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Danity Kane - Showstopper Music Video

Danity Kane - Showstopper Music Video

Making the Band is only one for a couple more weeks!  Watch a new episode of Making The Band 3 this Thursday @ 9PM ET/PT on MTV!  The album "Danity Kane" hits stores Tuesday, August 22nd.

WATCH :: Danity Kane "Show Stopper" Music Video

PRIZES UP FOR GRAB :: (1) The Grand Prize Winner will receive: One $100 gift certificate courtesy of Making the Band and a summer prize pack (inset) — t-shirt, beach towel, key chain, bottle opener, necklace key chain holder, draw string bag, MTV NYC pen, and a notebook.  (2) Two runner-ups will each receive a summer prize pack

HOW TO WIN FREE SWAG::  To win the Making the Band contest, leave a comment in this entry with your favorite Making the Band 3 girl and why.  One entry per person.  Be sure to include a valid email address (not published).  Entries must be made before Thursday, July 27 @ 7PM EST.  Good luck!

UPDATE :: Congratulations Ed M. for winning the grand prize!  Our runner-ups are LOVEya***** and Marisa!  Your prizes will be mailed out shortly.  Thanks to everyone else who entered!

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  • angelah


  • Hula Girl

    It’s hard to pick just one because I like all of them. But I think that Dawn stands out the most to me. You can hear her heart in her voice. It’s the power that moves people.

  • Samantha

    Its hard to pick on girl since all of them have talent. In my eyes they all have that "something" that hae made them stand out to become a favorite. Aubrey…no matter what is thrown at her she seems to stand up and take charge. Aundrea… has been there for so long and hasn’t missed a beat. Dawn…has a voice that stands out. D. Woods….has a personality and a stage presents that you can’t take your eyes off. Shannon….as and a good voice and is great when she shows her true feelings….all together they make a grat group…Good Luck to them because they will be huge….their show stoppers!

  • amad

    All the girls are so talented but I really think Aubrey is my favorite. She has made it through all the cuts, trials and tribulations. Her voice bring a a beautiful sound to the group.

  • ben

    I feel a showstopper is something you can get away with anything they do in hollywood. Aubrey Oday. Face it. If you’re in a girl group on a cd cover in the middle, you’re destined to be a showstopper. e.g: beyonce. Face it, after hearing aubrey sing etta jame’s at last i knew that she was the greatest. She could sing any type of music. She is fantastic. Aubrey FOREVER!

  • Heather

    Love them hate their new song.

  • MattSeoane

    I LOVE DANITY KANE!! i have been watching the show since season 1!!! its really hard to pick a favorite but if i must, they it would be dawn….she just has so much star quality, its not even funny. she was meant to be a star!! but dont get me wrong, i love all of them

  • Sushi

    I love all the girls but Aundrea is by far my favorite! She’s talented and gone through all the trials showing the real strength of a woman. She’s chasing her dream and inspiring girls everywhere. And she’s hot, of course, but pretty enough to not look too "slutty". Great singer, exhilerating dancer, and wonderful person! I love Aundrea!

  • lise

    No idea what they sound like, never even heard of this program..but that name, yikes. Danity Kane? I don’t think band names get much worse than that!

  • Del

    I love love love aubry that girl just ozzes with hotness and she makes the group have an extra sexyness that it would other wise lack. Each girl brings her own thing to the group and that is part of what makes them HOTT! But Aubry is like that token hot guy in the group that can sing but his/her main GOAL is to BRING THE SEXY BACK

  • shell

    I think that Aundrea is by far the best. While I agree they are all very talented, and I truly like everyone of them. Aundrea is my favorite, she is really cute and sweet. I love how she is just so real and down to earth. And wow that hair, she is beautiful! They all are beautiful, they seem really genuine. She is what will hold the band together picking each other up when they fall. I love how she is always helping the moral of the group. Great personality! I think the girls are all great!

  • Yoo honey

    I like all of them, but my favorite is Audrey, she’s sweet and cute.

  • Monty

    Danity Kane are a special group of young ladies. I think that each of them possess a great character and a signature voice. Shannon is amazing at being a performer. She has overcome a lot of vocal issues to succeed in the group. She has gained her confidence. It is very exciting to see this. Aubrey has so much star potential. She knows what she wants. She is destined to be a star. She has the look and now has the voice. Aubrey already has a fanbase which may take away from the group but right now it is helping them out. Wanita is an awesome vocalist. She seems to be the rep of the group. She always has her head on her shoulders. She seems like the most confident in her vocals. She knows how to work a stage as well. She nevers looks like she is lost on stage. Aundrea has pipes for days. She reminds me of a younger Christina Aguilera. She is awesome. I like to watch her perform. She is extremely poised and seems very personable. Dawn is my favorite group member right now. Her voice is so great. The tone is amazing. She has that deep rich alto register that is so made for group singing. She seems to be very real. We have had to opportunity to look into her life and see a glimpse of who she really is. Her homecoming was amazing. It was very emotional and it made me connect with her. Overall I feel that the group is destined for greatness. By watching them on TV and seeing them work really hard, I have more of a connect with them. I appreciate them more. As an aspiring musician, I see the hard work that is put into the business. I respect them as musicians and will support them in anyway.

  • Katee

    I definitely have to say that Aubrey is my favorite! She’s a tough girl and I believe even if this doesn’t work out for her she’ll go all the way! She’s freakin GORGEOUS!!

  • marlene

    love Aundrea. she is sweet, talented and respectable. always sticking to her guns, which in the industry you have to admire, she is ok being in her own shell, and yet she shines through every time.

  • Rachel

    i don’t know much about these girls, but frankly, their song is annoying.

  • Shannon

    My favorite girl is Aubrey…she has star presence. She grabs my attention the most on the show and I absolutely LOVE her hair and body…she makes me jealous. Very cute, girl next door look…with star written all over her!

  • lizzie

    I think my favorite is Aundrea because she’s Latina and representin’

  • K

    Aundrea of course. She’s a little muffin. And she’s the only one who can do her makeup properly. There should be an ANTM-style makeover episode in which the girls are given new weaves and foundation tips.

  • Gabriela Serna

    I LOVES ME SOME ANDREA FIMBRES!! She has the most fantastic voice out of all of the girls in DANITY KANE (that name needs to go). Aandrea is just too cute for words, you just want to put her in your pocket (cuz she would fit).Ooooooh LA la La la- Gabriel a

  • Fadila

    Aubrey, she is there from the begining and she can dance


    If they don’t release that "Move you’ body, shake you’ body, get naw-tay naw-tay" song, then they might as well throw a bunch of money in an old oil bin and set it a flame for warmth and huddle in front of it with fingerless gloves, covered in afgahans and like one boot, cuz they are going to be doing a lot of that when they poor cuz they recorded some instructional driver’s ED song instead of the Summer-Jam-To-Be they had on their hands. Also Shannon will prolly ruin the band too, she can barely talk let alone sing -she needs a tongue reduction or something.

  • akamoma

    Aubry is my favorite, she’s not afraid to admit her weaknesses, and no matter what she takes things head on.

  • Yvette

    Aundrea would have to be my favorite. She’s worked hard for 2 seasons of MTB, has the best voice, has all the right moves and brings no drama to the group. She’s also the one who each girl goes to when they have their "break down" and need someone to talk to. She’s also very sweet & bubbly.

  • Raquel

    SO tough….I love Aubrey but Aundrea is my favorite. Her voice rocks, she’s cute as buttons and she’s a shorty like moi!!

  • erin

    aundrea by far. i like aubrey, but her addiction to eyeliner makes me slightly uncomfortable.

  • Alexey

    Aubreay,I fell in love with her from the first season of Making The Band 3.She’s beautiful,kind,smart,great dancer and has a great voice,what else?She’s the best

  • j-gURL

    aubrey is my fave. when i first saw her dance i was amazed… for a white girl she has some moves and ofcourse because shes hot…did you see the blender shoot? she seriously makes me question my sexuality.

  • Mandi

    I really like Shannon. Aubrey used to be my fav, but this season I adore Shannon. She is my new favorite.

  • Mandi

    Forgot to say why – I love her voice and that episode where she was crying, I totally got goosebumps from her singing. And I like the fact that she is married, it keeps her grounded.

  • Xochitl

    i met aubrey at the Backstreet Boys concert last year and she was so sweet. she is a true star. Her and Andrea have always been my favorites, but something aubrey’s presence and voice, makes me love her. i think shes one of the only reasons i like the group, she is def a strong a girl.

  • Evestay

    I didnt like the show stopper song at first either but give it another chance or two ;x Personally I like Aubrey the most for all the reasons already expressed and because she is willing to make a great group even though she could be a star on her own.

  • candice

    I adore Aubrey!

  • Qua

    It really is hard to pick one –If I ahd to pick one it would have to be Wanta (D.Woods) because the girl is a fighter when things are thrown in her direction to make her stumble or falter –She finds an insideline and hurdles over the obstacleFor instance when Diddy told her she was a hamburger away from blowing out of her jeansEveryone knows that’s hurtful to listen to she may have cried and showns ome emotion but in the end she turned her "flaw" in Diddy’s eye into a positive for herself and didn’t hold anything back and showed the world who she isI give her major props on that one and she in turn is an idol to young girls out there

  • Jason

    I like Aundrea the best!

  • Rachel

    Aundrea. She realizes you don’t need to be a hobag to be sexy and has had the sheer determination from the beginning to not only be in the band, but to be friendly and approachable to all the girls. This cuteness disappears though when she performs when you realize, "Wow! This shortstack can put it on!" She tears it up between her beatiful singing and energetic dancing.

  • Ed M.

    My favorite girl has to be Aubrey. I’ve been a MTB fan since freakin O-Town and Aubrey has always stood out to me from the beginning. Everyone knew by the second season that she was practically already in the band..hmm I wonder why. She has it all. She can sing, dance, and has a superstar personality. We all know she has looks because her spread in Blender was hott (with 2 t’s). I fell in love with her when she sang "At Last" by Etta James. Her voice gave me chills again this season when she was singing with Betty Wright. Her personal lyrics to that song she made up for Betty made me tear up because she was saying "You’re not gonna bring me down today!" I loved that episode and will forever love Aubrey.

  • Brandon

    Aubrey by far. She always cries about how she is just a pretty white girl. Well you know what? She is a pretty white girl, but if she couldn’t sing she wouldn’t have survived two rounds of Diddy!

  • Alyssa

    Aundrea is definitely my favorite because she went through so much to finally make it into the band. Between Aubrey and Aundrea who had made it past MTB3, Season 1, it seemed like Aundrea had to work extra hard to earn her spot in Danity Kane. I think Aundrea has amazing talent and she never gave up despite the trials she endured. She is also a great example that you don’t have to be a size 00 to be a star. She is a great role model.

  • Aprili

    My favorite member is D. Woods because she is real and that Deal! I love her.

  • Joe K.

    My favorite member would have to be Aundrea. She is the real deal. She loves to sing. She puts all she has into every song and move. She has definately earned a spot in Danity Kane. She has had to work hard through the first 2 seasons to get to where she is now. Thats heart ya’ll.

  • Cortney

    Out of all the MTB ladies my favorite is Aubrey. Aubrey has got it all..the body, the voice, the personality and the moves. Since watching MTB 3 I have just fallen in love with her since day 1. I admire her strength throughout the MTB struggle to actually make the band in the finale. She has problems keeping up sometimes but she always pulls through better than before. I know Aubrey has what it takes to help this band become International Superstars like I know they can be!

  • Chelsy D

    My favorite MTB lady would have to be Shannon. She puts up with alot of crap even though I think she sings really well. She steps up to any challenge she faces and she holds her girls down. I can’t wait to hear the album in Aug.

  • riley

    definetly aundrea. she just seems to be a really sweet person and she really cares about making it big. shes good at what she does and in my opinion is the prettiest.

  • Brenae

    My favorite Making the Band girl has to be Aubrey. I remember watching last year’s season finale and the chance that she wouldn’t make it made me realize how truly talented she was and I’m sure she appreciates it because she was so close to not having it. Not to mention, watching her this season, her personality is adorable and you can’t help but like her.

  • Sarah Crow

    I really love all the girls so much and they each have strong characteristics about them. Shannon has a good heart and I love how much she loves her husband, she is kind of the mother of the group- She is grounded and focused but she probably has the furtherst to climb. I love Aubrey she is beautiful and she really is a great performer… I have enjoyed watching her for 3 years. Wanita is awesome she is so funny and I love everything she says. She brings so much personality to the group. She handled her "weight issue" incredible. She took it on head first and didn’t hide. She is beautiful. Dawn is really sweet and also has such a powerful voice. She has been through alot and is sucha strong person I think she will be great for the group, she bring so much strength and courage. BUT my favorite by far is ANDREA!!! She is beautiful on the inside and out. She comforts all the girls and is such an encourager to the group. She comes along side each girl and helps them get through each bump in the road. I love how she comforted Dawn the first episode this season.. and then she cried with shannon and she encouraged wanita- "she has the figure we all want." And she has always been there for Aubrey. She has been stealing the screen for three years. She is drama free! She is also got the complete package she is absolutely beautiful without being trashy sexy without being sluty, she has this powerful voice that fills up a stadium. She can dance like crazy and she has proved it when she had to take on Aubrey in the 2nd seasion. And she stole the show when they split the girls into two groups to battle against each other. She sticks by what she believes in. She is real, we have seen her cry, laugh, mess up and get mad (but each time with grace). She really got put to the test in season two and she really deserved her spot. I think Diddy knew she would overcome the obsticles he put infront of her and it would make her stronger and it did. She has such a good heart and I think she really feels for the girls and all those around her. You know how when you look in some peoples eyes you just know they are for real. I know that about her. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I love andrea and I think anyone who really watches this show can’t help but fall in love with her. I see her as the glue for this group. She is 100% right when she said good things come in small packages. I’m a believer!! ANDREA’S THE BEST!

  • Donna

    i think aundrea is the best of the group… She sings really good. She’s down to earth…

  • Laurel

    Aundrea is my favorite. I think she has the best voice and tone, and I like how she dances with intensity. She also seems very real. I think all the girls are talented but Aundrea has been my favorite since the first season.

  • Kryss Johnston

    Aubrey is my favorite. She has a very unique voice that stands out from all the other girls. she had worked her butt of for two seasons to prove shes the best of the best. i also thinks aubrey is one of the best dancers in the group and evberytime she moves you can feel the power of the song in the way she moves her body. it makes you want to get up and dance yourself. aubrey has been my favorite since the first season.

  • Kimberly Szot

    Out of all of the girls in Danity Kane, I’d have to say that Aubrey is my favorite. Throughout all of the seasons, she has continued to grow into who she is and has never compromised. Witnessing her progression from being a girl just out of college, to the very confiident women she is today, gives young women the confidence to be who they are without any hesitations. She is a positive role- model. Intelligent, whitty, confident, pretty, strong, and down to earth. It is for these characteristics is why she is my favorite.