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Christina Aguilera Pepsi Ads

Christina Aguilera Pepsi Ads

Back in April of this year, Jared posted some stills from Christina Aguilera’s then new international Pepsi commercial with singer Elissa from Lebanon.

Here it is again, but this time, some better hi-res photos of Christina Aguilera and her numerous costume changes. I think she looks absolutely stunning in these, especially the one where she’s just in the studio and the one where she’s in the snow (definitely love her outfit in the snow as well).

Does she look better as a fair blonde or as a dark-haired beauty?

 - Doobybrain

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christina aguilera pepsi01
christina aguilera pepsi02
christina aguilera pepsi03
christina aguilera pepsi04
christina aguilera pepsi05
christina aguilera pepsi06
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  • boring

    I’m so bored with her…..she’s a great singer but sometimes it’s like to much overload.kinda of like eating a lot of chocolate cake!

  • ugh

    I thought she was a spokesperson for Coke back in the day…WTF? Britney’s pepsi ads will probably always be better than what Christina can do. She does the same thing over and over and i’m pretty sure those boobs are fake.

  • Me

    eww she looks like a drag queen YIKES!

  • notworking

    Oh I love me some X-Tina!

  • tun

    she is` so beautiful…i love her so much….

  • Sheridan

    I guess she wants to pick up where Cher left off?She looks ridiculous.

  • Kaitly

    She looks AWFUL! I agree Britney’s ads are 100% better.

  • Binky

    Look at all of you haters. She looks beautiful in those pics, and she’s been much more mature about how she handles success and pressures and the public than Britney, not to mention the class that she does it with that Britney will never know. Y’all need to get over the past and look at the here and now.

  • lmao

    LMAO! I remember when everybody called her slut because of the way she acted, now she thinks she is marilyn Monroe what a copy cat.

  • Just Jared fan

    I think she is way better than Brit, far better voice much more talent, I liked it when she hired Flora Sigamondi to help her style up and give her some back bone,

  • Arie

    she looks great. the boobs are fake and she admits it. thats better than brit and all those others who obviously lie.

  • p.

    you gotta be kidding me there’s no way britney is better than christina.

  • anna

    maybe she has better voice but Britney is the whole package.

  • Angelique

    I think Christina looks amazing with blonde hair. I don’t like her with the dark hair. I am also glad that she changed her look to be more classic. She has way more class than she ever did before.

  • starshroomy73

    um, when has she ever admitted to getting implants? I mean, it’s always been pretty obvious. You don’t grow boobs at 21, lol. I must have missed that interview :/

  • Billy

    ok seriously i thought DIRRTY christina was the REAL CHRISTINA!!! i hate that bitch and how shes like agh no shhooott talking all ghetto and saying its the real her…what im seeing is a desperate attempt on reinventing herself because she cant hold down like britney who can still stay in her element regardless of her voice but still take to the house…final word…WHO IS CHRISTINA FAKE U ILERA? btw 1920s? last time i checked its 2006 honey

  • Chanel Crackbaby

    I’ll admit that she’s got a really pretty face but…why does she insist on lying about her breasts being real?I’ve read that several times that she’s trying to prove that they’re real. The pic with the peacock feathers on her head is the picture of fake breasts completely.Great singer, great makeup artist, bad personality.

  • Jennifer

    They are not real. I saw some high res pictures of her ( this was around "Dirrrty") where she had her breasts covered with her hair. You could clearly see the surgical scar where the implant was put in on one of her breasts.

  • CHRISs!

    "Her breast aren’t real"…"they are real..:" blah blah. Goshhh what a crime! She got breast implants! OMG the world is gonna end soon. How idiotic and dramatic you people are. What if she got implants??? It’s 2006 and she looks freaking hott!!! If she had surgery it was well done, and why the fuck does she need to even talk about it?? It’s her damn body and she cand do whatever she wants to it, implants, piercings you name it. If you want surgery to make u feel better then get it and that’s it.SHE WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER AND DIFFERENT THAN BRITNEY. Britney is ‘like so country y’all’ stupid dumbass bitch who makes the worst decisions and threw her career to the toilet. Christina is a smart girl with a great voice and style.

  • b

    just look at brit lately… just cant compareCHRISTINA IS HOT HOT HOT!

  • chrisz

    well no comparison to brit since she nasty and white trailer trash, and no comparison to her in terms of talent as well… shez a low rent bitch. .. christina is hot hot hot .. shes talented and can sing, so burn u brit fans… shitney will never b able to come back .. her career is doomed

  • 2phat

    Shitney… that’s funny!

  • 2phat

    Shitney… that’s funny!

  • AS

    well Aguiperra will be the same bitch for me.that slut doesn’t have class AT ALL.

  • Nicole

    The last time I checked, a slut was someone who slept around. There were never rumors of Christina sleeping around, unlike "virginal" Britney. I like them both, but you gotta give credit where its due. Britney acts more like trailer trash the older she gets, whereas Christina actually tries to GROW and MATURE. She looks fan-freakin-tastic! Plus, X-Tina has actual talent. All Britney has, or should I said HAD, was a great body. That’s long gone!!

  • AS

    I’m not a fan of Britney or that bitch called Christina, Say whatever you want about Britney at the end I’m not her fan either.But you know what I can’t believe Christina with all that talent that she has hasn’t sold too many albums as Britney did. And rememenber you said the only thing that Britney had was her body. And she bacame this huge star.Something wrong has to be out there, I mean it is weird.

  • kind2animals

    those are some stupid looking boobs. she looks like a drag queen and her voice is so dang annoying! Xtina- you try too hard dear.

  • lyn

    Seriously she looks like a drag queen YIKES!

  • jeskah

    do u people really care of someones tits are fake??? or are you that jealous??? fuckin losers…

  • celebs photo

    I like her more if she blonde.

  • sarah

    christina is so hot,she got the stile,she got class,she can move,she got everything that a girl want to have so for you fuckers who dont like her`,to bad for ya so go and fuck your selvs .. christina is perfect ;D

  • chick

    christina is beautiful, has a beautiful body and an amazing voice, though she does have a pretty big ego, and piles on tons of make up and wears really slutty clothing. cant respect that….

  • Maychen

    I think she looks gorgeous. If there’s ever a time to put peacock feathers on your head it’s when you’re in an over-the-top Pepsi commercial and you’re a Hollywood diva. Give her a break! She’s adorable. She has staying power, too.

  • Mojie

    Britney spears pepsi commercial is wayyy better..she can actually dance..hey christina,,why u always follow britney’s foot steps?

  • Mya

    there’s something yucky about this chick. i turn the channel whenever she’s on. seriously, her voice is annoying. she sings from the back of her throat or something. yuck. no me gusta.

  • Gina

    She looks so goofy in these pictures…hopefully she’s just making fun of herself…she really needs a new lipstick color, the blood red is really passe…

  • Arielle

    I dont get why some of u think she looks ugly or like a drag queen…the reason she has soo much makeup on is because thats the traditional makeup for JAPANESE people…DONT YOU PPL KNOW??…you should think before you make fun of her..I dont get why some of u think BRITNEY is better..she cant even sing, all she does is lipsync..CHRISTINA ACTUALLY has TALENT!!!

  • Jordan Johnson

    I don’t find Christina attractive at all (women who look like mice don’t really do it for me), but I do think she looks better with blonde hair since her skin is so fair. She can stand to lose the blue contacts though.

  • malibu who

    god awful. i don’t think her new cd will do well at all, she’s sneaky to release a double cd cuz they every cd sold counts for 2 sales…boring, too photoshopped..just bleh in general.

  • stacy

    She looks beautiful in the snow picture, why can’t she see that the red lipstick is unflattering? Seriously.

  • #1 Fan

    She looks gorgeous! Some of you just talk a bit too much. I agree with that person who said she handles herself more mature compared to Britney when it comes to the media. She might have a bit too much make up sometimes, but who doesn’t? At least she doesn’t look as if she had lost control of everything and her emotions are getting the best of her unlike someone who literally had stated "…I’m an emotional wreck…" on national television.

  • #1 Fan

    Oh, and one more thing: Keep in mind that Christina DID gain weight and lost it. Not as if I had looked so hard, but when is it ever that implants have sag? Her boobs do sag, just look at her Stripped tour concert on London when she sang "Beautiful" at the end. That will tell ya. Get over it.

  • Anon

    You haters. Who cares if Christina’s boobs are fake? Can you sing better than her? I doubt that. Do you think you look better than her? I doubt that too. Therefore, you aren’t ones to talk. Just shut your traps.

  • Meda

    Haha! What makes you think that’s traditional Japanese makeup… tard. Do some research on traditional Japanese makeup first before spouting about stuff you don’t know.Personally, I don’t care for Christina, but I’m willing to give this new go of her’s a chance.

  • Kate

    That is NOT traditional Japanese makeup! How ignorant can you be?! Traditional Japanese makeup is nowhere near that garish! She looks like an overly made up tramp. As for boobs – hers are so obviously fake! Didn’t any of you see the photos of her in the black dress where her left implant was jutting out at a strange angle? And yes, implants can sag – it depends on whether they are inserted above or below the muscle.

  • Faith

    I think she is so gorgeous and looks great in anything. And she is so talented as a singer and so much more. I love her. She is awsome!!!!

  • Bao

    So I guess, that third comment of #1 Fan was someone trying to be me…? WTF? That was lame. Ahhaha! I’ll just go by my real name now since people are willing to do something that stupid. HAha!

  • Bao

    Ahhaha! Nevermind! I’m stupid!

  • Bao

    To the last Kate above me: She done gained some weight and lost some… fat around the boobs is a hard area to lose. You sound like a plastic surgeon, but do realize the obvious and don’t just assume just cause she might have D-sized cups. Heck, go and rant over Jessica Simpson’s boobs now will ya! Her shit’s real. Give her a break. I give her the benefit of the doubt. You just seem insecure somewhat all of a sudden. Chill out.

  • Angel

    She looks so hot and you all know it. She’s experimentive, as all artists should be. Wouldn’t the whole world have gotten sick of her five years ago if she kept the pin-straight blonde hair and cute smile thing going on? And p.s. She’s always had big boobs? How come everyone suddenly thinks they’re fake? Watch the video for "The Voice Within". Those things were always big, and they look real to me.