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Teen Choice Awards 2006: Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook Promo

Teen Choice Awards 2006: Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook Promo

As announced earlier this week, stand-up comedian Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson  will host the Teen Choice Awards 2006 live on Sunday, August 20 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Kevin Federline is set to close the show, performing his single "Lose Control" for the first time on network television. Yesterday afternoon, Jessica made an appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live show at the MTV Times Square Studios to debut her "A Public Affair" music video.  More pictures in the gallery including random Jessica candids from this past week.

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  • Ippink

    first again! i prefer her sister! but i think that Jessica is cool too!

  • Kellie

    She’s thankfully putting weight on again!

  • Kate Needs Help

    She should take Ashlee out for dinner! Is it just me, or is Jessica starting to look a little rough??

  • Rachel

    her new vid was rather entertaining, but simply meaningless.

  • creativegirl

    I see she got Daisy in the divorce. At least it’s good to see that she is still taking care of her.On a completely separate note, Jared – that mosquito ad on the main page right now is really annoying. I don’t mind the ads, I know they are a necessity but the buzzing drives me crazy while trying to read! Thanks!

  • Raquel

    she looks so pretty

  • princess_C

    she looks beautiful=) and its so good that she’s not doing the whole ‘skinny’ thing that everyone else including her own sister is doing!! please stay healthy like this Jess!!

  • WTF

    Note to self: CHANGE SUNGLASSES!….

  • Tina


  • Just Jared

    The mosquito ad really annoys me too! I’ve already submitted an ad removal request for that. Thanks for letting me know, creativegirl!

  • creativegirl

    # 10 | Just Jared Thanks Jared – I know that when you use those ad servers you are sometimes at their mercy. So I appreciate whatever you can do – At first I didn’t know what the heck was going on!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson looks like a drag queen. Her new song sucks, the video sucks. She has absolutely no style – she just sticks out the chest and tries to give a pout face and this makes her look like a blow up doll. She is nothing more then t&a – her face is not pretty, she makes facial expressions that are painful to watch & she can’t act. She needs to get out of the industry so someone with actual talent and appreciation for music can get a chance. Worst choice for an award show ever and I think that all of the people that have loved Dane Cook (the hard core fans) are going to really hate his new Jessica Simpson era – if he was just efn her it would be cool but emails and goo goo eyes. He looks like a pussy now and that hurts for me to say cuz I am/was his biggest fan!

  • Jess

    ^^What are we 3? It’s so easy to judge other people isn’t it? Why don’t you take a good look in the mirror and get over yourself…………only somene jealous, vindictive, and immature could come up with the things in your post. I as well as millons of others think she is beautiful and a very sweet and loving person, i would know i have met her more than once. As for being talentless then explain her 8 octave range then that girl has talent whether you choose to believe or not. Employee of the Month looks cute and she can act why don;t you watch the trailer. Well once again get over yourself think before you judge other people and hey man Newsflash: Dane Cook is only getting big today because of him being around Jessica, come on like anyone except you knew who he was before all of the rumors

  • Paula

    What kind of ddog is that? Too cute!!!!

  • io

    #13… oh god where do i start…firstly, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and secondly just because someone doesn’t like jessica simpson doesn’t mean that you have to insult them, thinking that she is a whore (yea i said it) doesn’t make me a lesser person it just means that i have an opinion on it. oh and the whole "good actress" comment: riiight, that’s why she’s signed on to play Daisy Duke again right? She’s a HORRIBLE actress and Employee of the Month looks like complete and utter crap. The only reason they’re hosting is to PROMOTE the movie so that teenagers go to see it (b/c they know it’ll tank at the box office). And I knew who Dane Cook was before he started making out with her. So there goes your theory.

  • jj

    her new song SUCKS!! It will flop

  • jj

    Ashlee’s face is much prettier.

  • ssre

    jess, # 13,…since when has jessica simpson had an 8 octave range? do u even noe what an octave is?

  • ben

    haha… mariah carey only has 5 or 6 octaves at the most. Jessica is only 3 or 4. But she has a nice voice… you dont need 8 octaves to have star power.

  • Beth

    Wow eight octives (HA!) that is pretty impressive…….

  • Beth

    Octaves, misspell sorry…….

  • Anonymous

    #13 Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We can’t all like the same people. You really shouldn’t be insulting the people who post. It’s very immature. Jessica’s voice is not stronger then Mariah’s and as #15 pointed out Mariah’s has a 5 octave range.Dane Cook was popular long before Jessica Simpson. I don’t care how lovely a person she is, she does nothing more then stick her tits out and bounce around. She is 26 years old, its time to stop acting like an adolescent and start acting like a mature adult. Maybe #12 isn’t vendictive or jealous maybe #12 just hates women or girls in Jessica’s case who get by on nothing more then being a bimbo. Your entire post is wrong and misinformed. I’m with #12 and #15 – obviously they are intelligent and educated and like their celebs to have substance!

  • rob enderle

    That Cook is not only an unfunny f***, he’s also a hack.I thought pop music and acting where the only artistic fields where looks can overcompensate lack of talent but I guess standup is another.Give me ugly fuckers like Dave Atell or or alcoholics like Stanhope.When I see Cook onstage, I dont know if should laugh or bend him over the counter.

  • dannydevito

    She Looks Like A Freakin MAN(in pics from TRL)!!! Doesn’t anyone see it?

  • frank

    Little tip:If you don’t like a celebrity and want them to go away… Don’t talk about them. Giving out your opinions only promotes them. Jessica Simpson will always be popular as long as there’s people who talk about her. Good or Bad.. she will not go away by simple personal opinions.Anyways, I like Jessica Simpson… so that’s why I posted.

  • Shini

    Dane Cook is VERY funny. Just a comment…

  • German

    If J-Simp looks like a drag queen, then drag queens must be getting awfully better looking these days. Girlfriend is all that a bag of chile lime Doritos. Her knobs are incredible.

  • nicki

    dane is a very good looking guy he has that different, crazy humor that i think is so attractive he makes me laugh out loud every time i hear him. hes one of those guys you just wanna hang out with to keep you entertained all night

  • nicki

    dane is a very good looking guy he has that different, crazy humor that i think is so attractive he makes me laugh out loud every time i hear him. hes one of those guys you just wanna hang out with to keep you entertained all night. i would love to meet this guy