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Leslie Bibb in Talladega Nights

Leslie Bibb in Talladega Nights

In my continuing efforts to bring to light some lesser known stars/celebrities on JustJared, I present to you Leslie Bibb. She shouldn’t be a completely unfamiliar face to all of you, since she has had recurring roles on TV shows like ER, Nip/Tuck, Crossing Jordan, and the short-lived teen TV series, Popular.

More recently however, she is the wife of Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, a new movie comedy opening on August 4th nationwide about the trials of a NASCAR driver.

Anyway, check out the photos of Leslie Bibb at a Talladega Nights press conference with Will Ferrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, and John C. Reilly. She definitely deserves some limelight here. Enjoy!

 - Doobybrain

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  • skyla

    Thanks Jared! I liked her in popular and Nip/Tuck (1st victim of the carver). Can’t wait to see that Talledega Nights, hope it’s as funny as Anchorman.

  • bebe

    aw i miss popular!

  • aran

    Thanks for the pics – Leslie was excellent on Nip/Tuck. I miss Popular too.

  • macheath

    Man, I loved Popular like nobody’s business back in the day. She’s much prettier than I remember her being, and she kind of reminds me of Heidi Klum, but HELLO, nice tan, chica.

  • jess

    Weird, i just finished watching the 2nd season of Popular on DVD. Mary Cherry was the best. Did they ever come out with a 3rd season?This movie should be hilarious.

  • ohjohnny

    Don’t forget that she won Oprah’s Model Search back in the early 90′s! Way before America’s Next Top Model.

  • ohjohnny

    Oh yeah. She reminds me of Maggie Grace, "Shannon" on Lost.

  • elizabeth

    she’s from richmond, va! yay for richmonders.

  • john

    She looks like a chipmunk, Chip or Dale you take your pick. Someone get her some nuts.

  • equinox

    I LOVED Popular!!! I agree about Mary Cherry & don’t forget her mom!!!

  • ErinMarie79

    I really liked her on Popular.

  • Just Jared fan

    I laughed so hard when Will did (Elf) he is a funny guy, I hope to see the movie, we all need a good chuckle now and again.

  • rebelee

    didn’t she play James’s hapless mom and the object of David Arquette’s passion in "See Spot Run"?

  • milli

    Do you remember the Popular episode guest starring Wentworth Miller? That series remines me of my youth ;))

  • skipter

    i don’t think doobey’s too great. lessor known actresses? they’re not lesser known, they’re lesser paid. big difg. WHEN’S JARED COMING BACK?

  • Just Jared fan

    Does will have any kids?

  • Duude

    # 15 | skipter Wha? Dooby’s awesome! There’s actually some variety here and some damn good actors/esses being displayed. I’m sick of Brad, Ange, Tom etc. They’re over-exposed in the mags as they are! The way it’s been going reminds me of the good old days…————————————————MG lookalike? Nah she’s much better looking than MG.I also loved her in Popular & Nip/Tuck. She also stars in some late night tv show (that’s been cancelled) with Jack Bauer’s dead wife. Line of Fire perhaps?

  • Lady Bug

    HA. I really welcome variety. I love Brad and Angelina and I understand that’s what brings in the traffic to Jared’s site but unless it’s newsworthy it’s so overdone. He doesn’t do himself or anyone else a favor least of all Brad and Angie just posting random things about them to get people to come to the site.It’s scary. You look at the other threads and you have 6comments here 10 comments there. Anyway….I like reading and seeing different stuff along with Brad and Angelina

  • skipter

    this isn’t variety people. honestly. talladega nights is variety? and brad and angelina? people are flocking to this site cause jared had the best coverage of them. that’s impressive. people aren’t flocking now, hardly commenting because leslie bibb is not variety. she’s the same ol same ol. and stupid ass posts on brooke burke and kelly monaco. LOOK AT THE LAST POSTS. they’re the same as jared’s topics/people just faaaaaaaaaaaaaar less interesting and written.. cornily. that’s not a word. but my point remains. come on. every other gossip blog has better topics right now.this site is gonna be skipped by so many until the 17th.

  • Duude

    It’s about quality not quantity. The Brangelina threads are full of the same fans anyway posting over & over. May have 300 or so posts but each has posted about 20+ times! Coming here has actually made me sick of Brad & Ange. I used to not mind them much but now, have OD’ed.I also know a few frequent posters who have left the site and will be glad to come back. Variety is a good thing – Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Owen Wilson, less interesting? I think not!

  • rossy40

    From what I’ve seen of both trailers… this movie’s gonna be GOOD!! I may very well go see it even though I’m NOT INTO STOCKCAR RACING!! LOLI do have 1 concern though… I hope that Will Farrell doesn’t get into trouble like the creators of "South Park" did when they skewered Scientology & had Stan exclaim, "Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet!"The same thing might happen 4 Will & the producers of this movie. Although IMO it’s already been taken care of since the newest trailer now has WF running around in his underwear yelling, "Oh Jesus help me! Tom Cruise, help me!"I wouldn’t be surprised if the scene is removed. In it’s original form it had Farrell yelling, "Tom Cruise, use your magic… Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft to take away the flames!" Oh well, it’s still gonna be FUN!

  • Rachel

    i think she’s pretty ordinary looking.

  • dpblu

    I liked Carly Pope in Popular, the one who played Sam. Yeah she does remind me of Shannon from Lost a bit. I remember the Popular episode with Wentworth, that was real cool. Yeah and Mary Cherry was funny.

  • suchagirlygirl

    I knew her growing up in a small town of 700 in rural Virginia. She was a spoiled brat.