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Ivan Koumaev: SYTYCD

Ivan Koumaev: SYTYCD

Here’s what everyone performed (um, weren’t the outfits completely atrocious?) on last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance with the Top 14 dancers – 

  • Lil "C" and the Neph Squad performed a Krump routine that sucked out the wazoo.  What was that?!?!?!?
  • Travis Wall and Martha Nichols danced Salsa.  Definitely not smooth enough.
  • Musa Cooper and Natalie Fotopoulos performed a Disco routine that impressed an itty bit.
  • Jessica Fernandez and Jaymz Tuaileva performed a Hip-Hop routine in some of the most awful outfits ever.
  • Heidi Groskreutz and Ryan Rankine performed a Hip-Hop routine.  Heidi looked like Cheri O’Teri from my favorite SNL sketches, "The Spartans" cheerleaders also starring Will Ferrell. (They were cheerleader wannabes if that’s any indication.)
  • Ashlee Nino and Dmitry Chaplin performed a contemporary dance that didn’t really entertain me.  Judge Dan was actually right in that you couldn’t really tell when Ashlee was supposed to be the doll and when she was supposed to be brought to life.
  • Allison Holker and Ivan Koumaev performed the West Coast Swing with loads of character.
  • Donyelle Jones and Benji Schwimmer performed another great dance, the Vietnamese Vienesse Waltz.

I keep switching teams but I can’t help it. Ivan Koumaev keeps impressing me with his dancing but more so with his personality.  Ivan and his partner Allison Holker play off each other really, really well… and it makes me laugh.  TEAM IVAN!  More video performances after the jump…

WHO’S GOING HOME? :: Definitely Ashlee.  Maybe Dmitry?

(Video removed)
Benji and Donyelle‘s Vietnamese Waltz. He he he.

(Video removed)
Travis and Martha‘s Salsa Performance

(Video removed)
Musa and Natalie‘s Disco Performance

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  • Tina


  • wtfnyc

    For some reason I can’t get into Ivan. Seems like a nice guy, but we’ve already got that in Benji (who, along with Donyelle the Goddess, I LOVE). Dmitry is absolutely smokin’, but someone needs to punch Brian Friedman in the damn face for that stupid routine last night (and the rest of his stupid routines as well). ENOUGH with the ridiculous "stories" in your ridiculous choreography, you self-indulgent hack!!!

  • blah

    I think Ashlee is a pretty good dancer! Dmitry is hot but he’s only good at what he does. NOt versatile enough! Benji and Donylle are the BOMB! they kick everyone’s ass!Martha should be the one going home. As for the guy, I think Jaymz should go. He can’t shut his sorry MOUTH!

  • Meaghan

    I am in love with Benji and Donylle, the eye contact the grabbing of pecks they are just great. I don;t get Dmitry, he’s not that hot and he seems to be kryptonite to his female partners. I’m really warming to Heidi though, i mean who else could be that smilie while doing hip-hop and not look like a total idiot?

  • cb

    I have to agree about Heidi – I loved her…and with Ryan, I must say I enjoyed it a lot. Not great, but good entertainment. As for Musa and Natalie, NO ONE BUT NO ONE can make disco look like anything but cliche. And to dance to Donna Summer? ARGHHHHHHH. That said, I don’t think Musa is as bad as the judges keep saying. Foot work – in Disco??? What footwork? And what technique – that was a crock critique.But The Goddess and Benji came through like I knew they would. I just hope Donyelle’s toe is not too serious. When they spoke of it, I got very nervous.

  • reneanicole

    The Goddess and Benji came through once again. I love their chemistry and they have such an awesome time. I totally agree about Brian, WTF is up with his story themes? UGH! To me doing story theme dances just make the dancers look bad!.. As far as who is going home for the guys I think it will be Jaymz and for the girls I’m not for sure. But in all honesty here I like how they voted last year better . The judges picked the bottom 3 couples they had to do their solos and then the fans got to choose who stayed and who went home. Also does anyone else think that last years dance rountines had a lot more lifts in them at this stage in the show?

  • nicole

    we want ivan videos!

  • Angelface

    I don’t really understand the fascination with Travis and Martha. His personality seems very fake and she still looks like a drag queen.Jaymz and Jessica need to go. I think Ashlee has shown more development than any other dancer and should be able to stay at least another week.

  • luvs2dance

    I love this show! But yeah, I have to agree that they need to do a better job with the costumes. Allison should have been wearing a cute 50′s style dress or something, not those awful pants. Even though I thought Jessica and Jaymz were not that great last night, I really like Jessica a lot and hope she stays, since she is a ballet dancer she can learn to do any other type of dance with good technique. I loved Allison and Ivan last night (besides the costume) and I am a big Natalie and Musa fan. I think Dmitry is hot and a good dancer, too bad his partners haven’t helped him too much. It’s gonna be interesting to see who wins!

  • Marysa

    I was so happy ivan and Allison were both safe after getting in the bottom 3. ivan and benji areso funny.

  • Laura

    okay, don’t get me wrong about brian freidman. he’s really hot and a very talented dancer and choreographer. but he does make up some pretty "out-there" dances.i love dmitry to death. he’s adorable and what a man!!! but he could grow a little more in other dance styles. i know he won’t win, but when he does go home, i will be sad. i could look at him for days. hehe!so now about benji and donyelle…OMG!!!!! i love them!!! they’re incredible! every dance they’ve done has blown me away and has me begging for more. seriously. but i’ve been with benji from the beginning. he’s amazing! and so freaking cute!!! i love him!!!!! he’s my favorite by FAR! and i’m praying that he wins. GO BENJI!!!!!

  • ur mommmmm


  • alexj

    ok so… am i the only one who thinks ivan and allison have something going on? if they DONT, they SOULD!

  • Chelsea

    I agree! I think that Allison and Ivan should have somthing going on… I think that they are adorable.. I’m really sad that she went home though..She was my fav.

  • tiffany

    i luv allison and ivan together! they were my fav couple! ivan’s so cute!

  • Iryna K.

    when alisson left the show i can’t believe she danced with travis. i love ivan oh my gosh he is such a great dancer!


    omg the show yesterday they totally trashed ivan,i think he misses allison dats why,he’s such a great dancer and he is soo cute,i just cant get enough of him.i hope i see him wen the tour comes to new york.

  • Amanda Hodges

    GO BENJI!!!!!! Benji should definitely win this thing!!!

  • L.J.

    I love u I think u are soo hot!!!