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Beyonce at TRL July 12

Beyonce at TRL July 12

Not much to say here really. I like Beyonce. So I wanted to post some photos of her. The most recent photos were from her appearance on MTV’s TRL yesterday afternoon where she officially debuted her music video for her latest single Déjà Vu off her upcoming album B’Day (to be release September 5, 2006).

Enjoy the photos. Cheers.

 - Doobybrain

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beyonce jul12 trl001
beyonce jul12 trl002
beyonce jul12 trl003
beyonce jul12 trl004
beyonce jul12 trl005
beyonce jul12 trl006
beyonce jul12 trl007
beyonce jul12 trl008
beyonce jul12 trl009
beyonce jul12 trl010
beyonce jul12 trl011
beyonce jul12 trl012

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  • pb

    I can’t stand her voice……nice person though!

  • jr

    Go DooDoo-brain !!Your doing a great job…..where’s Jared???

  • skyla

    That’s a gorgeous weave she has there. I want her hairdressers number!

  • Stevens

    Such a beautiful and classy woman.

  • notworking

    I don’t like that high pitched scream thing she does with her voice, but she is talented. And GORGEOUS.

  • loganski

    what’s with the glove?

  • stef

    I love B and she is one of the few entertainers out there that can sing and dance and is naturally beautiful… I love her voice so I would have to disagree, but I do agree with the glove thing not really feeling that

  • Murderer

    There is nothing CLASSY about a woman who likes to wear the fur of animals who are cruelly killed so that some tart can prance around in her purty little outfits. To me, that is sick and not classy at all!!!!

  • Just Jared fan

    I like her jelly

  • Music Lover

    I watched her new video it is a rip off of a Shakira video (especially the part where she’s dancing exactly like Shakira, exactly how Shakira danced in her first english video) other parts are exactly like every other performance she’s ever done. Her outfit here is ridiculous, the stupid glove and ugly shoes. She’s too damn skinny now and way too damn conceited. Telling magazines she’s dynamic and doesn’t understand why people only see her as beautiful. She takes credit for things she doesn’t do – such as crazy in love which she claimed to write but didn’t – as proved by her label & the guy who arranged the mix. She’s got talent and a beautiful face but needs a transformation. She’s constantly doing the same thing all the time. Her performances are starting to all look a like. It’s becoming very unoriginal. And she needs to stop talking so much.

  • Adam

    I think Beyonce is classy in every sense of the word. I don’t find her too skinny at all, I think she looks fabulous! She still has her curves and if she decides to gain a few pounds I’d still think she looks amazing. Her video was great! It was wild and tantric, but it just works! It’s a rollercoaster ride of couture and dancing! I’ve never been a fan of her videos but I am definitely into this new one!

  • Look Closely

    has she had a nose job? She just looks different, and I don’t think it is just weight loss..

  • Angelique

    Beyonce looks great.. minus the outfit.. I am not a fan of leopard and polka dots. Her body looks great since she lost a few pounds.Nice natural makeup job too. You go girl!!



  • ED

    Ya’ll haters should shut the F up. Beyonce is already a legend and her video was on point. We don’t really care if you don’t like the song…quit bitching. Just don’t buy the CD. I can’t believe some of you don’t like her style. Even if Beyonce was bald, was wearing no makeup, and wore a potato sack she would still be better looking than all of you. I can’t stand the people the effin animal lovers that think she should stop wearing fur. She’s not the only celeb out there wearing it and you guys need to stop targeting her. It’s not your fucking money or pet bunny rabbit that she’s wearing so why be so sentimental. All animals die anyways.

  • Roz

    To ED: Think you are missing the point. These animals are killed for their fur, they just don’t die. I have always wanted a fur coat, but took a trip over to and saw what they did to these animals and it change my mind very fast. No fur for me.

  • Roy

    She is a very beautiful girl…..Love the song!

  • Panabk20

    She looked like a lost Tina Turner trying to dance in that DeJa Vu video. & she stole dance moves from "Coming to America." How unoriginal.

  • Alex

    love her….she has very nice voice and she looks gorgeous

  • DeL

    She is beautiful and talented and a wonderful person i really enjoyed the Pink Panther. I got a question though and i dont mean this in a racist way or anything like that, but is she mixed? can anyone answer that, and post it back on the site here. thanx

  • Z

    she is a class a DOG!

  • K


  • black

    am I the only who sees similarities between her and Jessica Alba?Well what can I say…..she´s such an attention-whore (sorry but it´s true)

  • michan

    you’re so cute..beautiful..very very beautiful..keep rockin you’re the best..beyonce loverzz that’s me!

  • beyonceholic

    beYonce,,is very awsome,,she’s very beautifulshe does and always..unbelieveblebeyonce you rocks!you always gonna be the best ever!i love beyonce

  • carmen

    To the poster who commented that she "stole" her moves from Shakira, who did Shakira "steal" her moves from? You think she invented them, was an original? Josephine Baker danced liked that before Shakira was even a thought in her parents mind. Give credit where credit is due, thank you! And yes, she does wear weaves, so does Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson and many other celebrities. Teri Hatcher just recently took her hair pieces off to show that she wears them. So what? And as far as the PETA people go, I think they have the right to champion their cause but please, don’t shove your beliefs down everybodys throats to try to change peoples minds about wearing fur. See how the "shoving" things down peoples throats is working for Tom Cruise and scientology? It’s not.

  • skyla

    She is beautiful and talented and a wonderful person i really enjoyed the Pink Panther. I got a question though and i dont mean this in a racist way or anything like that, but is she mixed? can anyone answer that, and post it back on the site here. thanx_________________________________________I think she has some Creole blood

  • Ellie

    WTF? Why is is so important to know if someone is mixed? Does it really matter? Geez, just because she has lighter skin than some African Americans, does not mean that she is mixed. I’m so sick and tired of this half caste obsession. When everyone discovered Wentworth was mixed, it was like a big deal.

  • Beyonce FANatic

    I LOVE BEYONCE!!! And it personally hurts my feelins when someone talks trash about her- whoever wrote about her copyin somebody elses move and whoever said she wasnt beautiful needs to go to hell- u probably some old lady sittin somewhere wit a blue wig on and nuttin better 2 do!!! leave her alone!!!!

  • Beyonce FANatic

    And who cares if she wears fur– its her decision go take that PETA s*** somewhere else i can’t beleive sum of ya’ll… Beyonce looked beautiful as always in her video and the song is hot and i cant wait to get her new album and ill go all the way to England to get it a day early if i have 2!!!!

  • beyonce sucks

    beyonce is fug wearing hag.

  • carmen

    Um #32, this post is about Beyonce, not your mother. Sorry.

  • John D

    I think Beyonce has talent as a singer, but not as an actress. And I’m sorry, she looks like shit in these photos, her outfit and hair are terrible, oh well, at least it’s not fur…

  • carmen – fuck u

    beyonce is fur wearing tramp. She is nothing but a bitch who likes to kill animals so she can look nice. WHAT A BITCH.

  • beyoncelicious

    Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I love you B. Keep doing your thing!

  • LRM216

    Is it just me, or is she trying to make herself over to look like Rihanna??????

  • petappl_STFU!

    in response to #34(john d)& all the other peta ppl here Ok, I love animals; I’m VEGAN, & I HATE PETA!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most despicable organizations out there. They hate anyone who eats meat, wears fur or leather, etc. Ummm, Beyonce is one of the most talented singers out there, so for you to say she is untalented, or w/e the f, is ridiculous on your part. I despise Peta because the tactics they use to try to horrify or accuse people is completely disgusting. There is sooo many better causes in this world, like kids who are starving in third world countries that need the red flag waved at, not this. People who say they don’t like someone because they wear fur is the same thing as saying you don’t like an actor because he wears leather belts. Go try to push your opinion of someone else! Again, I am a vegan, have been for 13 years, so don’t say I don’t care that animals suffer….

  • stfu

    #38 STFU Youreelf!!!!!!

  • jonothan

    I love her but she looks a bit like hilary duff! Anyway i especially love her light brown eyes they are sooooo pretty. Plus her video is not a copy of shakira. When she’s doing the dance in the dessert it is a throwback of african tribe dances not belly dancin!

  • kelly

    rhianna has been molded to become beyonce part 2. rhianna was still stuck on her island while beyonce was becoming beyonce. if anyone’s copying the other, it’s rhianna. and it shouldn’t matter but beyonce’s mother does have creole blood. because of this country’s history, many blacks in america have a mixture somewhere in their lineage.

  • kind2animals

    she does not need anymore fur than what she naturally has. Beyonce, please.

  • Jess

    Beyonce looks great overall. Her outfit for TRL is not one of her best, nor is her hairstyle but every celebrity has their off days. WOW never knew there were so many haters out there. Ever hear of this, "If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything al all!" Why waste your time and energy to write about her if you don’t agree with or like her ways or her appearance? It only displays envy.



  • whaaaaaa
  • yikes

    you want ugly? look at her lil sis it weird that there were rumors of jay z and rhianna working "closely together" and making beyonce really mad and jealous, and now beyonce with a rhianna hairstyle…

  • anouka

    i’m with delucia fan: how can one be a natural beauty with a weave and fake eyelashes and a nosejob? damn, that’s really disturbing that the only way a black woman can be praised as ‘natural’ is to look as near to white as possible, unnaturally.

  • butrpecn

    Stop hating and for the person that wants to know if Beyonce is mixed no she is not! African Americans come in all different shapes, sizes and shin tones.

  • Justin Slayer

    Beyonce is a man in drag.

  • joey

  • madinina

    she’s a beautiful woman and talented singer.CASE CLOSED (no need to get angry about her)