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Jake Gyllenhaal's Hairy Chest

Jake Gyllenhaal's Hairy Chest

Jake Gyllenhaal — with his bike shirt completely unzipped — went for a bike ride in Malibu yesterday afternoon.  The 25-year-old actor is currently filming crime drama Zodiac.  More shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal pictures in the gallery!

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UPDATE :: Added a bunch more pictures of Jake‘s bike ride with Matthew McConaughey and Lance ArmstrongJake just had to do the socks and sandals thing, didn’t he…

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hairy Chest

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jake gyllenhaal hairy chest01
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest02
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest03
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest04
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest05
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest06
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest07
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest08
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest09
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest10
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest11
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest12
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest13
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest14
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest15
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest16
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest17
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest18
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest19
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest20
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest21
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest22
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest23
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest24
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest25
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest26
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest27
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest28
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest29
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest30
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest31
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest32
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest33
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest34
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest35
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest36
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest37
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest38
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest39
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest40
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest41
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest42
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest43
jake gyllenhaal hairy chest44

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  • Deborah


  • Adrian

    I kazillion that.

  • katie

    LOL, at first i thought his shirt was pink! He does look hot though, yummy!!!

  • Nana

    Mmmmm…thank you!!!!

  • kempeke

    I LOVE him, but I’d be able to see the definition in his chest and abs better if he didn’t have all that hair. Maybe sometime he’ll wax just for me!

  • Souhila

    One real man !! Hot !!

  • LD

    Sexy body! Love this man.

  • xx

    sorry but jake is ugly…

  • Susan

    Hot Hot Hot! Damn this man is gorgeous!

  • Yuck!

    Sorry, but if I seen this man riding a bike down my street….I would soooo be making fun of him. How gross…that shirt needs to be zipped, buttoned, sewed, stapled or glued together. What an ugly family. I so dont get what people see in him. Id take the other gay cowboy anyday! Mr. Ledger. Yuck Jake

  • Christina

    Tight shorts. Aww Jakes looks adorable as always.

  • EMarc

    Aww, come on Yuck, he’s a nice guy. He’s just out doing a bit of biking. I can think of worse activities!

  • case

    He seems a little gay to me. Like…a lot gay.

  • Susan

    How just exactly does one seem gay?

  • Just Jared fan

    Well he has a welcome matt on his chest, your right about the shirt thing … he he looking for some one to come and pinch a nipple?

  • Jennifer

    Anyone who would suggest waxing that seriously needs to have their brain waxed.HAIRY CHESTS 4 EVAH!

  • Just Jared fan

    Ahhh the hot wax I hate when the hairs grow back all pointy and stuff its nice to just put some hair condtioner on and leave your hairs long and soft men instead of short and pointy

  • HoyToy

    He looks like a Burt Reynolds wannabe. Maybe next, he’ll star in a remake of "Deliverance."

  • Just Jared fan

    Hey it looks like no hair on his legs

  • Miss Darko

    i never liked hairy chests….until….Jake, ahhh he’s too hot. =)

  • moonbeams

    OMG! I love the chest hair! Jakey is SO delicious! I can hardly stand it! Love the lycra, Jakey! You’ve got it goin’ on! YEAH!

  • david

    Gorgeous legs! But shave the chest, boy!

  • black

    He´s cool and all, but why the hell drive in THAT thing??

  • sunnyd

    why the hell would you want him to shave his chest!!! that chest hair is soo sexy!! men are meant to have hair on their chest not shave it!

  • Rachel

    EEWWWWW. He looked like a not-s-buff version of steven seagal, with the hairy chest and beard and gold chain. having a hairy chest ain’t wrong. but he shouldn’t have let everything out like that.especially the gold chain!

  • Just Jared fan

    lol ..yup! yup! it is sort of getto with the shirt open and gold chain haning down reminds me of the 70S-80s look

  • lookwhaticando

    That is one Sexy Dude, I love him as an actor.

  • Emma

    Is that really Jake Gyllenhaal? His face looks different. His nose doesn’t look the same.Anyway, normally I wouldn’t be that much into hairy chests BUT THIS ACTUALLY MAKES JAKE LOOK HOTTER! I never thought i would ever say that about hairy chests! That’s something your mother would say or women in the 80s liked.Did he close up his shirt after he saw the photogs? lolI’m kinda surprised that Jake and his friends at their generation are into this cycling. They went all out with the clothes and everything. You would think they were practicing for a marathon. Wouldn’t jeans/ regular shorts and a t-shirt (especially a cut off, sleeveless t-shirt) be enough? Jake and his family are weird.You would think Jake is doing this to look funny, cause he does.

  • Weird Jake

    Jake looks like a 40 year old man from the 80s.It was probably really hot which is why he had to unbutton his shirt. I don’t think the gold chain looks that bad on him with the open shirt. I didn’t even notice it until you guys mentioned it.He’s purposely trying not to be recognized maybe. But couldn’t he just wear regular clothes instead of marathon clothes? I mean that’s something you’d wear on a valley/country/mountain bike ride. Not in the middle of New York City. I hope those shorts are giving him enough ventilation! lol Jeez, is he wearing something to cushion himself down there or what? I’m sure onlookers are staring at his BUTT! He is so weird. Ahh, but we love him!

  • Anna

    #29Malibu is still in California…not New York. In California, those who bicycle for sport wear all the gear, even water bottles strapped onto their back. People that cycle to work on the other hand wear regular clothes. I say that, having lived in S. California for the past 20 years….

  • hèhèhè

    Armstrong’s getting fat. Serves him right for treating Sheryl the way he did.

  • pablo luzall

    thanks – finally somebody notices that the other dude is armstrong….

  • Sherry

    Jake is at it again. Riding with Mathew McConaughey in Malibu. This time he is clean shaven. Saw it on the celebrity photo site

  • katie

    by far the sexiest man alive

  • Jake Fan

    Jake is SO HOT !! One of the sexiest men on this planet, by far. His chest hair is sexy, his legs are sexy. He’s cycling, having fun, keeping his beautiful body trim and fit. Folks need to stop being so critical of this talented, gorgeous man!!

  • moonbeams

    Wish I was a bike.

  • lemon

    Jake is incedrible sexy, but there’s one thing that makes me afraid: He seems to be going to be very thin. I hope he isn’t going to be meagre. I liked his body and now it’s still beautiful but how said…I hope he keep himself….don’t know……

  • Audrey

    i dont care if he is hairy he is still hot and sexy

  • Tiffany


    He’s still fucking hot. :)

  • deewoh

    i wanna lick that chest so bad he gives me orgasms

  • frank

    I do not consider myself gay. But I have to admit, I think I would like to run my fingers through Jake’s chest hair. Really.

    But, geez, there’s something special about Jake’s hairy chest: I mean, it’s so very dark, dense, and thick! Like he’s a werewolf, or something… Beware the night of the full moon!

    I wonder… Now that he is going out with Reese Witherspoon (I don’t know whether he,s living with her, yet)… does beautiful Reese make him shave, or wax, or does she like him hairy?

    I think that’s a good question. Another good question might be: how far should a guy go, if his girlfriend doesn’t like body hair?

    I mean, I personnally, will shave my chest. Maybe my armpits. Possibly my pubic hair. But to shave my arms, legs, and everything else, I think, is to extreme. I’m not a child; I think body hair is perfectly normal. Of course, it has little esthetic value, but, come on! Ther has to be a limit.

    Don’t even get me started on the idea of having body hair of the arm pits , or testicles, being lasered off! I think it’s freaky!

  • Dude

    Yum I love the chest hair

  • robert


  • buy ankle boots

    This is fifty percent entertaining. But then again I’m extremely high right now

  • edison

    hey algun dia en el futuro sere como voz jake te admiro por esas grandes peliculas que hacen de ti un gran actor