAO. Creative buncjh on JJ

  • cookie

    cute yes,gorgeous?i don’t think so.that’s my opinion.

  • Laughing Lurker

    Laughing so hard, can’t type. Creative BUNCH at JJ

  • Man with a wig

    Look at this sorry bitch. 5 rings for her 5 best friends?? That is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. Someone get this old used up hag a brown paper bag to wear over her head!! Who the hell is she trying to fool, with her out dated "freinds" haircut.

  • Be sane

    I’m glad the former Golden Couple both found their happiness SEPARETELY. She dinning out with her girlfriends, he having many babies and a family.

  • karla

    she´s so beautiful!!

  • Man with a wig

    Karla, if you think she is so beautiful, I’d hate to see what you think is cute.OUCH!!!! MY EYES!!!!

  • helen

    why call her a bitch well i love her and hope she is happy i will rise above you guys comments and let this whole rubbish die down she has her friends whom she has known for more than 20 years anyone who can keep a friendship that long is certainly not a bad person ,jen i am happy for you and i hope you keep on smiling and care less about people this is your life live it the way you want to but make sure you live it well ,guess what guys breakup as passed 100mill mark God bless you jen and hope you are truly happy and wish yu the very best and noone can take away your happinness no amtter their abuses criicisms and no matter what you will be happy i pray everyday for you and in time god will bless you with your own family and believe me guys you all shall swallow up your words it is the fact there is so much tears a girl can cry and jen has done that. abuse her who gives a damn she is leaving her life and she is obviously enjoying it

  • lmao

    # 13 | helen BAHAHAHAHAHA! thanks for a good laugh. Damn I tried hard not to say anything but….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks helen. Keep it up.

  • ew

    What a dog.

  • 1800Save-Jen-face

    What the hell happend to her faces!!! jen sweety stay off the sun.

  • oh come on!

    She looks 57 not 37. Brad probably wakes up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare that Shiloh looks like the Maniston.


    Imagine the size of the baby’s chin if he had got Maniston preggers. Thank the lord that didnt happen.

  • ew

    Makes me laugh when people get real tan, and then their faces are shiny/greasy like JA’s because they are using moisturizer. TOO LATE! The damage is done! Shoulda stayed out of the sun in the first place.

  • Man with a Wig

    Haha, Turbo chin is right!!!But imagine the nose on that thing, Jen has a nose only Owen Wilson would be proud of!!! And that’s the troof!!!

  • oh come on!

    She looks unwashed. She also looks drunk behind the wheel of a car.

  • judy

    What the hell is wrong with you people, if you don’t like Jennifer Aniston, why do you come on here to put her down, you must all be Joli-ho fans, I think Jens a very pretty girl, and I would hate to see how the majority of you look..get a life..Go on a Brangelina site and gush over make me sick with all your rude comments

  • lol


  • ew

    She’s got a mustache/beard thing going on too..should have shaved or waxed her face.

  • 1800Save-Jen-face

    # 22 | judy your right i’m not going to talk about her anymore.JEN YOUR BORING

  • rosiemae

    Stories about Aniston’s girlfriends and their soirees at her house did not sit well with Brad, that he always leaves. Perhaps one of the reasons for the split? It’s about 11/2 yrs. ago now. She needs their support. HW is a mean town , if you are not hot anymore.

  • XOXO


  • Just Jared fan

    I think she looks very sad ….. her eggs are old and she is still the party girl, what is left for her she should have given brad a kid they still might be togeather if she did!

  • Just Jared fan

    Just take a good look into Jens eyes a very sad girl,

  • mau


  • equinox

    she is pathetic. so what that break up is doing well. what about all the other flops? still doesn’t make her an "actress" or beautiful or a good person.

  • Just Jared fan

    I do not hate Jen, I just stating a fact she looks sad

  • Jane

    I don’t hate her but she really isn’t pretty or a talented actress. She seems like a genuine good friend though.

  • oh come on!

    Her "friends" are supposed to sit around and bolster her ego–You’re pretty Jen, You’re a great actress Jen, You’re better off without Brad, Jen….

  • len

    Blah blahSay’her best friends’ I don’t think …she don’t have best friends and just her FRIENDS ……..

  • anon

    Go chew your arm off, Judy, and shut the yapping pie-hole you call a mouth. Maniston looks like a freak and we love making fun of her. A mug like that begs teasing!If you want we can make fun of you, too! Would you feel better?TURBO CHIN you crack me up!

  • Nana

    Great to see Jen out having fun with her friends!

  • anna bee

    sigh. people, it’s the same hater who keeps posting again and again. she’s crazy and obsessed with JA. pretty pathetic actually.

  • Chantelp

    You Bamz fans are seriously in need of some help. I like both JA, BP but the comments have seriously taken a life of its own and you all need to grow up. I would really like to know how old all of you are because to me your just a bunch of kids who enjoy talking shit about people who are in higher standings than yourselves. I would not sit here and bash either side just for the sake of being mean and childish. Its really pathetic…..

  • jon


  • manny tranny

    Damn her chin is growing. She should really see a doctor about that.

  • jon=gay


  • Yolanda

    Chinnifer has man hands and the face of a squirrel. Not good.

  • justpassing

    She should follow vince where he is filming, instead of just having lunches with her friends. She should learn her lesson, if she wants to keep her current man. She and Brad were always apart during their marriage, hence, we know what happened. Look at Brad and Angie now, they are always together, Brad sure did learned something from his marriage.

  • jojo

    OMG, now I know the brush-up picture in the magazine cover really make micracle.

  • just me

    great to see Jen has her own friends, not like jolie who has brad and jens former friends forced on her because she has none of her own…………………..No surprise there, gwen better watch out , Gavin is a looker and there is notihng like a marrie dman to wet jolies appetite!!!!!!!!!

  • just me=SOB

    #46 justmeTypical F8cking Aniston fan! Jen can’t live without her whore friends .. No wonder the SLUT ANISTON cannot get her marriage work because she prefers her bitches…supreme lesbos…..these so-called friends should watch out their boyfriends since the MANISTON is on a hunt for a hubby to get her preggers ‘cuz dear VV can’t get her preggers so might as well go for friends patrners…friends can shre too right!?

  • bellebeesting

    # 26 | rosiemae & #47 justme=SOBBet I could rake in big money betting on the lack of true lasting friendships either of you have in your lives–men or women. I’m a fan of Jennifer Aniston and the fact that shw has 20-year friendships with women speaks well of her character.

  • uh, yeah we do

    , we know what happened. Look at Brad and Angie now, they are always together, Brad sure did learned something from his marriage. # 44 | justpassing——Sure. We know exactly what happened. Brangie has to keep a close watch on each other now to make sure one of them doesn’t cheat. That’s just basic.

  • Mangy Fangy

    From Fox News Summer’s Big Winner? Jennifer Aniston Tuesday , July 04, 2006 By Roger Friedman FOX NEWS Jennifer Aniston | ‘Superman Returns’ | The Beatles Summer’s Big Winner? Jennifer Aniston Everyone rooted against her. It was actually very fascinating. But on June 2, Jennifer Aniston’s career was over according to the experts. The critics didn’t like her new movie "The Break Up," and the wise guys said that after such unimpressive projects as "Derailed" and "Rumor Has It," Jennifer Aniston was going back to television. I have to admit, I was pretty much leaning in that direction, too. But now, one month and two days after "The Break Up" hit theaters, Jennifer Aniston is a hit. "The Break Up," which cost $52 million to make, has taken in over $110 million domestically. Add to that another $17 million worldwide, and The Break Up comes out as a huge hit. And that’s not all: "The Break Up" is still out there in nearly 2,000 theatres. It did $3 million over the weekend. Money is still coming in, and the DVD sale should be a knockout. All of this is great news for Universal, which in three weeks will have to deal with the overblown "Miami Vice." The latter film is a potential disaster, while "The Break Up" turns out to be a pleasant surprise. So, if the reviews were not so good, what did it? Was it Jennifer Aniston’s role in the Brangelina saga as the scorned ex wife? Possibly. But Aniston also has the advantage of lots of good will from “Friends.” She also has an unlikely, and still unacknowledged relationship with co-star Vince Vaughn, a popular comic actor who was available for off screen publicity the minute Aniston became available. It was all good. I kind of like the idea of Jennifer Aniston getting the last laugh. Brad Pitt certainly tried to make a fool of her, and it didn’t work. The “Friends” curse threatened to do her in, but she overcame it. Now she has three projects announced, and all of them look interesting. She could easily have a career similar to Sandra Bullock, mixing romantic comedies with earnest dramas. Things could be a lot worse. At least she doesn’t have to play a character from a video game. Or give birth in Namibia.