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Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh for Superman in France

Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh for Superman in France

Superman Returns is still currently the #2 box office hit in US theaters after more than a week and a half into its debut. The movie stars young stars, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and Brandon Routh as Clark Kent (aka Superman).

Except for the occasional cheesy lines between the two characters mentioned above, the movie was surprisingly good and entertaining (IMO, Hollywood has been butchering most comic-to-film releases).

Check outthe photos of Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh looking good together in France for Superman Returns publicity.

 - Doobybrain

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  • Sam

    Even though they arent a couple, they look cute together…. :)

  • Luvin Superman

    Two very attractive people. The movie was entertaining. I enjoyed it. Brandon Routh did a good job playing Superman. The storyline was a little bland, but hey, it’s the comics.

  • SalmonOnRye

    Anyone notice that Kate has one green eye and one blue eye? other than that.. these two may be the 2 most beautiful people alive…

  • okay

    She’s soo pretty! he’s odd looking,

  • eddiewifey

    Glad to see pictures of other celebrities outside of the Bermuda triangle. I had to leave the site due to the weird fans. Kate actually looks good. I guess because she has clothes covering her bones.

  • whateva

    Kate is so ugly with her bones sticking out like that. Gross.

  • Bob Saget

    If she wants to give up Orlando I’d gladly take him. Routh looks like a panty sniffer.

  • Carolyn

    She has a decent face, but good grief the girl needs to go eat SOMETHING!! It’s hard to really really look at her. She definitely has a disorder and needs some help.

  • Elle

    Kate’s soooo gorgeous. I adore her.

  • hamburger

    About 3-4 weeks ago my boyfriend and I ran into Orlando Bloom in Hyde Park while walking our dogs. His dog (who is a gorgeous mix) started playing with ours so we stopped and chatted with him for a couple of minutes. I didn’t want to be rude so I didn’t say what I really wanted to say to him which was "Please for the LOVE OF GOD feed your girlfriend a bunch of hamburgers, she looked fantastic in Blue Crush and now she looks like a poster girl for anorexia!!!"

  • Sheridan

    She’s definately got that anorexic large jaw thing going on. She also looks like she has an enormous head. She was so cute in "Blue Crush" and "How To Win a Date.." what happened? It’s sad.

  • Emma

    Suddenly, i have a VERY strong desire to tie that woman to a chair and stuff food down her throat till she (errr) vomits(?!?!)…….~ok i understand that didn’t make sense considering that’s what she does all by herslef with out being tied to a chair…haha~ but u all know what i mean!

  • ryo_girl

    They’re so pale they look like plastic dolls (Barbie and Ken anyone?)

  • Desert

    I think Kate Bosworth is pretty but definitely too thin and frail looking. She made a very good brunette in Superman. And I enjoyed the movie on the whole, though I thought it was a bit sad, remembering the orginal ones with Christopher Reeve. Brandon Routh is hot though, and has a very similar sort of look to Christopher Reeve.

  • design_officer

    routh was great in superman, i can’t say enough how much i liked that movie. not sure why more people aren’t seeing it except i guess they are skeptical. but let’s face it when garfield 2 earns 29m it’s a sad day for the world of film.

  • Rachel

    routh looks as pale as snow white!

  • Lori

    Yes. I must say that Kate is looking rather…hungry? Nonetheless, I think that she’s a fine actress and played Lois Lane very well. On the other hand, I’d like to see her gain a few more pounds. She’s still pretty, but with a few more pounds, she could look amazing. As for Brandon, that man never ceases to amaze me. He represented Superman spectacularly and I think Bryan Singer couldn’t have picked anyone better for the role of Superman. I mean, the man, oddly enough, resembles the late Christopher Reeve (Bless his soul) and sometimes, sounds like him! I mean, he’s 6’3", almost reaching the height of our #1 Superman, Mr. Reeve. I’d like to see Brandon appear in a sequel, and I’m sure he would amaze us fans over and over and over again. Well-done job, Brandon and Kate.

  • Betsy

    I’m sorry but he’s gay and she is anorexic.

  • Leni

    EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!BRANDON ROUTH IS THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST HANDSOMEST MAN ON EARTH!!!AND UNIVERSE:0)He looks like a Greek God!!!Perfection at its very best!!!!!And definitely NOT gay????Why are demented people making incredibly debilitating claims like thatDon’t they understand that people might falsely believe these lies!!!!It’s so WRONG!!!!AND SO PATHETIC!!!!Is being incredibly handsome, tall with a yummy physique and a successful career the NEW indicators for being gay!!!!!!!What are the new requirements now????For if these are which Brandon so perfectly fulfills being Drop Dead Gorgeous, over 6 feet tall and now starring in a summer blockbuster then ALL the so called actors incl Brad Pitt , Patrick Dempsey and Chrstian Bale should also be gayWHY AREN’T THEY TAGGED AND LABELLED!!!People are so jealous and warped and obviously mentally deranged!!!Maybe some screwed-up actor jealous of Routh’s SUPER-SIZED success is spreading these vicious rumours,sick of rotting behind the bar while he is jetting to Paris and London!!!Well as far as I am concerned these rumours can GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!AND ROT THERE!!!HE is the next BIG super star and the best thing to come from Hollywood in a long time and we female fans are ALL on his side!!!His performance was Brilliant , he absolutely nailed it and it was the Best Film I have seen of the summer!!!Pirates Stank like hell and as far as I am concerned I want a clean smooth shaved hunk on the Big Screen with hot as hell looks rather than an unkempt raggedy 40 year old "frenchman"!!!!It’s a star!It’s a superstar!It’s a megastar!It’s Brandon Routh!!!!!!!!P.S.- Brandon has the most sexiest voice…..mmmmm mmmm mmmmm It’s orgasmic! ;0)

  • micaella

    kate and brandon should be together…i mean…they are meant for each other and they make a perfect couple…i really love them both…kate is so pretty and brandon is totally handsome…the should be together..

  • micaella

    kate and brandon are the perfect pairs for the movie………..

  • M.J.

    Brandon should date Kate..really!!At least once…

  • OMG