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Ashlee Simpson: Anoexia Battle

Ashlee Simpson: Anoexia Battle

ASHLEE’S PJ PARTY — The World’s Largest Pajama Party was held at the Victoria’s Secret Pink Lounge with host Ashlee Simpson last night. Held at Pier 54, one of NYC’s largest outdoor spaces, the bash celebrated the launch of Victoria’s Secret Pink’s new loungewear collection, which includes undergarments, sleepwear and accessories. The area was transformed into a lush party atmosphere with pink fleece blankets, oversized stuffed dogs and plush sofas and chairs with Pink signature throw pillows.  The night featured a performance by a glammed-out Ashlee as she took the stage around nine o’clock to rock the pajama-clad crowd. The party also included a screening of the ’80s classic, ‘Pretty in Pink.’

GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!  HOLY STARVATION, BATMAN!  Is my girl Ashlee Simpson starving herself?!  Her ribcage is beginning to show!  Those shoulder blades!  Those rail-thin arms!  EEP!  More pictures in the gallery… cute performance outfit.

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  • Ippink

    first!! she’s so cute!

  • Nic

    HOLY SHIT ASHLEE looks like skin and bones what happened to her???

  • Jen

    She doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

  • A.

    Yawn.With that plunging neckline and deeply scooped back, it’s quite apparent that she is trying to show off her protruding bones. It’s the same thing that every no-talent starlet does every time they want to drum up some publicity or attention.

  • boycottmerche

    whoa whoa whoa~ she doesnt look normal.. n real~ jessica looked so much better!!

  • meow

    Her weight loss is such a publicity stunt. The depths that this woman will sink to… disgusting

  • Kate Needs Help

    OMG Where’d she go? She’s totally shrinking!! Have a burger, Ashlee…

  • lovely

    She is way to thin, it’s just ugly..I don’t understand why these hollywood-girls starv themselves to look beautiful, it’s ugly and not to healthy

  • Violette

    Oh no! she looks way too skinny! does she really think she looks better this way?

  • Rachel

    so nicole richie-esque. nothing new.

  • Dumb Broads

    When will you women start to understand that men LIKE curves on a woman!! Stop the anorexia bullcrap.

  • jj

    someone got a boob job to go with that nose job

  • booboo

    YIKES! She looks like a 40 year old tranny!

  • Glamour Diva

    Poor thing. Forever in Jessica’s shadow…now she’s become a shadow of her former self. I hope one day she can find her own voice, her her own personality and just be proud to be who she is.

  • BeautifulGal

    Fake tan? CheckEmaciated look? CheckOver done blonde hair? CheckLooking like every other starlet in Hollywood? Check

  • name

    her old look was trashy, her new look also look trashy. is she going to change again?

  • D


  • Dan


  • In all fairness

    She looks like a skinny Jessica. I used to like Asslee because she was different now she is just the same as the other girls who try to hide their lack of talent behind their looks.

  • WTF

    oh noooo, Papa Joe’s in da House again…..RUN MY CHILDREN RUN!!!

  • kempeke

    I am shocked! She has a porn-star-looking face now. Her nose job made her look so good, but now there’s something going on with her eyes and forehead. Ashlee, please stop!!!!!!

  • Marta

    this is sad.

  • case

    Ugh. This whole family is a disaster. She’s making real hard to like her.

  • B

    I didn’t even recongnize her…

  • Meg

    she’s gorgeous!!! SHe’s hotter than her sis.. would u rather have her beer belly showing or have her look good who cares if she’s thinner than most people…. she looks amazing!!!

  • Glamour puss

    It’s really sad to see that THIS LOOK is very common among the young girls in Hollywood. This was the only thing left for her seeing that she has no talent. I guess she wanted some media attention. I do Promise you this though, In about 2 more months we will see her giving her "Exclusive" interview "confessing" that she has an eating disorder….this cycle is sooo old and played out!!

  • Glamour puss

    It’s really sad to see that THIS LOOK is very common among the young girls in Hollywood. This was the only thing left for her seeing that she has no talent. I guess she wanted some media attention. I do Promise you this though, In about 2 more months we will see her giving her "Exclusive" interview "confessing" that she has an eating disorder….this cycle is sooo old and played out!!

  • Lizzy

    Her teeth look like might glow in the dark and has she done something to her lips.The nose job was alright, but why loose the weight, she was pretty a few weeks ago.

  • t

    isn’t she on a huge tour right now? that can be highly strenuous on your body and make it impossible to put on weight even if you are trying to.

  • tulipsaki

    So, now she looks like every other girl in Hollywood.

  • Ayo

    I don’t care so much about her being skinny. I just think that people should only have drastic plastic surgery before they become famous. Even though she looks "prettier" now with her new nose, I just can’t take her seriously knowing that she had a nose job to make her look that way. Her face before had character, now she just looks like every other blonde starlet.

  • Truth Hurts

    oh my god…Ashlee,what the hell happened to you??she looks very strange and a lot like Mary-Kate Olsen. This disgusting bones looking out of her make me cry.

  • Courtney

    She looks GORGEOUS! What are you talking about?! Yeah that one photo you used at the top is a bad picture that makes her look way too thin but in ALL the other pics she looks great look at the side pic of her holding the stuffed animal, she has great arms, shes in shape! When you get a flat toned stomach your whole body changes, you get just say "yeah I want more fat by my collarbone" NO! you cant! lolSHE LOOKS AMAZING AND THE PERFORMANCE PICS PROVE IT! My god, you cant win in this business can you? She looks better than ever. Shes no Nicole Richie guys.

  • Dana

    And why people ever thought she was something special? She’s like like Paris and Nicole and whoever else. She doesn’t even look like Ashlee Simpson anymore, just another fake face.

  • Paris’s Panties

    she FINALLY looks hot and now everyone is bagging on her…poor girl cant win. and no i dont define hot as being anno, but she seems so confident and is glowing. thank gawd for nose jobs.

  • Randi

    Wasn’t she just in "Elle" magazine or some similiar publication proclaiming herself the postergirl for individuality and natural beauty? What a fake in every sense of the word.

  • amy

    Whoa! She looks like shit! Jessica has it right with her weight…healthy and fit. Asslee-have some carbs! A steak, some food!! Please, you look really bad!

  • jindi


  • Ash

    I used to like Ashlee. She looked as if she didnt care bout her weight, how she looked. Now, well now she looks like she’s trying to be like any other star in the public now. Skinny, nose job, fake tan. I wish her well in becoming more of how she used to be =)

  • World Cup

    She looks good with her new nose but she doesn’t look anything like she did before. But she needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers or she’ll start looking like Kate Bosworth.

  • Witchy

    HAHA to whoever said she’s thin because she’s under stress from her TOUR. what about soldiers in iraq who are doing a TOUR of DUTY. they aren’t all anorexic looking and i damn well guarantee they’re under more stress than some orange pop singer with extensions and a fake nose.

  • jj

    she’s quite pretty..I think a lot prettier than Jessica…She looks so much like her mother Tina

  • Andy

    Everyone seems to be anorexic these days. Hollywood turns anything into a trend.

  • amber

    have you people even seen her new video? she is really toned and her abs are flat and defined..she’s not gross looking at all. that pic was just shot at an unflattering angle. also, she can too lose weight from being on tour. that girl works her ass off on stage and i read the other day that a fitness expert, after seeing how she performs, says she burns at least 750 calories a show…that’s alot of calories! whoever said she got a boob job is crazy because ashlee’s always had a fairly large chest. she’s always had really skinny legs. i think she looks great. i liked her better before the nose job though, but she is still gorgeous.

  • anna

    She’s barely recognisble! I was wondering if you had her mixed up with someone else…

  • Beth

    Yeah, she is on the skinny side. But I believe that being on tour probably can make a person lose weight. On top of her stage routine I can imagine it is very stressful. Just recently I have been under a bit of stress and lost a few pounds without even realizing it. My mother (roll the eyes) made a comment about it.

  • justMe

    Jesse is anorexic too! he used to be buff.

  • Witchy

    You silly kids. You do not turn anorexic looking from being on TOUR. MADONNA HAS BEEN ON TOUR A ZILLION TIMES and she’s never turned ANOREXIC from the workouts. You can either CHOOSE to be that skinny or CHOOSE to not be. When you are on tour and jumping around she is burning the same calories as say…a construction worker moving heavy shit around for 12 hours….they aren’t anorexic…i hate it when people say "ohhh she can’t help being that thin! she’s a pop star! it’s hard to be FAMOUS!" pfffffffffffffffff you are all as lame as ashlee!

  • psshhtt

    good lord. she looks like kate hudson in the last three. talk about no originality.

  • gossipmonger

    Her lips look like the Joker’s ala the first Batman movie!She’s truly annoying!