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Elijah Wood & Girlfriend Pamela Racine

Elijah Wood & Girlfriend Pamela Racine

Elijah Wood (it’s that plaid shirt again!) dropped off his girlfriend Pamela Racine (sporting a short new do) at LAX airport yesterday afternoon but not before showering her with a couple affectionate hugs and kisses.  Pam Racine is a drummer and dancer for Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello from New York City.  Elijah, 25, and Pam started dating in the summer of 2004.  In movie news, Elijah Wood (along with Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Robin Williams) is lending his voice talents to CG animated feature Happy Feet, which tells the story of a dancing penguin.  Out November 17. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Tina

    I love him!

  • Pierre-Yves.

    His face up close is a nightmare from god, but let’s give him this, he has a great ass.Hi from Paris France to you all.

  • sarai

    Me Too!!!!!

  • Maria

    Hi everyone!Let’s not say anything harsh about ‘Frodo’ now, OK? He has the most incredible eyes. He was a cutie when he was little and has turned out to be a cutie as he’s gotten older. Great actor too. Turned out great — good for him.

  • Alicia

    Jared, are you sure its not "HAPPY Feet," i thought that was the movie’s title?

  • Dona Esperanza

    Hello all. I agree, Elijah is just WAY too cute! AND he’s an outstanding actor. I predict he’ll nab an Oscar one day, he’s that good. And on top of that, he appears to be a normal guy! He also looks very happy, good for him!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Alicia!! That’s what I meant. (;

  • Rinna

    I love Elijah! It’s so great to see him happy!

  • nyc

    I thought he was gay. i swore he came out of the closet

  • april

    I loved him in The Good Son, and of course Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • onelittlesleep


  • black

    Well, actually it´s pretty sad………the guy´s a great actor (has been even back as a child) but he is just lacking something- 5 inches!It´s sad, but that´s the way Hollywood works.

  • alia

    wow…HES so good looking…HOT.

  • bb

    Pretty sure she (or they) are arriving, not departing; they’re in baggage claim. And I think she’s in the car in that last photo. Not important, but I thought I’d mention it.

  • Glamour Diva

    DITTO on his hot little ass! LOL I’d still hit it!

  • s.p

    looks like the ice queen still has her wicked grasp on him his affection looks a little forced too.

  • Rae

    Yep. They are arriving. Elijah was in Italy for the Giffoni film festival and Pam is off for awhile from touring with the band.

  • Totto

    erm, soz but im confused! he left italy as soon as the fest was over yes? GB stopped touring the 22nd yet dont start touring until august the 5th yes? so why r they parting now? shudnt they be spending as much time together as they can?and anyway, isnt he a gay person?also they (or she) must be departing as he gets in the car alone.

  • Totto

    yep she is departing. all fingers point to it and the fact that the photographer says so is a big give away. this guy shud just come out already

  • bb

    Pic of her leaving the airport with him: were arriving from NYC and standing at baggage claim in the photos.

  • bb

    Pic of her leaving the airport with him: were arriving and standing in baggage claim and then left together.

  • Rae

    She isn’t departing they are getting into the limo to leave the airport together. You can see her in there next to him.Don’t think he has anything to come out of he’s been stuck to Pamela like glue for two years now.

  • ffordegroupie

    she looks totally repulsed by him. then again she never looks like she likes him except a few forced grins. i hope this couple breaks up so we won’t have to see these staged photo ops.oh and get with it – she’s departing. the photog was there so presumably he knows better than a few webfans. he hasn’t got any "official" functions comin up so why would she stick around?

  • ffordegroupie

    oh and they’re hardly stuck like glue. he goes to only a few of her shows that are conveniently placed so he doesn’t have to go far to see her, never tours with the band, and celebrate his birthday with a female friend even tho GB wasn’t tourin and s pam could have shown up. she’s always there for red carpet events and other stuff (like that airport) where there are gonna be reporters on the lookout. take the cams away and she’s nowhere to be seen.very orlando bloom and kate bosworth.

  • X

    Two words: fuckbuddies. fans won’t want to hea rit, but it totally fits the profile.From what I’ve heard about them, they only barely qualify as a couple. it’s probably one of those relatioships where nobody better has come along, so they date casually because the alternative is nothing.

  • pamtehman

    With her hair cut that short, she looks even more like a man now. But then again, he’s always dated those manish types.

  • ffordegroupie

    can some1 tell me why people are assuming that they got the airport and the dropoff-pickup thing wrong? no reason to think so, specially since there’s no evidence to support that. an arm? big deal. that’s stupid.

  • s.p

    I like x,s comment. Frrordgroupie YOU ARE SO RIGHT. so on the mark. IM inclined to believe the photographer over any squeeing fangirly shipper.

  • Anonymous

    wow, still not one photo of them actually kissing on the lips. the only one that comes alittle close (not really), it looks like he is leans away, lol. i though they have only been to together (supposedly) since the spring of 2005? i still they are only just friends, maybe just fuck buddies. funny how they haven’t been seen (photograph) together since may. they are hardly ever seen together unless it a staged photo ops, lol

  • Shelob

    he’s the most beautiful angel

  • Anonymouse

    What is with the ring? I know it first showed up in 2002 (supposedly from Franka?) He’s worn it on and off over the years. But I notice since he started dating her (or at least the last year or so) he is never photograph without it now. Weird to still be wearing some from your ex. Still holding on to something? I guess it says a lot about they’re relationship

  • Anonymous

    What is with the ring? I know it first showed up in 2002 (supposedly from Franka?) He’s worn it on and off over the years. But I notice since he started dating her (or at least the last year or so) he is never photograph without it now. Weird to still be wearing some from your ex. Still holding on to something? I guess it says a lot about they’re relationship

  • J

    beautiful picture.s…it just looks liek they are picking up her bag stuff…not dropping her off, but oh well i wasn’t there who knows.

  • ?

    If he is just picking her up or they are leaving together then why did he need a limo? He doesn’t come across as the type of person to travel in one unless it’s for work. Now I see why he change plans about going to Elf. This must be the filming commit he had booked.

  • ffordegroupie

    yah he’s worn that ring since he broke up, and apparently pam isn’t enuff to change that. is it good etiquete to wear my ex’s earrings out with my new bf? don’t think so! it sends a big msg.oh and it’s def not a dropoff. i don’t know why they’re hanging out at the baggage carousel but if you look carefully you’ll see she has her luggage ALREADY on the little cart. prob bringing it onto the plane as a think about it, peeps. there’s no reason for an unbiased photog to say "he dropped her off" falsely, when "he picked her up" would make him more monies and get more attention. and anonymous yes they have only been together a little more than a year and most of that time spent apart. some people just don’t wanna admit that he was partying with other gals when he filmed EII.

  • Rae

    When Elijah drops people off at the airport he usually drives them himself in his Mini Cooper NOT in a limo. You only need a limo if you are getting picked up.

  • S.P

    WRONG. you have no idea and your clutching at straws. departure/arrival so what?? he can use a limo EACH WAY .DUH!!!!!.

  • ffordegroupie

    mega clutching at straws. what, do you still FOLLOW him that you know how he drops people off and in what vehicle? a person can hire them no matter what, and you don’t need them strictly for picking up; on a movie set they’ll drive a star anywheres. "need" a limo? get real.that’s like saying that a hearse is only driven FROM funerals and never TO them.just admit it, there’s no evidence to support the picking-up thing and plenty to support the drop-off. just be big and admit it.

  • Anonymous

    In one of the pictures if you look closely at that black screen you’ll see something (DL1045?) with New York beside it and a big number 4 off to the side of the screen thing. It looks like they are standing in line. Also, in one of the pictures it looks like a guy talking on the phone maybe behind a counter? It’s probably a drop off. She could have flew in from wherever they were touring (somewhere in Europe?) into LA to get they’re picture taken then back off to New York. It’s all in a days work. She probably gets paid pretty well. You can tell it looks stage. I’m not saying he is gay (I personally think he is Bisexual) but it seems this relationship is nothing more then pr. For the person you thinks they are getting into the car to leave, they could be as easily getting out. I see what looks like two bags in the cart one on top and one on the bottom. So what are they waiting to pick up?

  • ffordegroupie

    btw LAX is one of the place to get your pic taken.

  • Genuine Blonde

    Rae rae rae! Oh the hypocrisy thy speaks! The owman who has made up so much stuff baout Elijah ans others that she doesn’t know what is real anymore, the woman who was evil and stalked Elijah on myspace AND gave his link out to all and sundry, the woman who had a nasty PM off Elijah himself when he found out what she had been doing- oh Rae such a short memory. Maybe Elijah should be told again about you- just so he is reminded, jesus no wonder he cancelled ELF -Movie- my arse!

  • Me

    How deluded do you have to be that when a photographer says Elijah is dropping Pam off you say the photographer is lying and make up a complete fantasy in your mind to suit their supposed romance of the century. Sorry but Elijah is dropping Pam off at the airport. She went to NY, he went back to his own home. As simple as that. Now, why the hell do certain people have to create stories? The facts are there to see and I think the photographer isnt going to lie. Why would he? He has more money to make saying they were off to some romantic getaway or they were returning from sun, see and sex. If you want to kid yourself in thinking this guy is lying then go ahead, makes you look completely desperate that you have to make up stories and events to keep up with this "so in love couple". Get over the fact that he dropped her off then maybe you can move on. Oh and I know all about the stalking and it was not done by the haters. It was done by one of his biggest "fans". The haters didnt even know of his Myspace until Rae started handing it out like Elijah was some kind of attraction. He found out and went crazy. Awww sweet and innocent Rae, never does anything wrong and only thinks of Elijahs best intersts at heart. Yes, that was sarcasm as I have never known such a venomous, selfish, arrogant, ignorant stalker. DO NOT blame others for your own actions Rae. People know what you did, especiaslly Elijah, poor bloke. He just had the audasity to want a private life and YOU took it away form him out of your own selfishness. Feel good does it? I think its YOU who should go and "like" someone else because you have brought Elijah nothing but grief and he has tor un and hide from you. THAT is sad! Take a hint honey, Elijah gave you plenty. Sorry if I sound harsh but I guess not everyone will know the true extent of all this – I do and I know how bad it is. OH and Elijah did not cancel ELF for Pam, nor did he cancel it for a movie as at the time he didnt know he was going to be busy at that moment in time. He cancelled it because of his stalking fan.

  • Tom

    She is one scruffy MF. He must be a shirt lifter to date that! *shakes head*

  • ffordegroupie

    i luv what you said, Me. ure totally right my friend, it’s totally warped to make up a fantasy when there’s zero reason to think otherwise. and about the myspace thang, elijah knows the truth about it.

  • J

    Back to the topic on the pictures here. All though her dress is strange…I think it does well for her. It brings out her girly side….though many here are going to doubt it.Elijah he looks okay…even though he’s already woren that outfit. I thinks it cute he’s wearing flip-flops. Hobbit feet. I do wonder what size his feet are?(stop the fighting on here…its getting old)*J*

  • Rae

    I NEVER did any of the things that people have accused me of.I would NOT do such things. They are completely against my conscience.I did contact Elijah through an offical source and at his now-deleted MySpace about the Hate Pamela Racine groups that formed online to attack Ms. Racine so that he and Pamela could be more careful and not get assaulted at her concerts. That is all I did.Now it appears that Elijah and Pamela did indeed beef up their security during Gogol Bordello’s European tour this summer. And there were reports that someone had threatened Pamela at the London show so that she was put under ‘close guard’ by the venue’s security team.What the poster above has said about me is outright slander. I am not and have neve been a stalker. I DID report threats and abusive remarks made about Ms. Racine by the above poster and others to Elijah but that is all.Please, whoever monitors this thread..Please remove these posts about me.

  • s.p

    Such twisted words rae. tut tut. take responsbilty to your actions and stop blaming people who disagree with you as a scapegoat. your clearly deranged.

  • s.p

    thats an outright lie about the london security i have PROOF as to why there was security there so watch yourself!!!.your lies shall find you rae. makes us wonder what else you LIE about.

  • J

    Peoples stop this fighting now please. This is completely stupid you all choose to go fight both have your own communities go rant on there instead of dragging everyone else who are her down with you. I mean just read every other post. Its fight here and fight there. OMFG! Please take it somewhere else. thank you.*J*

  • ffordegroupie

    guess what rae WE HAVE IT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH, the bodyguard himself, that he was for the whole band and NOT just for pamela. elijah had nothing to do with it, pamela was never threatened or he would have said, and so obviously you never contacted him. so much for your ‘reports.’ obviously they come from a certain rumor source, becuz you thought that no one would ever call your bluff.we also have proof that elijah was NOT happy with you.and you have stalked not just a certain celeb person, but innocent fans whom you hated for making you look bad. please rae, get psych help fast, for everyone else’s sake.