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Gwen Stefani: Post Pregnancy Pictures

Gwen Stefani: Post Pregnancy Pictures

The most stylish post-pregnancy mommy Gwen Stefani and rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale took their son Kingston Rossdale on another sunny outing in a Rockin Baby Ring Sling this past Wednesday in Los Angeles.  Yesterday, Gwen, 36, and Gavin, 40, dressed their six-week-old son Kingston in Harajuku Lovers baby clothing for another trip around town.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • gmoney

    First? Me!!!

  • gmoney

    It looks like Gavin is going to throw down or something in one of the last pictures. Why so angry gavin?

  • Just Jared

    It looks like that’s Gavin’s joker side of his personality coming out. LAY THE SMACKDOWN, GAVIN!

  • SandiJ

    Wow..I thought for a second that my girl Gwen looks a bit like Kelly Clarkson with white hair. or Christina Applegate. Cute family though.

  • natalee

    I love how she looks healthy post pregnancy! Not like other actresses/singers who look either exactly as they did pre baby or even thinner! It’s not healthy to lose that much baby weight that quickly! Gwen looks amazing!

  • Beth

    Most of the time you lose the weight from you first baby pretty quickly especially if you are thin in the first place. It gets harder and slower as you have more children. Doctors say that post pregnancy weight lose is the quickest weight lose and is still healthy as long as the mother is maintaining a healthy diet. It all depends on the person though…

  • Ale Ferro

    gwen looks great! so natural…the baby is completely cute! and gavin is yummie!…

  • em

    They look cute. I wonder if they are getting more paps following them from that play date. They get a lot anyway, it’s got to be annoying.

  • wrapping mom

    Every time I have seen a picture of her using her baby wrap, I think it looks awkward, like she has it on wrong, or too loose. When I use my wrap I don’t have to hold on to baby at all because its so secure. Kingston always looks like he is on the verge of falling out. The wrap is supposed to be comfortable for mom and baby, I feel like Gwen looks so awkward with it. Someone help her!!!

  • lil me

    I don’t know what pictures you all are looking at, but she looks like shit. She has not looked good in one single picture ever since that baby was born. Just sayin…..

  • veronica

    you know exactly why she had that baby.. to have free adversting for her clothing line. she should spend more time in the house with the little lamb before she gives him a sunburn with her not having a hat on him..

  • Joy

    Come on, guys. I think the Rossdale family looks great.

  • mimi

    I agree with lil me. She’s using her baby to advertise her clothing line. Look at the different wraps she uses whenever she carries her baby.

  • Just Jared fan

    Hey guys at least she is not wearing that bright red lip stick… Gwen is looking more and more like a mummy

  • em

    I agree that she has never got the wrap correct. You aren’t supposed to have to use your hands. Though those aren’t her wraps, so don’t accuse her of advertising. :D

  • becky

    At least she doesnt have security hold blankets up and hide the baby from everyone, I wonder who did that?

  • Alex

    Gwen’s family looks great together so stop writing all this bad stuff about then and whoever said that Gwen looks more like a mommy is right

  • Cin

    Even if the wrap was on securely, why wouldn’t she still hold her baby, I did all the time. Speacially after everything is now defective now a days, it’s called being a Mommy, you can never be to carefull. I love that family!

  • Cin

    Even if the wrap was on securely, why wouldn’t she still hold her baby, I did all the time. Speacially after everything is now defective now a days, it’s called being a Mommy, you can never be to carefull. I love that family!

  • Me!

    Gwen always looks akward carrying her child. yet blog commenters go on and on on how she is a good mommy…blah. Britney has more innate mothering skills!! She carries the kid like a sack of onions. It seems like she always has him out just so she can get some attention/publicity.

  • Pitchajarun

    Why didn’t anyone say anything about Gwen dying her hair the whole time she was pregnant??? and they can’t shut up about britney who probably is using a safe dye? Peroxide is Peroxide and nothing else blondes hair like that. Just goes to show Brit is targetted!! people make me sick!!

  • SOUL

    # 16 | becky | July 7, 2006 02:19 PM |Don’t touch my idol, OK!

  • your mom

    Awww! I love Gwen’s mommy necklace! She is so cute.

  • none of your busi

    I’m posting my thoughts on all of these things about this girl and her baby who looks like he has acne.Whatever man. This bitch is an attention whore. Always "trying" to be different, while ripping off other people’s styles!!! She draws her lipstick outside of her lips, on her face, to make everyone think she has full lips. Shes got no tits and no ass.She wasnt too happy that her baby didnt get soooo much attention, so now, shes making up for it, by parading her baby with a mile long name, kingston james mcgregor rossdale all over town. Trust me, she’s loving the camera attention. Shes the FEMALE LEAD SINGER of a band, how could she not???!!! The only reason why shes still getting press, is because they make it easy for the paps. Shes old news and is doing nothing to hel the world. Shes just selling watches and clothes to rich people and being self consumed. She actually admitted that she was a pretty selfish person, so I dont see why all of those diehard fans are too fucking stupid to see that. Get the cams off this granny-colour haired no lips no tits and no ass sellout, and get them on people who are making a difference, ie angie and brad. My fave couple of this media frenzy.Angie’s got what this bitch doesnt, lips, tits, an ass and a big heart. Sorry, but there are better people to obssess over.

  • um…no

    i’m a brad and angie fan but I would not like to be associated with #24. Just to let you know, most BAMZS fans do like Gwen and her beautiful baby boy. Carry on.

  • meagain

    I hate britney but seriously, britney could win the mother of the year award compared to gwen. Huge BAMZ fan, such a stark difference between then and gwen. and i think it is so shady that gwen refused to accept rossdales daughter and encourage him not to have a relationship with her.

  • really?

    and i think it is so shady that gwen refused to accept rossdales daughter and encourage him not to have a relationship with her. # 26 | meagain |are you serious or did you just read that somewhere. I do know that Gavin has a much older daughter that he was never there for but did Gwen really encourage him to forget about her?

  • carolina

    Gavin does have an older daughter names Daisy by Pearl Lowe.She’s beautiful-he was her godfather and they spent a lot of time together until a DNA test was requested. It proved he was was the actual father- he broke off all contact with her then. I think that is so sad because they used to do a lot of things together. Don’t know who is responsible for him not seeing her now-but it wasn’t Pearl’s decision. I’ve always wondered why he would turn his back on his own child. Just sad…….Daisy is still his daughter- she models too.Looks just like him-gorgeous.

  • meagain

    I read that Gwen was very upset when she found out. Daisy was excited to start a relationship with even Gwen, but Gwen got very jealous & extremely upset. She had to do with the breakup/

  • Shes stuckup

    Exactly, she’s self consumed. Not to mention, she recently got pissed at her own brother for putting certain audios on his site( AND THIS INFO IS NOT A RUMOR.ERIC SAID SO HIMSELF), just becuase of her voice. I mean HELLO!!!!!! ITS A DEMO. Its supposed to be raw and what not. It’s not supposed to be oerfect, and thats the beauty of it. SORRY GWEN EVERYONE CANT THINK YOURE PERFECT. Sorry, Ive heard shes a nice person, but theres been plenty of admission of people that TRULY know her first hand, that she is a real bitch.I think she can be sweet, but shes got a bitch streak. Just a total undercover diva. And I have a keen eye for spotting them Im surprised that shes not on the radar for this shit. Looks truly are decieving.I mean, if you’re going to get THAT jealous over something, then you must not trust your husband too much, huh? Maybe that distrust stems from that little short breakup they had for a little while. What was that over anyways?We all know Mariah Carey can be a diva, but I have a feeling, behind closed doors, even SHE is probably less of a bitch than Gwen is.

  • lame

    She’s not wearing the wrap the wrong way..That wrap actually has FIVE different ways that it can be worn.

  • http://exselente Jenniffer Cabrera

    para mi eres muy vonita eres la cantante mas exselente que green day….