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Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo will, in fact, stay at Manchester United after a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother during a family dinner last Friday.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mom Maria Dolores, 46, said, “He will be at Manchester with all the players on the first day of training. He has a contract and he is going to honor it. I am happy he is going back. The whole family is happy. He is OK with Man Utd. The coach has said that Manchester needs Cristiano. Any player would like to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona but, at the moment, he is at Manchester and he is going to stay at Manchester.”

More pictures of shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Merche Romero on vacation in Madeira (Portuguese archipelago) in the gallery!

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  • e

    I hate that guy!

  • selma

    I love that guy!

  • Andrew

    I love this guy, but why does it always seem like one of the side of his shorts are always jacked-up to his niblits?

  • Lydia

    Thanks, JJ! Wentworth Miller and C.Ronaldo are the guys I’m obessessing over. I’m facinated by his foot work.

  • rachel

    omg…. his gf isn’t anything special. but he is

  • social crime

    Yes Rachel, it’s because European men like REAL women. Not like USA men who think that plastic breasts, plastic noses, plastic face, false huge teeth are the norm. It’s only the USA who actually think that THAT is attractive.The rest of the world just laugh at your country and your tastes.

  • mrblowe

    social crime. your wife is ugly, isn’t she?i’m european, and i think she’s ass ugly and my country cares.

  • Uh-huh

    Damn this guy is EFFIN gorgeous!

  • Darlene

    NOOOOOO!!! So this confirms that they are STILL together!!!…3 pictures showing her bending down! Is she throwing up? (morning sickness!!! is she pregnant?) C Ron is patting her head (to comfort her) and walking away too because the throw up stinks and it will make him throw up too!lol! well good for them! as long as they are happy together!

  • Eva Valentino

    just looking at that granny makes me feel sick she’s such a pedo it’s like a 15 year old dating a 6 year old, and is it true that there getting marriedi hope not

  • sal


  • Tanya

    Awww…I love him!!!! And even though I don’t like her…if he’s happy, well what can we do! And while I do agree with socail crime that most countries prefer real women you can’t possibly be refering to her…she’s admitted to having numerous plastic surgeries done…

  • see

    don’t know who she is but i looks like a hella of mismatch….having said that, would we be saying the same if a younger woman was dating an older man!

  • Yummy

    Damn, his girlfriend has quite an ass!

  • Apple

    just looking at that granny makes me feel sick she’s such a pedo it’s like a 15 year old dating a 6 year old, and is it true that there getting marriedi hope not # 10 | Eva Valentino |————————————————-WTF? You’re So Sexist!!!!!!If that was a 31 yr old male celeb with a 21 yr old girl, you wouldn’t call him a Pedo!!What about people like Nick Lachey, didn’t he hang out with a 19-20 yr old ,what was her name Kristin something or other………there were no posts about him being too old then…..Anyway, if you lot did not keep attacking that women, I’d never have guessed she was older…..look at the pic of her with him on the Jetski , she looks fine……and he obviously is in love with her……..So get used to it saddo’s

  • Troo

    She’s a beard, he’s in love with Wayne Rooney (and from what I hear, the feeling is more than mutual)!

  • Rachel

    oh i hope he doesn’t leave man utd!

  • Portuguesegirl

    He’s good enough…especially after he got his teeth fixed. As for Merche, she’s just butt ugly….But people like her here in Portugal…Don’t know why though. She has an ugly body, fugly face and some awful awful tattoos. BLEAK

  • Diana

    # 12 | Tanya where did you hear that one? she didn´t do anything! Stop attacking the woman because she´s older! That was in the 19th century! Geeez. Misconceived people!

  • Diana

    # 18 | Portuguesegirl It´s not the point. the pojt here is that many are whishing to be in her place, got it?

  • Diana

    # 10 | Eva Valentino Yes it is! :P

  • rainy

    # 18 | Portuguesegirl Meu Deus. És mesmo uma frustrada com o teu corpo, não és? Deixa de ser tão nojenta com as outras mulheres, talvez te faça bem ao espírito.

  • Portuguesegirl

    Ui, quem me parece frustada com o proprio corpo és mesmo tu jovem. Eu n tenho problemas nenhuns com o meu corpo, e por isso mm consigo apreciar o corpo de outras mulheres. És ridicula, volta para a tua vida deprimente e infeliz. Eu sou feliz e n tenho problemas em dizer o que penso. Bem alegras-te o meu dia com a tua estupidez. Obrigado. E continuo a não gostar da Merche. Algum problema nisso? E não queria estar no lugar dela. Get a Life

  • WTF

    #19 DianaYou do know when the 19 century was, right? It is 1800 and so on and so on. If you know this, why on earth would you say something like that? Please don’t criticise other people with stupid mistakes. JESUS…

  • jodie

    I hate what he did to Rooney as a english fan and cizten but LUV him!

  • uekrfg
  • 1moreportuguesa

    Portuguesegirl – I’m with you..she’s butt ugly. She probably has a nice personality and it’s nothing $$$ can’t fix!Rainy – get a life and perhaps some eye glasses!

  • WTF

    What did he do to Rooney? I think it was overrated. Tell me if Rooney wouldn’t have done the same exact thing….It was lame, because he was thrown out, but come on….Anyway, I agree with you on the English fan part. England did a good game, despite their bad karma with Portugal.

  • manu00014@yahoo.c

    hi great link for ronaldo pics

  • jodie


  • Portuguesegirl

    Hey I said nothing about her personality…Probably she’s a good girl…I just don’t like her. If I don’t know these people, I’m not going to attack what I don’t know…right? So, I critize their looks. Just a superficial relief from the daily life. ;P

  • 1moreportuguesa

    amen! Now Cristiano is a hottie. If he’s into older me some fantasies! I admit – I’m superficial at times..I’d give anything to spend a couple of hours with him. Merche can have him. I just want to use him for a bit!

  • WTF

    # 30 | jodie Yeah, but Rooney did put his foot on the other’s player fragile parts. I think that if it was Ronaldo who had done that, Rooney would go up to the ref also. My opinion only. Anyway Love this 21 years old bastard. Lucky one….:P

  • *Apple*

    OMG! hes soo buff, y does she get him. wot an ugly bitch. cant believe dey r gettin married! x

  • Mamma_Jamma

    What a beautiful body and pretty face. When I first learned about this guy I started having sexual fantasies with him, like every other woman my age probably ;-). How old is this ugly chick anyway? I have to hate because a guy as talented, good looking and young like him CAN and WILL do better than that. Only time will tell, you’ll see.

  • e

    he thinks he’s so damn hot on the football field outside the football field …that additute makes him ugly!

  • rainy

    27 | 1moreportuguesa Fuck you bitch! You must be a frustrated in all manners, Get you yourself a mirror and starting working on your figure asshole!

  • Luisa

    Ei nojentinha!O teu problema não é não gistar! É criticar, usando adjectivos que nada tem a ver. Vê se arranjas home e tu é qure pareces que tens uma vida infeliz. Fuck off!

  • Luisa

    31 | Portuguesegirl You´re pathetic! You must be suffering of a mental illness! You bashed the woman and now you+´re saying she´s a good girl! What a looney!

  • Fuck you WTF

    # 24 | WTF | Hey you stupid! 19th century was from 1800to 1899 did you know that? Try not to justify your opinion with mistakes yourself. It was in the 19th Century that old woman getting laid with younger man was a thing condemned. HELLO!!!! Not anymore since the 20th Century! Are you there? Knock! Knock!Try to shut your mouth instead of critizing other people by showing off your ignorance!

  • Diana

    # 27 | 1moreportuguesa Escusas de postar com outro username. Já toda a gente percebeu que és a mesma. Pelos vistos quem tem uma vida infeliz és tu e a tu ignorância e estupidez é que me está a fazer deste dia um dia muito engraçado.O teu IP é o mesmo. Para a próxima tem mais cuidado em postar com outro nome! .|.

  • Diana

    # 40 | Luisa Luisa: Portuguesegirl and 1moreportuguesa are the same. They´re posting under the same username. What a loosers.Não percas tempo com essa "wacko2" :)

  • 1moreportuguesa

    D-what the f are you talking about???

  • 1moreportuguesa

    Rainy – I see a "frustrated" theme in the pattern of your postings. How many more english words do you know how to use "nojentinha"? Actually – I am not "portuguesegirl" Don’t know where you’re getting your info but it is clearly WRONG. Luisa- what does "gistar" mean?

  • rainy

    Actually the borderline pattern is all splattered in your posts. It is you who have a real problem.

  • WTF=dimwit

    # 24 | WTF After readin all these posts the notorious conclusion is that many women here are definitelly feeling complexed by the way they´re attacking the lady above in the pics. But your post wtf was the one which got me laughing hard here. You´re obviously a dimwit. anyone can figure out the metaphor except you. even a child. Don´t pretend to be smart because that is probably something that you´re not.

  • LOL

    Just a superficial relief from the daily life. ;P # 31 | PortuguesegirlThat´s why you´re so fuggly yourself and come here to spend your petty little life! And you dare to call frustrated to others?

  • Luisa

    45 | 1moreportuguesa A expressão "nojentinha" fui eu que usei. Afinal tu é que precisas de óculos! LMAOOutra coisa: vê se paras de ofender as pessoas armando-te em mais esperta. Não te ensinaram que tens de respeitar os outros. Fala português! Escusas de te armar em boa, porque obviamente o teu username é uma contradição com o que apregoas. deves ter vergonha em ser portuguesa… caso contrário não insinuavas as tuas qualidades noutra língua estrangeira. # 43 | Diana Obrigada Diana. Eu já estava a desconfiar. Nem se du ao trabalho de musar um pouco o texto. Pelos vistos também não sabe que pode se descoberta se postar com outro "username" ;)Valeu!

  • Luisa

    *deu**mudar**ser*Parece que tem que se corrigir os erros, para além de mentalmente doente a 1moreportuguesa aka Portuguesegirl é também Nazi da gramática, mas só para aquilo que lhe interessa… ROTFLMAO

  • You nailed it #46

    # 46 | rainy ITA with you rainy! You nailed it. she clearly shows the borderline personality disorder traits from what can be read on her posts.