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Brad Pitt for Global Green

Brad Pitt for Global Green

Here are some pictures you may have missed of Brad Pitt meeting with New Orleans community leaders Barbara Lalen Keller and Carol BeBelle this past Thursday. The actor was in town as a sponsor and judge of the Global Green design competition for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly New Orleans homesbuilding. Below is a video of Brad Pitt‘s Global Green press conference.  Many more pictures in the gallery!

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  • Tootall

    He may be tired, but he still looks good to me.

  • kidi

    "If I can get a burp out of that little thing, I feel such as sense accomplishment." Cute, very cute.


    meme…are you creating another rumor. Typical of haters & Aniston fans. Wow the haters really are sickening!

  • ariel

    Too bad meme, your fugly jen jen filed for divorce last year. Grand ain’t it!

  • Tootall

    I guess I need my eyes checked because I don’t see the bad that you guys apparently see.I see a little wrinkles around the eyes, but that’s just age.

  • karamia

    He probably is worn out and tired and flat out shocked that he is in the United States walking around in an area that looks like the bombed out third world country! ..what a mess. Thanks Brad for being involved and bringing the attention back to the area :) You are very hot ~

  • em

    He looks good. I don’t see anything wrong with him. He looked his age with Jennifer too. Go back and look, and not at pictures from ten years ago. :D

  • Amy

    At least he is trying to help people. He still looks good doing it too! I can’t imagine that kind of work can wear you down pretty quick.not to mention a little baby. Of course he looks worn out!good for him I say!

  • mmyers

    He looks like a confused little boy. Very boyish, not bad at all. I can’t see where he looks tired at all. Especially in the candid shots. He looks very childlike. I LOVE BRAD!! BRAD PITT RULES!



  • whatevs

    anyone else notice that he always wears that same shirt and suit jacket combo??

  • Maria

    The guy looks tired and sad after seeing all the devastation in New Orleans. My gosh, why do you people claim it’s Angie’s fault. You ‘negative’ people should get jobs on all the rag magazines, you sure write like those idiots that start rumours. The man doesn’t want an ‘negative’ press when he’s out doing good things, hence, keeping his hands to himself. Anything the rags can pick up on they will. This man is trying to do his best for people that don’t have all the things he has. I would like to see pictures of all of you after seeing the things he’s seen and working non stop. GROW UP PEOPLE!!

  • Meli

    I still can’t believe,how some people can look at this man,who is and will be more handsome than any man we meet everyday in the street,and say that he "looks bad and ugly".Are you blind,or are you living in another planet?The women who do these comments about him,know that only in their dreams they could find a man like that.And the men,know that they wish everyday to look like him.And what makes me more surprised,is that there are people that see this man doing some good things and still make nasty comments.Would you prefer that he just stayed home and care only for his looks and his career?Would you respect him more then?


    CALM DOWN#15..Is that you meme? Damn I did not know you can create another user name? Interesting. Where’s the slap. I am waiting biatch!

  • em

    He did say he wanted a small closet whatevs

  • aquame

    Oh, lord, this is the first page and it isn’t starting off so well. What to do, what to do…

  • Beth

    Who cares what he looks like. You all missed the point……….

  • Keller

    He looks bad??? WOW! Your boyfriends/husbands must be seriously rockin .. and I can only imagine how stunning you are …

  • dragonfly

    He didn’t come down here to look all slick and glam, ya’ll. He came to try and help. Karamia totally nailed it… he can’t believe this devastation right here in one of our own American cities. Sure he looks sad. He wouldn;t be human if he wasn’t. Like he said himself this morning, "I’m so over myself." Good for you Brad! I am thrilled that he is learning to use his fame wisely. He knows people want to look at him, and at least he cares about having something worthwhile to say, which is much more than can be said about a whole truckload of other celebs and pseudo-activists. I think he looks more attractive than ever, because I know there is some substance behind that beautiful face. Yes, yes, he’s aging very well in my opinion. He’s more handsome now than ever….and did you see his face light up at the very mention of Angie’s name? He even blushed a little. Man oh, man, I am such a hopless romantic….

  • Be sane

    I see very jealous haters are out early this morning! What a nice thing to do to yourself to spew vile words on a person you will never meet. So sorry your Aniston lost out on Jolie in love, career and all but that’s just life and it’s not yours. Oh and Jen is a millionaire laughing to the bank, so you don’t need to feel sorry for her either.

  • Be sane

    I see very jealous haters are out early this morning! What a nice thing to do to yourself to spew vile words on a person you will never meet. So sorry your Aniston lost out on Jolie in love, career and all but that’s just life and it’s not yours. Oh and Jen is a millionaire laughing to the bank, so you don’t need to feel sorry for her either.

  • Lynn Campbell

    What sometimes people seem to forget is that Brad is not trying to look beautiful anymore. For 15 years he was always the most beautiful person in the room and it didn’t bring happiness to him. It’s just not a priority in his life now. Sure, he could’ve gotten dressed up, put some blond highlights in his hair, had a makeup person there, but IMO he would’ve looked pretty silly like that trying to talk about serious issues and helping the people of New Orleans. Almost all the pictures I ever remember seeing of him and X together were red carpet pictures, of course he looked good in those, that’s what those pictures are for. He and X had nothing to focus on except looking good, they had no children to take care of. To me he looks fantastic like he is and he’ll still look good to me 20 years from now.

  • lorie p

    just saw him with anne this morning,101% meme you asshole!he looks cute and kissable you just cannot accept that its over with him and anustain!

  • Maria

    Hi Meli! I so agree with you. Some people just can’t say anything nice about anybody. This is a man who has everything and is willing to do for those that don’t have. His first trips to Africa were when he was still with Jennifer. This is nothing new for Brad Pitt. He’s a caring person and WANTS to help. Why would he drag his three children to a place so devastated? Where do people come up with this trash? Another thing, would those of you who feel you cannot say anything intelligent without using ‘naughty’ langauge stop! The language I sometimes read on this site is just out of order!!

  • Marcheline

    Brad probably looks like that because he’s spending more time helping others than helping himself. Personally, I find that more attractive than all the suits, shades, and expensive clothing in the world.

  • Tootall

    [quote]Who cares what he looks like. You all missed the point……….[/quote]I got the point and I think it’s great what Brad is doing.I just wanted to defend him against some of these comments

  • lorie p

    hi jared could you please post the picture of brad x setting in the lap of fatvaughn?that way meme could realized that the vaughniston shouldnt exes in this world.

  • ?

    I don’t understand why people keep saying he looks bad? I think he looks incredibly hot still. I don’t see it at all,

  • Maria

    Gee, why didn’t he wear Yves St. Laurent to New Orleans while he’s walking around in the heat? Walking on dirt roads, through mile high grass, vacant lots? What are you people thinking? The man is not out to impress the rags. Did any of you see the pictures of him when he went to the Mr & Mrs Smith premiere? Well, he didn’t have a suit on there either and he rocked! Some of you need to get over yourselves, your really do.

  • CCCC

    Meme, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it all, it makes you look like a complete idiot.

  • Passing Through

    A new thread! Does this mean Jared’s back?! If so, I hope you had a good vacay! We missed you!

  • cookie

    these aniston fans are really jealous,but still denying it.brad looks 100000000x better than aniston bf which by the way is 6 yrs younger than brad.vince hair is thinning,have u seen his huge forehead?how about his eyebugs?brad is like jhonny depp,they both dont care how they look,they take the focus off themselves,bec.they are both have families haters stop these non-sense bashing bec. you wont win.brad is very hot,sexy,handsome.vince vaugh?ugly,ugly but funny looking guy.aniston is fucking an ugly man right now,so haters be content with that!

  • april

    How can people be so concerned with what Brad looks like or smells like, when there is so much devastation around him. You know what looks bad and smells bad, New Orleans after almost a year and no signs of rebuilding. The destroyed houses have not even been taken away.

  • sara

    SORRY , but if he touches that blond girl,the pic is the next national enquirer or star magazine cover: brad and the hottie girl,angie crying….!!!

  • Indie

    Jared, nobody does this better than you.I am seeing posts from people saying they are sick and tired of seeing Brad and yet they are here on just jared waiting for a new thread so they could be the first to post, twisted logic if you ask me. I am indifferent towards Anniston and you will not find me going on her thread to write simply because she does not interest me.But if you find Brad and Angie threads more fun, stick around, you may learn one or two things about humanity and being charitable.

  • Somalia

    , HATERS do US a favour and go take a shower, because you HATERS smell like shit, did you come out chin chin’s A hole for a break. After all that’s where chin chin’s fan’s do their worshiping

  • Meli

    Oh God.How stupid some people are.In their eyes,the sexiest man alive for the last 15 years is suddenly ugly,he is just 43 and they say that he is an old man,he has everyday in his arms the most beautiful woman in the world and they say they pitty him,he is raising three wonderful kids and they say he is just a nanny.He is using his fame and money for good things and they say he is doing it for publicity like he needs more of that.Stupidity has limits you know.

  • Tootall

    Exactly Sara. Brad’s no fool. He’ll take a picture with you, but he won’t give the paps anything to work with.

  • *me*

    Brad doesn’t "still" look hot people..he plain and simple IS FREAKING HOT!!!There no way to win against meme ( I was gonna say haters but is TOTALLY OBVIOUS that is ONLY meme talking to herself/himself) If he was all dressed up he’s a self-absorbed moron…if he’s not dressed up he’s looking like crap.It is more than obvious that all X fans can only focus on looks…not actions, not messages, not other people….just appearance…and THAT is truly sad.WELCOME BACK JARED!

  • African Girl

    Good Morning All,I’m sorry…I must be dreaming! A new thread with over 10 pictures? Why, if I didn’t know better I’d say Jared is back! Oh…wait he is! Oh Jared, welcome back but don’t you ever, ever, ever do that again. If we have no lives then you don’t get to….understood? Good, glad we’ve cleared that up. Saw the interview, thought BP was brilliant. Only an Idiot would say he didn’t know what he was talking about. To see how New Orleans is a year after the fact is sad….yet people have a problem with someone trying to help. PR, PR they chant, well I wish that more celebrities did more things for PR. Sometimes (alright, all the time) the logic of these Non-Fans amaze me. I mean you can dislike someone but still give the credit for something.

  • angelah

    yes! another thread!!!

  • Somalian

    off topic….Is anyone going to see THE LADY IN THE WATER? if it is anything like the village, i’m going to ask for my money back.brad your hot, he looks like anyother parents who have hard time sleeping do to small children around..

  • sara

    This man is at peace with the world and himself just look at his face and listen to his words. Please forgive the haters. They cannot understand why this man would choose a child-bearing younger more sexual woman and can hold a conversation with him and his friends who happen to be so involved in world issues as oppose to an older woman who is focused on tanning, margaritas and loyal best friends. So I can understand their frustration with BP/AJ.

  • jc

    Brad Pitt will always be hot. He’s got the Robert Redford-no matter how old you are-no matter what you do or where you go-hotness. Hot isn’t about being young with no wrinkles or bags under your eyes. Hot is about confidence and security. He’s got it.

  • Chinitanyc

    He looks hot to me. He’s over 40 & he still looks hot and looks even hotter now that he’s a Dad. I’m glad that he’s doing something that reminds us all that the devastation Katrina & Wilma caused will take years to rebuild. The haters really need to leave the Jolie-Pitts alone, they aren’t out hurin

  • Chinitanyc

    He looks hot to me. He’s over 40 & he still looks hot and looks even hotter now that he’s a Dad. I’m glad that he’s doing something that reminds us all that the devastation Katrina & Wilma caused will take years to rebuild. The haters really need to leave the Jolie-Pitts alone, they are just trying to live their lives. Just be happy for their family.

  • African Girl

    Hey IndieYou are back to Indie? Noticed a Mary talking rubbish last night….knew it wasn’t you of course.Alright BAMZS fans…gotta go to work. I know, how can anyone think of work at a time like this…right but what are you gonna do eh?

  • bradisagodguy

    I just want to congratulate Brad and Angie they do not only give money for the causes they believe in, they give their time. This man spent four days or so in NO, going around visiting people, holding constructive talks and I knew the extent of the traveling he did when he said the scene at point A is just the same at the scene at point B after traveling for 2 hrs. Of course he will be tired. I thank God for Brad and Angie and I’m grateful for them. As for looks, he can look anyway he wants, you can look at him in his family album and you know he can look younger if he wants by shaving etc but right now he’s about the causes, you don’t go to people who lost everything looking GQed.I have not watched the interview, I’m waiting to do so. God bless the Jolie-Pitts and the children.

  • bradisagoodguy

    Just saw the interview. He’s a very gentle person and he’s at peace. Still hot too, don’ t mind anyone who says otherwise. God bless him.

  • Lynn Campbell