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First Pictures of Suri Cruise

First Pictures of Suri Cruise

Does three-month-old baby Suri really really exist?  Could it be true?  Suri‘s apparently been pictured in a baby stroller (bottom lefthand corner), believe it or not.  Tom Cruise, 44, fiancée Katie Holmes, 27, and daughter Suri Cruise have been staying at a secluded ranch in Colorado.  The pair apparently sent a private jet carrying two of their assistants to pick up groceries including cherry soda (Katie was reportedly craving the soft drink).  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Check out this link if you’re looking for the baby Suri Cruise pictures from Vanity Fair.

[Pictures via]
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • sultrydame

    Why aren’t they showing Suri to public yet… I wonder why. Does it have to do something with Tom’s so-called Scientology belief? Ugh, they’re not even my favorite couple. Go Brad & Angie!

  • On Thin Ice

    Isn’t that a cooler?

  • Liis

    what? I can’t see anything ?!

  • suri? really?

    I guess he lets her go out alone now. She isn’t escorted by that woman who looks like she is they babysitter for Katie. And if that is the baby Suri in the stroller, why would someone leave the baby unattended like that. It looks like someone just parked the stroller next to the cooler and just left. Wth?

  • Renee

    Where is she? TC was so thrilled to show of Katie with his couch jumping shinegans, that she was pregnant, all the tidbits about the baby sonogram, the quiet birth, her name, the meaning of her name, hair color, weight class and then NOTHING. I mean it’s not like the end of the world if I never see her, but I would like to know that I wasn’t PUNKED OUT and Suri does exist and is alright …..

  • cj

    Okay, so here is my take on the situation. Originally when they first got together and said she was pregnant I figured so what. Now I don’t care whether she had actually had the baby but I think when they got Suri and she showed her face in this world they both realized that there was no way possible they could pass the baby off as Tom’s. So I think they have been fighting over Katie wanting to keep her baby and Tom trying to find a replacement "look like him" baby. I mean really, when the first photo shoot of Shiloh were taken, regardless of all the privacy measures that Angie and Brad took those pics still were leaked. How on earth have the Suri pictures from thier first photo shoot not have been leaked yet. I mean really by now people would have sent those out so fast with all the "where is suri" mess. Tom is just trying to figure out how to make Suri a twin so Katie can keep her baby in hiding with a different mom and find him a Tom baby. There is not one mom or dad that wouldn’t want to show thier new bundle of joy to the world unless there is something very very wrong. Maybe Suri has some major deformities showing Tom’s true orgin. Hmmmmmm…..

  • Somalian

    TC and katie can do whatever they who cares

  • veeno1

    I didn’t think the site said Suri was in that stroller but only that there was a stroller on the back verander and that it might be Suri’sJJ fix your quote……Don’t you guys think she’s got Post-P depression like brook shields did? she looks it and wouldn’t it be the worsed revenge on the GMD that Katie has PP?Poor thing if that’s what she has she’s screwed because all she can take is vitamins and more visits to the Scientology center for e-meter readings…I didn’t know they lived in Colorado…

  • too much

    Ok, I agree, TC might be a bit psycho but all this making fun of Katie and baby is a bit too much…i’m not saying on this site I’m saying the media in general…

  • Rox

    Are all these rude commentaries about Suri and Katie really necessary? Why are you so harsh? What have they done? It seems to me they’re just trying to live their lives, in private for once. Are you upset because they are not there showing off their baby, like Gwen and Gavin, not providing you pics daily? For me it kills the joy. Because not only are these commentaries unfair, but just a cheap shots. Really man… it’s gettin odd.

  • em

    Their is this intense curiosity about baby Suri and I hope when the bidding for the her first photo happens, People,US weekly,OK, In Touch and other magazines will have to ask themselves- Will people buy the magazine? My take is a big NO, Tom Cruise has lost his fan base big time.

  • judy

    I can’t see where this picture proves anything, maybe if Katie was walking with the stoller, but this?

  • Rox

    Yeah…. right. Get real man! If Tom had lost his fans, Mi:III wouldn’t have been doing so well (all around the world)… magazines wouldn’t be killing to get Suri’s pics… and he wouldn’t be Forbes and Premiere’s #1 star. No matter how much you would love to believe that…. he is still the most powerful star in Hollywood.

  • Rox

    Yeah…. right. Get real man! If Tom had lost his fans, Mi:III wouldn’t have been doing so well (all around the world)… magazines wouldn’t be killing to get Suri’s pics… and he wouldn’t be Forbes and Premiere’s #1 star. No matter how much you would love to believe that…. he is still the most powerful star in Hollywood.

  • Shana

    Just because there’s a baby carriage doesn’t mean a baby exists. They know they’re screwed, no matter which way they move. Everyone knows there’s some creepy conspiracy going on and they can’t get out from under it without making themselves look like idiots. I just hope Katie gets out with her sanity.

  • Shana

    #14 – I don’t think he’s the MOST powerful man in Hollywood. He’s just the most laughed at and the most controversial. That doesn’t mean he has power. MI3 isn’t doing all THAT well anyway. It’s a hit, sure. But it’s not a huge gigantic record breaking blockbuster either.

  • Coco

    ok, i reckon TC and KH have realised they overexposed themselves at the beginning and that BAMZS have got much more publicity by trying to keep out of the glare of the paps’ lenses rather than in it… they’re probably trying to play hard to get now. I have to say I do agree it’s comical given they’re thirst for media attention at the beginning… this new attitude seems totally the opposite and i believe they are looking for more attention through mystery… but then what would I know.

  • veeno1

    Rox are you writing in the blog from the Scientology center? you must be. Trying to claim privacy now after month and months of forcing their "new" relationship on the public is a bit reach don’t you think?Since they hooked up TC made sure everyone knew EVERYTHING and every move they made. Throughout the pregnancy he dragged the poor pregnant girl all over the world showing her off and talking of his excitement about the baby and then the baby comes and suddenly they want privacy? PUUUULLLEEZ! B&A, Gavin & Gwen, Brook, Gweneth etc they all want privacy and they have it to some extent now, they did the baby pic and now can have a little bit of privacy well relatively. TC & Katie going mute about their new baby is what has caused speculation after a year of being all over…. and in a very "in-your-face" kind of way….Oh and in case you haven’t been reading the mags and blogs, magazines refuse to pay too much for Suri’s images that’s why he didn’t release them.Also MI:III has failed to live up in the box office and this has been reported on several times in the past few months. It did less than expected and as a result TC’s contract is not being renewed by Paramount and in fact other studio’s are refusing to pay TC a high a mount of money that he used to make…….do some more reading you’ll find that it aint that rosy for TC right now…. with or without Scientology.

  • Rox

    ‘Superman Returns’ isn’t a huge gigantic record breaking blockbluster and I don’t see anyone complaining about that. It’s doing well and it’s making money…. and that is what matters most my friend. Not every movie has to be ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and that is also another common sense. Besides…. it’s not Tom or Katie who is saying the baby is on this stroller. It’s the photographer, who happens to be THERE. Believe me…. it would be much better for you if you could just accept that and move on.

  • Bob Saget

    Katie is busy walking walking walking!!! This is because according to Tom and Scientology if you are having mental problems you just need to take a walk and down a handful of vitamins. That being said, I think Katie knows that she is hip deep in some creepy shit, so she’s probably walking her ass off and wishing real hard those vitamins kick in.

  • Rox

    Freak veno… don’t you have your own life to worry about? Obsessing over Tom or Katie won’t make your problems or failures disappear. Trust me! And if you really want to make the world a better place…. stop being so prejudice, please.

  • veeno1

    #19 Rox:Superman didn’t have a perceived "super star" power and its done better than MI:III by a mile.Pirates had Johnny Depp who’s a better actor but not viewed as "big" as Tom was viewed before now and Pirate has done better than MI:III by miles upon miles…..both of these movies also didn’t get us much publicity/hype as MI:III did yet they’ve all beaten MI:III.TC has failed and this past year is costing him big…… sorry ROX your dream is over…

  • Rach

    According to Scientology what?? C’mon. Don’t make me laugh. Everyone likes to walk to clear the mind or just as a good exercise. C’mon…. common sense ppl!

  • Renee

    Awww Shane, you beat me to it… Being most powerful doesn’t equate to being respected. Although Tom gets paid well please remember at the end of the day, money IS nothing when your peers and even subordinates LAUGH AT YOU. He is a laughing stock of Hollywood and TVland. Magazine aren’t killing to get pictures of Suri and she will not command MEGA $$. A lot of us a just curious to see if she is real….nothing more, nothing less…….

  • veeno1

    #21 Rox.Bwhaahahaha!!!!!!Pot. Meet. Kettle.If i have no life as you say then you don’t either since you’re here posting on this blog trying to defend the GMD and Katie….I’m not prejudiced. TC brought this all by himself with his attack on doctors and medicine that DOES HELP PEOPLE and his attack on Brook Shields… he wasn’t making the world a better place when he was doing that….. hopefully thetans will remind him of his misfortune since then….TC decided to carry out this fraud of a happy, blissful romance and new baby…. no one asked him too he thought he was better than everyone else…. well turns out he aint!You are more pathetic because I just pointed out the facts and you got mad!!!!!!!!you should see the smack on my face you would DIE!!!!!!!!

  • coco

    wow – rox and veeno1 – or should i say warner bros vs paramount?! hilarious – maybe we should get Disney of Pirates of the Caribbean fame in too, to add bit of spice to the battle!

  • veeno1

    thanks coco #26. I’m having fun making Rox tripple mad with her illusions.S/He is probably working him/herself into a lather right now…Rox must be a Scientology Sea-Org planted here to post in defence of the GMD and his alien baby

  • Alli

    #Rox – publicity houses can buy a lot of PR when they have TC cash behind them. I do think his wayward antics have cost him BIG time in popularity stakes. From the stint on Oprah, his ellusive comments in the Diane Sawyer interview, to his "glib" remarks to Matt Lauer on Today, his behaviour over the past 12 months or so, has been extremeley irrational. It seems he is beginning to believe his own Scientology bullsh#t. I think hooking up with TC will be the downfall of the young Katie Holmes – she hasn’t seem bubbly & vibrant in a while and she does look depressed & stressed. New mother’s are generally tired but they are also elated at the birth of this new life and like to take the baby out and show it off etc. (particularly with all the help they have, KH should not look so worn out). I find the behaviour post Suri somewhat strange (even for TC) and you just feel that all is not right with "their world". I think KH will rue the day she hooked up with the little man. It’s a shame, she have done Sienna’s Miller part in Factory Girl as was originally planned & stayed on her course, she was on her way to being a great actress – now she’s just some freaky Scientology star’s "sidekick" … sad.

  • veeno1

    Sorry I take back the "alien baby" comment. I don’t like commenting on the kids….. I’ll leave the kid out of this although I think Suri might not really be real and Suri does really exist I’m more inclined to think she’s not TCs.

  • coco

    yeah – blood pressures sure soar quick when it comes to idols… think ur plan worked alright! Hope Tom’s attempt to be mysterious and get some attention works, otherwise this is going to start getting embarassing!

  • laughingDoula

    That is indeed a cooler.

  • Lizzy
  • LOL

    I think Katie knows that she is hip deep in some creepy shit, so she’s probably walking her ass off and wishing real hard those vitamins kick in. # 20 | Bob Saget |===========================LOL

  • tandem

    It seems that Katie looks less enthused since having the child…is the emotion shift related to her relationship with Tom (I think so) or Tom plus Suri? It would be ironic but not far off to believe that Katie has come down with the evil post-partum depression and is struggling with the non-medicated method of dealing….hmmmm… what do you think?

  • my take

    Although it would be an ironic twist of fate if Katie does have post-partum depression, I would not wish that on any mother……….of course that is if Suri actually exists.

  • equinox

    Kate (per Tom’s demand, don’t call her Katie no more) looks to me to be depressed. And doesn’t look like the Buff Brides program is working. Tom better bump up her program.

  • Just saying

    Come on guys…Have any of you focused on the size of the head…..This can´t be a baby, unless this baby be extremely bigheaded.

  • Nika

    Or she’s a golddigger who gets money in order for pregnancy or she’s stupid to let a freak tell her what to do.

  • TP120

    I think we haven’t seen the baby because Katie actually had it in January or February…and the baby would look way too old for a 3 month old! I bet they’re waiting until the baby is older to pass it off as Tom’s.

  • Mimi

    I think the baby is Chris Klein’s!

  • Jo

    See what happens when you f#*k with Tom Cruise – hahaha!

  • TP120

    Yep, I agree with Mimi. The baby is probably Chris Klein’s…I’ve agreed with that theory that all along. That’s why her baby bump was always different…she had to wear a fake one after she actually had the baby.

  • Melissa J

    You know what, I’m glad they’re hiding, I couldn’t browse the Internet last year without seeing something posted about them on every site I visited. It’s nice to browse the Internet now and actually read about other celebrity news without them too being In the headlines, I mean do we truely care? Let them hide!

  • oh come on!

    Yeah, "Suri" is IN the cooler because she’s a slab of packaged meat that they’ll wrap up in a blanket when they need to. They are nuts and Cruise is a closeted control freak.

  • lisa

    First of I just want to say…that tom cruise is not a laughingstock..maybe to some of u in the states…but where i live…we still love him..i live in a culture where ppl beelive many different things..ic an understand why he felt the way he did about the brooke shields thing…it was based on his that context i can understand…if u have any sense or are an adult u will get that also…i do agree that the media kinda lampooned him into sharing his beliefs which they knew would be controversial…hes aplologized..he and brooke have been friends for years..she even said that they have buried any ill will cause they’ve known each other from they were 17! so why the ehll r u dwelling on it. Ppl make mistakes…we forgive them…5 yrs from now we wont even be talking about it…i just feel like we should give ppl a break..hes a good guy..i think celebs need somehting to beleive in…i dont like scientology …i think its used him for his money..but oh well..for the past 10 yrs he been a scientollogist and nobody said anything about it then. Give him a break..hes a good actor, and a good person and the media is too manipulative. My only wish is that he hadnt been so public with his relaitonship…he knew better than that….but i htink he was proud to be with kate and in a way felt like showing of that love but i dont think he expected it would backfire like that…

  • John


  • nessa

    i think it is a stroller. when i flipped my laptop screen a lil down i could see an outline of the fron wheel and what looks like a flower part handle. try it for those who have laptop. I feel bad for katie these days. i hope this is not a scandal they are trying to pull off.

  • danny

    l think it’s really weird. lf they wanted to continue with the sham all katie need do is throw a blanket over the stroller and walk around the compound. They could put a doll under there and no one would know.

  • NikNor

    look at her!!!! Shes soooo flabby!!!TC shud have regretted to get her pregnant..say goodbye to slim body

  • Rachel

    #45 & 46 … RELAX. He is a laughing stock. It is considered in many people’s opinion that she was highly paid to have a baby or say she was having a baby … that would make him pretty ridiculous, so stop being so serious about it and try and be a little glib, hahaha. The guys a nut case, he’s been reading way to many Scientology books & is actually believing the theory that we are all spacelings. Please TC needs to get build himself a bridge to get over himself. #45 Lisa: say hello to the "clingons" and any other unidentified mamals that may possible live "where you come from". The guys a nut job & it looks like he may be making Katie one too. What are they going to do, lock this baby up until it’s 18 – you know there is another celebrity that has hidden his child from the public eye too – Michael Jackson, mmmmmm, now there’s a stable person if ever you saw one, but my bet is he is also loved and held in high standards where you are from. Everyone is sick of TC and his long winded explanations on his Scientology beliefs, outbursts of publicity or is that public emotions and his over zealous "glib" remarks about anti-depressants. Judhing from the outburst he had on Oprah, he may want to try a little somethin, somethin to bring himself down from whatever "high" he was reeling from. Crack open the looney cell, cause I think someone’s going to be moving in real soon!!