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Wentworth Miller in Details Magazine

Wentworth Miller in Details Magazine

The August 2006 issue of Details Magazine has Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller on the cover in a tweed blazer/coat.  Wentworth Miller is part of Details Magazine‘s feature "How TV Became Hollywood’s Leading Man."  The inside caption reads "WENTWORTH MILLER :: Because not since MacGyver has a renegade genius been this compelling."  Prison Break returns in one month this Friday.  The season 2 premiere will air on Monday, August 21 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Big ups to geniass!! More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Lovely

    First time i post, and i am the first!!

  • m8

    Seriously, who cares if you are first?! It’s all about Wentworth! Hot and humid in NYC, and it’s all because of the Pretty on the cover of Details!!Way to rock my Monday Jared!!

  • geniass

    It took me forever to find one (5+ newsstands) but I did! I did!

  • Glamour Diva

    Oh Joy! Now I have something to do on my lunch break besides eat! Three cheers for JJ, Details and The Pretty! Hip, Hip…Hurrah! Hip, Hip…Hurrah! Hip, Hip…Hurrah! (Smooches to M8, long time no holla shana kin!)

  • Kat

    Definitely a great job Jared..i am gonna order that

  • jon

    I’m a guy and even I have to admit he’s goodlooking

  • Violette

    Oh my goodness, Wentworth…(sigh)

  • thirty

    t hanks geniass for sharing. went is sooo handsome. I love him sooo much =)

  • Karen

    wentworth is a gorgeous man….sexy beyond belief!

  • Melissa J

    Wentworth Is a beautiful walking, talking orgasm!Love him!

  • equinox

    Hot as hell. Love him.

  • Kaahu

    Jared, thanks for causing another heatwave! [thud!!!] Wentworth forever, lol -

  • su



    thanks jared. i was going through wentdrawal : )

  • dudette

    I cant believe the new season is starting so soon!! does time really fly that quickly. Well Im not complaining, as long as I get to see Wenttie baby im HAPPY!

  • Mink

    Exactly how many cold showers can one take in quick succession before it becomes permanently damaging to one’s health? Just askin’. Jeeze! Went, babe! Seriously, could you be any hotter?

  • ErinMarie79

    I can’t wait to pick this mag up. He looks great. I love the tie. Thanks Jared!

  • lisa

    As a jamaican ..its good to see someone with a jamaican heritage make it like he has. I’m incredibly proud of him.P.S. Jared just a note….the phrase is ‘big up’ not big ups…its jamaican slanf…please dont misuse it ..cuz it makes u sound dumb

  • dpblu

    omg he looks fit as ever! He’s just plain gorgeous not doubt about it! This guy is amazing! It’s getting hot in here…. It’s unfair we in the UK can’t get that mag here :( I want it now!!!!!! And we gotta wait til next year to see the 2nd season of Prison Break :(

  • cherish

    wenty, i love you to death. what alucky guy.just keep quiet cherish. his future husband to be. i love yoctober28 and the preston guyforever, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Dayna

    This is man is just unbelievably gorgeous…Is he even real????…THOSE EYES!…Oh my god, I look at him and want to faint…Thank you so much Jared!…I went to get Details, and they don’t have the August one out yet :(…Hopefully soon…I’ll just have to keep coming back here and staring at his handsome face…His eyes are just mesmerising…*Sigh*…Can’t wait til August 21st!

  • Mr. Maichan

    Oh, no…Not him again! (tries to drown out the pretty with Radiohead)

  • Just Jared


  • geniass

    Mr. Maichan, always good to see you!

  • ErinMarie79

    Mr. Maichan, that was too cute. ;D

  • ali

    he is just too cute

  • Zack

    Thanks heaps for the update, jared! u made my day!

  • stelvill

    Wentworth Miller makes me LOCO…aaahhhhhhhTnx JJ I’m sure you’re having a hard time right now providing pics and clips on Wentworth coz of the PB off season but you really won’t give up. Tnx for making us fans of Went hapi and fulfilled.

  • adam

    OK I can’t take it anymore!Why are all you people not listening, he’s gay.

  • DISH


  • meemee35

    **drool** This guy is just so incredibly hot!

  • Hal

    I watched Prison Break a couple of times, what a lame-ass story line. They are totally riding on wentworth miller’s good looks. I will not be watching it agian, besides how can they call it PB when they have all left the building???Lamo, Lamo show…..bad script, and bad casting, that’s why everyone got killed off except wentworth.Note to producer: please don’t toucher us anymore with more episodes

  • Witchoo

    Had to stop by and give my props to Mr. Maichan!

  • Rachel

    he has such a symmetrical face!

  • wontingwitch

    The things my tongue would do to this man if he would only allow me the pleasure…

  • BeautifulGal

    Aw Hal (#32), if the show was that bad, they wouldn’t be getting nominated for awards like the Golden Globes and People’s Choice. Also, you must be watching a different show than I am, because they didn’t kill off all the cast but Went. Maybe you’re just mad because Wentworth is prettier than you? ;D

  • Glamour Diva

    WORD! @ BeautifulGal. lmfao!

  • hal

    #36What are you the publicist.It’s a crapy show, just Went is worth watching.cute, Went-Worth get it!They need to re -name the show "We used to be in prison"…..and maybe make is a musical.As for as good looks go, I never questioned Wentworth’s star appel…..all I said was that’s the only glue holding this crappy show together.I also give credit to the director who knows how to capture Went’s good looks…..eye candy thats all.Golden Globes/People’s choice who cares, did you see the crap that won Acadmey Awards last year.The only part you got right is he’s just a tad prettier than me…….and bye the way I’m a girlHow about "Breakout" or "Busted-out" ….or get a real cast and story line!

  • julie

    I agree with Hal, why did they change the story line so drastically if everything was working so well.Wentworth is beautiful , but unfortunately the rest of the show needs re-vamping.

  • stole

    His acting is just average,but he’s good looking

  • BeautifulGal

    Hal, I thought that you could be a girl. Went can still be prettier than some girls, which is why I made the comment. I liked our play on words there. (That only Went is worth watching). :) The show is called Prison Break, not just Prison. Obviously the "break" insinuated that they would be on the run at some point, no?

  • black

    Wait a minute…….you´re proud of him because he´s jamaican ?

  • Mink

    Oh for goodness sake! Hal, how can you make such a sweeping ‘it’s crappy’ statement about the show when you admit you’ve only seen it a couple of times? And anyone who says WM’s acting is just ‘average’, again can’t have actually watched S1. And as for the ‘gay’ thing *snore*. Whatever… People are just gonna come to their own conclusions on this, but whatever you think…who gives a fuck! Doesn’t mean the boy isn’t the hottest thing on the planet. Oh, and Wontingwitch, I am SO on line behind you! LMAO

  • hal

    #41 Beautiful Gal- it’s sad but true he is prittier than me. Sorry about all the typo’s I think faster than I type…..but you get my jist!Maybe your right about the "Break"……it could mean that they are on the run.#Mink ….Oh MinkWhere do I start?….I couldn’t watch the show because the only parts that held my interest was when Wenthworth was in them. So I just switched to watching it on youtube. Well that’s just my opinion but I’m always happy to discuss and be open to other opinions.Actually I think his acting is just alright, his good looks is what carries the show……ask anyone on this blog why they watch prision Break is it for the scripts, acting,rest of the cast, show is well produced and directed…..or just to see Wentworth. I think if they have got people watching why not make it better…..perhaps season 2 will be better.

  • Nichelle Denise

    hal….Thought you said you wouldn’t be watching the show anymore because of the "crappy" storyline, yet you indicate in your last post that maybe season 2 will be better. Obviously you have not followed the story or the premise very well. The characters were always supposed to breakout and it is going in the direction the writers and director intended it to. Don’t watch it then….who gives a care? Why comment if you think the show’s a piece of crap; why waste your time? Don’t hate ’cause Wentworth is beautiful (beyond words). Fox knows a good thing when they have it. And to think that Went wasn’t first on their list, so it’s not ALL about his good looks. It helps tho…To the jamaican?? What the hell are you talking about with the "big up" madness. Umm…if you haven’t heard, "big ups" has been a phrase in da hood forever. Really, say it outloud: big up or big ups? Umm, Ima hafta go with BIG UPS… You might want to check how dumb you sound….

  • me not you

    fuckin a he’s so fuckin hot

  • annea

    OK…so Went isn’t Marlon Brando in the acting department but I think he is doing a fine job for the first major acting role he has ever had…never seen the Human Stain but would like too…I’m definitely trying to keep my Monday nights open for next season…ahhhhh….those eyes…

  • Nichelle Denise

    lol @ me not youYou are soooooo right! He’s so Fine, it makes you cuss….hahah haaaha…

  • Hal

    Post# 45I’ll be watching the good-parts with Wentworth on YOUTUBE because that way I can just skip to the parts I’m interested with Wentworth faster……no need to follow the storyline they are never that complicated.His looks……definately a plus thats the only reason I come to this blog…..but he is in" my opinion "all there is to this show.As to why I post stuff, I enjoy voicing my opinion and "equally" enjoy other’s point of view without getting offended or insulting someone’s else is taste. I even like your Post… makes the world interesting don’t you think?Post# 47Your totally right he’s no Marlon Brando, but his first major role(human stain he was over shadowed by A class Actors ie" Anthony Hopkins) the guy is doing just fine.

  • wontingwitch

    I actually didn’t notice how hot Went was until after a few episodes of PB. I had been looking forward to the show before it started just based on the commercials and the premise. I like eye candy as much as the next girl but that will NEVER make me watch or like anything. Now it may get me to like looking at someone, but it won’t make me like their work. For instance, I love Keanu Reeves. I have loved him since Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure but his acting is so wooden it’s not funny and I NEVER believe his on screen romances…ever. Sweet November? that made me wretch, but he is a cutie. I didn’t run out to see the Lakehouse b/c he was in it but I did go out and see A Scanner Darkly (it was good by the way, go see it) based on the premise of the movie. Went was the only good thing about The Human Stain and not cuz he’s gorgeous, b/c the movie for the most part just sucked. There I said it. He aced every scene he was in though. I think a lot of the other actors on Prison Break are good too especially T-Bag. He rocks. I think Went does well with dramatic roles and the man is even pretty when he cries (and he does it well I might add). I never saw him in Popular (I know I watched it but I don’t remember him) so I have no idea what he does with comedy but he’s got drama down. I really liked him in that episode of The Ghost Whisperer (only ep of that show I’ve ever seen) also. Now let’s just get back to worshipping Wenty-Poo shall we? lol