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Gwyneth Paltrow & Daniel Henney Reunite

Gwyneth Paltrow & Daniel Henney Reunite

Take his Korean-American mother’s eyes and skin tone, mix those with his British-American father’s height and cheekbones, and you have Daniel Henney — the current "it" man of Asian modeling and television.  According to a Bean Pole official, Paltrow‘s elegant and intellectual image combines with Henney‘s exotic features to provide an excellent representation of Bean Pole’s premium Collection Line… Daniel graduated at University of Illinois in Chicago with a business major.

It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Henney are teaming up for another round of ads for Bean Pole International, a Korean fashion brand and affiliate of Samsung.  Gwyneth, 33, and Daniel, 26, teamed up late 2005 for their first Bean Pole advertising campaign (watch their commercial below).  Earlier on today, Gwyneth and Daniel were spotted filming another ad campaign in Mayfair, London. In between takes, Gwyneth spent time with her four-month-old son Moses.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Is Daniel Henney still dating Vietnamese-American Maggie Q of Mission: Impossible 3. Rumor has it that he may be dating a Korean pop star.  BoA, maybe??  Kidding.  Rumor is Hyori… Thanks to Catchbox, Sophie, and Lisa!

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  • Vicki

    omG he’s so hot!

  • Ippink

    she’s a very wonderfull woman, moses is cute!

  • Diz

    They are both Gorgeous!

  • nope

    GP Is a stuckup bitch. the dude is cute though

  • piper, with a low

    That is one handsome man!

  • wow

    wow! Daniel is one good looking man !He is currently dating Maggie Q, a Hawaiian-born, mixed-race film actress and former fashion model.



  • Just Jared

    Thanks, wow!!

  • Gwen

    holy crap, he is so tall for an asian! SO HOT! Gwyneth looks so beautiful too

  • Mary

    omg, he is gorgeous…ahhh

  • anon9

    She is kind old for him.

  • Sophie

    He was in a popular Korean comic drama called, "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" (also alternatively called "My Lovely Sam Soon). He was good eye candy even if his acting wasn’t spectacular. Anybody interested can catch all episodes on youtube.

  • Sophie

    He was in a popular Korean comic drama called, "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" (also alternatively called "My Lovely Sam Soon). He was good eye candy even if his acting wasn’t spectacular. Anybody interested can catch all episodes on youtube.

  • Sophie

    Oops. I apologize for the double post. # 9 | Gwen Koreans are tall. You’d be surprised.And I heard he’s no longer dating Maggie Q. Last time I heard, he was dating a Koran pop singer.

  • k

    I love Gwyneth Paltrow!!! She’s so beautiful and snotty.

  • So gay

    Wow He looks so boring and So Gay!!!So Gay.

  • angelah

    he’s cute

  • david

    Handsome in a Ken doll sort of way.

  • rachel

    i agree with #18…he is quite the beautiful man…

  • lisa

    he’s dating HYORI…. two sexy people makes one hot BABY!lol

  • kayla

    wow~daniel looks so gentle, awesome^^

  • Halliday

    He is so hot!! And I cannot believe they were filming in Mayfair yesterday! I work in Mayfair! If only my evil boss didn’t make me work such long hours and would let me have a lunch break away from my desk! But as a result of his villany he has potentially deprived me of gazing longingly at a really stunningly beautiful man! If he thinks I’m going to make him a decent cup of tea now, he sorely mistaken!

  • rosalind76

    Gosh, he’s so handsome. Beautiful commercial. :)

  • oh come on!

    She’s not an intellectual. Have you ever heard her talk? She sounds like a Valley Girl. She’s a big fake.

  • anon.

    # 2 | Ippink What is so wonderful about her? She is a snobby bitch with delusions of grandeur. Look what she did to he "best friend"… Wynona Ryder, She stole her copy of Shakespeare in Love script and went behind her back and stole the part from her. Nice friend huh?

  • sumsum

    wow he looks gorgeous, too bad he could use some more muscles though

  • haha

    I would associate "stealing" more with Winona Ryder, in fact, she was convicted of it.

  • danielfan

    Yes he’s hot

  • +greenpeace+

    based on korean series i watched, yup Korean man are a lot taller than any other Asean man. the last time I heard about this guy is he was in "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" but now he’s standing next to Gwyneth? Wow, not bad! Good for him….

  • Fran

    He is so Hot to bad they messed up by putting her in it-she’s a sick freak

  • why

    Is she pregnant again or just really fat

  • Zach

    If you call that fat, then you need you’re head thoroughly examined. No wonder actresses suffer from eating disorders with people like you. She just had a baby. Let’s see how you would look. I think she looks fantastic. And I don’t get why people think she’s a snobby bitch. I’ve read all her interviews and seen her on TV. She’s actually is quite funny, and smart. And that stupid Winona Ryder rumor is just pathetic. Yeah, they were friends but Harvey Weinstein wanted Gwyneth for the role instead. I can’t see Winona doing that role either. She’s great, but her British accent in Dracula sucked and it wasn’t a fitting role for her. Grow up, people!

  • mingkle

    are you guys sure he use to date Maggie Q? i feel like you guys are mixing hime up with Daniel Wu. because Daniel Wu did use to go out with Maggie Q.

  • Sophie

    Yeah. Daniel Henney used to date Maggie Q. You’ll find some pics online. She dated Daniel H. after she dated Daniel Wu. And yeah, those 2 guys look alike.

  • Alexanderina

    He is really HOT!!!!


    #8:"holy crap, he is so tall for an asian!"Not all Asians are in the image of william hung you idiot. how can i blame you though you are just a product of the american media.most actors in asia are tall.

  • The Truth

    He is definately hot, she is definatley not.


    JARED "mix those with his British-American father’s height and cheekbones" have you seen his father??? his father is neither tol nor has high cheekboneslol

  • Rachel

    ooh lah lah. stylish commercial.

  • Karla

    #31Good call.

  • linos

    the tallest living man and woman in the world is asian

  • chindy

    daniel henney is ssssssssooooooooooooooooo HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • American Intellectual

    I think its sad that all this hype goes to a guy who is mixed asian and white…what this says is that Daniel is attractive because of his “white features” and not asian ones since in the USA, asian men are really emasculated and non-existent in television or film…just a thought

  • just a fan

    Oh Daniel … no no no no no ….

    Hyori is not even pretty … even though she looks sexy, but slutty … I don’t like her.

    I want to keep good memory of you … but not with Hyori beside you, please……..

  • just a fan

    Ohhh …. Daniel … no no no no ……

    I can’t believe you are dating Lee Hyori, she is not even pretty, though looks sexy but so slutty

    I want to keep good memories of you but not with Hyori beside you, please ………

  • REFMan

    Korean Guys are the tallest out of asians… average being 5’9″ – 5’10″. It has to do a lot with diet. South Korea economy has improved greatly (average salary being around $30,000 now) and so has the diet. In the 1960′s when South Korea was pretty poor with poor diet the average male height was 5’5″… now it’s 5’9″ – 5’10″. Compare North Korean & South Korean Average heights and you’ll see that the only difference is the diet.

  • X3

    Daniel Henney looks a lot more asian than white. Also the most sexiest guy in Korea according to magazines & such isn’t Daniel Henney but instead Kwon Sang Woo.

  • rockenrebel15

    all r loser but ik his dad and he is just a farmer in Carson City MI. and David went to school at carson city high school in michigan. You can find things about him in their Carson City News Paper : ]] This is not a lie.

  • Wow

    He doesn’t look Caucasian at all.

    though I have to agree with “American Intellectual.”

    He IS half Caucasian.

    Btw, Chinese guys are TALL.
    My close friend’s dad is 6′ and his mom was only 5′ 2” and dad 5′ 6”


    I love Daniel.