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New Nicole & Keith Pictures in Nashville

New Nicole & Keith Pictures in Nashville

Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban spent July 4th with friends and family in Nashville, TN.  The newlyweds started off Independence Day by having a club gym opened up exclusively for them, The Club At Green Hills located at 3820 Cleghorn Ave.  Nicole and Keith then walked hand in hand through Centennial Park in downtown Nashville across from the campus of Vanderbilt University.  The happy couple made sure to walk through The Parthenon, which is a full-scale replica of the original Greek Parthenon.  In other Nicole & Keith news, some of their wedding mementos are supposedly being sold on  eBay, including a menu from the reception, a piece of wedding cake, the ceremony program and an engraved Tiffany desk clock. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Light

    I’m glad that they’re both together getting fit.

  • Allison Miller

    I love these two and I love looking at photos of them together. She seems so genuinely and blissfully happy with him, very at ease like she has nothing to prove. I don’t think she ever looked like that with TC. I also love the way he dotes on her and opens the car door – who says Australian men don’t treat their girls well. I never saw the "crazed" one do that for her. I hope they last a lifetime and I wish them all the best.

  • judy

    They look really happy, I sure hope they stay that way for a very long time, and she sure does’nt look pregnant to me..Good Luck to them

  • Miller

    Oh looky, mommy bought him his own gym time. Gosh what money can do for you. Yeah, Keith is just one of the guys eh? Down to earth fella just like the rest of us. Don’t believe that crap anymore folks. He’s owned by Ms. Kidman now. The doorman job was probably in that contract he signed away his career with. Oh…hey, where the hell are her children? Isn’t she a mother or something?

  • lady legs

    He has fat lady legs.

  • MMOU

    WOW, such a beautiful, gorgeous couple! Keith is man among men, so chivalrous!

  • keke

    Nicole is sooooooooooo carrying child!!! love them, so happy and right, no flaunting but it’s plain to see – it’s the little things that speak volumes

  • Tennessee

    They need to go back to Australia and have a family and live happily ever after. Or Nic needs to go back to California and be with her kids or at least be with them half of the year-somewhere. She’s not the first celebrity to move to Nashville. How long will it be before the paparazzi descend on Nashville to hound her and get more pictures. When is the happy couple ever going to other parts of Nashville or surrounding cities. They stay in the rich part of the city. Ooooh, la la! I have been to Centennial Park, Vanderbilt area, Parthenon, and these two are walking around like they are the king and queen of Sheba. Look at us! A happy couple! Maybe it will last and maybe it won’t.

  • keke

    Nicole is sooooooooooo carrying child!!! love them, so happy and right, no flaunting but it’s plain to see – it’s the little things that speak volumes

  • Liz

    Awww they look cute! I love Nicole’s style! So elegant ALL THE TIME.And I’m not a big Keith fan(I’m not into Country) but he is very handsome and I bet he is a great musician!Good luck to them.

  • Great Sarah

    LOL someone is selling a piece of their wedding cake?!?!?!? Gross. I so wouldn’t buy that.They look cute by the way.

  • Great Sarah

    LOL someone is selling a piece of their wedding cake?!?!?!? Gross. I so wouldn’t buy that.They look cute by the way.

  • Smith

    Her outfit is cute. I like her hair now. It looks as if it’s getting darker. Which is good. It was way too light before. Keep it up Nicole!

  • Daisy

    They look very happy. Good for them enjoying life! And no one needs to buy him anything he could have been a member there way before he ever met Nicole. The man has to be in shape to tour. It is just now the photog are watching them. Best wishes to them!

  • cute couple

    nice to see them looking happy.

  • cute couple

    nice to see them looking happy.

  • cute couple

    nice to see them looking happy.

  • kempeke

    Does anbody know who made her dress? Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Paris Libra

    She definitely deserves to look this happy after TC. Clearly, from the ‘class’ perspective, they’re handling this relationship far better than TomKat

  • Nick

    OK, Nashville is the center of country of music and that’s why Nicole has moved there (not to avoid the paparazzi) but to support her new husband. AND Keith Urban has made a minimum of 20 million out of his music career alone, so the idea that Kidman is keeping him is totally absurd. Let’s cut out the "tall poppy syndrome" guys and just be happy for them.

  • john

    To all you bitter people out there, to say the Urban is signing has signed his life away to Kidman – what do you think KH has done with TC. And I agree with Paris Libra, they have way more class and sophistication when it comes to handling their relationship than tomkat. To walk around Nashville and enjoy the city they have chosen to live in, is not a crime – to go onto Oprah and act like a media whore, trying to exploit your relationaship given every media opportunity presented to you, should be.

  • john

    By the way, my gym was open yesterday on the 4th July – maybe there’s was as well?? Ever thought of that.

  • spitty

    I give this marriage 2 years.

  • Malibumom

    I am sorry that I haven’t listened to a Keith Urban song but I plan to-They look very very happy and I have always loved and respected Nicole Kidman as an actress-she blew me away with Malice! I believe she is a real Jewel and as a Tennessean, I am happy to have her here. I see no reason for her not to walk around in the best part of Nashville. What purpose would it serve to walk around the crime ridden areas. There are many in Hollywood who are tiring of the fake-superficial life-Bravo for both of them-She is very elegant also. Tom Cruise certainly missed out (In my Opinion).

  • luv keith

    They look so happy and are a beautiful couple!! I want my husband to take "manners" lessons from Keith about opening car doors LOL!!! Keith doesn’t need her money, people. He made over $30 million last year, he’s a HUGE star in case you didn’t know that! His live show ROCKS.

  • lisa

    hahahaha…its rather funny how people are so quickt o say nicole doesnt love publicity. I’ve been a nicole fan for years and have followed her careeer but i have to dispute ur claims bcuz trust me if you’ve seen some of the stuff I’ve seen nicole do, you would do that shes just like all celebs..the love the…guys she frigging announced a week before she got married that she was going to get married. And you say she doesnt like the attention. C’mon. She used to date Lenny Kravitz and trust me you should have heard the stories about her and him. I’m just sayign this becasue i hate when ppl put others on a pedestal and make them look like saints when they’re not. I wish she had stayed with lenny. I dont like Keith and his whole wild ways and drug habits. I hope hes changed. Fianlly as much as i love nic. I find her relationship quite boring and dull, id much rather talk about brad pitt. Sorry nic! And i have to tell u guys something. Nic used to act like a bitch trust me…I once went to see her at a ny premiere and she hardly would sign autographs. It was terrible. Now that shes older and all-botoxed up she seems a bit more humbler. And thats a nic fan whos saying that!

  • brenda

    she looks totally pregnant, isn’t that why they got married in the first place, its not christian like to have a baby and not be married. You can tell that she is, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t be touching her stomach all the time.

  • brenda

    she looks totally pregnant, isn’t that why they got married in the first place, its not christian like to have a baby and not be married. You can tell that she is, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t be touching her stomach all the time.

  • annonamous

    im a total keith fan and its nice to see both of them look so happy. i really hope it lasts. is it just me or does nicole look kinda bigger in the picture with her in a cream dresss? they should have kid. that baby would be gorgeous!

  • ashley


  • ashley


  • camila

    look at the how she walks with that dress, it’s like a robot!she’s so strange, not normal at all.

  • Jamie

    Miller, you are one hateful bitter person. And Lisa, you obviously don’t know a thing about Keith other than what you read in the tabloids. What the hell have these 2 people done to cause such hatred from people?

  • John

    I couldn’t agree more; the nay sayers you should all go swallow those bitter little pills because jealousy’s a curse. It’s a shame that unless people have a scandal to watch/read about or better still, "skeletons in a closet" which they can talk about, the general public doesn’t seem to be happy for them or have any interest in them. Just because a couple can be in love & happy doesn’t suggest they are boring – you don’t have to behave like trailer trash in order to be interesting or worth cheering for. Elegance, farness & sophisitcation are hard to come by these days, but when you do you don’t have to be a downer. Oh and for the woman that suggested they should drive around the poorer areas of Nashville … WHY? If you don’t have to, why would you? Don’t critisize for the sake of it … should they also trade in the Bentley for a crappy mobile too. If you would live that life you would.

  • Jordan Johnson

    Am I missing something? Shouldn’t they be on their honeymoon right now? Or is that what they’re doing ON their honeymoon?

  • Daisy

    Jordan, just answering your question. They are already back from their honeymoon. They got back to Nashville this last weekend. Keith starts a tour July 13th.

  • Nashville gal

    I live in Nashville, and Nicole & Keith have been nothing but kind & gracious since they first hit town together last year. You see them around at health food stores, nail salons, etc and they seem really happy! Centennial Park & Vanderbilt are okay areas, NOT wealthy enclaves. I think they’re both talented and successful in their own right. What I respect is that they seem like good people in a solid relationship. Nicole definitely traded up!

  • Kiki

    They look all wrong together. they seem like a bad couple. I give it less than a year!

  • KK

    Mr. Kidman looks nice as for the man in the marriage she should not have a dress as light as her skin gross!!! Is that keith waving by to his career!

  • Just Jared fan

    Nic has this grace about her you can see it when she walks great posture, body,ect… yes I hope she goes back toher natural hair color its so beautful.

  • Mushy

    If she’s going to wear that color, same as her skin, she needs to wear more bright lipstick and stop standing in front of the same color backgrounds!She’s definity a white woman. She needs more Nashville sun so her freckles will converge.

  • kooky

    no no no no…that color is awful on her BUT looks like a bump to me!

  • Mire

    I so hope that’s not a baby bump but if it is she will be done with Keith all she wants is to "have a baby of my own" So maybe then she will let Keith be!!!

  • beatlesfan64

    I think that Keith and Nicole make a wonderful couple! And Keith does not need Nicole to "keep" him! He is a HUGE star in his own right and deserves every bit of recognition that he gets. He is an amazing musician and for those that dont know his work, you should check it out BEFORE cutting him down. I mean, that is so ignorant of you! Now, as to Keith’s legs, they are very muscular if you would care to look, he is not an anorexic so he naturally wont look skinny. Grow up! And I dont think Nicole looks pregnant at all, most "normal" womens bodies have a little bit of a "bump" in the front, and that is normal, not pregnancy. If anyone has cared to look at other pictures taken of her just a few days prior, there is no way that she is pregnant. God! Just let these people be, and quit cutting them down. Go cut down someone else and let these two have their marriage without all the speculation.

  • stacy

    She’s at least four months along. I don’t know why she wants to be a mother again, she’s never with the kids she has now.

  • truthbtold

    Many are saying that it’s just bloating, but have we seen pictures of Nicole before recently? I haven’t. |One minute her stomach is flat, the next it’s suspiciously rounded, so i say it probably is bloating but did you know bloating is an early sign of pregnancy. Apparently the digestive system slows down during pregnancy giving more time for the bacteria in the gut to ferment the food causing excess gases to build up. Katie Holmes changing belly size threw a lot of people, but truth is a pregnant bely doesn’t always stay the same size or shape in a given day.Oh yes, Suri does exist but since Tom has got nothing left to promote, he’s gone back to his private self, plus Suri is probably wired up to emeters to make sure Tom’s baby will be the most amazing ever.

  • alleycat

    FAMEWHORES – both of them. They DESERVE each other!!

  • drake

    She does look kind of pregnant. Well actually she really looks prego considering how thin she has looked in past months. I am happy for them either way. And I think the reason why she is never PHOTOGRAPHED with her children is because she doesnt USE them for publicity, unlike thier father. That does not mean that she doesnt spend time with them, just that she doesn’t use them for personal.monetary gain.

  • Just Jared fan

    Fame whores??? Must be going after my own heart…

  • Just Jared fan

    You know I think your right … she could be preg… how exciting I hope the baby has nics curly red hair which I love….