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Angelina Jolie's Tattoos

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos

Before I head off to Key Largo, here’s something you BAMZS fans can munch on while I’m gone.  How many tattoos does Angelina Jolie have and what do they all mean?  I’ve highlighted a whole bunch of them already and you can inspect the gallery.  Have at it!

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angelina jolie tattoos06
angelina jolie tattoos07
angelina jolie tattoos08
angelina jolie tattoos09
angelina jolie tattoos10
angelina jolie tattoos11
angelina jolie tattoos12
angelina jolie tattoos13
angelina jolie tattoos14
angelina jolie tattoos15
angelina jolie tattoos16
angelina jolie tattoos17
angelina jolie tattoos18
angelina jolie tattoos19
angelina jolie tattoos20
angelina jolie tattoos21
angelina jolie tattoos22
angelina jolie tattoos23
angelina jolie tattoos24
angelina jolie tattoos25
angelina jolie tattoos26
angelina jolie tattoos27
angelina jolie tattoos28
angelina jolie tattoos29
angelina jolie tattoos30
angelina jolie tattoos31
angelina jolie tattoos32
angelina jolie tattoos33
angelina jolie tattoos34
angelina jolie tattoos35
angelina jolie tattoos36
angelina jolie tattoos37
angelina jolie tattoos38
angelina jolie tattoos39
angelina jolie tattoos40
angelina jolie tattoos41
angelina jolie tattoos42
angelina jolie tattoos43
angelina jolie tattoos44
angelina jolie tattoos45

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  • k

    have fun on the vay-kay, JJ!

  • Original Curious

    Ah JJ that sounds like a dream vacation! Thanks for the lovely pictures…We’ll miss you and treat your friend well.

  • aha!

    I’m thinking it’s pretty obvious that belly tat should have shown up in the shower pics. hmmm…..

  • yikes

    those tattoos are not going to be so looking quite so hot when she’s 40…or 70.

  • Zaiyana

    My favorite is the quote by Tennessee Williams, "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages"

  • Jess

    What’s that supposed to mean, aha?

  • Passing Through

    Have a good vacay, Jared!

  • angelah

    thanks j@red for this new thread! have fun and good luck on the test.

  • Maniston

    # 4 | yikes I don’t care if her tatoos sag down to her knees. She will always be an amazing woman.

  • stef

    some people dont suit tattoos, she does! as for the comment on tattoos not looking good when shes 40 or 70, do you really think she give a flying fuck what they will look like? i dont think so, she is a live for the moment girl.

  • huh

    the pic of her and billy bob is hot!too bad billy is not so hot!

  • CCCC

    I love her ink… likewise, I have a few and in the process of getting a few more.

  • fugly as hell

    ugly and stupid is no word for what that idiot did to her body.beautiful people can make themselves ugly, and she chose the permanent way……… stupid

  • why get a tattoo

    I don’t think people who get tattoos really care about what they are going to look like in twenty years. They get them as a representation of something that is important to them now.

  • CCCC

    #14… it is her body and she can do whatever she likes… it is her right. Check it out "Know your Rights".

  • cookie

    AJ tattoos are all sexy and meaningful.i wanted to have one as well but i dont have the guts to do it.AJ is gorgeous andvery sexy.she makes tattoos very sexy.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks JJ for the new Thread.HAVE A WONDERFUL VACATION JARED

  • African Girl

    Stef – Had this on the other thread but figured you’ll be here so…Awww, I’m glad to hear you doing fine. Rest up and the go wow them tommorow.Re FanficsRica posted earlier this week (Baby Shi’s discoveries) – Usual ThreadGitane has a new one in the Bamzs Family Pix threadCHM, Malibumom and Passing Through have theirs on the BP Home ThreadAlso on the BP Thread is New Writer Krissy. You’re gonna love it.We had to abandon the Rumors thread…it was getting to much to load but yoou can check it out for the fics you missed. I think that’s about it but if I’m missing ant….Estelle is sure to be on top of it.

  • design_officer

    she wears her tattoos very well. she has a lot but they aren’t in your face and at least they aren’t balloons and unicorns. fugly as hell is just jealous because jolie got knocked up, popped out a kid, and is still hotter than fah will ever be.

  • Steph

    *Fans self* That cross! Damn, her tattoos are hot!Have a good Holiday, Jared :)

  • The real lou

    Angelina is sexy period!This woman is just naturally beautiful,even with the tats.

  • piper, with a low

    # 14 | fugly as hell | ugly and stupid is no word for what that idiot did to her body.beautiful people can make themselves ugly, and she chose the permanent way……… stupid +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++I get the feeling that if AJ had pristine, alabaster skin, you’d find something else to piss about.

  • Alexanderina

    I love tattoos and I love Angelina’s tattoos, they all have specific meaning which is great.

  • yay!

    Sexy. Very sexy.

  • Original jpf

    Have fun Jared, and be safe!jpf

  • nicegirl

    For someone who is so into tattoos, she sure has had a lot removed or covered up. I recognize a few that are straight off the wall of a tattoo parlor. I think her tatts are ugly only because they are not original, poorly done, and erased. I have tattoos, they are definitely a documentation of my life at the present. I’m all for it. I just couldn’t imagine eradicating part of that documentation. I hate that angelina is "the" example for a tattoooed woman. There are so many better ones out there. She makes tattoos seem trite and cheap. I think she sucks. I normally don’t hate on celebs like this, but this one just got me. The worst insult I ever got about my ink, was that I reminded someone of angelina because of my tattoos. I think she ifs full of shit!

  • jen

    LOL@ Steph. I feel the same way :D Thanks Jared. Have fun. *waves*

  • Original jpf

    # 24 | Alexanderina I love them and have yet to get one. My senior citizen mother is on #2, but I just don’t want anything, nor anywhere. I’ve given myself until Nov 06 to decide, and I plan to have something before the new yr.jpf

  • Original jpf

    # 24 | AlexanderinaBtw, my mom’s is an orange rose (her fav flower) and a leopard (her fav animal). Did I mention she’s a gemini? lol.jpf

  • kidi

    They’re not my thing, but she can get away with anything.

  • hmm..

    maybe Angelina cares more about the meaning behind the tattoos rather than the aestheticness of them.

  • nicegirl

    nice comeback jayne. i’ll think of you when i cumhave a lovely day

  • tats

    #27I don’t think she got that Buddist Prayer for Maddox off a wall or the tiger when she went to Cambodia. I am sure her tats mean something to her the same as yours. AJ is a beautiful woman with/without the tats. She is not the first to get tats and neither are you.

  • Alexanderina

    # 29 | Original jpf | – I am planning to get one soon as well. I was telling my bf recently that before the end of the summer I will have my long a waited tattoo, and like you I just don’t want anyone I want something with meaning.

  • Steph

    # 27 | nicegirl – WTF!Not original/straight off the wall of a tattoo palour :s Yeah, cos everybody and their friend has co-ordinates of their childs birth place, a prayer in their sons native language, Tenesse Williams quotes and arabic. etc…The dragon and others may seem un original and off the wall now because after she got them they became popular!

  • Original jpf

    # 27 | nicegirl Well since you got that off your chest I hope you feel better……btw, I love her tat’s as do the the other women in my family. Excluding myself at present, the others (5) so far have at least 2, and the most 13.jpf

  • cookie

    nicegirl, the difference between you and angelina is aj a very gorgeous lady and very popular moviestar.AND YOU? U ARE NOTHING.NO ENTITY AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!

  • jen

    # 34 | nicegirl |please take the advice of ## 30 | Jayne —-Anyway great point Steph :D

  • Just Jared fan

    I love Jolie, Thank-you Jared !! your a sweetie …….Now lets figure out what they all mean how many does AJ have?

  • Just Jared fan

    Nice girl needs her mouth washed out with some tat ink

  • worldtraveller

    She is really the sexiest and the most honest women in showbis. There´s nothing not to like about here she´s all beauty!

  • jen

    My favorite now are the numbers for her children. I think that’s ORIGINAL and sweet. Love it. The muslim tattoo is also great. Im a muslim myself.

  • Just Jared fan

    If more people were as giving to others like Jolie There would be alot less hungery children in the world she is a beautful human inside and out

  • Original jpf

    # 36 | Alexanderina I read a story once in a book called Bullwhip Days which is a slave narrative. This particular one talked about how the slave women would sneak down to a creek, or fill a wash tub with water, and the purpose was so they could pray to God outloud without an echo giving them away. I just have always thought that to have that kind of faith/belief under the circumstances they were living was amazing, and when I thought of a tat, that’s the first thing that came to me. The rendering is the part that’s proving difficult. I have a brother, and a cousin who are both graphic artists, and I draw a bit, and my mom, but what I want just hasn’t been captured as yet. I also don’t want it large and trying to simplfy the art without reducing the message is proving a challange.jpf

  • Alexanderina

    # 31 | Original jpf | – lol, Gemini huh, just like Angelina.

  • nicegirl

    I bet you can find that prayer and the tiger on her back on the wall in the cambodian parlor.

  • Just Jared fan

    It s like AJ almost repsents every Faith in harmony on her own body

  • CCCC

    I am almost positive that each and every time Angie was inked, something significant was happening in her life even though it might be bad or good. But in her mind she was acknowledging and celebrating that moment by getting inked… which is all about feeling. She is a very passionate woman! I have a few and I quite like it.

  • huh

    # 44 | jenoh, I almost forgot about that tat. That one is one of my faves now, too. I bet a lot of people have already copied her on that one.

  • gitane

    (((((FIC ALERT)))))you know where and you know how to get there. my i.d. is the key!