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Hayden Christensen at The Guvernment Nightclub

Hayden Christensen at The Guvernment Nightclub

Hayden Christensen was apparently so smashed over the weekend at The Guvernment Nightclub in Toronto, Canada that he could not utter complete sentences.

I really have no idea how this kid got famous. He’s in my top 10 list of worst actors ever placed in a film (don’t believe me, just watch the Star Wars films). My goodness, just look at him. Some people think he’s a hit or miss. I think he’s wasted.

 - Doobybrain

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Hayden Christensen at The Guvernment Nightclub01
Hayden Christensen at The Guvernment Nightclub02

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  • callisto


  • kick

    Yes, and we all now how brilliant every other actor was in Star Wars. Geez, look at his other movies, he got a Golden Globe nomination at age 19 or Life as a House.And I do see nothing wrong with these pictures. He is one of the nicer celebreties out there.

  • Nana

    I like him, he was brilliant in Life as a House and Shattered Glass.I don’t see anything odd in these pictures. I think he’s a sweet and cute guy.

  • briseis

    Hayden was excellent in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. The later SWars movie were not about the actors but more about the special effects — so do not blame Hayden. He is a very very good actor. And so what if he’s wasted in these pictures? He’s a young man having fun.

  • Princess Lea

    This guy is such a terrible actor that he spoiled the last few Star Wars movies. He must have been blackmailing George Lucas with some serious stuff to get that role!

  • Her

    I think he’s hot.

  • JD

    Yeah, even though I thought his acting was campy in star wars, his acting ability was brilliant in life as a house and shattered glass.

  • rachel

    i think he’s a great actor as evidenced in life as a house and shattered glass. i think the lines he had to deliver in star wars were what make him seem so horrible.

  • Mariana

    I tihink that hayden is a very good actor and he act very good in all of the movies he do!!! That man is just jealous that he is young, rich and can have fun!!

  • stephanie

    this makes me miss jared.

  • misty

    He’s not a terrible actor, unfortunately he became famous while under the infamous misdirection of George Lucas who prefers quality CGI to quality dialogue/performance. No he wasn’t great in the Star Wars movies, but he has great potential as he has proven in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. Let a young, hot, rich ,boy drink and have some fun in peace. He seems very sweet and more genuine that many other actors his age.

  • angie

    "(don’t believe me, just watch the Star Wars films)."hmmm… shows how many of his films you’ve watched. Nobody, i repeat, NOBODY can be good in star wars movies. look at natalie portman, shes an amazing actress and in star wars, she sucks. same goes for every actor whose been in a star wars movie. hayden played his character the way Geroge lucas asked him to play it. and so what if he’s wasted? EVERYBODY gets wasted at least once in their life so why make it out to be such a big deal? its not like he does it every single day like sum ppl do coughlindsaylohancough. he is one of the rare celebs that doesnt let fame get to his head and he appriciates his fans. so please cut the start wars crap, tons of us have already heard it a million times.

  • Sheridan

    Are you kidding? Drunk or not, this guy is a cutie. However, his reputation has been tarnished for me since he’s been linked to the forever overrated Sienna Miller.

  • missvogue

    i think hes hot..does anyone know what dj that is beside him???

  • jenn

    I’d hit it.

  • Hobbit

    I think he’s adorable! And as far as his acting ability…hell..Lucas made even Samuel L. Jackson look bad…Hayden was great in Shattered Glass and Life as a House.

  • wb

    He’s sorta cute, but he and his brother look weird — eyes set really far apart. cute from the side, but not straight on. From what I have heard, he was likely stoned out of his mind, rather than drunk.

  • misty’s evil twin

    *yawn* how boring, another "Hayden ruined Star Wars" rant. Basement dwelling fanboys such as yourself will never accept any actor as Vader, so give up the pathetic mewling about the topic.Why is this man not allowed to be drunk at a club, at the same time hundreds of others are, without it being a reason to rag on himIf you would bother to see his other films, you would have to eat your overinflated arrogant tongue.

  • Maggie

    HAYDEN ROCKS!!Screw all the bashers!!

  • CareBear

    Hayden has been known to get trashed when he goes out and has partaken of some green from time to time. Who hasn’t? Leave him be.

  • Emmy

    Ok. This is just sad! Hayden is a fantastic actor. You obviously didn’t watch Life as a house or Shattered Glass. And who the hell cares if he’s drunk or not? We all get drunk at some point, you can’t deny it! He’s such a sweet heart, and when ever he goes out somewhere he just gets bashed. pfft. it’s BULL SHIT. Just leave him alone – he isn’t your normal celbrity, he just acts and lives like a normal person would. Thanks!

  • Violet

    Alec Guinness is the only actor in Star Wars history to live up to even a fraction of his potential when directed by George Lucas…. and we all know this is because Sir Alec Guinness was magic.

  • mark

    I was there.He seemed fine.I should be updating this page.

  • Miss

    You were there with him? Lucky bastard :p

  • Ryan

    Well good actors, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman, also suffered from Lucas’ writing/directing. Hayden needs to do more movies like Life As A House and Shattered Glass.

  • maz

    In these pics, he is fukin gorgous. omg i did not realises hot /cute he was.. :) xx hayden

  • Amy G

    He is totally a cutie. He is also a great actor. Life As A House was an awesome movie. Fuck you whoever thinks he’s not hot or is a bad actor.


    I don’t know what has to do him being wasted with his acting abilities. I think that many people get wasted in clubs and that’s completely normal I wouldn’t mind getting myself wasted with him lol. And I think people don’t give him a break, just because of Star Wars(even Samuel Jackson and Natalie Portman acted like trash there) there are several movies coming out for him and I’m sure he has done an excellent job on them, you just wait and see. God bless him.

  • john

    just jared your an ass ! I was at the guvernment and ran into him.. he was super sweet.. very cool.. down to earth guy.. you made a bad call on this one.. BESIDES name me one other actor who was good in a Star Wars movie.

  • JJ foreva!!!

    # 29 | john Jared is on vacation. We have temporary blogger for this week. Don’t go after Jared.

  • Hammer

    OK, he is a good actor, granted. HOWEVER, the claim that any acting is Star Wars Films suck is BS. Sorry folks, Harrison Ford actually took the campy script and line and made a character (the only one in the series) who is best know for his delivery and lines, and NOT special effects magic.

  • Hayden Angel

    He is totally gorgeous in these pics and I wish I would have been there with him to get hammered!!! Don’t act like there are not other young hot actors that don’t do the same! Get a life!!Hayden we love you! Live it up and have a great time!!

  • Nina C.

    Ithought the diolgue in star wars was terriable.Most of the actors in that movie are great actors but the script just sucks.Life as a house is one of my favirote movies and he was so great in it.Most celebrities go and party get drunk. Paris hilton does and she is on my list the most disgusting celebrity, no one says anything to her!He’s really nice and he’s just living it up . he’s only 25.I say u go boy!

  • joliejolie

    retract the claws, beeches. lots of everyday people go out to clubs, bars, and drink too much. hey, it’s not like he’s into kiddie porn or something similar-now that is sick shit! let the man-boy get shit-faced in his own country. jeez!

  • andypants

    He’s gay and balding.

  • m.a.

    He just looks like he’s having fun. He’s also a great actor. A lot of other actors get into way more trouble. Talk about fabricating a story out of nothing! The real story is "Hayden Christensen Goes To Club – Has Good Time!". And two photos? That’s nothing to base anything on. Keep digging, temporary blogger, and try to find some real gossip.

  • lala

    Ick. THe Guvernment is such a ghetto bar.

  • GML

    Well, the millions of people all over the world who went to see Star Wars once, twice and thrice seem to put you in the minority so quite quoting the party line about Star Wars acting. Not everyone feels the same. The actors did the job they were supposed to do because it’s Star Wars and I like them all.You can’t tell from the picture if he was wasted. Looks to me like the camera caught him looking down or with his eyes half closed. It does look like a good time though. Shame on you for trying to trash someone’s rep.

  • curious george

    "I hate you!!!!!!!!" catch Hayden/Anakin in Revenge of the Sith..and tell me true – wasn’t he on fire? and made you feel he was burning alive? yep, that’s what I thought. great ACTING – great story and direction by George Lucas, too

  • lauren

    Were are the pics of him drunk, because these clearly aren’t them.

  • orchide

    looks hot to me and not drunk at all. And so what? What’s wrong with a 25 year old being out and drinking?He is good in ‘Revenge of the Siths" and excellent in "Shattered Glass" and " Life as a House" which he was awarded for…duhh…you seem to be jealous a bit b/c every single response in disagreeing with you…haha

  • Me

    Hayden does not look trashed–this is a silly blog but nice to see a photo and hear of Hayden being 25 and having a bit of fun

  • maire

    I totally agree… he DOESNT looked wasted here but just having a good time. You guys out here are just making a story out of this crap. I remember when he really looked wasted is that when he went clubbing with Hienna Miller. That woman is totally a B. I. !!!

  • Sue Mary

    I totally agree! He DOESNT look wasted here but just having a real good time. You guys here just dont like him and just making a story out of this crap

  • rumorboy

    WOW! This got posted to !

  • lisa

    He is just being a normal 25 year old guy…leave him alone! And he is a fabulous actor…take the time to watch Shattered Glass and Life as a House to see how talented he really is!

  • lisa


  • Shane

    Likewise agree! Hayden does not looked wasted here but he is when he went clubbing with Hienna Miller while shooting their movie. She a real & total B. I. !!!

  • Michele

    Remember when brendan frasier got famous? In Us magazine he was photographed outside a club. he too looked smashed, so I see nothing wierd about these pictures. Wouldn’t it be funny if he didn’t wear a condom? He probably likes to sleep aound too.

  • rob enderle

    Ok, if youre panties are all wet thinking about him, are under 12 or are a dude who wants to slip him the sausage, your opinions do NOT count when dealing with his acting. Yes, the Star Wars series have had bad stories and dialogues but this guy took wooden to a whole new category untouched even by a young Keanu Reeves. Ive seen junior high kids with less stage fright. The 9 year old who played his character in the previous ST movie was infinitely better and the only actor who was this thoroughly hated by ST fans was Jar Jar Binks and even though he was CGI, he still seemed less robotic that Hayhay. A geek friend remninded me that only Will Wheaton was this hated by scifi fans.Hey, I understand how your hormones can mislead you, Ive seen Showgirls 679 times and now think that Liz Berkely is much better than Hayhay.