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Channing Tatum: Step Up Pictures

Channing Tatum: Step Up Pictures

New promos for 26-year-old actor/model Channing Tatum‘s upcoming rom-com Step Up co-starring dancer/actress Jenna Dewan. The dance flick will be out in theaters nationwide on August 11th with the soundtrack arriving three days earlier.  Ciara, Kelis, Sean Paul, and Chris Brown will be featured on the Step Up soundtrack. If you missed it, Channing and Jenna are featured at the end of Ciara‘s latest music video "Get Up." More Step Up promo pictures in the gallery!

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channing tatum step up pictures01
channing tatum step up pictures02
channing tatum step up pictures03
channing tatum step up pictures04
channing tatum step up pictures05
channing tatum step up pictures06
channing tatum step up pictures07
channing tatum step up pictures08
channing tatum step up pictures09
channing tatum step up pictures10
channing tatum step up pictures11
channing tatum step up pictures12
channing tatum step up pictures13
channing tatum step up pictures14
channing tatum step up pictures15
channing tatum step up pictures16
channing tatum step up pictures17
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  • TR

    He is HOTTT!!

  • Tina

    He is so hot! I hate to admit it…he was really good in She’s The Man!

  • Lex

    I love him . . . I am so glad that people are finally getting to see him in the spot light. He’s becoming a leading man . . . a nice jump from music videos, to modeling, to small roles! He is just going to continue to grow and get better.

  • Bella

    Brad better worry if Angelina does a movie with that guy. He is HOT

  • Chariot


  • YoyoMAdre
  • Della

    Vince careful your Aniston will dump you for this Hot guy! She wants a better looking guy for her fans to swoon at. LOL

  • Melissa J

    OMG!!! I honestly didn’t think I’d find a guy that was as equally as hot as Wentworth Miller, he Is hot!!!

  • selma

    He’s hawt!!Finally we get to see him in more movies.

  • Rachel

    he doesn’t have wentworth’s eyes.

  • Camila

    He’s So HOT I heard that he and Amanda Bynes are an item can enebody confirm that??

  • josh

    his butt is way too big

  • Jack
  • Jack
  • selma

    OH MY GOOOOOOOODDD!!!!!! HELLO SEXY! Jeez…….. if i can have him for one night!

  • ashley

    They were photographed together (Channing and Amanda) a while ago, btu I believe he is dating and living with Jenna Dewan

  • Venom

    He’s a mix of Native American and white. Came out very nice.

  • amber0791

    i am so happy for him! he is so hott go Channing! I love you

  • harley

    looks risky…

  • amber0791

    he is deff not goin out with amanda bynes but i guess they wuld make a cut couple. but i like hes recent gf! WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK? i cant wait to see step up!!!

  • kara

    wow how come in the moving he doesnt have his shirt off that could be a problem it should be illegal for him to ware a shirt or anything for that matter i luv u channing

  • ashley

    ong how hot can he be and he is supa hot in she’s the man (there’s a lot of shirtless scenes lol )

  • ashley

    omg channing u r so hot i luv u e mail me ok luv ya muuuuuuh luv

  • Laura

    This guy is the most beautiful guy ever in this world. I used to think it was Brad and Wentworth but i think i just found my top one! I would do anything he says if we were in bed. I love this guy all i have to say is WOWOWOWOWOW

  • amanda

    omgshh this guy is the most beatutiful gorguess hottest guy ever i luv him and hes way hotter then wentworth !i luv him im obsessed and omg LOOK AT HIS BODY AND THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES AND LIPS(hes also tall to thats hot) The one person i would like to meet:CHANNING TATUM!

  • Abby

    He is so HOT, and Amanda Bynes is so lucky she got to make out with him, not fair!!!He has ahot body!!!

  • jamie

    channing tadum is os hottt in every single picture and movie I see him in if you want to e mail me it is

  • Taylor

    Channing is not hot…. HE’S FINE!!!!!

  • Crystal

    Channing Tatum is a very good looking guy any girl would be lucky to have him to come home to…. I hope one day i get to meet you in person and maybe i dont no go on a date…. you are one of the hottiest guys to play in the movie biz.I hope we get to meet soon… you’r friend crystal T.

  • Crystal

    Channing Tatum is a very good looking guy any girl would be lucky to have him to come home to…. I hope one day i get to meet you in person and maybe i dont no go on a date…. you are one of the hottiest guys to play in the movie biz.I hope we get to meet soon… you’r friend crystal T.

  • Michelle


  • Tanis

    channing tatum you are an amazing actor. i have wanted to act since i was 2…you are a veryt good looking guy.. and when i make it into the industry hopefulloy i will one day meet you…lolplease e-mail me…itm will make me very happy…

  • kayla

    k omg Channing is absolutly gorgous!!!!and amazing omg he blows absolutly everybody else out of the water, my sisters rented shes the man last night and i originally had no interest in it At All! but it was so good and he did a very good job in it to! plus he looks Great! Perfection. but omg k ive seen the trailers for step up and i even have everythign about it written on my hand!!!![with hearts:P]hahha but yeah omg i am sooooo there on august 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plus im into hiphop and breakdancing[like i take classes n shit] so it’ll be perfect!!!!!!

  • jessica

    i love channing tatum!!! he is my favorite and he is so HOTT!!! to the girl rachel, amanda bynes and him are dating and hes not dating jenna!!! i love you channing!!!

  • Makayla Houser


  • amanda

    omg ok i wrote a comment on this post b4 but i still cant stop thinkin bout him hes sooooooo FLIPPEN EFFIN FRICKEN HOT!! hes my favourite and i luv himm!! i hav 2 meet him and ive always dreamed of beein an actress and a model!! he kills all of the other guy actors that r hot cuz he one of the most sexxiest men alive I LUVV UUU!! Omgshh amanda bynes is sooo lucky and so is jenna they get 2 make out with u and b closeee with u and omg hopefully one day ill b in the acting industry…

  • taylor

    channing tatum u are so fricken hot and i have many pictures of u on my picture profile i think ur hot as heck and ur movie shes the man well i hae amanda because she liked u and i got jealous cuz u guys kissed and i kissed u on my tv when i was watching that movie it was awesome and i want to so totally marry u ur biggest fan taylor bye!!! babyPS. i want a husband just like u buhbye now(kiss kiss)

  • Kayla

    He is so hot

  • gwen

    i saw the movie laste night…i gotta tell u guys it’s a must !! It’s an amazing movie and everyone should c blew me away…i’ve been dancing ballet for the past 10 yrs and the choreographies in the movie are great !!! CHANNING AND JENNA are AMAZING !!! the movie is hott…so it i had chills when i was watchin it…anyways GO C IT !!!

  • angelah

    I can’t wait to see this movie tomorrow, wouldve been today but busy cleaning stuff.

  • ray

    I love Channing Tatum. I dream of him kissin me. Gosh I would give anythin 2 b his. I fn love u channing. Mmmmmmmmmuah!!!

  • ray

    I love Channing Tatum. I dream of him kissin me. Gosh I would give anythin 2 b his. I fn love u channing. Mmmmmmmmmuah!!!

  • pedo

    dewd this guys so hawt! i love him! hes a really good dancer 2.. i jus wanna fxck him so bad. you other peoplez that agree..add me for msn messenger(

  • kayla

    i love him somuch i hate amanda b becuse she got to kiss him if i were here i would tell him how much i love him

  • maeva

    i have seen the trailers and i cant wait to see the movie!!! channing u are so hot!!! and like one of the best hiphop dancer on this planet!!!! one day if i had a chance to meet any actor it would have to be u!! so prepare urself !!!!lol!!!

  • Michelle

    Why do you guys only think hes hot its not all about the looks.Sure he looks good but hes a really good actor, Channing I give you props for all the movies you’ve done I know that its a lot of hard work that you do and I respect that.Thank you for inspiring me to become an actor im working very hard.And you seem like a very down to earth guy.You probably wont have time to read this comment or email me.but thats okay ill undertand, I just wanted to get this message out.

  • Michelle & Shauna

    He is wam bam friken sexy man!!!!=]=]=]=]=]=],,,i lovvve him from michelle=],,,,idk from shauna

  • katie christon

    he is smokin he doesnt even need to be naked and hes still sizzlin

  • Jaclyn

    he is soooooooooooooooo hottttttttt.he’s such a cuttie!!!!!!!

  • emily

    i love u channing i cant help it u r a great actor/model everything about i love it i love u channing byran isaac tatum anderson