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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Back in Nashville

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Back in Nashville

When Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban released their wedding photo to the press, they asked media outlets who used the photo to make a donation “in good faith” to a children’s hospital in Sydney, Australia. The photo has been picked up around the world, but the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation says it has received about six or eight donations, averaging $550 each.

Nashville, TN ::  Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban are settling into married life at their Tudor-style mansion near Nashville.  The newlyweds were spotted out and about, picking up Starbucks and running other errands. The celebrity couple won’t be around for long though!  Keith kicks off the first show of his tour in Ontario, Canada on July 13 and Nicole is set to start filming her next film, The Lady From Shanghai.  More pictures in the gallery!

Who said chivalry is dead? Once a gentleman, always a gentleman…
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  • yuck

    poor keith..he woke up and realized he married a granny..yuck

  • judy

    I think they look great, and seem happy..good luck to them

  • Chariot

    Lol to the comment under mine. But i do have to say the wedding pictures was lovely. but at least she got married before TOM CRUISE AND KATIE HOLMES. You dont even see much of them now. And where are we going to see a picture of there baby SURI?

  • Susan

    Yes, it is nice to see chivalry isn’t dead. That’s a good man right there.

  • S

    She needs to do something else with her hair. At least it looks like the red is coming back. She looks soo much better with her natural red hair.

  • anon

    hmmm…looks like they could use a lesson or two from Brad and Angie on how to satisfy the public’s curiousity and still raise money for a decent cause

  • gloria

    they look like the make each other happy. and they look like that’s more or less all they care about. not that you can really know from pictures, but if i were to take a stab at it, that’s what i would say. that first picture where they’re smiling at each other as she gets in the car says a lot. and she does need to do something with her hair.

  • judy

    I think you should leave Brad and Angie out of this, this is not a BAMZS site, and I love Nic and Keith, but can’t stand Jolie-ho and her wus boyfriend, I don’t think the Urbans need any advise from the Media hos.

  • judy sucks

    I can’t stand chinny chin chin and her group of cackling hens. Maniston looks like 60 year old hag!

  • lauren

    THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!… next trip to nashville=waiting at the starbucks for them… lol

  • luv keith

    They look so happy, and Keith is just the hottest guy around I think. Nic could do something better with her hair but I still think she looks very pretty. I wish them all the best!!

  • digott

    Lay off her hair. She’s out running errands not going to a photo shoot or a film set. We tend to forget celebs have regular days like the rest of humanity. Giver her a break.

  • susie

    This site has the best pictures, and the worst comments. There are some people who are as addicted to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as any crack whore. Anyone who isn’t BP/AJ is ugly/stupid/horrible – fill in the blank. It is SO tiresome! I wonder what it is about BP/AJ that attracts so many truly hateful people…

  • poodles

    I say leave her hair alone too. Geez…I LIKE it when she looks like a regular person….and so does Keith I bet. He is not into being a glamour god and I bet he likes his women natural too. I think they look great together just like this.

  • gloria

    i’m just one of those nicole lovers that wishes she would dye her hair back to red.

  • Nic

    Nooooo :( She’s still a bit taller than him… Poor Nicole. Will she ever be able to wear heels? I mean he’s waaay better than Tom in every way, height-wise as well, but… sigh… heels…

  • ray

    could his ass be any hotter?

  • S

    oh shoosh! her hair looks like shit!

  • himura

    Their pictures are the only celeb couple pix that actually look genuinely"tender." Nicole finally hit gold with this man.

  • LivingRightNow

    Beautiful couple. I love Nicole’s hair. Beautiful curls. I wish I have natural curls like that.



  • Skechers

    Is this the best they can muster for the cameras… or is this the best the photographers can offer of what they see? I’ve seen more affection in my grandmother’s nursing home…but then Keith did marry his grandmother didn’t he… for her money. He’s just got to deal with her bald spots and botox for one year then the pot of gold is his. (along with the jet, the Bentley, the penthouse etc…)

  • Honey

    Skechers, a little jealous much! They don’t need to be all over each other in public to see they are in love. I think people need to stop being so jealous & concentrate on your own life.. Let Keith & Nicole live theirs. He has money of his own & will be making more he doesn’t need any of hers. I hope they are happy for a long time. They are two classy people.

  • Miller

    Classy? That’s a laugh. They sure know when those cameras are on them, don’t they? I bet Keith got repremanded by her before the wedding. He tried to make an escape, got caught. Got some sour faced photos, got the slap from Nicole. I don’t know which is funnier. The comment of Keith with his granny or one I heard of Keith and Michael Jackson hanging out in Nashville. Poor Keith, married to a MJ look-alike!

  • Marcos

    Gee honey as a dude I can tell ya I’m jealous of the toys they’d make me think twice but then I’d look at Nicole’s old and botoxed face and run. Ain’t nothin worth wakin up anywhere near that ugly mug. and honey maybe your man doesn’t touch you but I can tell ya, a man LIKES his woman he’s making sure she knows it…but I don’t blame the dude.. I wouldn’t touch her skanky skin either.

  • Lauren

    AWW!! nic is the most gorgeous person ever and i adore her hair!! keith is so cute in his tight pants lol but i totally agree with the other lauren… next visit to nashville… wating at starbucks lol

  • interesting

    How can she live in Nashville when her kids are in Los Angeles. It is one thing after a divorce if the parents have to be in differnet states but Nicole does not need to move. Keith Urban could move to CA. She is putting her relationship ahead of her kids. … Please don’t tell me the kids are with their father. Kids always need their mom. Most certainly as the go through their teens.

  • Daisy

    Nicole & Tom have an agreement about when the kids are with him & when they are with her. I think she & Keith know exactly what they are doing on a lot of things including being in Nashville which is more private for them or judging by the pictures used to be more private for them. And maybe Nicole feels that the kids will have more privacy there too.

  • Jamie

    Some of you need to go back to your little skeptic board, or back to the E! board. You’ve gotten kicked off so many different message boards, you’ll try to spread your crap everywhere you can now. Yes, Keith & Nicole are the picture of class. They’re adults. They conduct themselves like adults. I don’t care who are, celebrity or not, I really don’t want to see 2 people all over each other in public. Call it self-respect, dignity, class. Whichever you like. But these 2 have it.

  • truthbtold

    Expect a little Urban Kid to debut in October. It’s why Fur has now been moved to November release rather than October.

  • Miller

    An Urban kid? You mean a Kidman kid. Well just another one to leave with the nanny and then blame Keith for not for not being able to spend time with when they divorce. She’s pathetically addicted to her fading stardom.

  • KK

    She looks older then his Mum- What in the hell is he blind or needs more bank!!!!!!!

  • Millie

    In the 2 pics on the beach is that her rear or his legs or what!!!!

  • Ami

    I hope Keith never has kids with her she’s a crappy Mom- She has not had her kids other then the 2 days before her wedding in 18mo. They have been with Tom and then Tom and Kate. She has been busy trapping Keith and it worked poor Keith looks so dumb!!!!

  • betty allen

    Nicole neds to grow up and take on the responsibilities of her two children when was the last time she seen her two children before her fairey tale wedding. It seems she is putting her life before her children. I think she trapped Keith. She is using him to tell Tom Cruise I topped you. How long will this marriage last. Not long I hope. She will drag Keiths career down. Wake up Keith . Its not worth it.

  • dmiles

    Great pictures. So happy for them both. Love Keith’s music and always been a fan of Nicole. May God continue to bless them and their marriage.

  • polu

    fuck you all who are talking shit about nic . fuck you

  • keithfan

    I’m a huge keith fan. He is a grown man and he decided who he wanted to marry. I don’t believe anyone could force him to get married. He does not need her money. He is wealthy and famous all on his own. He seems to be happy with Nicole and she seems happy with him. If he can’t be with me (ha ha … just kidding) I wish him a long, happy and blessed life.

  • GP

    I think they are wonderful together. They have been both waiting for the right person to come along. I am so happy they found each other. I think they are both very private people that have a wicked sense of humour. Example of the song they danced to "you just love me, cos I am good in bed". I am not sure how you know how much time Nicole spends with her kids. I have read a lot of articles and it seems like her children are the most important things in her life. I admire the love she has for her Mom, dad, sister and niece. I hope they are happy and have a baby soon.

  • afan

    As we can clearly see it is all about her. And the one good thing we can say about TOM is at least he actually sees his kids and participates with them at functions. I just hope Keith will be able to have kids with her and not have to buy another one!

  • loving

    Thanks for the photos jared. A pleasure to see a happy couple like these two. Like the person above I hope their love will be blessed with a baby too, to join Nicole’s 2 children she loves so dearly and speaks of which such pride. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Aaaahhh .

  • happy for them

    This is just the most wonderful couple! They are just so perfect together and i just love this couple! Nic is just the best in all things – beauty, charm, elegance, grace, smarts – Keith waited and he got the best of the best! I know many hate the idea of them singing together – but she had a hit with Robbie "Somthing Stupid" and I think she’s a wonderful singer! If they sing together – I’m there!

  • giggles

    I think Keith could of done a better job finding the right woman, knowing how Nicole is laying with all those guys,she doesn’t have any respect for herself laying with whoever, Keith is too good for her.She has nothing in common with him! Theres a reason she couldn’t hold onto her marriage with Tom, and the relationship with Lenny, Whats up with poor Keith? Fasten your seat belt Keith she’s taking you for a ride! GOD FORBID if she gets pregnant she’ll take all his hard work from him, Love you bunches Keith,,,,,, She’ll take more than your records, I like Nicole as an actress but I don’t like her past history wiith guys, Keith is sweet and honest and caring, he needed to find someone of his own kind. I watched this man grow from his first album I have every artical saved in my scrap book, He’s worth more then she’ll every be. I hope she don’t hurt him!

  • Jamie

    You know giggles, that’s pretty funny what you say about Nicole’s "laying with all those guys". You say you have followed Keith’s career. Then you should know that Keith himself does not have a squeaky clean past. I adore Keith. But I’m not going to put him on a pedastal and pretend he’s perfect. He has learned from past mistakes and his a better person because of it. Maybe the reason Nicole couldn’t "hold on" to Tom is because Tom is a controlling nut job and dropped Nicole because she wouldn’t conform to his religous beliefs. Good for her!!