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Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend Pictures

Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend Pictures

Keira Knightley was spotted wearing an over-billowy pale pink dress yesterday morning and afternoon.  An onlooker said: "It looked like she grabbed some curtains from a rail and turned them into a dress. I thought she was going to trip over the bottom of it when she was walking down the steps outside her house." Surprisingly, Keira wasn’t satisifed with her outfit either and changed up her look mid-day, pulling a belt and bag switcheroo. 

After lunching at Julie’s Restaurant & Bar (135 Portland Road, London, W11 4LW), the 21-year-old actress returned home to ditch both her five-hole studded belt and brown satchel, opting for a simple brown belt and black tote.  Keira‘s pink dress, sunglasses, and bright sea green slippers stuck around for both outfits.  After her outfit change, actor boyfriend Rupert Friend accompanied Keira out of their West London home . More pictures in the gallery!

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keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend01
keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend02
keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend03
keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend04
keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend05
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keira knightley rupert friend boyfriend07
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  • mala

    She is always hunched over. It’s make her older.

  • coco

    her boyfriend is the spitting image of Johnny Depp! Be careful, Vanessa Paradis!

  • Debbie

    You know what coco, i was thinking the same thing! he is like an orlando / johnny hybrid!

  • coco

    totally… hmm… interesting

  • Tasha

    I just went say ‘he looks like a cross between Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp’ then read post #3 – its so damn true! Didnt she say somewhere recently that her perfect bf would be a cross between the 2?? How freaky!! I do wish she wouldnt hunch over, she looks bloody awful, like an old woman – what ever happened to the gorgeous looking woman that she was in Pirates?? She was a true stunner then, now she looks ill and hagged….cant help but be glad Im a nobody and dont have all that pressure that movie stars seem to succumb to when they get famous – they all get too damn skinny and sick looking! Spose money cant buy everything…..if I had their money I swear I would have the biggest food fest! My shopping list would go on forever!! hahaah

  • princessvince

    what’s wrong with her dress? i love it! it looks so comfortable. but i’m into clothes that are big enough to hide small animals under.

  • oleander

    I’ve always thought that Winona, Vanessa & Keira were similar in physical build and bone structure. The petite frame, fragile facial features, doe-y eyes, alabaster complexion, elfin look. Interesting, the thread that runs in Johnny Depp’s attractions.

  • Em

    If she isn’t anorexic… i dont know who is !!!!

  • Rachel

    hunching must be the greatest sin for a skinny and yet tall girl to commit! terrible.



  • macheath

    I have a lot of family who eat like nobody’s business but are just that tiny naturally, so may she’s anorexic, maybe not. That first dress is cute but who the hell could wear that on a day out? Oh, and taller people tend to hunch more. It’s just a fact. Especially when they’re trying not to draw attention to themselves. Stop being so overly critical, people. Too much criticism and quickness to judge is what drives so many girls in the Western world to eating disorders in the first place.

  • keyralove

    she is so beautiful and his boyfriend is so cute more prety than orlando an johnny depp! that is a fact!!

  • movie fan

    #7 oleanderInteresting…. and Kate Moss fits that bill, too. I always thought that Kate was his true love.I agree to leave Keira alone! Her abs are a solid six-pack! She has no fat, but she has muscle. Gorgeous girl…. No one looks the same without makeup. Let her run around town in comfy clothes and no makeup she’s just fine.

  • Debbie

    just a thought, isnt he the guy that played Mr. Wickham with her in Pride and Pred.?

  • Debs :)

    just a thought, isnt he the guy that played Mr. Wickham with her in Pride and Pred.?

  • salman


  • SAL

    I TOTALLY agree with u man.shes just un bloody believable.and u suck ratchel. BIG TIME

  • SAL

    yo u stinking asshole"fuck tom cruz".keira is simply the u insult her again and ill hunt u down and rip u apart.

  • Noni

    keira is d reincarnation of WINONA RYDER…who’s agree wid me?

  • darkbeast

    come on they have been togethor for a year why not just get married. Kids these days and they’r hormons

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