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Kristin Kreuk: New Partition Trailer & Stills

Kristin Kreuk: New Partition Trailer & Stills

A new trailer and pictures for Kristin Kruek‘s Canadian indepdent film Partition has turned up. The 23-year-old actress returns to the small screen as Lana Lang in the sixth season of Smallville on Thursday, September 28 on the CW Network.  Thanks, KristinKreukWeb!  More pictures in the gallery…

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First Partition Trailer/Synopsis

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  • huh?

    Ok what is Neve Cambell or however you spell her name doing in this movie? There is one movie already exactly like this called Gadar made in India. Kristin kreuk looks beautiful and all but this movie seems to be an exact copy of another movie , just with other actors.

  • bella82

    So what? Indian bollywood has been copying american movies for years. so its okay if indians copy others, but not vice versa. its not like anyones gonna watch this crap anyway.

  • World Cup

    If this flick comes out where I live I will pay to see Kristin on the big screen. She’s beautiful.

  • selma

    why didn’t they hire a real indian actress? this is so fakish..

  • Arelis

    Maybe because Kristin isn’t playing an Indian.It’s called acting people! Movies aren’t documentaries.

  • ssre

    well, i think kristen can be passed off for an indian in this situations…besides, many indian ppl have coloured eyes and the ones living on the india/china border have light skin tones…and kristen does have an asian background, so it’s quite plausible to have an indian person with her physical appearance

  • Jess

    Im soo gonna see this!

  • Jackie

    I hope this film gets played at my independant theatre where I live….I REALLY want to see Kristin on the big screen……..and in response to Selma, if everyone felt like you then Kristin would be out of work….it would be extremely difficult to find Dutch-Chinese (kk’s nationality) parts for her *rolls eyes* ….as someone mentioned….It is called acting for a reason….I personally wish Kristin all the best!!Thanks for the info!

  • Elham

    I’m not having a shot at kirstin, she great and I’m sure she can pull it off but I agree with the poster who asked why they couldn’t find an Asian girl to play the role! In the 1920s white actors would ‘blacken’ their faces to play black characters; we now find it offensive, the same could be said this situation? Would you let a white guy play the role of Mohammed Ali? or a Black guy play the role of Bruce Lee? of course not. The same could be said of fictional characters. By casting non-Asian (in this case Pakistani) actress, what the studios are indirectly saying is "THERE AREN’T GOOFD ACTORS IN PAKISTAN TO PLAY THE ROLE or ONLY A WHITE ACTOR COULD DRAW THE AUDIANCES for a box office hit. Western film makers (particularly Hollywood) need to be more internationally inclusive with their casting. In the Lost series they go a British-Indian to play an Iraqi, are you telling me there isn’t a single actor from the middle-east who could have been good enough? I now some people say it’s an illustration of ‘good acting’, ie if they can pull it off than so what? But it does matter because it takes away a level of authenticity, hearing that Indian actor try to put on an Arabic accent in Lost made me (an Arab) and alot of my friends laugh, many non-Arabs wouldn’t have noticed it but Arabs would. The same could be applied in this scenario, however good an Actress Kirstin is she can’t play a Pakistani as well as a Pakistani could. The same could be applied for actors with disabilities, when was the last time we had an actor in wheelchair or blind actor make it in Hollywood? Even to play roles concerning their disabilities? Answer 0!

  • Violette

    I think Kristin Kreuk is so beautiful, and I don’t think people should take it so personally that she be playing an asian woman. She’s a good actress and was cast for her acting abilities not her ethnic origin.

  • Arelis

    There’s already one review out there for this movie and the person stated that Kristin was good in her role.That’s all that should matter. Neve isn’t really English and Jimi is only 50% India… why isn’t anyone complaining about those things?

  • jojo

    kristen is gorgeous but why is she playing an Indian girl ???

  • Sophie

    What is the big deal? Who cares if Kristin plays an Indian girl? How is that different from Americans playing Europeans??? As somebody pointed out, it’s acting. Get over it. Indians don’t have one look. Muslims don’t have one look. Asians/Indians do have some diversity in their appearance. Consider the role of genetics. And think about geograhpy. I suggest a few of you do some research.

  • bb

    what about the movie Gandhi, ben kingsley (a british man) played the role of gandhi and the movie was wonderful. i don’t believe it is done based on discrimination i think the better actor is picked for the job. it would be silly to pick the acotr just because they fit the ethnic background.

  • It’s called color-blind casting. And we do it all the time in theatres.

  • david

    The difference is that Indian actors have a hard enough time as it is getting gigs in Hollywood. So it’s doubly insulting that they can’t even get cast in roles made for an Indian actress. The film industry is anything but colorblind, so its a poor defense.

  • Sophie

    i agree david, and i’m not defending that excuse. all people of color will have a hard time breaking into hollywood. likewise, those who get roles are probably chucked in the stereotypical ethnic roles. the sad truth remains that this will always be the case. that’s the reality. now, i think kristin was picked because she shares the look of some muslim women. more than likely, the role was given to her, and as an actress, she probably saw this as an opportunity to hone her skills (granted the film won’t be a success it seems). she can’t be blamed for that because it is a break. a person, with even her kind of popularity, wouldn’t turn down this kind of opportunity. no one really would unless it’s some a-lister.i think what matters in the end is the story itself, regardless of who is or isn’t in it.

  • Sophie

    one more thing . . . people of other nationality or race have played a race/nationality different from their own. i still don’t think it’s too much of a big deal. it’s somewhat of a step and a challenge acting wise. i’ve seen movies in which indians have played pakistanis and vice versa. case in point would be the movie "east is east," which also stars jimi mistry. again, i’ll reference what another poster has said . . . that the better actor is picked for the role, not necessarily for his/her ethnic background, because in the end, it’s about the quality of the film, too.

  • World Cup

    It’s all about blind casting now. Angelina Jolie just signed on to play Marianne Pearl who from her pictures is obviously a biracial black woman! lol.

  • to #19

    19 | World Cup What if then choose Maniston ? would still complain on it.

  • World Cup

    My post has nothing to do with Jennifer Anniston. I’m not a fan of hers but I don’t hate her either. Angelina on the other hand is hawt! I just think it’s funny that Angelina will play a real life person that is obviously black. It’s like President Bush being played by Denzel Washington!! lol. Even though Kristin isn’t Pakistani, with makeup she can pass enough that people won’t do a WTF when they watch the actual flick. With Angelina Jolie it’ll definitely be a WTF moment when this movie comes out.

  • angelah

    # 18 | Sophie I agree. I don’t know why it is such a big deal regarding actors having the exact ethnic background as the characters.