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Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Girlfriend Merche Romero

Cristiano Ronaldo will, in fact, stay at Manchester United after a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother during a family dinner last Friday.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mom Maria Dolores, 46, said, “He will be at Manchester with all the players on the first day of training. He has a contract and he is going to honor it. I am happy he is going back. The whole family is happy. He is OK with Man Utd. The coach has said that Manchester needs Cristiano. Any player would like to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona but, at the moment, he is at Manchester and he is going to stay at Manchester.”

More pictures of shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Merche Romero on vacation in Madeira (Portuguese archipelago) in the gallery!

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  1. 101
    Liane Says:

    Translation: Have you notice the small letters in this site?AHHH They´re in English….What a fantastic discovery. If you don´t how to speak (in English) don´t comment.—-translation truncated on the last post. Tis is the lying *****. WTF does your mommy knows you´re in the internet?

  2. 102
    Fuck you! Says:

    As for the 2nd generation….I was not the one to insult you…or me, for what is worth. And I don’t need your personal background **** You. Some people have gone through those things also, so quit that bullshit talk. # 98 | WTF |This is not bullshit talk you *******! This is the truth so show respect for portuguese people instead of attacking them. It was you who started the whole thing by insulting someone who was saying how you embarass 2nd generation of portuguese! Kiss my ass! Just because you don´t move your fat ass when you´re working there´s a lot of people striving to survive, so quit the arrogant talking you *****! —–Then there was a comment on how disgusting how was and frustated I must be wiht my body. You started it. If you read post by post, you’llsee. The only problem is that rainy said it only in portuguese. So just some could understand.# 98 | WTF and so did others in English. So you must really have a problem with yourself. There are people available for helping you, just not here. And for someone spo full of it, you´re very worried explaining yourself now. Just quick you shithead. You messed it and lots of people saw your true lights. Go die far away from here.

  3. 103
    Sunny Says:

    Merche may be ugly but you WTF or Portuguesegirl, with those posts, you´re a jackass. # 96 | Lola ITA Lola# 98 | WTF |Stop with IP taking! It´s getting lame already! You are being tracked so stop fooling around! Jesus what a stupid.

  4. 104
    Portuguesasim! Says:

    #98 WTFÓ minha BURRA: Tu não sabes ler pois não?Deixa repetir para ver se entra à 157ª vez:És arrogante, snob, acabaste de confessar que não escreves português e pelos vistos até o entendes mal, no entanto criticaste outra pessoa em relação ao inglês.# 59===================================Foi a 1more portuguesa que criticou outra pessoa, perguntando-lhe se não conhecia mais palavras em inglês. Por isso ela não tem moral nehuma para o fazer porque:1º É má educação (coisa que tu repetiste)2ª Se nem ela sabe falar português que moral tem para criticar os outros por não serem fluentes numa língua estrangeira?PERCEBESTE AGORA MINHA ESTÚPIDA? Volta a ler (se souberes ler) a entrada #59 e # 75.

  5. 105
    Trudy Says:

    Second, how dare you attack 1moreportugesa for being a daugther of emigrants?!! You low life scum. After the wars more than half of our men went to work abroad. So ignorant. You just don’t attack someone just because she doesn’t know portuguese. That’s so ******* ridiculous in so many ways.# 72 | Portuguesegirl I only see one low life scum here and it´s YOU. By the amount of enraging posts you´re getting you´re obviously the dirty scum one, which is clear when you called bullshit to other´s poster background talking. You have no respect.

  6. 106
    Jenna Says:

    # 72 | Portuguesegirl You´re so fucked up, did you know that?

  7. 107
    1more portuguesa Says:

    This is like a train wreck I can’t look away from. I’m just catching up on the last 24hrs of post & there seems to be lots of insults flying back/forth. I just feel the need to clarify my comments and their intent.First of all-I DO speak and read portuguese. I just don’t feel comfortable enough writing it. (I’m sure you’ll have some negative comment about that too)My comment about english words was not criticising anyone’s speaking english. My comment was directed at the myriad of "dirty" words that were being thrown out to insult others ie -"**** you *****, **** off, *******" That’s why I asked "how many more english words do you know?"I was not attacking portuguese women..only the select few. Particularly after the comment to portuguesegirl about bieng frustrated w/ her body just because she shared her opinion about Merche. What was that for?Why can’t other people’s opinions be acceped at face value? Everytime an opinion is posted, they get personally attacked…Ever heard of "freedom of speech"?

  8. 108
    Annoyed Says:

    If they are getting married how is he going to feel when he is like 29 and half the girls (and some guys) are after him and all he will want to do is party and have fun and he has a 40 year old wife sittinga t home. I odnt think this will last…

  9. 109
    HUH? Says:

    i dont think that this relationship will last becasy how will CR feel when he is in his late 20′s and early thirties and he has like half the gils (and some guys) in the world going after him. He’ll wnat to party and have fun but he will have a 40 year old wife sitting at home :S

  10. 110
    angelah Says:

    damn he is young, hot and buff!

  11. 111
    boycottmerche Says:

    um.. just stop the fight n turn it against the fcukin retarded merche instead?? xDD that’dd be the best if every ronny’s friend hatess her!! coz i personally feel like killin n seein her dyin in pain~ BREAK UP!

  12. 112
    rachel Says:

    CRISTIANO IS A HOT PIECE OF ASS. COCKY OR NOT… he’s hot. His girlfriend isn’t a "real woman". She’s had her boobs, nose and lips done, she has fake ass hair and drinks like a sailor. And by the way I am not American. I am a woman with EYES and I see her ugly face and point it out.

  13. 113
    boycottmerche Says:

    GO RACHEL!!! i totally reckon whatever ur sayin!! shes sooo fake n ugly. cant he see that shes an ex-pornstar n shes fcuked up??

  14. 114
    Portuguesetoo Says:

    # 107 | 1more portuguesa Really? From what I could see you also used a lot of expelatives. Don´t be such an hypocrite. Everybody was attacking you two, three or one (who really cares) because you were disrespectful to the "freedom of speech of other people" those whom you have insulted. You don´t see anyone here being critisized besides you, do you? Freedom of speech, I know it too well, thank God. It seems that you don´t.

  15. 115
    Portuguesatoo Says:

    First of all-I DO speak and read portuguese. I just don’t feel comfortable enough writing it. (I’m sure you’ll have some negative comment about that too)# 107 | 1more portuguesa :::::::::::::Using MY freedom of speech: had you not been so eager on playing the "victim", by implying on your earlier post that you didn´t undertsand very well Portuguese, you could have spared us this "train wreck" as you so "innocently" complain about. At least the other girl has the courage and honesty to admit she didn´t know English and her posts were very mature and polite before being brutally attacked by YOU and the other one (whom I really don´t care to find the username(s), she is not even worth of being mentioned). The arrogance and offense displayed by your posts (yours, hers, whatever) have shown you enjoy the "insults flying back and forth".

  16. 116
    Trudy Says:

    I was not attacking portuguese women..only the select few. Particularly after the comment to portuguesegirl about bieng frustrated w/ her body just because she shared her opinion about Merche. What was that for? # 107 | 1more portuguesa Actually I did find her comments like Portuguesatoo said highly rude, bitchy and hateful to Portuguese woman. From her posts (if you don´t know, just take a look around and you´ll see she is WTF as well) she mirrors a lot of frustration (yes the "pattern" you snubbed other poster for mentioning it) which she also admitted. It doesn´t matter if you´re unhappy with your life. A lot of people are and they don´t come to the internet spitting all their venom and evilness like she did. She gives a bad image of portuguese woman by all the ignorant, repellent and xenophobe comments she addressed to other posters. People who do that often suffer from some mental disorder which is frequently connected to delusions, anti-social behaviour and etc… Someone actually mentioned that more than once here. It also doesn´t matter how wonderful your life 1moreportuguesa is. We really don´t need to hear you bragging about that because you failed to have arguments when debating with the other posters as well. I think she was tipped by many people here and she confirmed that evidence you claim was only her opinion. Others have also the same opinion, but they stick to it and don´t generalize it with offenses to everybody (see the critic to 19th century comment, which I particulary find very much obtuse from WTF). I rest my case. I came here and saw the pics. The rest is really sad. And you, portuguesegirl and WTF are the culprits of that. No excuses.

  17. 117
    gARCIA Says:

    i dont know why hes dating that old lady shes to old for him wut the hell theres plenty of hot girls out there and he chose thatt old women he can do better then that. In the pics she looks very old wheres youre makeup hunnyyy!!@@

  18. 118
    gARCIA Says:

    i dont know why hes dating that old lady shes to old for him wut the hell theres plenty of hot girls out there and he chose thatt old women he can do better then that. In the pics she looks very old wheres youre makeup hunnyyy!!@@

  19. 119
    boycottmerche Says:

    lol whats goin on here? i read all the posts but i dont really get it!! sorry im dumb~ IM PISSED WITH MERCHE!!! pedo~

  20. 120
    Heather Says:

    I am deeply in love with that guy but why did I have to see that picture! Now I will always be heart-borken for the rest of my life! WHY!!!!!!

  21. 121
    boycottmerche Says:

    LOL heather.. dont worry they rnt gonna last long!! lets hope, fingers crossed!!

  22. 122
    Young And Beauty Says:

    Is she really throwing up or what? omg. is she pregnant. let us cross our finger. i hope not. omg. merche, ur way tooooo old for him. well, i have read some of the latest news about him, ronaldo said that he wants to be single starting from 6th of July?? but then. look at him!! urghh. *&%$^&**&&!!!

  23. 123
    Secret identity Says:

    Merche’s lips are about to explode from all the injections. gross.

  24. 124
    Lmao! Says:

    And it’s well-known that latino women morph into sluggish hags with age. That’s why merche drinks too much, she wants to forget that she’s really a nobody and that the only ones who give a damn about her worn-out ass are fellow latinas who’ve passed their best-before date.

  25. 125
    XxxX Says:

    HE Is SOO $ExC

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