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Brad Pitt: Cell Phone Number

Brad Pitt: Cell Phone Number

According to a global online survey conducted by ACNielsen in 42 markets across the globe, out of a random list of celebrities, power celebrity couple Mr. & Mrs. SmithAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – were voted the best to endorse almost every kind of category, be it casual or luxury wear, watches or sunglasses, evening wear or lingerie, sexy or trendy/cutting edge fashion. The powerful celebrity ‘couple’ garnered the greatest number of votes from online consumers, followed closely by Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham.

Congratulations to world’s most powerful celebrity couple! Above is Brad Pitt working the cell phone in Santa Monica this past Friday. In movie news… Entertainment Tonight will have a preview of Babel later today. In the film, Brad and Cate Blanchett portray a married couple on vacation when a tragedy strikes, interweaving four stories set in Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico and Japan.  Babel opens in theaters nationwide on October 27.  More pictures in the gallery!

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brad pitt cell phone number01
brad pitt cell phone number02
brad pitt cell phone number03
brad pitt cell phone number04
brad pitt cell phone number05
brad pitt cell phone number06
brad pitt cell phone number07
brad pitt cell phone number08
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  • stef

    damm his arse is so good! yummy! lucky angie!

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    Yoy Jared!!!!!!!!!!!Can you get rid of that stupid annoying pop-up that comes on when you click on the thread… is soooooo f***ing annoying!!!Second:People please don’t start that crap about Brad and his two women……stop all the bitch-fighting,all three are crazy.

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    Jared the pop up is such a pain in the ass.everyone complain till he gets rid of it.

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    Man his posterior is soo fine – he looks amazing but I feel bad for him when he’s just trying to talk on the phone and people are swarming him. At least he was cool about it.YEAH SO HAPPY JARED IS BACK! This is going to be one heck of a day – I’m sure you are going to go posting crazy after being offline all those days. Can’t wait!!!!!


    Welcome back Jared…Finally new thread for the Jolie-Pitts. Love them. Yummy Brad

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    BP phone Home………..LLol, Love the title!!Welcome back online Jared

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    Glad to see U JARED. By the way, the opening of Babel is now on NOVEMBER 10TH & not the October date. I’ll take Brad anytime.

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    Is this outside his office at Plan B Productions?

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    Phew! At long last – our daily Brangelina fix!! Thanks JJ!

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    Thanks JJ for the beautiful and sexy Brad pix. It more than compensates for the downtime.


    WoooHoo, finally a new thread. Just ignore any trolls & haters. Thanks Jared. Gosh, Brad is so awesome.

  • Maniston

    There was a Brad Pitt sighting on the 15th by a fan. CurlysCutie from the JJB Board said that he was on her plane on July 15th.This is what she had to say:Yes, I watched him walk on and off. And I peeked at him sleeping when I went to the bathroom.He looked average height.He was much hotter in real life, in my opinion. I was never impressed until I saw him in person! No one tried to talk to him because he was in first class, he was sleeping, and no one actually knew. The guy next to me had worked with him and he told me that Brad was getting on.He flew Continental. BAMZS Fans! That’s all I got. LOLP.S.The funniest comment was from MissDylan who wrote:That would have put me at ease on my flight. I’m terrified of flying and seeing Brad on the plane would have made me say to myself "Well yay! I’m not going to die now! God would never let Brad go out like that!

  • Maria

    Hi Jared!!I’m not complaing about anything! I’m just glad you’re back. Thanks for the pics of BP’s arse — wonderful! You made this New Yorker’s Day!! The only women we should be talking about when we mention Brad are his three girls — AJ, ZJP and SJP. That’s it!! The ‘Friends’ woman is a memory and should stay that way!! It’s over, stick a fork in it — it’s done. Anyone brining it up after this should have their head examined.PLEASE!! NO NEED FOR NAUGHTY LANGUAGE OUT THERE!!

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    Brad is looking fine. Can’t wait to see the movie, But where is Ang and the kids, I miss seeing them, but at least they are getting some privacy I guess.

  • yay

    Yay Jared you’re back!!! Brad looks hot. I like it more when he is clean shaven and doesn’t try to cover up that beautiful face with hair. These paps never forget to take a good picture of his butt. What’s up with that? Not that I’m complaining but I think the paps somehow always manage to get that money shot, maybe they like his butt too. lol.

  • *me*

    WELCOME BACK JARED!!!Great pics!LOVE LOVE BAMZS!!p.s. lol…I saw the results for the Harry/Will poll on the other thread…Right on!! Harry hands down…It must be that bad boy thing!

  • dragonfly

    Oh so cute! I bet he’s talking to Angie….If we could hear his side of the conversation, it would be:"So how ya’ doin’ babe?""She did? (laughs) I can’t beleive I missed that!""Did you take a picture so I can see, too?""Yeah, the paps are swarming…"(waves at the cameras)"Hang on a second, let me turn my back to them so they can’t read my lips while I tell you what I’m going to do to you tonight, (laughs devilishly)." "I’ve got a few more calls to make, then a meeting, then I’m all yours…..""Yeah, me too, love you baby, kiss the kids for me and tell them Daddy’ll be home soon."Le Sigh….Le pant…

  • Jo

    Wow! His bum is really delicious!!! mmmh! he is hot!!!Thanks Jared for the new pics! They are great!I want to see Brad on a plane, too!!!!

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    J@red! I am so glad that you’re back [again]. Thanks for this thread & pics. OMG look @ that deriere, very nice.

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    THE MAN IS HOTTT!!!!!!!!

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    hay , I was 5 days on holiday did I miss somthing???

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    Thanks Jared for the new pics….

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    # 25 | ell j@red’s internet thing was down & ppl were funny & annoying [nonfans]…nothing much I think.

  • angelah

    # 20 | dragonfly HAHAHA..

  • angelah

    here’s the 30 seconds BABEL ET preview if you guys havent seen it.

  • CCCC

    # 20 | dragonfly So cute!

  • JA

    Brad looks so much better now. Angelina has done wonders for him.

  • cookie

    i am positive,im inlove with brad pitt.gosh angelina is so lucky to have him as a loving partner.he seems very cool guy and caring.ilove you brad!brad and angelina are the most beautiful creature in the world.

  • ell

    # 27 | angelahThanks for the info know I go read Angie’s thread

  • lookwhaticando

    # 20 | dragonfly |========================LOL, I would not be surprised if that was about how his phone conversation really went. Lucky Angie.

  • lookwhaticando
  • syd

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Lucky Angelina.

  • pissed

    There is an entire thread at bradforums about Brad’s ex-girlfriends in the personal life section, yet the mother of his children is still in the co-star section. WTF?

  • #38

    # 38 | verytelling picsyour an idiot

  • hmm..

    Welcome back Jared. Thanks for the pics.I love the picture of him standing with his one hand in his pocket while talking on the cell. So cute. He is effortlessly sexy. oh yeah…..that butt doesn’t hurt either. ;)

  • syd

    # 37 | pissed let’s not go there again. The regulars here already had that dicusssion. Those people at bradforums who run the board are probably maniston fans.

  • Be sane

    It is truly comical how haters are grasping on straws for any shred of evidence that Brad is unhappy. Somenow it makes them happy if Brad is unhappy. I suggest you go out, take a walk, have a swim, get a facial or suntan whatever do something for yourself than focusing on some papps photos of someone you don’t care.

  • just saying…

    # 37 | pissed——————is just a thread, not a whole section and Angie is very talked about.# 38 | verytelling pics—————————–WHATEVER!

  • piyutra

    Angie Madd Zee and Shiloh are soooo lucky!!!GOD! The man is HOTTT :D

  • yep

    # 45 | verytelling picsdid you see his today show interview? Not happy with life? I have never seen Brad so happy .you ARE an idiot.

  • *me*

    # 45 | verytelling pics ————————-LOL, yes, cause laughing and smiling like and idiot would change your mind about his happiness sooo much easier…LOL….haters get a life…for someone you don’t give a crap about you pay WAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION!!! lol…I think you’re all obsessed with how good this guy is and bitter that is NONE OF YOU who gets to f**k him now that the chin is out of the picture….LOL….That’s it! is not about the chin…is about how you can’t steal him from her with a gorgeous woman by his side…the chin at least was average looking…LOL….ok…enough chin talk i promise….lol….

  • CCCC

    # 45 | verytelling pics You are entitled to your opinion but I think he looks very content and at ease with life. Actually he looks much younger and very sexy… he has even taken the time to wave to someone. If it were me and I wasn’t happy with the conversation I was having I would be kicking the bike.

  • exactly

    verytelling- -how did aniston wash your brain?

  • ((chanel))

    brad looks hot! wish to see new pics of angie!do u guys know what kinde of cell phone he has in his hand?angie 4 life!

  • 123

    # 45 | verytelling picsHave someone spend the day photographing you. I am a very happy person, but I do not spend the day smiling. That would just be weird.

  • saywhat???

    47 me—-.I think you’re all obsessed with how good this guy is and bitter that is NONE OF YOU who gets to f**k him now that the chin is out of the picture..Lord have mercy honey get some help for that. That is the most ridiculous statement ‘ve heard yet.