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Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures - NEW!!

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures - NEW!!

Bikini babe Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday over the weekend and spent it suntanning on a Malibu beach. The birthday girl, who just turned 20, threw herself a $100,000 birthday bash at the Polaroid Beach House catered by celebrity chef Kerry Simon. Celebrity guests included close friends including Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, Owen Wilson, and Courtney LoveLindsay took a turn in the DJ booth alongside Dustin Hoffman‘s son Jake and showed off her vocal skills by singing Madonna songs on a karaoke machine.  More pictures in the gallery!

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lindsay lohan bikini pictures03
lindsay lohan bikini pictures04
lindsay lohan bikini pictures05
lindsay lohan bikini pictures06
lindsay lohan bikini pictures09
lindsay lohan bikini pictures10
lindsay lohan bikini pictures12
lindsay lohan bikini pictures13
lindsay lohan bikini pictures14
lindsay lohan bikini pictures15
lindsay lohan bikini pictures16
lindsay lohan bikini pictures17
lindsay lohan bikini pictures18
lindsay lohan bikini pictures19
lindsay lohan bikini pictures20
lindsay lohan bikini pictures23
lindsay lohan bikini pictures25
lindsay lohan bikini pictures26
lindsay lohan bikini pictures27
lindsay lohan bikini pictures29
lindsay lohan bikini pictures30
lindsay lohan bikini pictures33
lindsay lohan bikini pictures35
lindsay lohan bikini pictures36
lindsay lohan bikini pictures37
lindsay lohan bikini pictures38
lindsay lohan bikini pictures39
lindsay lohan bikini pictures40
lindsay lohan bikini pictures41
lindsay lohan bikini pictures42
lindsay lohan bikini48
lindsay lohan bikini49
lindsay lohan bikini50
lindsay lohan bikini51
lindsay lohan bikini52
lindsay lohan bikini53
lindsay lohan bikini54
lindsay lohan bikini55
lindsay lohan bikini56
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lindsay lohan bikini58

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  • Erin

    It looks like she has gotten herself some implants in that one pic. They look really, really rounded. Maybe not, but that would explain why she is still very skinny but has amazing breasts. Either way she still gets on my nerves.

  • suspicious_package

    Those are some definite fakies, there.

  • odd looks

    I would have to agree that those do not look real. And if they are then she is wearing an extremely unflattering bikini that is probably the wrong size and makes them look fake.

  • a

    Wow, this is what happens when virgins post comments. Do you see how flat her boobs get when she’s laying down? Fake boobs don’t do that. I hate lohan as much as the next guy, but at least get your facts straight.

  • Sara

    It’s hard to tell actually how flat they are when she’s lying down, cause you can only see one. Whatever though I don’t really care that much about LL’s boobs. But at least she has some meat on her…in the main picture her stomach doesn’t look like a truck ran over it, like it did last year. Hope she’s never that thin again, it was gross.

  • Dakides

    WEll Sara is right, if they were fake they would be poiting twords the sun lol when she’s lying on her stop it it’s a fact, that they are NOT fake.

  • katie

    Is it just me, or does her bellybutton look really weird? I know it’s pierced, but it still looks weird to me.I still think they look fake, her boobs i mean. When she’s laying down, it just looks like they shifted to the sides more. when she’s standing, they definitely look fake with that space between them.

  • shirls

    Its the colour of her bikini if you look.

  • sandra

    i have fake boobs and they go flat when i’m laying down…usually only the cheap ones continue to stand after you lay down. just sayin’

  • a

    #9 When you got your boob job, what size were you before and what were you after?

  • Allie

    How can you people still be arguing that they’re fake? Look back at the pictures from last summer when she was basically just a skeleton and her boobs are obviously much smaller than they are now that she’s gained back some weight.

  • anon

    #11 She’s not gained enough weight back for her boobs to look that good!!!

  • Kenzie

    over the past couple of months, i gained ten pounds and went up one cup size…so it’s possible, believe me.

  • just me

    It’s the bikini…I have one just like that and love it for making my boobs look just like hers…trust me they are real, it’s just the bikini.

  • johnny digital

    lohan sans the fake boobs = body of a 12 year old boy.shes not sexy in the least.

  • simplysaid

    There have always been reports about Lindsay’s breast and they are REAL!! When you lose weight you lose your breast (take it from someone who flucuates with her weight) and I always lose my breast whenever I lose a size and as I gain, they come back. She’s a YOUNG girl so she will experience the loss in her breast but those babies are the real deal…sorry all you Lohan haters but I have to agree, (and I’m no major fan) but the girl has answered this question back when she was 17 and they were insinuating she had implants…she is a busty young lady.

  • Grossed out

    Her body looks gross. Why does she wear her bottoms pulled down so low? It looks horrible. NO curves besides her boobs. She’s Fugly.

  • Elisa Weissefould

    You are so jelous! She has perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair. She is crazy beautiful!I wish I has boobs like these…haha.

  • Elisa Weissefould

    PS: Her bikini is so ugly!… She should got some brazillian bikinis. American bikini are ridiclous. Argh!

  • Elisa Weissefould

    PS: Her bikini is so ugly!… She should get brazillian bikinis. American bikini are ridicilous. Argh!

  • nick

    I think she is self destructing – she looks very tired and worn out for a 20 year old – "riden hard & put away wet". She needs to clean up her act. There is nothing fresh and vibrant about her and its a shame, that’s what is so great about being in your teens & early twenties

  • erin

    #21 I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!

  • camila

    I think she looks great!I’m brazilian and I have bikinis just like that!Everyone loves to trash her. If her boobs are great, you say it’s fake, if she looks great (like in these photos) you all say the bikinis are ugly.come on, she is really hot and has a terrific body, I haven’t seen any other celebrity that looks this good!

  • dancer

    #21 Nick–I agree totally with what you have said. She looks far older, and not in a good way, than 20. And that bikini does absolutely nothing for her except make her look washed out and pregnant.

  • kooky

    Looks like Hohan bought herself some boobies for her birthday.

  • Spot

    I can smell her grossness from here. Gross to the max!!!!

  • Elisa Weissefould

    Erin I’m brazillian too (então pq to escrevendo em ingles?hehe) I think she is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, but C’mooon her bikinis are so ugly, too big! Like old or fat ladies wears in Brasil.Jus that one like ounce leather are cute.

  • Elisa Weissefould

    Fake boobs are better than no boobs. :)

  • angelica

    her boobs really got bigger

  • Ew Body

    THOSE ARE FAKE BOOBS!Did she have them when she was chubbier (i mean, actually healthy thin)?And look at those pelvic lines. She doesn’t have the perfect body. Her body disgusts me, actually. She reminds me of a 9 year old boy. Skinny does not look good on her. She needs to gain weight and change her hair color and laser off those wrinkles… uh, I mean freckles.

  • Ew Body

    I meant to say her pelvic lines look good, not bad.

  • Nika

    I agree with Ew Body. She has the figure of a boy. Her boobs are 100% fake, she has a small B size her self.

  • kempeke

    This talk about her looking old – so true. Fair-skinned redheads need to really limit their sun exposure. A great example of a redhead who has taken great care of herself and her skin is Julianne Moore. It’s a shame, but I can’t picture Lindsay looking that gorgeous when she’s Julianne’s age.

  • Cookie Monster

    I actually think she looks good in the black bikini bottoms & white top. The other photos, not so good. So I’m thinking it may be the bathing suit. And fake or real – I think her boobs look awesome.

  • Fran

    Does anyone know where her hoodie is from? I WANT ONE. Anyone?

  • want to fuck lindsay

    I want to masterbate to those breats of lindsay

  • James

    THats not even lindsay lohan lol

  • Gill