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Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo will, in fact, stay at Manchester United after a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother during a family dinner last Friday.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mom Maria Dolores, 46, said, “He will be at Manchester with all the players on the first day of training. He has a contract and he is going to honor it. I am happy he is going back. The whole family is happy. He is OK with Man Utd. The coach has said that Manchester needs Cristiano. Any player would like to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona but, at the moment, he is at Manchester and he is going to stay at Manchester.”

More pictures of shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Merche Romero on vacation in Madeira (Portuguese archipelago) in the gallery!

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196 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero”

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  1. 51
    dee Says:

    ronny…u make me sweat..

  2. 52
    1moreportuguesa Says:

    Luisa – I understand portuguese but I do not write it. Eu falo portuguses but I do not write it. I grew up and live in the United States with portuguese parents. I don’t have the proper accents on my keyboard.You guys can think what you wish. I don’t care & I dont know who the portuguesegirl is. I haven’t offended anyone, simply replies to your attacks. Clearly, you are all some dirty ass ******* with nothing else to do. The point I was trying to get across in my original posting is that Cristiano Ronaldo is superhot and Merche is ugly in comparison. That is an opinion. Obvoiusly, nobody seems to be able to post an OPINION w/o being attacked. I am proud of my portuguese background, but after reading what you people write, I’m glad I’m not associated with people like you. You give portuguese women bad reputations. Good luck in your life. You have my pity.

  3. 53
    jj Says:

    who are these people?! never heard of them before!

  4. 54
    boycottmerche Says:

    she is soooooo a paedophile! wtf.. a 30 yr old datin a 21? thats sad.. plus shes desperate!! she wrecks every girls prince charming.. freakking she wrecked it all with every fat she got on her

  5. 55
    boycottmerche Says:

    portuguesegirl, hey!! im so on ur side!!! but too bad that byatch isnt a good girl at all.. she posed for porn magazines!! for gods sakes.. wouldnt she just look at herself nd throw up about it.. so effin ugly **** hes datin!!

  6. 56
    Eva Says:


  7. 57
    Eva valentino Says:

    is it rally true that there getting married?

  8. 58
    Luisa Says:

    53 | 1moreportuguesa Good riddance! With people like you we don´t need more in our country! Go to die far from us! Like I said you´re an arrogant *****, cleary offending and talking down to another poster because YOU thought her english wasn´t good enough. You say you´re proud of your portuguese background? I´l laughing hard here, you amuse me. And FYI you stupid: it´s not your opinion who offended people was your TONE. **** off!

  9. 59
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    # 53 | 1moreportuguesa Estive a ler os comentários com atenção e devo dizer que aqui ninguém é merecedor da tua pena. Podes guardá-la para ti. Se alguém a merece és tu pois estás a dar uma péssima imagem dos portugueses de 2ª geração. És arrogante, snob, acabaste de confessar que não escreves português e pelos vistos até o entendes mal, no entanto criticaste outra pessoa em relação ao inglês. Já deves ter percebido (se tiveres um pingo de inteligência) que foste atacada não por teres manifestado o teu desagrado em relação a Merche Romero mas sim pela prepotência, agressividade despropositada com que atacaste as pessoas. Revelas uma agressividade nada normal o que indica que tu é que não deves ter nada que fazer pois caso contrário não voltarias aqui várias vezes com as tuas respostas mesquinhas e de dar pena. As pessoas têm o direit de manifestar o desagrado em rlação às fotos acima, e foi o que fizeram. No entanto tu e a Portuguesegirl, que pelos vistos são a mesma pessoa (mais uma indicação de que TU é que és digna de pena e não tens mais nada que fazer) não se limitaram a isso, causando indignação entre várias pessoas.Como disse, estás a dar um péssimo nome aos portugueses de 2ª geração. Outra coisa, eu não falo inglês: há algum problema com isso? Olha por ti abaixo primeiro. Quem tem telhados de vidro não atira pedras.

  10. 60
    nisha Says:

    hi..cristiano…i luv u so much…im from malaysia….hope u read thisgud luck for ur futuretcare buh-byeemmuuuaaaahhh!!!

  11. 61
    1moreportuguesa Says:

    Hey boycottmerche:Thanks for seeing my point here! Finally-someone who takes commentary at face value! I saw her in person back in February when she was in Brasil. She is not attractive at all. The giant tatto on her back is godawful! I’d seen her on the portuguese TV & it’s amazing how make-up can change a look so drastically! I figure he doesn’t really know how goodlooking he is..and he’s in for the thrill! Her looks are quickly depreciating. Many portuguese women don’t seem to age very well. She’ll be depreciating soon!If that makes me an arrogant snob then so be it!Luisa et al-go away..vai te fuder! Howz that for portuguese!?!?!

  12. 62
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    # 61 | 1moreportuguesa Ainda por cima mal escrito! És patética! Mostras mesmo que és mesmo estupida e ordinária. Cada vez que posts só te enterras mais.Tudo de mau para ti!

  13. 63
    Luisa Says:

    # 62 | Portuguesasim!Estou completamente de acordo contigo! Incrível como lhe tiraste a pinta!# 61 | 1moreportuguesa One more proof about how low scum you are! You must have a sad life to come here and try to attack all those who don´t agree with you! You´re a shame to yourself.rainy is completelly right: you suffer from a mental disease.

  14. 64
    Fuck you! Says:

    Many portuguese women don’t seem to age very well. She’ll be depreciating soon!If that makes me an arrogant snob then so be it!# 61 | 1moreportuguesa My God, you must be a bitter old hag!

  15. 65
    1moreportuguesa Says:’ve discovered my secret! As of now, I’m a bitter old hag, I suffer from mental illness, and all the other crap you’ve tried to express. I’m just so sad about your comments …so hurt..NOT!!If you only knew my place in this world and the "arrogant" life I lead, you would be green w/ envy. I’m done stooping down to your level. I’ve had my fun. I have work to do. I’ll be in Portugal on Friday until mid-September spending time with Portuguese people with some class. I’d be happy to take this up then.

  16. 66
    Luisa Says:

    # 65 | 1moreportuguesa Yupi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bye, bye!*****! Take away your venom! Nobody likes you anyway! LMAO!

  17. 67
    1moreportuguesa Says:

    LOL! mission accomplished.Watch you back!

  18. 68
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    If you only knew my place in this world and the "arrogant" life I lead, you would be green w/ envy. I’m done stooping down to your level. I’ve had my fun. # 65 | 1moreportuguesa | Queridinha como é que alguém pode ter inveja de uma pessoa tão infeliz, tãi amarga, tão arrogante, tão cabra como tu? É dificil… como disse atrás olha por ti abaixo! Insultas os outros, insultas as mulheres portuguesas comparando-as a alguém de que tu obviamente pareces ter inveja. Cuidadinho, tens atitudes xenófobas e podes levar nas trombas quando cá puseres os pés: dos teus amiguinhos, pois duvido que eles conheçam a tua verdaeira natureza. Pelos vistos ***** assim tão mal deles. Falsa, hipócrita, arrogante e continuas a demonstrá-lo. As pessoas estão fartas, talvez com pena, de te fazer ver a razão e com que sejas humilde e tu continuas aí no teu pedestal. Levas uma vida miserável… és uma porcaria de ser humano.Desaparece!

  19. 69
    Luisa Says:

    What? weren´t you going to work? Get a life. You´re a lost case like Portuguesasim! said!

  20. 70
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    # 65 | 1moreportuguesa | Esqueci-me de outra coisa! Aqui a única que desceu baixo foste tu! Ès uma patetinha que continua a apregoar a superioridade face às mulheres portuguesas. Aqui ninguém desceu baixo, mas tu é que que foste ao fundo. Neste momento para mim, és lixo! Nem perco mais tempo contigo! Obviamente tenho uma vida mais interessante que tu!

  21. 71
    Diana Says:

    Hey # 67 | 1moreportuguesaHave you finally get it? Yes! Not, not yet? Do you want me to draw for you? Let me spell: ****. OFF!what was the word you didn´t understand?

  22. 72
    Portuguesegirl Says:

    I now realize how stupid arrogant and bitter portuguese women really are. And I am portuguese and write portuguese, unlike 1morepotuguesa…which I’m going to talk about later.First of all, in the 19th century people didn’t ban women because they were having affairs with younger men. They were banned for everything!!How stupid are you? And I do know when the 19th century was. I wrote it on my post. Do you even read?!Second, how dare you attack 1moreportugesa for being a daugther of emigrants?!! You low life scum. After the wars more than half of our men went to work abroad. So ignorant. You just don’t attack someone just because she doesn’t know portuguese. That’s so ******* ridiculous in so many ways.Third, most of you said bad things about Merche. Who cares?!?! Can’t I say that she is probably a good girl? What does that have to do with being a butt ugly faced woman?I was talking about superficial things…to get away of my real life!! You are so stupid. It is a relief from every day life. You just go on to someone and say: you’re ugly. It doesn’t actually matter, if you’re a good person. ******* retards.Last but not least….HOW STUPID ARE YOU?! Do you even know what an IP is?? How old are you? and how retarded? I am the same as WTF, just using a different username. Is there any problem with that? Are you offended? did I started a conversation with myself or sth?It seems like I’m talking with retards…..I know that you’ll say that I’m the ******, but who gives a ****. I’m not the one who has to listen to your dumbness all day.

  23. 73
    Diana Says:

    Hey retarded! You *****! That´s why you´re using the same IP! Yes I do know!Btw! you´re a ******* ***** because she was the one who attacked portuguese woman, you included you ******* **** off you too! You obviously don´t have a life! Go to hell. Back to my interesting life !and if yo´r comment was that one you just show how low your IQ is! LMAO!

  24. 74
    Luisa Says:

    First of all, in the 19th century people didn’t ban women because they were having affairs with younger men. They were banned for everything!!How stupid are you? And I do know when the 19th century was. I wrote it on my post. Do you even read?!Portugusegirl!What? You have the nerve to come up with this explanation! This dumb explanatiion! What a DUMBASS! You´re pittiful! Lol!You make no sense on your posts! What a *****! ******! And at least stop posting under different usernames, you *******!

  25. 75
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    # 72 | Portuguesegirl Desculpa lá mas qual é o teu problema! Porque é que vens para aqui insultar os outros quando as várias pessoas aqui foram insultadas pela 1moreportuguese e que pellos vistos dizem que és tu? Eu não falo inglês e ela teve a distinta lata de insultar outra pessoa porque o inglês dela pelos vistos não era suficiente bom para ela e agora vens tu acusar os outros de lhe dizer que o português dela não presta? qual é a tua? Tens dupla personalidade! Ah espera, pois tens tu mesma confessas vens aqui insultar e ofender para te vingar da tua vidazinha miserável… Que pena que és um lindo exemplo de certas mulheres mal resolvidas e dás mau nome aos portugueses.Para com a gritaria e os insultos, mete a viola no saco. Quanto mai falas mais porcaria sai!

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