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Mischa Barton Struggles With Fame in UK

Mischa Barton Struggles With Fame in UK

As some of you may already know, Mischa Barton has recently decided to take the next step in her acting career and has enrolled in acting classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in the UK.

Mischa Barton is distraught she has to introduce herself to strangers in her British birth land, because she has one of the most recognisable faces in the US. The O.C. beauty, 20, was born in London and lived there until her family moved to New York City when she was five – and she cannot understand why the UK hasn’t taken her to its heart. She says, "I’m so surprised nobody really knows me in England. "It’s just unbelievable. I have to introduce myself, which I never have to do in the States."


Congrats to her on attending The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art!  Hopefully she’ll be able to blossom into a more refined actress when she finishes up at the school.

 - Doobybrain

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  • pica

    Well, it’s time she learned that the rest of the world doesn’t have to know her. She must come down to Earth. Nevertheless it’s good she signed there, and I think her career will go upwards after Attenborough’s film. She’s not a bad actress, she’s just too young!

  • jr

    I think she owns the world’s most ugliest shoes!I think she can’t see her feet because her giant ego is in the way.

  • just me

    I think she’s beautiful and smart for leaving the O.C. when she did and now improving her craft.

  • geniass

    Maybe she’ll finally learn how to act.

  • londoner

    haha i walk past there like everyday, I should bring my OC calendar and freak her out one day! I saw her eating Tapas in Hampstead a few days ago too…

  • skyla

    To be fair The OC is quite popular in the UK. Maybe the people in her class are stereotypical starving actor types who don’t have Sky or cable and don’t get up before 3pm on Sundays.

  • not impressed

    Now, if she can work on that blank, ‘nothing behind my eyes, in my brain’ look she gives the camera for every single close up, that would be great. Or if she could show that she actually has a personality.

  • Cin

    She does have the ugliest shoes ever..!

  • not a fan

    shame on her for promoting fur in her clothing line….it is sad to see someone so lovely, so unaware of how they kill the animals to make clothes. she is completely unevolved.

  • Maureen

    Absolutely–THE ugliest shoes; and she pairs them with the most unlikely outfits. UGH!

  • nick

    She’s a true beauty, one that will only get better with age. She is very young and this is a great choice to go back to the basics fo her craft … it’s quite a bold & brave me. Go Mischa

  • rachel

    Something tells me, the way the chick in the purple tie dye tshirt is looking at her, they know who she is. The Brits just aren’t so ridiculous as the Americans about it (the paparazzi are but the public aren’t).

  • Sheridan

    Forget the shoes–look at this face. This girl is gorgeous. However, I read somewhere that she is a complete bitch–yelling at her mom at a restaurant or something. Oh, and then the time when she took her dog to the vet and didn’t want to pay the fee because she is who she is.Beauty is only skin deep indeed!

  • equinox

    She HAS a clothing line!??? WTF?

  • Tralalala

    Oh, poor girl, they don’t know her there. Arrogant.

  • Frenchy

    You can’t knock someone for trying to better themselves. Most people are satisfied with being mediocre. Good for Mischa because that OC shit doesn’t count.

  • jr

    Thank you Post#8 and Post 10The shoes are really ugly …and your right #10 she does manage to put them with the strangest combination.Misha Rarton….shoe collection fan club!!!

  • Duude

    She’s goprgeous but has been wasting away her looks by excessive partying, and she wasnt improving her acting talent at all by being on the craptacular O.C. It’s nice to see that she’s actually striving for improvement. With some acting lessons she may actually deserve the roles that she gets.

  • carol

    i think her words are taking out of context. im sure she liesk the fact she has to introduce herself and being in london is much more different than US where everyone is in her face. i read a post on ONTD about a girl who goes to acting classes with her and she said mischa barton seems very shy and just want to blend in with the crowd. i commend that shes taking acting seriously and taking acting classes! good for her!

  • Amo

    jesus, she’s only on the summer school, and the place was probably GIVEN to her by Richard Attenborough (who’s the president of RADA, and just directed her in a film…blahblahblah)

  • A.

    Gorgeous? Uh, she is so incredibly average; time to stop letting all of the hype blind you.

  • Z


  • black

    Way to go Misha… sure need them!

  • jo

    Desperate!! is the word that comes to my mind.She is trying to regain credibility after being fired form a hit show where she was pretty much the star. They must have really hated working with her.Your know what they say about big feet=big ego=bad acting=ugly shoes=fired from a hit show

  • Rachel

    her ignorance and stupidity is laughable.

  • Needia

    Mischa gets into RADA but Gary Oldman got turned down?I think there are some double standards in their admissions policy. Probably a lot of $ too.

  • les

    Fattie mcfattass

  • d. c.

    Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses, I better learn something new. Blind ambition broke my nose.

  • Gina

    wow, she is so conceited…yes mischa no one fucking cares who you are in the UK, or anywhere else where it matters, in the first place, so boo-hoo your spoiled ass and learn how to act…so maybe, in the future you can co-star in the new James Bond movie or something, instead of looking like some skinny bitch with cellulite rich thighs and no ass…!

  • ess dot

    thats funny but heres a story from friend was hitting on mischa barton at a bar for 10 min (he didnt know who she was b/c he’s past the OC has a real job ect.) and barton wouldnt respond to him..then he got fed up and bitched her out for 15 mintues telling her she wasnt even that hot and what a bitch she was and walked away. immedietly he was informed that is was mischa barton..well that was n.america and he still didnt know..c-lister.

  • Jordan Johnson

    I doubt that will be able to help her. If her idea of conveying emotion is squinting her eyes and tilting her head a bit on the OC, I can’t imagine she’ll become the next Oscar-worthy actress from a few classes, no matter who’s teaching her.

  • katie

    I saw mischa in London today wearing those same shoes. You will all be pleased to know she had chewing gum stuck to them so she’ll probably throw them out!

  • Amo

    re: "Mischa gets into RADA but Gary Oldman got turned down?"he probably applied to doa degree there – she’s just on a summer school. As i said above, it was probably fixed, and i doubt the Shakespeare group would have been her first choice…

  • xxx

    Your comments are misguided. Mischa paid for her place on the 4 week Shakespeare intensive course at RADA (as did over 100 other students). There is no favouritsim involved.

  • Philly

    Leave her alone…she’s an absolute heroine! love her, love the o.c, and love her for getting on with her life despite petty judgement from the public!

  • John

    Well, finally she´ll learn how to act..!