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Lindsay Lohan in Escher

Lindsay Lohan in Escher

Lindsay Lohan was out and about shopping in Malibu last week sporting a dress with artwork by M.C. Escher. I don’t know much about the dress (who makes it and which Escher design was used specifically), but I do know that it’s captivating as an article of clothing.

Often at times, young actresses in Hollywood can’t always dress when they are out on their own doing their own thing, but for this rare moment, I think Lindsay Lohan has a nice piece of clothing on. Maybe it’s because I’m an artist at heart and I like this sort of thing.

See more photos of the dress in the gallery.

 - Doobybrain

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lindsay lohan wearing escher01
lindsay lohan wearing escher02
lindsay lohan wearing escher03
lindsay lohan wearing escher04
lindsay lohan wearing escher05
lindsay lohan wearing escher06
lindsay lohan wearing escher07
lindsay lohan wearing escher08
lindsay lohan wearing escher09
lindsay lohan wearing escher10

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  • As if she even knows who M.C Escher is.

  • traci

    AND she still has not taken off that white bikini. DIRTY!

  • Elisa

    I really don’t like her dress but she looks cute! Look like more younger I think.C’mon let the girl with her bikini! Fat people are so moral…


    Does anyone REALLY care what this obnoxious child does??? She is a joke at best.She’s evidently above the law re: underage drinking, not to mention she seems to get into fights everywhere she goes – she has no class whatsoever. in her pics shes always trying to look overly sexy. No one will even know her name in a couple years as she will be old news and thrown away just like Tara Reid – same animal! She just turned 20 and she looks rode hard and hung up wet already – not to mention the public will tire of her behavior and supreme attitude. Have fun now Lindsay for your five mins of fame will expire soon!!! Thank god. It would be nice to see girls to turn into Women/Ladies for once.

  • Andie

    Lindsay IS THE BEST! All of you have jealous of her coz she’s gorgeous and most of you are FAT girls with a big butt. 100% LINDSAY LOHAN!

  • Pony Attack!!

    I love this dress It’s a Matthew Williamson dress and its on sale on this website

  • Just Jared fan

    She looks alot better than a anorixia blondie, it is an improvement, I hope she slows down a bit on her parting she will have the map of america on her face soon enough

  • rachel

    RIDDEN HARD & PUT AWAY WET. The kids a train wreck – she looks bloated in the face & tired. She will burnt out by the time she’s 25 if she’s not careful – what happened to the fresh face beauty that a 20 year old should have … big shame


    #5 Andie – I would be willing to bet money that your a teenager looking up to this child. As far as the dress its nothing more than "PERFUME ON THE PIG" – NO MATTER HOW EXPENSIVE THE CLOTHES – SHES STILL A CHEAP LITTLE "PWT" TRAILER PARK HOOCHIE THAT TRIES TOO HARD TO BE NOTICED AND THEN ACTS LIKE SHE DOESNT WANT TO BE BOTHERED. Shes just like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears but lacking the $$$ – she will blow thru the $ she’s made quickly at the rate she’s spending it. And BTW im 5’8" 127 lbs, blonde haired, brown eyed WOMAN (not child) with a FABULOUS ASS,which you can kiss NOW!!!Mark my words – some day we’ll be watching a show entitled "What ever happened to….." only to find she and her mom are in rehab and financing plastic surgery to rid themselves of the used-up"Party Girl" look. Have you looked at her in these pics??

  • too bad 4 her…

    She looks like she just snorted up half the coke in hwood!! sad, sad, sad. Wheres her mother? Snorting up the other half?

  • Sheridan

    Wow—lot’s of LL haters I see. No different than any other gossip site I guess.I was once a hater but now, not so sure. I feel sorry for her. I’m assuming that it’s not easy growing up in the spotlight and it’s obviously not easy being pimped out by your own mother. I hope she can clean up her act one day and get as far away from her family as possible. She should also consider taking a bath.

  • stupid skank

    She has this talent of making high fashion look like she got what she wears from the walmart clearance rack…..SHAME ON YOU LILO!!!

  • equinox

    Rode hard and put away best is my favorite line and she is for sure.

  • Eitan

    I wrote some funny stuff about her a couple days back. She’s a riot.

  • Andie

    Rachel, i really don’t care if you are blonde or not. So why do you care about Lindsay so much? All still think everyone who wrote here against her is completely jealous! Everyone wants to look like her! Everyone wants to have the money that she have! Every year some girl is massacreed just because is beautiful and famous! Get another thing to care… politcs, misery or something. Did her clothes change something for you? So GET YOUR NICE ASS AND DO SOMETHING BETTER THAN BE JEALOUS COZ LINDSAY IS GORGEOUS AND YOU NOT!

  • Duude

    # 15 | AndieErm I really don’t think anyone could be jealous of her. We’re simply posting the truth, she IS looking hideous! Yes she does have potential but she’s wasted it with her excessive partying and all that goes along with it (alcohol, drugs etc).

  • Rachel

    i only like the dress. that’s all.

  • Tedd

    Lindsay’s rocks!


    Andie, Andie, Andie – pay attention little girl – the blonde with the "fab ass" was not Rachel – wake up! And if you aspire to look like this prematurely aged dish rag than maybe its time to talk to your mommy and she can get you some therapy. Im sure she’s not aware you playing on the computer again instead of doing your homework like she told you to do. Education is obviously lacking here. Class too.

  • Andie

    I’m so BORED today.

  • Gina

    She looks bloated and tired in the face and the dress is fuckin awful…makes her look more bloated in the stomach area too…poor girl, she should take it easy a little more…or something…

  • ass

    Where I can find this dress please?This is so beautiful and she is really nice.Thanks