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Brad Pitt in New Orleans

Brad Pitt in New Orleans

Brad Pitt is in New Orleans helping to promote a sustainable design competition for the area of New Orleans. He is co-sponsoring the competition along with Global Green USA.

Sorry, but photo blurred for confidentiality. Read more info about the competition after the jump.

 - Doobybrain

From Global Green USA:


On behalf Global Green USA’s board of directors and competition jury chair Brad Pitt, welcome to the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans – Advancing the Green Rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast!


This competition combines Global Green USA’s commitment to green affordable housing, sustainable cities, and climate solutions that work for communities, with Brad Pitt’s passion for intelligent architecture. The competition is a central component of Global Green USA’s sustainable rebuilding initiative for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, which began 10 days after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. The idea for the competition developed from a conversation between Brad Pitt and myself at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City in September 2005.

This design competition is truly an opportunity to give back to New Orleans, the birthplace of great culture, music, food, and architecture. It is our goal that green design, clean energy and healthy building be central to the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Using culturally, environmentally and climactically appropriate designs, materials and strategies, we hope the submissions to this competition will use great creativity and offer powerful ideas to help achieve this goal.

Global Green USA’s “Healthy Homes and Smart Neighborhoods Response Team” initiative for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region is an outgrowth of the organization’s decade-long commitment to improving the lives of low-income families through greening affordable housing, creating sustainable neighborhoods, and advancing climate solutions that work for communities. In short, focusing on community solutions that address two of our greatest global challenges: climate change, and poverty.

Global Green USA’s goals include: greening 10,000 homes (via policy incentives through tax credit financing and guidelines developed with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity); educating the public and professionals about green and healthy building (via our New Orleans resource center, education, and workshops); encouraging the greening schools and places of worship. With support from the Home Depot Foundation, Jerry and Ann Moss, and dozens of individuals (including staff members of Global Green USA), we opened a New Orleans’ office in February and a Green Building Resource Center in May. The office and center were established also in part to serve as a design collective – with a front end education center for the public and professionals with nearly museum quality display of products and systems that are green, of good design, and regionally available — to help build the green building expertise of the local professional community. The competition will help advance this goal.



Competition sponsors Global Green and Brad Pitt have as their goal the generation of ideas for sustainable redevelopment in New Orleans, redevelopment that will encourage livable cities everywhere and discourage the consumption of non-renewable resources; redevelopment that will help lower their dependence on fossil fuels and their byproducts; redevelopment that will lead New Orleans to a position of prominence in the area of sustainable development and thus help recapture its reputation as a place of innovation and leadership.

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    Angelina Jolie wins again- wwtdd.comAngelina Jolie will star in the upcoming adaptation of "A Mighty Heart" – to be produced by Brad Pitt – in a role originally intended for Jennifer Aniston. The movie will be produced by Plan B Productions, the company started by Aniston and Pitt while they were married and awarded to Pitt in the divorce settlement.The role is one of the most coveted in all of Hollywood, seen as an almost mortal lock for an Academy Award nomination in the hands of a capable actress. Jolie will play Marianne Pearl, the widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded in Pakistan by Muslim terrorists while Marianne was six months pregnant. Pitt says: "The film will focus on the deep collaboration between people around the world in search of Daniel in 2002. We hope the film can increase understanding between people of all faiths and portray the story and the people involved as honestly as possible without anger or judgment."This actually sounds really mean, except I don’t like Jennifer Aniston, so I don’t really care. The victim the article doesn’t mention is all of us, who will have to listen to Jennifer’s bratty ass whine for another year just because she was beaten by someone better. Not only is Jolie 8 billion times hotter, she’s a better actress and a better person. It’s the difference between a Mercedes SL600 and a donkey that fell in the mud.

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    Thank you doobybrain for babysitting JJ’s site! I have been a Brad Pitt fan since Thelma and Louise and I will always support his movies. I believe that he has finally met his true love in Angelina and I am wishing them the vey best. Brad’s involvement with Global Green for NO comes at a crucial time in the reconstruction process of this unique and beautiful city. Global Green is wise promoting awareness in how we can conserve resources and help the environment while building our homes. I am so proud of Brad and Angie for everthing good they do here and abroad.

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    The idea for the competition developed from a conversation between Brad Pitt and myself at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City in September 2005. I’m glad to know this has been in the works since Sept. 2005. Some delusional fans thought he just woke up to it and announced it to do a PR job. Go Brad and God bless you. You will prevail because of your truth and your kindness no matter what the detractor says. We know you are a good man and we are behind you 1000%.

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    # 32 | tabloids |I learnt shooting starts in five weeks.**I read that also. But there is no lead actor or supporting actors posted on any of the movie sites. So I don’t think that number can be correct. They also have to find the sites to film. There seems to be alot of preproduction work that needs to be done. Five weeks sounds really short.Angie looks great in the St Johns ad.

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