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Dempsey and Adams Getting Married

Dempsey and Adams Getting Married

Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams got married yesterday in Central Park!

Ok, just kidding. That was a half lie. They did get married, but as Giselle and Robert on the set of the movie Enchanted! Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams were out in Central Park again for another day of filming, this time, apparently, for a scene in which the main characters get wed.

Enjoy the photos after the jump. By the way, I have no idea who that man is wearing the American Flag suit and holding the guitar. Weird!

 - Doobybrain

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enchanted in central park01
enchanted in central park02
enchanted in central park03
enchanted in central park04
enchanted in central park05
enchanted in central park06
enchanted in central park07
enchanted in central park09
enchanted in central park10
enchanted in central park11
enchanted in central park12
enchanted in central park13
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  • angelah


  • kate

    You had me there for a minute! I was all happy for them!!

  • Shelby

    Okay, we’ll that just ruins the ending of the movie.

  • Tiffany

    that cowboy looks like the naked cowboy that plays down in times square…and maybe the wedding happens first…

  • Rachel

    amy adams looks charming

  • Jen C

    I love patrick Dempsey… always have since loverboy! wow I’m dating myself here! Thanks for the ending of the movie… guess it’s another I’ll wait until video for!

  • Amanda

    yeah, that’s the naked cowboy.

  • Danielle

    The "cowboy" with the guitar is Jeff Watson of the 80s band Night Ranger. (They did the song "Sister Christian".) I have no idea what he is doing in the film…

  • Erica

    nooo Idina gives it away!!! lol. im not blaming her cuz I love her but she does say "the prince decides he doesnt like the princess and he likes sassy me." there’s the end of the movie for ya!

  • Anonymous

    Just to let you all know, I was a PA for this movie. The musician in the flag shirt is Jeff Watson, and the main characters DO NOT get married. It’s just a big musical number in the movie. Not a wedding. It is Disney afterall.

  • ERiCA

    if you want to see pics of Idina and Patrick filming its on this person’s xanga – and scroll all the way down.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Watson"Night Ranger" actually played guitar for the music in that scene and made many cameo appearances during those scenes. I also participated in those scenes and asked him personally. Nice guy. Alycat

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  • natalia

    The movie aws fun! It reminds me of my childhood years…..I like how patrick dempsey smile…he looks sweet!


    my god amy you are princess a beatiful one

  • ellizabeth

    I love, love Patric Dempsey, especially as D.r. McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy. And the nickname suits him just fine. His eyes are really dreamy .

  • Julia

    Patrick Dempsey is so SEXY. Even though I like him I would be
    happy 2 C them (really together in real life)

  • EnchantedQueen3

    haha Yeah as if that would happen ,but hey they would make a great couple ,they’d be know as Adamdempey or Gobert (like Giselle and Robert) . There romance was unbeliveable

  • EnchantedQueen3

    Btw I love that film

  • OLivE

    guys in enchanted, patrick and amy NEVER get married, its just forshadowing (my guess) whats gonna happen in the sequel, hopefully disney has a sequel…

  • EnchantedQueen3

    OK first of all they never married in this she only lived with him in the end. I saw no wedding rings or engagement rings at the end. I would have loved if Robert proposed to Giselle on the top of the tower now that would be romantic altogether.

    Great film btw

    And guys come on its a kids film, take it for what it is a cheesy,quirky romantic movie all about finding love in real or animated life.

    Thumbs up for me !!!!!!!!!!!!. Also James Marsden I love that guy his hilarious, I wonder did he want his charcther Edward to be like Jim Carrey gone wrong lol